09 April 2020

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Monday, 06 May 2013 09:54

36 Insurgents Killed And Injured

Monday, May 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) During the military operation 36 Taliban and Haqqani’s militants killed and arrested in the country.
NATO says that two senior commanders and three local commanders are among the deaths.
In the other hand in these military operations, 11 Taliban and Haqqani’s rebels arrested.
It has been said that among them there are three commanders and two facilitators.
BNA quoting NATO report says, in these operations 25 insurgents killed and 11 others were arrested.
NATO claimed that 8 commanders and two facilitators are among the deaths and arrested people.
The interior ministry press office reported BNA, the national police personal of Paktika identified a person who wanted to carry out a suicide attack on government facilities in Sar Rawza district arrested along with a suicide vest and a Kalashnikov.
Investigation is underway.

Monday, May 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) What had happened in Goshta district is an obvious aggression against our country, just Afghans unity can response to such hostilities and ending the aggressions forever.
The BNA analyst following the recent developments in border areas writes: 
What had happened recently in Goshta district, Kandahar province and earlier Nuristan and Kunar provinces had seen, are an example of foreign pressures imposed on Afghanistan to achieve their ambitious and heinous goals in order to realize their hegemony and supremacy in the region. But they should know it is a nightmare and a mirage.
Using the current situation of Afghanistan, Pakistan mostly imposes the pressures a country in its short history, has always emerged as a hostile country of Afghanistan.
Today, against all international conventions and principles, Pakistan openly and brutally interferes in internal affairs of our country and tries using the current situation of our country which is the result of more than three decades of dispute and foreign interferences achieve its long-term evil and ambitious goals.  According the Afghan authorities, Pakistan is seeking to legalize the Durand Line that is an artificial border; no Afghan governments have recognized it so far. To achieve this goal, Pakistan uses every means including training, funding and sending terrorists for murder and destructive activities and launching a proxy war in our country.
The advancement and passing   of Pakistani troops the Durand Line, artillery attacks on Nuristan and Kunar provinces, dispatching terrorists in disguise of Talib, hosting and sheltering Middle Asia terrorist groups, using transit route as a means of pressure and finally sabotaging the peace process are parts of Pakistan program to further deepen the crisis in Afghanistan to achieve the evil goals mentioned earlier.    
According the politicians, the last three decades incidents, caused Pakistan to consider itself as only force that can determine the destiny of Afghan people. During this period Pakistan with launching various conspiracies made the international community to consider Pakistan as the main player in the events of the region and to count on Pakistan’s role in any issues of this region. Pakistan was somewhat successful in its anti-Afghan policy. Heedlessness of international community toward Afghanistan and their reliance to Pakistan changed this terrorists’ sponsor country as hero of the region and further strengthened terrorists in the region and in the world as a whole. The situation which was entirely in interest of Pakistan, encouraged it to provide terrorists and extremists with sanctuaries and safe havens inside its territories.   Pakistan is seeking to draw more benefits from Durand Line, this is to destabilize Indian sub-continent, to reach Middle Asian republics and even to be a threat to Russia. To achieve these ambitious goals Pakistan supports international terrorism and religious extremist organizations. But it is an open fact that the policies that the Pakistani short minded generals use to achieve their ambitious goals, is not on the track, it does not reach Mecca but ends to Turkistan.
Afghanistan in fight against terrorism and extremism, as its brave sons fought heroically the then Red Army and let them not to reach the hot waters, to day in counter terrorism campaign will not allow terrorists to use Afghan soil as launching pad for their terrorist activities and also will not surrender to foreign pressures that harm our national interests and foreign relations. It would better for Pakistan instead of hostility with Afghanistan chose the way of friendship not only with Afghanistan but with the other countries of the region. 
As Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan addressing Pakistan said, Pakistan would not get any benefit from terrorism and extremism. Pakistan itself burning in a fire fueled by terrorism and it is regrettable that the Pakistani people are the victims of the wrong policies of their government.       
It is a clear message to Pakistani militarists to avoid the support of terrorism and extremism and to understand the need and realities of the time.
What had happened or occurs in Goshta district is a clear foreign aggression but so far there is no any reaction from Taliban against this aggression. If Taliban are really Afghans, should make clear their stand against this Pakistanis aggression and to share the feelings of our compatriots showed against this evil aggression. As the Afghan president addressing Taliban urges them: Not target Afghanistan with our guns, but target the enemies of Afghanistan. What will be the reaction and response of Taliban to this patriotic demand?  We are waiting for the reaction.
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The World Bank calling the economic growth of Afghanistan considerable says, the growth rate of gross income in the country was 8.11 % in 2012.
BNA economic analyst writes: 
The recent report of World Bank can be a good hope for the economic growth of Afghanistan in coming years.
The World Bank talks about economic growth in Afghanistan while the country is heading toward development which can be effective in economic growth in the future and political stability of the country. Within the next two years, the NATO led. International forces will be pulling out from Afghanistan and all security responsibilities will be handed over to Afghan security forces and presidential elections will be held.
Without doubt withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, will close some financial sources, for this reason the international community insists, Afghanistan should be economically self- reliance. Considering this, the Afghan authorities are making all endeavors to bring political and economic stability in to the country after 2014. As during the recent years, the Afghan government has been trying to encourage local and foreign investment in the country and to use the existing opportunities for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry sectors which form the major part of the economy of the society; to provide the ground for extraction of mines.  The state in achieving these objectives is somewhat successful.
At the meantime, during the last ten years, the achievements of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in construction of high ways were great which were proved to be effective in economic development of the country.  These achievements, provided the ground for rapid economic growth in the country, according to the World Bank it was 8.11% in 2012.
The World Bank considers this economic growth originated from widespread of activities on agriculture and extraction of mines sectors. Also, this prestigious international bank talks about 4.6 % reductions in inflexion level and calls the Afghan currency exchange rate stable.
Also, the report of World Bank indicates that Afghanistan has already achieved one of the objectives of the millennium that is supplying drinking water.   
This report released in a time, the Afghan authorities talk about 26% rise in investment level in the country in 1391. These have been made in mining, agriculture, industries and presenting medical services.  The important point is that during this period, the fleeing level of capital to outside the country was very low. Also, the authorities of finance ministry claim that the economic growth rate in 1391 was 11. 5 % and general income in last financial year was 84 billion Afghanis. Beside, the efforts made by Afghan relevant organs, international community also assisted in numerous fields and the continuation of the aids has been set up in Tokyo conference and other international sessions and will continue according to the commitments made by the two sides.
What have been mentioned above provide an opportunity for every individual Afghans to realize their hopes and dreams in practice and to put the country on right track of economic development.
T. Nemat

Sunday, 05 May 2013 07:45

Mine Blast Kills 4 Civilians

Sunday, May 05, 2013
Farah (BNA) 4 civilians lost their lives and 5 others wounded in explosion of mine in Farah province.
The incident occurred yesterday in Khak-e-Safeed district, when a vehicle carrying civilians hit a roadside mine.
Abdul Rahman Zhwandou spokesman of Farah governor said BNA, in the incident, 4 members of a family including a woman were lost their lives and five others wounded.
According to the report, two children are among the victims of the incident.
The spokesman blamed Taliban for the incident.
Meanwhile, Doctors in central hospital of Farah reported the health condition of the two wounded critical.
The armed Taliban by planting improvised explosive devices along the busy roads caused casualties mostly among innocent civilians in Afghanistan.
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 05 May 2013 07:43

Digging In Narinj Tapa Begins

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The archeological department of the ministry for information and culture began excavation in Narinj Tapa in Shuhadi Salihin, Kabul city yesterday, BNA reported.
Supported by the French embassy, the digging process will continue for a month, head of archeological department Abdul Qadir Timori said.
Timori also added that since 2004, hundreds of relics including statues, coins and pottery dated back to 4th and 6th century AD which have been shifted to the national museum.
According to Timori, 47 pieces of relics had also been discovered from Narinj Tapa and shifted to the national museum last year.
He also hoped that new digging will lead to discovery of more artifacts from the area.

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmai Rassoul met with a number of Non-resident Ambassadors to Afghanistan in Kabul this afternoon.
Dr. Rassoul provided the Non-resident Ambassadors of Argentina, Qatar, Vietnam, Nepal, Nigeria, and Azerbaijan with information regarding the current situation of the country including the transfer of security responsibilities, peace process, Presidential elections, long-term partnership agreements with a number of countries, economic vision of Afghanistan and the Istanbul Process.
“The transfer of security responsibilities to Afghan forces is successfully on track and its final phase which includes the full transfer of responsibilities to Afghan force, is to be launched soon” Dr. Rassoul said.
Dr. Rassoul said, “The peace process is of importance to the Afghan people and it will never stop”.
Pointing out the fact that the Taliban will not reach victory through bloodshed and war, he added, “continuity of war in Afghanistan means continuity of destruction, and should the Taliban desire to gain a political power, the only way for them remains to seek it through a political process as the Afghan Constitution provides the of right of candidacy and voting to all nationals of the country”.
Describing the investment opportunities in Afghanistan as unique, Dr. Rassoul said, “stability in Afghanistan will be to the benefit of economic development in the region, and Afghanistan can pave the way for peace and economic prosperity for the people of the neighboring countries and beyond and serve as a bridging point for them”.

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili in meeting with the ambassador of Kazakhstan described the relations between the two countries very cordial and called upon the public and private sectors to invest in Afghanistan, BNA reported.
In the meeting the Kazakh ambassador lauded the friendly relations between the two nations and assured his government’s support to the people and the government of Afghanistan, saying the establishment of joint commission would promote trade and economic cooperation between the two nations.
The ambassador also presented the invitation Kazakhstan deputy prime minister to Khalili to attend the international conference on countering crisis being held in Kazakhstan in near future.
Khalili in the meeting also thanked Kazakhstan for its contribution to the rebuilding process and giving scholarship to Afghan students.

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The commission on religious, culture, education and higher education in Senate with Mawlawi Mahmoud Danishjo on the chair held meeting with the participation of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen the Minister for Information and Culture yesterday, BNA report.
In the session, according to the source the modality of press and publication policy came under discussion.
Mawlawi Danishjo besides expressing sympathy with the families of the victims in the media family over the past 10 years, said that media as the mirror in society would have its impact.
In his part, Dr. Raheen called on media to avoid the insult and terror of personalities.
The minister for information and culture also called on media to pay attention to the morale of young generation and spirit peace of families.
Members of media outlets in the meeting called on government to support the freedom of press which is the big achievement of the administration over the past 10 years.

Sunday, 05 May 2013 07:28

Terror Attack In Kabul Prevented

Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The National Directorate for Security (NDS) has foiled the terrorist conspiracy to target Kabul city, press office of NDS said to BNA yesterday.
Personnel of NDS has discovered 30 mines of 75 mm caliber gun and 20 mines of 82 mm caliber gun from Khak-e-Jabar area and thus thwarted the terrorists’ malicious designs to target Kabul city.
According to another report personnel of NDS also discovered 400 kg explosive device from Chamtal district of Balkh province yesterday.

Sunday, May 05, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Addressing a press conference at the presidential office yesterday, president Karzai informed the media about the recent moves in Goshta district and the result of his visits to Finland, Estonia and Denmark.
The president expressed appreciation over the bravery and sacrifice of a solider named Mohammad Qasem resident of Khewa of Nangrhar who was martyred as a result of firing of the Pakistani border forces in Goshta district of Nangarhar in defending the country. 
He noted that the reason that this homeland has remained independent, honorable and united has been due to sacrifices and bravery of its sons. 
He added that why such incidents are taking place and we are attacked from the Pakistani side, is that Afghanistan should not have strong government and the progress achieved in the past ten years in good governance and its is further gaining strength, is prevented and also striving is being made that the people of Afghanistan are compelled to enter into talks with respect to recognition of the Durand Line. 
He further emphasized that in case these attacks are made for recognition of the Durand Line and or it is intended to impede progress in Afghanistan, it is impossible and this will not reach any conclusion.
He stressed that we shall continue our efforts for ensuring friendship and creation of better ties with Pakistan and in the meantime our position is that the Durand Line is not recognized and we will continue our nation-building as an independent, Free State to stand on our feet. 
Answering a question that why Afghanistan is not deciding on the destiny of the Durand Line, he said that the Durand Line has not been accepted by kthe people of both sides, its destiny is quite clear for the people of Afghanistan from the year of 1893 that this line has been imposed on the people of Afghanistan by the British they did not accepted it.
He noted that he respects the people of Pakistan and once again he addressed the government of Pakistan and said that to adapt the path of friendship and brotherhood with Afghanistan.  He emphasized that nothing will be gained from extremism and terrorism, while Pakistan itself will burn in its flames every day and it is a matter of regret that the public of Pakistan, especially the National Awami Party and other progressive parties are sustaining harms. 
The president once again urged the Taliban and said that the Taliban who are Afghans and Muslims and they considered themselves patriots, should realize that war against the homeland is for achieving alien aims, so they should not destroy homeland, children for the same of alien interests. 
He added that I repeat my call to the Taliban not to target Afghanistan with your rifles and target those who are doing enmity with Afghanistan.  Turn the barrel of your rifles to the targets who are acting against Afghanistan and its progress and prosperity, and joint the path of Mohammad Qasem Shahed who resisted on the defense of his homeland and was martyred, and defend your homeland. 
Answering a question that whether signing of security agreement between Afghanistan and the US is to the interest and welfare of Afghanistan, he said we are trying that issues like security, peace, strengthening of Afghan security forces and the economy of Afghanistan should be guaranteed in the agreement in a way that and specified that these will not be overlooked and what will be incorporated in the content of the contract should be fully implemented. 
President Hamid Karzai called the visit of the high ranking Afghan delegation to Finland, Estonia and Denmark and signing of the long-term cooperation agreements with final and Denmark as successful and considered the financial commitments of Finland and Denmark to Afghanistan after 2014 as a great achievement for the country.

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