22 October 2019

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:41

3 Taliban Militants Killed In Helmand

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Lashkarga (BNA) Three armed Taliban militants were killed and 5 others wounded in combined operation of Afghan and NATO forces in Nahersaraj district of Helmand province. 
Fareed Ahmad Farhang spokesman of Helmand security commandment said to BNA, the Afghan and NATO forces conducted operation in Nashersaraj district of Helmand province, in which 3 armed Taliban militants were killed and 5 others wounded. 
According to Farhang, in this operation a number of arms and motorbikes of the enemy have been seized by these forces. 
Nahersaraj district is one of the insecure districts of Helmand province.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:39

Tribal Influential, 4 Civilians Martyred In Kunar

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Asadabad (BNA) Malik Arsalakhan a tribal elder of Watapoor district of Kunar province with 4 residents of that district were martyred by Taliban. 
Colonel Ewaz Mohammad Nazeri police chief of that province said to BNA, Taliban killed Malik Arsalakhan with his nephew and three other residents of Watapoor district of Kunar province. 
Malik Arsalakhan was one of the tribal elders of Watapoor district and member of provincial council of that province. 
T. Suiraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 12:38

ANA Soldiers Kills 22 Taliban Insurgents

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 22 armed insurgents were killed in cleaning up operations by Afghan National Army forces. 
According to national defense ministry press office, these operations conducted in the outskirts of Laghman, Takhar and Helmand provinces in which 22 armed Taliban insurgents were killed and six others including a senior commander of them, Mullah Shaha Wali arrested. 
3 rocket launchers, 3 PK machine guns, 6 Kalashnikovs, quantity of ammunition and other military equipments and 2 motorbikes of enemies were seized by these forces.
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 4 civilians lost their lives in explosion of a roadside mine in Helmand province this morning. 
According to interior ministry press office, a Saracha car struck with a roadside mine on the road of Alizai, Nowzad district of Helmand province, in which 4 civilians were martyred. 
According to another report, the personnel of national police discovered and neutralized 3 anti-vehicles mines, a mortar mine and a quantity of military equipments which were placed by armed Taliban for terrorist and destructive activities in the outskirts of Faryab province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada


Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The construction work second part of Khwajarawash Township in Qasaba-e-Khanasazi started today. 
According to BNA report, a function was held for this purpose in Khanasazi enterprise, Dr. Hasan Abdulhai Minister of city construction, Amena Afzali minister of work and social affairs, Engineer Mohammad Yousof Pashtoon advisor of president in the city construction affairs and a number of authorities and officials were present. 
According to minister of city construction, this Township will be constructed on an area of 79.5 hectares of lands with having 175 residential blocks and 14820 Apartments. 
The expenses of the project are approximately one Millard dollars and will be completed within 4 next year. 
Dr. Hasan Abdul Hai added that this is the first project that will construct by government and private sector. 
The contract work of this project was signed between city construction enterprise Dept. and Mahmar Shaher Construction Company.
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 11:03

Attack On An Afghan In Jalalabad

Wednesday November 28, 2012
Jalal Abad (BNA) An Afghan staff who work for NATO targeted by unidentified gunmen in Nangarhar province.
The attack happened in Sarkhrod district when a group of unidentified gunmen attacked on Ahmad Jawid Shamsi staff in NATO base in Nangarhar.
Jawid Shamsi told BNA, during shooting of the attackers his 5 years old sister was injured.
He said, he has received warning letters and telephone calls from the people who introduce themselves Taliban.
Meanwhile, witnesses said the attackers after shooting on an Afghan NATO staff car escaped with motorcycle from the area.
Ahmad Jawid Shamsi said that he already once had come under the attack of armed attackers in Kunar province.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghanistan General Consulate will be establish in Marwa city of Turkmenistan. 
BNA reporter reported from Kabul International airport, the aim of establishment of this consulate is creation of facilities for Afghan merchants who import fuel and Gas via Aqina border to the country. 
Saifurahman Rahim has been appointed as Afghanistan general consular in the bordering city of Marwa in Turkmenistan, left Kabul for that country to establish this office. 
At the Kabul International Airport Rahim said to BNA reporter, the Afghanistan consulate will establishment in Marwa of Turkmenistan in the near days, which provide more facilities for Afghan nations specially trader of the country.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 09:57

NATO Drone Crushed In Herat

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Herat (BNA) A NATO drone crashed in Herat province last night. 
This drone was crashed on unspecific problem in the vicinities of Pashtoon Zarghoon district of the province. 
Police official of Herat said to BNA, the drone was crashed it was discovering the hideouts of armed Taliban in Pashtoon Zarghoon district. 
It is said the drone was crashed on remote houses and had no casualties. 
Meanwhile, a military officer of Spanish in Afghanistan said to BNA, the drone belonged to them. 
According to him, this drone crashed due to technical problem.  
He said that assessment started in this field. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kunar (BNA) A 8 member group of armed Taliban led by commander Mohammad Shafiq with their hand arms jointed peace process in  Kunar province yesterday. 
Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi governor of Kunar said to BNA, the mentioned group had activity against government in Sonokari area, Sarkano district. 
According to Wahidi, the mentioned militias all are members of Taliban group and due to efforts of national security office of Kunar province they jointed peace process. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 07:39

27 Armed Rebels Killed

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In different operations of national police forces in different areas of the country, 27 Taliban rebels were killed.
Ministry of Interior Affair press office said to BNA.
These operations have been launched in the last 24 hours in the surrounding areas of Kabul, Laghman, Sar-i-Pul, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, and Nangarhar provinces in which 27 Taliban rebels were killed.
In these operations 19 rebels were wound and 21 others arrested.
7 rocket launchers, 3 PK machine guns, 10 Kalashnikovs and other equipments of enemy were seized by police forces.