19 September 2019

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Sunday October 21 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foundation stone of the maternity ward of the France Medical Institute for Children in Afghanistan was laid in presence of Mohammad Karim Khalili Second Vice-President, Prince Karim Agha Khan Leader of World Ismealia and Loran Fabious Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.
At the ceremony held in Aliabad area of Kabul, Khalili welcomed Prince Karim Agha Khan and French Foreign Minister and said that in addition to ensuring of social and economic justice, ensuring of equal access to all residents of the country including women, men and children to health services is one of the basic priorities of the government of Afghanistan.
He added that expansion and construction of modern health centers can further ensure access of women to standard health care and creation of the maternity ward of the Medical Institute of France for children in Afghanistan is a big step towards standardizing of health services and ensuring health justice in the country.
He called this project a big step towards ensuring the health of women and children and representing the government of Afghanistan thanked France for its cooperation as well as the Agha Khan network in this respect.
He expressed the hope that with this project in addition to facilitating health care to children and women, this will reduce referring of some of the patients to foreign countries health establishments.
Prince Karim Agha Khan talked on the cooperation of France’s Medical Institute with the Agha Khan Foundation and said that the maternity ward of the French Medical Institute for children is constructed with the support of government of Afghanistan and France, the Agha Khan and other organizations.
The financial allocation for this project is over USD17 million which will be provided by France and Agha Khan Network.
The minister of Foreign Affairs of France said at the ceremony that with the assistance of the technical team at this center efforts will be made health services are provided on modern and standardized manners.
He reiterated on quality health services at this center and called cooperation of the Afghan cadres as very important.
He assured on French continued cooperation and added that with the change in essence of international community to Afghanistan after 2014 France will continue to stay on the side of the people of Afghanistan.

Sunday October 21 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Mr. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of France exchanged the instruments of ratification of the Afghanistan-France Treaty of Friendship at an official ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The treaty was signed by the presidents of the two countries in January this year in Paris which was also approved by the parliaments of the two countries.
Dr. Rassoul at the joint press conference with Mr. Fabius said, “The friendship and cooperation between the two countries which was established over 80 years ago has a root in the history of the people of the two countries.
The people of Afghanistan are grateful for the cooperation of France in security peace, reconstruction and economic progress of their country.” Mr. Fabius said, “We once again declare our commitment to supporting the political process of Afghanistan, security peace and stability in the country and assure that France will remain by the People of Afghanistan beyond 2014, the transformation decade and in the future.”
The diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and France after Afghanistan regained its independence in 1919 under King Amanullah Khan and the Treaty of Friendship between the two countries was signed in Paris on 28 April 1922.
France currently has 3308 troops in Afghanistan, who are mainly based in Kapisa province and Suroobi District of Kabul province.
France has also convened two international conference on Afghanistan, the Paris Conference on 12-13 June and Paris Conference on 14 December, 2008 attended by the members of the United Nation Security Council and Afghanistan’s neighbors. 
The total assistance of France to Afghanistan stands at $500 million which includes areas of reconstruction, public health, legal and judicial sectors, police, agriculture, restoration of the National Museum and the French Cultural Centre.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Herat (BNA) An international conference on “Afghanistan after 2014” with participation of representatives from 30 countries, political figures and experts held in Herat city yesterday.
In the conference organized by Afghanistan Strategic Institute, several personalities including Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta the head of National Security Council of Afghanistan, Herat governor Daud Shah Saba Dr. Daud Muradian spoke at the conference.

Sunday, 21 October 2012 07:16

Afghan-UK Long-term Cooperation

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Following the concerns of people of Afghanistan about situation after 2014 and menace regarding the return of Taliban, Minister of state at the UK foreign and common wealth office Ms. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said in Kabul that the Taliban never return back to take the power.
Ms. Warsi says that it is impossible the situation of Taliban reign rule again. 
Further promotions are made and women have more achievements.
If we look to Kabul streets, the school girls are more than boys.
40-percent of students are girls and it is not permitted these achievements be annihilated.
This British politician says that the Afghan security forces have the capability to suppress the insurgents Taliban. 
They can halter the possible challenges and threats after withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan at the end of 2014.
Ms. Sayeeda Warsi adds that no doubt, the security threats would occur, but we believe that the security forces of Afghanistan are capable to oppose these threats.
I want to make clear that our ties with Afghanistan are not limited to our soldiers. When our all soldiers to leave Afghanistan, we would remain in this country as well.
This politician of British Muslims asserted that the world commitment to Afghanistan in long-term and the world community pledged to help Afghanistan after 2014, annually eight billion dollars. 
If the world community was not be assured for protection of these achievements such assistance never be rendered.
About her tour to Kabul, this British cabinet member said that she lays emphasize on British long-term cooperation to Afghanistan and with strong ties of UK with Afghanistan and Pakistan, it can play important role in counter terrorism.
Despite all, the UK emphasizes that withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan doesn’t means our support to Afghanistan in regard with continuation of training of Afghan forces and expanding cooperation be impressed.
Our ties with Afghanistan don’t be limited till the end of 2014.
The method of Islamabad counter terrorism in Pakistan soil has its own critics. 
But so far, the allies of Afghanistan are expecting that Pakistan would take some steps in counter terrorisms.
Ms. Warsi says that I think that we can play important role in counter terrorism and extremism.
This can reach us to our joint goal that is maintenance of peace, welfare and stability in Afghanistan.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The minister for higher education Dr. Obaidullah Obaid paid a visit to Nangarhar and Kunar provinces yesterday and inaugurated several projects.
Accompanied by officials from the ministry including Prof. Gul Hassan Walizai and professor Abdul Azim Noor Bakhsh also visited the Nangarhar governor Gul Ggha Shirzai and discussed matters relating higher education in the province.
In Nangarhar, Dr. Obaid inaugurated some projects and laid the foundation stones of some others.
Later, the minister for higher education also visited Kunar and after talking with the teaching staff of Kunar University had promised to gift 1000 books to Kunar students.
During his stay in Kunar province, Dr. Obaid laid the foundation stones of agriculture faculty and boys dormitory there besides inaugurating the administration building of Kunar university.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The minister for commerce and industries Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahadi said yesterday that the new industrial policy had been approved by the minister’s council.
Addressing a press conference here, Dr. Ahadi noted that the new industrial policy is comprehensive and national-based interests.
He also said that the administration is chalking out a plan to establish a monetary fund aimed at providing loan to businessmen and industrialists.
He also added that the government of Iran had allocated 50 hectares land for Afghan traders in Chabahar border, saying interested Afghan traders can have plot there through the ministry for commerce and industries.
The minister also said that the distribution of land in the Shir Khan Port industrial park has began and the traders who want to have land there can submit their applications to the ministry of commerce and industries.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNAS) The Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen in meeting with the representatives of government and non-government media outlets here yesterday pointed out that the journalists should take into account their social responsibility and keep in mind the national interests. 
In the meeting held in friendly environment, Dr. Raheen expressed his gratitude to President Hamid Karzai over his patience over press freedom, saying the president has tolerated biter criticism. 
Dr. Raheen pointed out that press freedom should violate the freedom of others. After friendly discussion, the participants selected 15 persons to prepare the ethic code of journalisms, saying the ministry of information and culture would not impose any restriction on press freedom. 
However, he went on to say that insulting individuals, leveling baseless allegations and airing scenes that are against our morale and traditions would affect the image of people towards freedom of press.

Sunday October 21 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with the Afghan Better League teams at the presidential Palace yesterday.
The president exchanged greeting with the football team members and congratulated and wished them success at the national and international arena.
President Karzai added that competitions among the youth are aimed at upgrading their capacities and skills.
The matches that the football teams carried out indicated that Afghanistan has best young talents and there exists the possibilities of development than any other country.
The president called coming to Kabul of football fans from every corner of the country an indicator of their interest towards this sport.
He congratulated the football team of Tufan Harirude which got the first among the football of this League and encouraged them to try to keep their position in the coming years as well.
At the meeting present were also the trainers of different teams from the center and provinces who explained to President Karzai about their possibilities and activities.
The head of the Herat sports department Abdul Qayum Jami thanked the president for the encouragement of the sportsmen and said that and called the arrangement of the football League matches an example of unity among this nation.
He added that the football team members at these competitions showed that Afghanistan has the most talented young generation who are interested in development of sport.
Jami recalled the massive welcome of the people of these matches and added that the people especially the football fans indicated that they are strongly supporting peace and stability in the country.
He also proposed that the income to be earned from the matches of the Afghan sportsmen should be allocated and delivered to the sports federations for development of sports in the country.
Chairman of the National Olympic Committee Zahir Aghbar spoke and said that the Better League competition has been the most tangible achievements of the National Olympic Committee in the contemporary history of Afghanistan.
He assured that the Afghan youth will be prepared to play their role at the national and international arena and gain successes.
It should be noted that the Football Better League consisted of 8 teams from different parts of Afghanistan including the Tufan Harerude, Semurgh Alburz, Maiwand Atalan, Speenghar Bazan, Abaseen Sappi, Maujhai Amu, Uqaban Hindukush and Shahyan-e-Asmayee.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai and NATO Secretary-General, Andres Fogh Rasmussen put an end to some concerns may face Afghanistan after 2014, following which the international force leave the country.
Negative assertions of some western countries and coordination with such propagandas had undoubtedly prompted concerns among the people of Afghanistan after the foreign forces withdrawal by 2014.
President Karzai in his previous maiden meeting put an end to the entire concerns risen among the people and franked “Afghanistan would be controlled by its own possessory which are Afghans” and called on the people to relay on their capacities, courage, and devote and not to be concerned of post 2014 situation.
The president of the country also expressed his deep opposition against what reports said about a possibility of membership of foreign representatives to the country’s electoral complaints commission and said an independent, sovereign and owing constitution Afghanistan never need presence of foreigners in the election process.
The assertions clearly indicated that the president hope the Afghans don’t not underestimate themselves and not believe that any things become wrong if the feigners unless the foreigners hand are in the process. 
Such judgments in analyzes of majority of analysts, are mostly called against the independence and national sovereignty.
Because, when we are talking about our national sovereignty and territorial integrity, we should know that the main possessors of all this things are Afghans. 
The Afghans who had undergoing great deadly and bloody wars and conflicts were would absolutely traverse the new changes as well.
President Karzai lhad forever believed the Afghans could defend their territory and their elections process and other related affairs unless the need from foreigners hands.
Prudery and self-righteousness should be putting apart and the Afghans with unison should act as the main possessors of this land, president Karzai encouraged.
The president, therefore had repeatedly held negotiation with the NATO, U.S and other great powers, remarking that Afghanistan don’t want to be a load on the shoulder of NATO and other partners.
The assertions ask the government authorities to keep vigilant and think for the future of their country.
Although, when the security transition process started in the country, similar arbitrations had come along, but periodically successful kicked off and reached to its third phase this was indicated the arbitrations were incorrect.
The NATO secretary general also assured that the Afghan security forces were able to lead 80 percent of the operation and conduct 85 percent of the training programs indicating that finally the next ten years would also prove fruitful.

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with Prince Karim Agha Khan in respect to the infrastructural projects of the Agha Khan Foundation in Afghanistan.
At the meeting president Karzai called the cooperation of the Agha Khan Foundation on reconstruction of health sphere, educational and cultural heritage as very important.
President Karzai also expressed appreciation over the USD five million assistance of friendly Germany to the Agha Khan Development Foundation for reconstruction of the cultural heritage of Afghanistan.
Prince Karim Agha Khan thanked the government of Afghanistan for facilitating the ground for activities of the Agha Khan Development Network and assured of continued assistance of the network in different spheres especially reconstruction of cultural heritages of Afghanistan.