24 February 2020

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The council of ministers meeting held at the presidential palace yesterday in which initially president Karzai informed the cabinet of the result of his visit to Qatar at the invitation of Amir of that country for meeting over peace process. 
He said during the visit the Amir of Qatar expressed the readiness of that country for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan and Afghanistan insisted pursuing of peace talks through the high peace council.
He also informed the cabinet about the meeting with the traders of Qatar and we introduced Afghanistan one of the richer country in terms of mineral resources in the world.
The CM considered the visit of the Afghan delegation to Qatar as positive towards ensuring of peace and stability in the country and assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow up the results of the talks with Qatar and appraise the presidential office about it. 
The president also assigned the ministers of education, rehabilitation and rural development, agriculture and irrigation and public health to report on their development projects in Nuristan in one week time and refer to presidential office and the ministry of interior was assigned to revive the previous police structure in Nuristan. 
On the eve of Nowruz of 1393 which will be organized in Kabul with participation of leaders of neighboring countries, the CM assigned a committee led by minister of education and minister of higher education with membership of ministers of information and culture, agriculture and irrigation, urban development, the Kabul municipality and deputy ministers of foreign affairs, finance, frontier and tribal affairs and public health to prepare a plan for organizing of the glorious Nowruz festival of 1393 in accordance with the resolution no 2 dated 14/1/1391 of the CM considering holding of exhibitions of native culture of the country, holding of entertainment programs, traditional festival, national costumes, musical groups performances, printing of brochures, literary poems and literature works, preparing of historical and religious album, Afghan dishes, wooden industrial pieces of Nuristan and other accepted traditions of the country and the plan should be referred to the CM in one month time. 
As per the agenda of the meeting the governor of Ghor shared the problems of the province with the cabinet. 
The problems included in security area, upgrading the national army unit to battalion, changing of the Ghor police to national police, creation of public order unity, approval of 1500 local police, upgrading of the police combatting narcotics. 
Approval of USD 6 million from the provincial support fund of 1391-1392 that has not been expended for promotion of good governance, building of the provincial structures and asphalting of the Cheghcharan-Herat and Cheghcharan-Kabul road, building of Pozi Lewich dam, building of the education department structure.
The Minister of Finance informed the cabinet of existence of USD 2.5 million of the budgets of related ministries and more funds in the development budget for socio-economic growth for the province.
The CM assigned the related government organs to implement the current year budget of their ministries allocated for the Ghor province and the ministry of finance was assigned to attract the financial aid of the Asian Development Bank for construction of the main highway of the province and the ministry of public health should provide the salaries of the physicians of central hospital of the province. 
The minister of finance informed the cabinet over executive accountability framework of the Tokyo conference adding that the international community at this conference pledged its commitments towards economic growth in Afghanistan through a bilateral accountability process and the government of Afghanistan was committed for implementation of 16 indicators that was envisaged in the conference statement in four areas of democracy, just elections, governance, rule of law, increasing of government incomes, human rights, balancing of public financial system, implementing of budget and national governance and all the plans in this respect were prepared and sent to the international community and that most of the undertakings have been executed and work on the remaining is being continued. 
He stressed that assessment of this framework will be taken place with the participation of the leaders of the donor countries in July of 2013 in Kabul.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Public apprehensions on post-2014 security and economic downturn of Afghanistan reached to its highest peak after western media triggered psychological war against the people of Afghanistan and presented a chaotic feature from the ground realities that Afghanistan will enter into a fresh conflict following withdraw of international forces from the country in 2014.
But, security institutions of the country have assured the nation that ANSF is fully capable of tackling post-2014 security responsibilities and public satisfaction over security situations in those regions where security transition process from international forces to the Afghan security forces taken place approves this reality that Afghan armed services have attained adequate military professional training and war potentials to overcome the security threats alone after the timeframe set for evacuation of international troops in 2014. Based on the reports of interior ministry, strength of Afghan national police will not be increased from 175 thousand, but comprehensive measures have been formulated by the concerned organ to further nourish professional capacities of police personnel. Ministry of interior is also working on a plan to expand presence of law enforcement agencies in various regions of the country to use them in case of need and security threats and officials of ministry of interior have also said that security situations of the country will be reviewed before 2014 and security personnel will be dispatched to all regions of the country according the needs of the particular areas. At the meantime, minister of defense has also assured the nation that Afghanistan will move towards development after 2014 and ANSF is full capable of talking post-2014 security responsibilities of the country but urged upon world community and allies of Afghanistan to provide sufficient arms and military equipment to these forces to accomplish the military operations effectively. Minister of defense added that ANA is fully prepared to shield the nation from internal and external threats and will save territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the country at any cast and the Afghan nation should be proud of their brave sons and powerful arms of Afghan armed forces. Meanwhile, military experts urge that international community should honor all commitments made to Afghanistan and ensure providing sufficient military equipment and technology to the ANSF to enable these forces conduct the military missions in satisfactory manner after international troops withdraw timeline.
Military experts believe that adequate military equipment weren’t provided to the ANSF in areas where security transition process from international forces to the Afghan troops completed and Afghanistan extremely needs to provide latest weaponries to these forces to tackle security threats efficiently following foreign troops` pullback and defend from the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the country by pursuing professional military tactics without relying on any third alternative or foreign troops. It’s quite important to mention that international community fully cooperated with Afghan government in security sector over the previous ten years and protection of the country after 2014 also links firm determination of the people of Afghanistan and their cooperation with the armed forces of the country.
Ground realities show that public trust on post-2014 security and economic situations of the country have been increased and the common people look positively the futures of the country as Afghanistan attained tangible change in all sectors over the previous decade including reconstruction process and success of the country in the field of health, telecommunication and education sectors and in the security sector, Afghanistan achieved major success and currently nearly 75% of the overall territory of the country is under security coverage of Afghan troops.

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 06:06

Relation Between Afghan-Qatar Expanding

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA)  President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai during his stay in Doha, the capital city of Qatar in a meeting with a number of Afghan religious scholars, elders, traders and youths said he was optimistic over peace to be restored in the country, the presidential palace said yesterday.
During his visit, the president would meet with the Qatar Amir to talk on bilateral ties, peace and security process in the country. The people of Afghanistan had suffered much for peace and security restoration in their country and “I am sure we will reach to peace” the president said as quoted in the statement, but emphasized that the last ten years of achievements, the country’s independence, national sovereignty and national prestige should be preserved. President Karzai urged once again the Taliban “to get released from the aliens hand and come to their soil” as he vowed to hesitate no effort to restore peace in the country. He noted that the foreigners should pay respect to “the national sovereignty, accepted traditions, houses and mosques of the people” Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) Chairman, Salahuddin Rabbani who was one of the accompanying delegation members told the gathering that he tries his best to carry what he had been tasked to pave the way for peace. “I would spare nothing for peace restoration in the country, Rabbani vowed. Representing others, Haji Musa Jan welcomed Karzai and his accompanying delegation and hoped the Afghan high ranking official tour to Qatar could pave the way for peace and security in the country and led to strengthening relation between the two nations.
He also asked for the president`s efforts to tackle the problems of the Afghans residing in Qatar, with Karzai to vow to discuss their willing and demands with Qatar Amir. Earlier Karzai warned no office would be opened for the armed Taliban unless the rebels were convinced to accept and Afghan-led peace talks.
Before his meeting with the Qatar Amir, President Hamid Karzai met with a number of Qatar traders in the capital city, Doha and said Afghanistan was an underground-resources rich country, the presidential palace said Sunday.
The president discussed the available investment opportunities such as urbanization, energy supply, tourism, banking and running hotels in Afghanistan, where he said eye-catching developments had taken place in the past. “Afghanistan’s future had been guaranteed as the country`s relations with the US and other world nations such as China and India are growing”, the president said. China had invested in the country`s mining the greatest copper reservoir by $4.5 billion and India with $11 billion is expected to exploit iron mine, Karzai said adding he welcomes the Qatari traders to invest in Afghanistan.
He said no investment had still suffered loss from insecurity in Afghanistan, and in addition the investment opportunities would get doubled when the peace process is strengthened in the country. Meanwhile, the Qatari Chief of Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Ali Ben-e-Abdullah Sani said his office will send a professional delegation to assess the investment opportunities from near in order to encourage the traders to invest in Afghanistan. The Afghan minister of mines would soon leave for Qatar to discuss a proper investment opportunities on mining with that country`s investors. By the creation of investment in different sectors and holding meeting in various spheres, then domestic and foreign investment would be increased in the country. The intact underground resources of the country should be exploited a move would help remove poverty and through creation of employment capacity as the international combat forces are set to leave the country by 2014. In agriculture sector, the investment would also help strengthen the agricultural infrastructures. Afghanistan had good achievements in different spheres of reconstruction, education, economic, health etc. over the last 11 years.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Expansion and strengthening of diplomatic ties with regional and ultra-regional nations is one of good achievements of government of Afghanistan during recent eleven years that with establishment of good relations, this country did to sign strategic cooperation agreements with a number of countries and these agreements opened the doors of harmony and cooperation between Afghanistan and those countries and enormous money are assisted to Afghanistan in various fields.
Despite these agreements, multi-partite conferences are held in connection with cooperation in the fields of equipment and training Afghan security forces, counterterrorism, fighting against narcotics, official corruption, promotion of capacity building of government employees and strengthening and expansion of ties among nations. It is planned that following previous meetings, the meeting of countries of Heart of Asia to be held next month in Alma Ata the capital city of Kazakhstan at the level of foreign ministers to solve regional challenges, exacerbation of counterterrorism, campaign against narcotics, organized crimes, strengthening and expansion of ties among member nations. This that how the said meeting can succeed to overcome the regional challenges and how much reduces the graph of organized crimes, narcotics and the attacks of terrorists, in this connection, our reporter interviewed with expert in political affairs Malik Setaze and head of regional strategic studies Ghafour Liwal that presented hereunder:
Setaze said that in fact, the meeting of countries of Heart of Asia paved the way for harmony among member states for improvement of international relations of regional countries. Despite such meetings as an institution judge on decision makings and international strategies, but beside this, decisions which are made in these meetings have their own impacts, and importance in the process of international relations. What is important in this meeting is this that the member countries should emphasize on the role of Pakistan in peace situation in Afghanistan. On the other, it is necessary that in this meeting, Afghanistan as a key state analyses the issue and in this analyses, she demand from member countries so to express their convergence for discussion around regional problems in a joint meeting in Kabul. The North American nations, European countries and neighbors should be invited so to make prominent the issue of Afghanistan in this meeting. In regard with attending of Afghanistan into this meeting and its stand and position so to bear a positive result, Setaze said that if Afghanistan have information about what harms this country in its international relations specially about the role of terrorism, meddling of terrorist organizations from beyond the borders of Afghanistan and social problems stem from interferences of neighboring countries and bring it to the meeting with itself and set forth it as an important issue and make effort with utility from presence of regional countries ratify a resolution in the connection, this meeting would have a good achievement for it. If the Afghan government attends in this meeting sans any plan and program, in fact this meeting would be a political and official meeting. Setaze added that the Heart of Asia meeting is an new born institution and its role and activity is not so much clear and digestible, because every decision made in this institution did not placed in international level but this institution as an international ones can play its role in the region specially regarding the issue of Afghanistan that swallows further reservoirs of war in the world and can get world importance. This is possible in a time that the USA and its regional strategies be considered in this meeting and get coordinated and the viewpoints of these meetings be absorbed in the mechanisms of the US strategy. But head of regional strategic studies Ghafour Liwal said that the meeting of Heart of Asia is not effective and added that I am not optimist regarding such meetings. Because it is unknown that the member nations feel how much need for the solution of the countries’ problems and how much they would reach to an regional agreement about security and on the other, there are some countries in the region such as Pakistan that it doesn’t see its national interests in regional security. So till the national interests with regional stability not to be in balance and harmony, till that time such meetings borne on results, Liwal added that in this meeting, the government of Afghanistan should make effort so to satisfy regional countries that as an important strategic center, till Afghanistan not to be stabilized, stability in the region is impossible. The meeting of foreign ministers of Heart of Asia member nations would be held in Alma Ata  the capital city of Kazakhstan next month in a time regarding counterterrorism, fighting against narcotics, organized crimes, solution of regional challenges, strengthening and expansion of diplomatic ties among these countries that recently a tri-partite summit of the USA, Afghanistan and India was held in New Delhi for strengthening and expansion of diplomatic ties and cooperation in security and economic fields with the government of Afghanistan.

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 05:52

Mine Blast Wounds 5 Foreign Soldiers

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) Five NATO soldiers along with 2 Afghan soldiers were wounded in an explosion in Helmand province yesterday. 
The defense ministry of Australia declared that the incident occurred when a vehicle of Afghan and NATO troops hit with a roadside mine while they were patrolling in the area.
According to press release, three American soldiers, 2 Australian soldiers and 2 Afghan soldiers wounded. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Farah (BNA) Eight insurgents were killed in an air operation of ISAF forces in Farah province last night. 
Abdul Rahman Zhwandou spokesman of Farah governor said BNA, the operation carried out on Nangabad area, Khak-e-Safeed district, in which 8 insurgents killed.  
Arab and Pakistani nations are among the dead.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Asadabad (BNA) A commander of Talban along with 2 Pakistanis was killed and two other Taliban wounded in a drone attack in Kunar province yesterday. 
Sher Wali Samim spokesman of Kunar security command said BNA, the NATO forces conducted air operation in Khatibandi area, Watapoor district on hideout of Taliban as a result of which Abdullah commander of Taliban along with 2 Pakistanis were killed. 
According to the source, in this operation, two other Taliban were wounded and there were no casualties among civilians.  
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, 01 April 2013 14:25

Organizer of Suicide Attack Killed

Monday, April 01, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Three organizers of a suicide attack on Attorney General Khan Mohammad Mujahed former police chief of Kandahar province killed.
The rebels killed by police forces in the relevant areas of Maroof district of Kandahar province last night.
Jaweed Faisal governor spokesman of Kandahar said BNA, one of the deaths Hafiz Hikmatullah commander of Taliban in instruction of Quetta Council organized the terrorist attack on Attorney General Khan Mohammad Khan.
According to the source, the commander was under police pursuit for a long time finally killed in the relevant areas of Maroof district along with his two colleagues last night.
According to Jaweed Faisal, Hafiz Hikmatullah the commander of armed Taliban was responsible and organizer of terrorist attack on police chief last year.
It has been said that the commander also organized the terrorist attack on the staff of the National Security Directorate of Kandahar, as a result of which a number of the staff of that department were martyred.

Monday, 01 April 2013 14:23

New School Building Inaugurated

Monday, April 1, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The new primary school building was inaugurated and put on public use in Meanjou village, Qarabagh district of Kabul province today. 
According to BNA reporter, the building has been constructed with the financial assistance of Mother For Peace France Organization in the area of 500 square meters land and cooperation of people within 6 months.
The building has classrooms, an administrative room and other necessary educational facilities.
In the inaugural ceremony, Abdul Jameel Alkozai one of the elders of Meainjou village talking about the issue said, previously, the students suffered from the shortage of classrooms.
According to him, with construction of the building, the ground has been provided for students to enjoy comfortable place for their learning. 
In the inaugural ceremony, the head of education Dept. staff and a number of the residents of the village were attending. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, 01 April 2013 14:21


Kabul (BNA) The process of peace negotiation in Afghanistan is a national process and its management is one of the obligations of Afghan people.
BNA social affairs analyst writes:  restoring peace and stability in to the country has been an urgent need of Afghan community for a long time. In order to reach this great objective, Afghan people and government spared no any efforts so far, but due to external interferences specially regional intelligences this national goal has not achieved yet and still bloodshed and destructions continues as before. Afghans after deeply analyzing the situation strongly believe that mutual understanding and restraint can lead to bring peace and security in to the country which is vital for Afghan present and future generations. Therefore Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under the leadership of Mr. Karzai analyzing the need of Afghan people for peace and stability and the objectives of foreign countries follow in our country reached the conclusion that peace and stability could be restored in to the country via Afghan managed negotiations. Understanding the importance of inter- Afghan dialogue, the Afghan leadership, for better organizing and coordination established the High Peace Council that members  consists of elites and peace loving figures irrespective of their political tendencies and ways of thinking to officially conduct peace negotiations with armed oppositions.
Recently General Ashfaq Kaihani the Pakistani army chief of staff during his visit with US secretary of state suggested that all Afghan groups should have the right to participate in peace negotiations.
The political experts in Afghanistan consider the statements of Mr. Kaihani another wicked game regarding to Afghanistan.  The Pakistanis with ill intention, once again want to inter their proxies in peace process in order to achieve their heinous and ambitious objectives in the region and sabotage the process of peace negotiations which is leading with full strength and authority by High Peace council. Pakistan specially its intelligence service ISI follows certain objectives in Afghanistan which are obvious for everybody.  Ill intention Pakistanis have never wanted Afghanistan to emerge as an advanced and prosperous country; they have always fueled war and bloodshed in Afghanistan; because Pakistani generals seek their comfort and welfare in bloodshed and insecurity in Afghanistan and never spare designing any conspiracies against Afghan suffering people.  Today all Afghans know that the source of their miseries is in Pakistan and they blame ISI for terrorist attacks, bloodshed and destruction of their country.  This is ISI that recruits, trains and sends terrorists and extremists for destructive activities in Afghanistan; but ISI and Pakistani general should know that today terrorists who have been trained by ISI, exercise huge power which ISI cannot control any more.  Today Pakistani Muslim people are also the targets of suicide attacks, explosions and other terrorist activities which claim the lives of innocent Pakistanis and cause huge destructions. The ISI and Pakistani generals should be blamed for all casualties and destruction daily take place in that country, because they were and still are the trainers and supporters of terrorist groups who launch the attacks.
Afghan people advice Ashfaq Kaihani and people alike in Pakistani military and intelligence organs that Afghans have diagnosed their illness and know the way of its treatment therefore there is no need for foreign prescription. So it would be better for Pakistani generals think about the interests of their own country and keep their prescriptions.  The realities of the era advice ISI and Pakistani general not impose themselves to Pakistani people anymore and let them to determine their destiny as they like. 
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director