19 February 2020

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Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired a meeting of the Judiciary at the presidential palace yesterday which was also attended by Chief Justice, Minister of Justice, National Security Advisor, Acting chairman of attorney general office, chairman of the independent administration for supervision of constitution execution and the Bagram prison commander.
At the meeting the related organs were assigned to probe into the files of the prisoners of Bagram and the leadership for the assessment of the prisoners files to be appointed and in the coming meeting the organizational structure and creation of the board should be proposed to the presidential office, and the board as per the order of the president should start its work accordingly.

Sunday, 31 March 2013 05:16

Afghan-India Cultural Ties Expansion

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) On the invitations of Indian foreign minister, a group of Afghan journalism departed for Indian capital New Delhi on March 10, 2013 to attend a fourteen day workshop on journalism.
The workshop held on 11, 03, 2013 in Jamia Millia Islamia University in the hall of concerned institution and was officially inaugurated by Prof. Muhammad Obaid Sidiqi director of the workshop.
In this inauguration speech, Mr. J.P Singh representative of Indian foreign affairs ministry evaluated media situations in the Asian region particularly in Afghanistan and role of Afghan journalism on media activities and expressed satisfaction over development of the country in media filed regardless of social challenges and insecurities.
Latter on Prof. Muhammad Obaid Sidiqi director of the workshop presented his views on Indian media and said that Indian media passed through long times and achieved this much expansion and growth and Indian media had played great role in 1946 and later our geo-politic changed after Indian nation achieved freedom and emerged as a sovereign country. Professor Sidiqi also pinned towards Indian renowned newspaper same as Hindustan Times. The telegraph Patriot, the Hindu and the economist and said the upper newspapers are professionally printed in according to the requirements of the current world scenario and announced the Indian Express as one of the influential and effective Dailies in the country as it has put effective impacts on Indian Govt. policy and all of the media groups constituting audiovisual and print media maintain their freedom.
Professor Sidiqi said that over all 82237 newspapers exist in Indian which pursue their journalists mission and from these numbers 32,000 of them are Hindu language, 11478 English alongside 400 TV stations from which 100 News Channel and another 150 entertainment channels facilitate the nation through their broadcastings. The workshop was also addressed by Hindustan editor Mr. Shivaji Sarkar and he evaluated Indian democracy and expansion of newspaper and said that Indian democracy is one of the greatest democracies of the world and media played constructive role on democracy since 1966 and added that print media retains major reputation in Asian countries but in European countries print media getting digital due to expansion and development of internet  and information technology and access of the people to media further energies them to defend from their fundamental rights.
On the second day of the workshop, Hindustan Times political editor evaluated the role of Indian women in media and said that Indian women were affiliated with media since 60s while previously before the same date the role of women weren’t tangible and latter during 80s role of women in media were expanded and now in the 21st century Indian women role in media outlets are remarkable and attained extraordinary growth and currently the women offering their journalistic services in over all 400 TV stations and in print media sector, the women serve in high ranking positions as an editors, editor-in-chiefs and reporters while in legislative and political sector from overall seats 10% are occupied by women lawmakers and another one million maintain great reputation and central role on leadership of local councils. The Indian women also play role on formation of armed services of the country comprising national army navy and air force and Madam Gandhi had played historic role on awakening the Indian women and 50% of the overall population of India constitute women.
On the 4th day of the workshop Mr.KG Sures, CEO of Zee TV and political editor of press Trust of India evaluated the ethics of journalism filed and emphasized upon the journalists to obey journalistic ethic s their media missions  and asked them to act on neutrality and avoid supporting particular groups or organizations while reporting ad journalists should also struggles to reflect the truths in neutral and clear way and should obey ethical journalism principles and the journalist community should also chant against censorships so that the freedom of expression is sustained in its real meaning and philosophy.
The workshop was also addressed by Mr. Satyanarayan consulting Editor Afro-Asian News and he pointed out the design of newspapers. He said that 40% of the overall pages should be used for commercials purposes and advertisements and another remaining 60% should be filled with news article. Mr. Joseph Gathia, Consultant, National Human Rights, Commission and editor, JEM also addressed the gathering in his speech he talked about humanitarian rights of the journalists and minorities in India. He added that the women and children constitute deprived social segment of India and said that Muslims and Sikhs constitute the biggest minorities in India and the Indian constitution and media laws urge is that the people  should be safeguard from supervisions and children under the age of 14 weren't supposed to be recruited to jobs. Mr. Gathia stated that a special commission was formed by the Prime Minister Manmuhan Singh to assess the situation of minorities and overall living condition on Indian people as statistics show that 24% of the overall population of the country is consisting of impoverished community and from overall 98 million children 10 million of them are doing heavy jobs and currently Indian government has taken the responsibility and pay monthly fee of 90% of children belong to poor families, During the 14 day tour, Afghan journalists also met with Shaida Muhammad Ambassador of Afghanistan to India and in the meeting Afghan ambassador pointed out the close brotherly relations with India and said that both nations are bounded in close historic ties since the course of time and Indian considers Afghanistan as a strategic partner in the region and Indian Govt. provided nearly $2 billion financial assistance to Afghanistan since 2002.
Ambassador Shaida Muhammad also evaluated problems of Afghan refugees in India and said that currently 6000 Afghan students are pursuing their higher education in the Indian universities. During the journey, Afghan journalists were also invited by Indian foreign affairs minister Sulman Khurshed announced bilateral strategic cooperation partnership with Afghanistan in favor of regional peace and stability.
The Indian foreign minister Sulman Khurshed said that both nations have enjoyed close diplomatic, cultural and political relations during the course of history and emphasized that India has certified major projects in Afghanistan and with consideration of that the Indian Govt. forged strategic cooperation partnership with Afghanistan adding that the strategic agreement between the two nations shouldn’t be miscalculated   as it is never intended to damage interests of the third country. At the end of the meeting, Indian foreign minister responded to the questions asked by the Afghan journalists. During the tour Afghan journalists also visited Indian historic sites same as Taj Mahal, Awrangzeb Shrine, Qutub Minar, Indian Museum including visit of Hindustan Times office PTI agency which represent Indian culture and way of life and were amused from the group of dancing of Indian dancers. At the final stage of the workshop, the Afghan journalists were awarded certificates by Professor Muhammad Obaid Sidiqi. This is while India could be as one of the strategy of ally of Afghanistan in the region and considering the upper requisite Afghan stakeholders retain trusted ideas on Indian role in the region.

Sunday, -March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The realities and expenses of developed industrial countries show that healthy and organized economy is the indicator of a developed country.
Because of growth of economic resources such as mines extraction, growing and expansion of agriculture and development of industrial resources through functioning productive factories that can respond to sufficiency of people from industrial production point of view causes healthy economy.
But what is effective in this respect is regular playing and organized economic strategy that controls all aspects of economy.
But in the first step if the evaluation of priorities that covers the possibilities of growth of infrastructures and economic resources, agricultural and animal husbandry is from among them that the ground is papered more in our country for its development. This should be the headline of economic development. In second step, the expansion of industrial infrastructures and productive factories that fortunately as a result of domestic and foreign investments have developed more comparing previous years, can be a main mechanism for creation of employment and promotion of level production specially the primary requirements of people.
Fortunately with the establishment of factories and industrial townships, the way is paved for new profession of thousands of our unemployed youths. With the expansion of industrial centers and the growth of handicraft in villages and increment of agriculture products from among them the useful herbs such as saffron, fresh fruits that are include of grapes, apple, and pomegranate, our products find its way towards foreign international markets.
This is in a time that most investment should take place in the filed of mines extraction, expansion of industrial townships with complete support of government and observation of order in custom tariffs as well as arrangement of tax collection and custom products of consignments.
It is mentionable that one of the issue that cause prevention of investment and non-growth of industrial factories for national traders and industrials is imbalance of custom tariffs, increment of raw material tax of factory holders and nonexistence of secure transit route for merchants during recent years.
As in last year, with the stoppage of containers of merchants in Karachi port of Pakistan that were loaded with food items caused much losses for merchants that this problem is not solved so far.
If suitable transit condition be prepared for merchandized through government and concerned authorities in collaboration with chamber of commerce and industrial of Afghanistan as well as suitable condition prepared for merchants and investors such as electricity and plot for establishment of productive plants and possibilities be prepared through industrial townships, it is believed that from one side employment would be provided for unemployed youth and on the other, through increment of domestic products, our people's requirements are maintained through it.
One of the issues that caused the economic council be established in provision of condition for national traders and attraction of investment for establishment of factories industrial townships in the capital and provinces of the country and establishment of coordination between chamber of commerce and responsible institution in the field of commerce and economy of government with private sector. If the said mechanisms be placed in the headline of economic policy of government and foreign and domestic investors feel more security and the ground is prepared for commercial activities and establishment of factories in townships, we have complete believe that the foreign and domestic investment be increased in the country and Afghanistan would move toward welfare and development and is the same time as a result of healthy competitions, the economy of market would move in its legal framework and our agriculture products would find its way towards world with markets though national trades and our peasants would purchase their products in a suitable price:
In such condition we would have access to a healthy economy and commerce and would earn national and international guarantees for peasants and national traders based on the export of agriculture products. It's mentionable that the president of the country also mentioned in this connection at the first meeting of economic council. Based on the same policy, he demanded for foreign merchants and investors to invest in Afghanistan.

Sunday, March-31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) 21st century is the era of modern technology, innovations and development.
Today the world countries enjoy warm and fine competition in various fields but unfortunately the war-devastated Afghanistan due to foreign imposed war has been deprived of participation in this race and still suffers from the menace of terrorism and extremis.
Afghan people unison and strong spirit of brotherhood as the only option prevents the country from further destruction and troubles. The renovation and rehabilitation of the war-torn Afghanistan requires joint  
strives of the Afghan society.
Educated men and women constitute vital segment of the country as Afghan courageous females through the history have performed their national obligation before their people sincerely and efficiently and by adopting serious concrete measures with strong coordination and proficiency and working shoulder to shoulder with their Afghan brothers played their significant role in rescuing the country from crisis.
Respect to Afghan women dignity is a must although we witness cases of violence against women in various part of the country particularly in rural areas where the level of awareness among women are low and they lack information about their fundamental rights and in some cases are deprived of seeking knowledge but for a prosperous, stable and developed Afghanistan violence against women and committing any sort of physical and moral misconduct in any form and manifestation should be stopped.
The women should be given those rights mentioned on the constitution of the country. The constitution of Afghanistan 2nd chapter of fundamental rights and duties of citizens and 22nd articles says "Any kind of discrimination and distinction between citizens of Afghanistan shall be forbidden. The citizens of Afghanistan, man and woman, have equal rights and duties before the law" Also based on the principles of the holy religion of Islam men and women maintain equal rights.
Respect to women rights as a common fact should be practiced because any kind of discrimination and distinction before them is against the holy religion of Islam, the constitution of Afghanistan, Human rights and the Afghan rich culture. The Afghan constitution has specified social, political and civil rights to the women, now it depends on this segment of society to productivity utilize the privileges given to them in countering the social and political issues.
Having a glance to the past decade achievements of the Afghan women we observe improvements gained by them in various spheres. Today many Afghan girls commute to schools and have find their ways to semi and higher education institution and many of them attend Masters and PhD degrees abroad. So the Afghan government and the international community future support pave the way for progresses of this segment as this vulnerable part of the Afghan society suffered more in three decades of conflict.

Sunday, 31 March 2013 05:08

12 Rebels Killed

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) 12 rebels were killed in special operation of national army in Balkh province yesterday.
The rebels targeted by national army forces who wanted to enter to Chamtal district of Balkh province riding motorbikes.
The national defense ministry said BNA, the personnel of national army forces tried to arrest them, but they resisted so there was no way but to attack them.  8 motorcycles, 2 PK machine guns, a rocket launcher, and a quantity of heavy weapons were seized. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 31 March 2013 05:03

6 Insurgents Killed

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Six armed insurgents were killed during several cleaning up operations by national army forces in several regions of the country. 
According to the national defense ministry, the operations conducted by national army personnel in the outskirts of Khashrood district of Nimrooz, Shindand district of Herat and Khak-e-Safeed district of Farah provinces, as a result of which six insurgents were killed and six others wounded.
It is said that a motorcycle full of explosives, 2 mortars, a rocket launcher, heavy and light ammunition were seized. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 31 March 2013 05:01

2 Pakistani Nations Killed

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Three mine planters were killed during planting mines in Gelan district of Ghazni province.
According to national defense ministry, 2 Pakistani and an Afghan wanted to place an anti-vehicle mine in Gelan district highway, the mine exploded and killed them. 
In similar incident, a person wanted to plant an anti-vehicle mine in Khashrood district of Nimrooz province; the mine exploded and killed him.  
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 31 March 2013 05:01

NATO Solider Killed

Sunday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A NATO solider lost his life in explosion in Afghanistan. 
The identity of the solider had not clear but he lost his life while patrolling in the south of Afghanistan. 
NATO confirmed killing of the solider but said nothing about identity and exact area of the incident.
Mostly American and British soldiers have been stationed in the south of the country. 
Last week, two other NATO soldiers lost their lives in two separate incidents in the east and south of Afghanistan. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 30 March 2013 11:23

Youth Football Team Goes To Nepal

Saturday March 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The youth football team for participation in preparatory cup of Asia nations goes to Nepal.
According to BNA report, the preparatory competition of Asia nations’ cup among the youth will start on April second in Nepal.
In this competition the Afghan youth team will contest in third group with host team, second with Butane team and third round our team will play with Tajikistan team.
According to Murtaza Danish the head of publication department of football federation of the country, this competition will continues for a week. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013 11:10


Saturday, March 31, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan in the name of cooperation with peace process in Afghanistan, follows specific aims and to access to its ambitious aims uses Taliban as means.
BNA political and aware of the situation in the region writes: P

akistan is a country that has exploited the most during three decades of unrests in Afghanistan. The last three decade of crisis in Afghanistan provided the ground for interferences Pakistan in internal affairs of our country. Especially during the rule of Taliban from 1996-2001 Afghanistan was openly occupied by Pakistan. When Taliban regime in close cooperation international community collapsed, Pakistan particularly its intelligence agency ISI reorganized the defeated Taliban, trained them and provide them with safe havens and strongholds in border areas with Afghanistan and sent them to carry out terrorist and suicide attacks against international forces and even spare no attacks against innocent Afghan people. During the last 11 year where international forces are stationed in Afghanistan, the country has been the scene of the most grave and ruthless terrorist attacks planed and organized on the other side of Durand Line. Pakistan conducting such provocations tries to show the international community that it is Pakistan that can play a vital role in Afghanistan therefore the international community should count on Pakistan in any developments regarding to Afghanistan. On the other hand Pakistan for away the realities talks about anti-terrorism campaign, restoration of peace in Afghanistan and regional cooperation in order to attract the financial of western countries specially US that pays Pakistan millions of dollars annually. Pakistan in this dual game, follows to two objectives, one to emerge as regional superpower and second to achieve huge sum of money from westerners specially Americans. 
Since Afghanistan knows that Pakistan is behind all destructions and bloodshed in Afghanistan so in order to encourage Pakistan to leave its heinous acts emphasized on the role of that country insuring peace in Afghanistan. Unfortunately all endeavors were in waste and even certain Pakistani circles sabotaged Afghan peace negotiations by various pretexts. It has been said Pakistan has recently offered prerequisites for its assistance in Afghan peace process. Among them, they want Afghanistan to sever its relations with India, sent Afghan national army officers to Pakistan for training and to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with that country.   Offering such unacceptable prerequisites, Pakistan once again made it clear that has no any interest in ensuring stability in Afghanistan but still dreams to use Afghanistan as a spring board for it ambitious and evil goals in the region. 
If we precisely look at those three prerequisites, many questions emerge that without doubt Pakistan would not be able to answer them. First of all Pakistan should compare its stance and cooperation during the last 11 years with those of India; secondly what is its purpose for sending Afghan army officer for training in to Pakistan? These prerequisites do nothing for peace but aiming to increase its destructive intelligence activities in our country. Finally, signing a strategic cooperation agreement with a country that conspired against our country for years is unjustifiable.  
Political experts strongly believe that Pakistan presenting the prerequisites just follow one aim that is the failure of peace process in Afghanistan and continuation unrest in our country.
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director