25 May 2020

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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 10:21

12 Armed Taliban Killed In Urozgan

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Urozgan (BNA) 12 armed Taliban insurgents were killed in a military operation in Urozgan province last night. 
This operation conducted in the outskirts of Zarafshan, Trenkot city on several hideouts of rebels. 
Gulab Khan Wardak police in charge of Urozgan said to BNA, during this operation several hideouts of armed Taliban has been destroyed. 
According to him in this operation, 12 armed Taliban have been killed. 
It is said that tens of Taliban arms were seized by these forces as well. 
He said nothing about casualties of Afghan and NATO forces in this operation. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada.

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 10:20

45 Armed Oppositions Killed In Paktika

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Gardiz (BNA) 45 armed oppositions were killed in Paktika province yesterday evening. 
Hamidullah Mubarez spokesman for Speenghar 505 police zone said to BNA. ISAF forces carried out an air operation against armed rebels in the two villages of Orgoon district of Paktika province, in which 45 states oppositions were killed, and their arms and ammunition were seized by these forces. 
According to another report, a ring-leader of armed opposition was killed in Ghazni province. 
The Speenghar 505 police zone said to BNA, Mullah Shir had activity against government since days back in Andeer district of Ghazni province and disturbed people, was killed by national army police. 
Meanwhile, a combined operation by Afghan and coalition forces conducted in the vicinities of Qarabagh district of Ghazni province, three armed insurgents were killed and 4 Kalashnikovs, a ZK-1, a set of communication and 2 motorbikes were seized by these forces. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 08:46

82 Armed Taliban Rebels Killed

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 82 armed Taliban rebels were killed, 8 rebels were wounded and 4 others detained in police security mission.   
According to interior ministry press office, in the last 24 hours the security forces carried out 12 cleaning up operations in the outskirts of Kabul, Jouzjan, Kandahar, Urozgan, Midan-Wardakk and Ghazni provinces. 
In these operations, 2 kg of narcotic, 10 different types of arms, 3 PK machine guns, 14 mines, 3 sets of communication, 11 grenades, other military equipments and 2 motorbikes of enemies were seized by these forces. 
According to another report, the security forces arrested four persons on charges of different crimes from different areas of Kabul city. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) As a result of armed attack by state oppositions a national security directorate member killed and another injured.
The spokesperson of Logar governor told BNA, the attackers came in a time, when security personnel were buying their needs in Pul-i-Alam city, two bike riders fired on then. In this attack a NSD member was killed and another injured and the attackers, succeeded to take their car.
It is said, the health condition of the injured is serious.
Meanwhile, in another incident a police and two civilian were injured as a result of a mine explosion in that city.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In his meeting with the Afghan Interior Minister, the Canadian Defense Minister praised the achievements of the Afghan security forces and assured of his country’s continued assistance to these forces. 
General Besmellah Mohammadi Minister of Interior in the meeting with the Canadian Defense Minister appreciated the constructive role played by the Canadian forces in ensuring security in Kandahar and elimination of terrorists and said that the police forces of Afghanistan is attaining more capability with each passing day in the struggle against the terrorists. 
Calling the successful phase of first and second security transition, he emphasized on the readiness of the police to take over the responsibility in the third phase, and added that the national police of Afghanistan has become professional compared to the past and they are ready stand against the enemies with high spirit of combat readiness. 
Talking on the special police forces he added the ministry of interior is continuing its untiring efforts for further empowerment of the national police and shall never refrain from any efforts in this direction. 
Meanwhile, the Canadian Defense Minister praising the recent achievements of the national police of Afghanistan in doing away the enemies attacks called these achievements unexpectedly and emphasized that the combat preparedness’ of the Afghan national police is worth appreciation compared to any other country as these forces have shown unique resistance in foiling the terrorists attacks and showed that they are capable of dealing with such circumstances with high spirits.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) An active Pakistani commander who have been accused of the slaughtering of 17 members of the military forces of that country has said that he has no any base in Afghanistan, in spite of all difficulties, he has establish his bases inside Pakistan territory.  
Political analyst of BNA writes: 
Maulawee Faqeerullah express these issues while the Pakistani government accused him that a few days ago his men crossed the border line and killed several Pakistan troops while patrolling the area and escaped back to Afghanistan. 
The Pakistan intelligence, not only wide propagate the issue on their country media but the Pakistani representative in UN, raised the issue in diplomatic meeting indicated that the Pakistani Taliban have bases inside Afghan and from there target Pakistan military forces. 
But Maulawee Faqeerulla who worked as the deputy of Pakistani Taliban movement earlier and presently leads a number of Taliban and independently carries out its activities says, they are inside Pakistan and are capable to carry out attacks on any strategic point. 
But he confessed, fighting against Pakistani military forces is difficult and added, as the presence of Americans are not acceptable for Afghan Taliban, Pakistan is a close ally of America, so we have the right to fight against that country. 
Faqeer Mohammad clearly said that Pakistani Taliban is safer from them than anywhere else. 
These statements by then deputy of Pakistan Taliban Movement confirms the statements of experts on Afghanistan affairs that Pakistan to prevent from its further isolation, has no way but to propagate such numbers, because a clear fact that terrorists and extremists are safe in Pakistan and live there freely. 
It is not so, what does Haqani do in Peshawar? What are the programs, Quetta Council working on and finally who are the targets of American drones on tribal areas. 
World public presently knows the answers of the above questions. 
Pakistan intelligence cannot ignore the presence of terrorists and extremist in that country, but to propagate rumors, accuse others and make busy the media. 
It is a clear fact that religious schools in Pakistan, have been changed in to recruiting, training of terrorists by the intelligence service of that country and one can say, the Taliban of those madrasas (religious schools) are uninformed soldiers of Pakistan, who are used in fighting against India in Kashmere, disputes in Afghanistan and even religious and ethnical competition in Pakistan. 
As Pakistan press and close people to the intelligence of that country revealed that Gul Bahdar a resident of north Waziristan who leads a huge group of Pakistani Taliban has informal close relations and has hundreds of Chechens and middle Asia residents in its ranks, has prevented the attacks by Pakistan oppositions to the targets on that country and mostly organize their forces to fight Afghan and NATO led forces in Afghanistan. 
The western countries know about these secret relations between Pakistani militarists and Gul Bahadur network and in a recent drone attack on a house in Miransha area his 8 fighters were killed. 
Gul Bahadur is a well-known Pakistani Taliban leader who is under direct command of ISI. 
There are many people among Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, who are instructed by ISI and work accordingly. 
The people who are supporting slaughter and distraction in Afghanistan should know that everybody knows about their heinous aims and plots and confirms that Afghanistan has been the hideout of terrorists and will never be. 
In Afghanistan everybody considers terrorists as a threat to humanity and they are not us a means to achieve illegal objectives.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The first national Peace Jirga of Youth of Afghanistan as a national movement of the youth was organized by the civil society foundations in Kabul under the Loya Jirgah Tent.
This gathering has been attended by 1700 active representatives of the youth and around one hundred local guests. 
The main objective of this gathering is said to be attraction of the active youth under a single umbrella to enable them discuss important national issues of the country especially the reconciliation and coordination of their views and proposals  regarding the difficulties they are faced with in the society.
Meanwhile the agenda of this gathering include discussions of issues like the military presence of the US in the country, struggle against corruption, the problems of employment and education of youth  at the start of this Jirga the message of Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president was read out by his office head which read in part: “I am pleased that today we are witnessing a great jirga of the youth and the importance of this jirga manifests that it is initiated by the youth and they are moving towards efforts for solution of issues and challenges prevailing the country including ensuring of peace and security, struggle against administrative corruption, reducing the status of joblessness and other such issues of national importance. 
Meanwhile, at this jirga Salahudden Rabbani chairman of the high peace council said that the peace process will be realized when this process attains strong support of the people of the country.
Praising this initiative of the youth he added that you are the national asset and the future builders of this country. 
The history is witness to the fact that the youth in the past too had active part for freedom and other important issue of the country and it is the youth responsibility to have active role in shaping the order in the country. 
Alongside this jirga the youth were divided into 20 committees and for over 10 hours they discussed five varying issues. 
It should be said that this jirgah has been organized by the secretariat of the Loya Jirga and it has selected the youth and is financing its expenses. 
It is expected that the Jirga continue its work for three days and at the end the participants of the jirga will receive certificates approved by President Karzai under the title of “peace ambassador.”

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Farah (BNA) Security forces have killed 32 Taliban militants including four commanders in Farah province, provincial governor’s spokesman Abdul Rahman Zhowandai said yesterday.
Mullah Zahid the so-called governor of Gulistan district is also among those killed during the combined operation of Afghan and NATO led forces in Gulistan district, he added. 
The operation launched three days ago is still continuing, the spokesman added. 
According to another report, the security forces discovered 20 kg explosive device from under a bridge and thus foiled a terrorist attack in Bakwa district of Farah province.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired a plenary meeting of the council of ministers and according to the agenda the Ministers of Finance presented the documents prepared for the Tokyo Conference and said that Afghanistan will present three main documents as the strategic perspective for the ten years after 2014, framework for mutual response of Tokyo and the declaration of the Tokyo conference pertaining to economic participation for self-sufficiency of Afghanistan. 
At the drafts strategic perspective for the ten years after 2014, briefly describes the achievements of the past ten years and presentation of the 22 programs of priority for self sufficiency to the international community and the strategy for removal of the financial gap during the 2015-2025 will be taken up that reads in part. 
“Despite the fact that the government is trying to reduce all the financial gaps from the overall level of total impure percentage of products of the country, it is necessary that the international donors should remove the domestic financial gap in 1394 and gradually till the year 1404 the needs for financing the impure percentage of domestic products of the country is eliminated. 
In the draft mutual response framework of Tokyo, the joint economic objectives have been specified and the sides are obligated in creation of the accountability mechanism of mutual assistance and expenses to each other in order to ensure practical transparency. 
In this draft the international community will undertake so that they render their non military assistance to Afghanistan till the year 2017 to the same volume that they were providing in the past decade. 
The government of Afghanistan in order to attain self-sufficiency is in need of long-term assistance of the world community and by adoption of decision, the government accepts that there is need for vast reforms in good governance at national and local levels, meanwhile, the assistance of the international community should be done in practice not in words taking into account the effectiveness of aid and these mutual undertakings of strong participation between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the world community will be created and the world community will be loyal to ensure 80% of the development aid balanced with the priorities advanced by Afghanistan and implementing of at least 50% of development aid through the national budget in one year after the Tokyo conference and increment of its percentage in the future. 
The finance minister said at the end of the conference it is expected that the joint statement of Tokyo conference in which issues like peace and security, struggle against reduction of production and smuggling, narcotics, development strategy, the process of sustainable return of refugees, investment in private sector and regional economic cooperation have been mentioned will be issued at the end of the conference. 
The CM confirmed the document of the Tokyo conference and assigned the ministry of finance to bring about necessary corrections to it and finalize it and refer to the CM. 
The minister of refugees and expatriates, informed the CM about the deportation of the Afghan children under 18 from the European countries and stressed that this program under the name of orphan children return program has been designed by Sweden, Holland, Norway, Britain and Denmark with the total budget of USD2.5 million covering children between 15 to 17 that is including the process of transport, lodging and boarding, education and employment for them. 
The CM instructed the ministries of foreign affairs, justice, education, labor and social affairs, martyrs and the disabled and the refugee and expatriates to review the program along with the reasons for their deportation and inform the coming meeting of the CM in this respect. 
The minister of refugees and expatriates presented its proposal for migrations inside and outside the country that covers return home of 450,000 refugees from the neighboring countries in two years at the total cost of USD5 million to be implemented by the ministry.  The CM confirmed the proposal in principal and instructed the ministries of finance, foreign affairs, frontier and tribal affairs so that the financial side of the program is allocated from domestic sources. 
The minister of public health presented a detailed report on conclusion of contract of the Jamhuriat Hospital with the Agha Khan Foundation and sought the advice of the CM. 
The CM advised the ministry to refer this proposal for further study at the coming CM meetings. 
The minister of agriculture and irrigation presented the proposal of the ministry pertaining to the leasing of 62 jirib of land and the establishments of the agriculture and animal husbandry farm of Gulbagh of Rishkhour, Kabul province against an annual value of Afs 30,000 Jirib after the fourth year for 30 years to the Shalizi Farm Company. 
The CM instructed the ministry to conclude the contract with the Shalizi Company. The ministry of finance presented to the CM the waiving of tax of the construction company of Turkey (Ahmet Ayndeniz Construction Co. Inc.) which is building the terminal of the Mazari Sharif airport by utilizing of the welfare aid of Abu Dhabi and Germany. 
The CM confirmed the proposal and assigned the ministry of finance to refer the agreement to this end through the foreign ministry to the CM. 
Three international conventions were presented by foreign minister to the CM which was confirmed

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai flayed the suicide attack in Kandahar that as result, a number of our innocent compatriots were martyred and injured. 
According to the report, yesterday afternoon, a suicide attacker exploded a motor full of explosive materials near Kandahar University that as a result, seven of our innocent compatriots were martyred and 23 others injured. 
Flaying this terrorist attack, President Karzai said that the mercenaries of aliens reported once more to an irremissibly crime. 
The president added that the enemies of Afghanistan should know that with killing of our innocent people, they never attain to their dirty aspirations. 
President Karzai expressed his sympathy and deep sorrows to the bereaved families of martyrs and invited from the court of Almighty Allah great patience for themselves and immediate recovery for injured.