07 July 2020

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Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Kabul while the residents of Kabul show growing concern over the existence of gas selling outlets close and reservoir of petroleum stocks close to residential locations, the in charge of the commerce ministry say that this issue will be assessed.
The residents of Kabul showed serious concern following fires at the gas and fuel sticks that took place in two continued day in Kabul and some of the citizens have lost their live and other wounded.
Those interviewed in this respect they concern existence if gas and fuel stocks inside Kabul close to residential areas as a growing threat to their liver and ask the ministry of commerce and industries to relocate these stocks in non-residential regions.
The shop keepers in Kabul usually stock food items and that the gas sellers are located near residential regions so the people urgently demand that an end is put to this practice.
On Thursday fire inflamed in a company headquarter located at the east of Kabul (Paktia Kot of Pulicharkhi) that killed at least 20 and 200 others were wounded.
A day before this, as a result of a fire at the market selling medicine in Khairkhana Mina two persons was killed and twenty eight others were wounded.
Waheedullah Khazi spokesperson of ministry of commerce and industries says that they already expressed their concern over the existence of the gas and fuel stocks in the residential areas however after the two incidents in Kabul city we shall follow up this issue and in the coming week a delegation of the ministry will be assigned to assess the activities of these companies and fine out the factors behind the two incidents.
The concern of the people is not only from the liquid gas close to the residential areas, but three years ago in a fire incident at the wood selling market in Qowaye Markaz of second precinct of Kabul.
Police was forced in the mid night transfer some of the families as it was located close to residential place.
For these very reasons the Kabul resident asks the higher authorities that there is no guarantee for safety of the people living close to the gas and fuel stocks. There is therefore need for basic major in these respects to prevent repetition of such incident in the future.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Officials in Heart say that efforts for the acceleration of the rebuilding process of historic monuments are going on.
Speaking at a meeting attended by Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan Abdul Ghafor Arezo and local of facials, the governor Daud Saba emphasized for the maintenance and renovation of the historic sites and monuments, saying no high rise buildings be built in Herat old city.
Director of cultural department, Ahamd Ahsan Saror in his speech said that work for the rebuilding of four historic monuments including reconstruction of Herat mosque, renovation of the tomb of Amir Ali Shir Nawai, rebuilding of Karukh mosque and revival of tile work in near future.
Ambassador Arezo also spoke at the meeting and stressed for maintaining and preserving the monuments which are national treasure.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Addressing the Japanese media present Hamid Karzai has said that uprooting the corruption is one of our greatest aims that we cannot soon overcome, however reduction of it is our main work priority and we shall continue efforts in this respect.
He added that corruption in Afghanistan has two dimensions: One inside the system and in the government sector and secondly in expenses of the world community, how the prevision of contracts by the donor countries to who ate in touch with them, he emphasized on the importance of the world cooperation in positive struggle with this phenomenon and added that “no voice is heard from on hand.” Afghans and the world community should join hands against the corruption and jointly try to uproot this and this way we can attain a conclusion.
He stressed that respect to the law of Afghanistan by the Afghan government and our allies who are partners with us in the process of security and reconstruction is very important, because the people of Afghanistan feel secure from their government and the international community who has come for assisting in security.
All these not only will help reduction of corruption but bring about a sense of hope for a better future and better expectations for a good life.
Answering a question whether the aid of the world community in the past ten years has been expended in right direction he noted that due to these assistance considerable improvement has come to the lives of the people of Afghanistan, but reiterated that in case the assistance were expended from correct channels, and in case better security was in place and ultimately all those assisted in the name of Afghanistan were placed at our disposal that it did not happened, undoubtedly the present situation would have been far better compared to its present status.
President Karzai touching on the Tokyo conference said that in reality this is the third most important conference in relation to Afghanistan held in Japan and the previous conference have yielded better results for Afghanistan.
We shall go to Tokyo with high expectations than before and we hope that we get access to financial aid that we need it.
He added that we expect that we attain the support from the world community there, we had consulted them on these issues and it seems that the results would be positive.
Answering another question he noted that if we are owner of this Afghan state and we feel ourselves the sons of this homeland, then we have defend our country, as it is our mission and responsibility.
The security forces of the country are performing their security activities successfully, however, in case outside interventions and our neighbors continues, we in order to foil those terrorist attacks need cooperation of the international community and for this very reason the world community came to Afghanistan.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Firing rockets by Pakistan military to Kunar province continues.
Reports reaching to BNA say that three rockets fired from Pakistan hit Dangam and Khas Kunar districts but caused no loss.
Mohammad Gul Malik said that one rockets slammed at 7:30am local time killing few buffalos.
On Monday 13 more rockets also slammed in to Kunar province injuring a child, locals said.
Kunar governor Fazal Hadi  Wahidi told BNA that four people have been killed and 17 others sustained injured due rockets firing from Pakistan over the past three months.
However, locals say 35 people have been killed and 70 others, all civilian were injured.
Mir Ahmad is one of the affected men who left his family due to rocketing and now is living under tent alongside Kunar River with his wife and four children.
He called on the government to stop Pakistan rocketing. Foreign ministry official said the issue would be taken to the UN Security Council if the rocket firing is not checked.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Kabul city has been changed further than ever as five million population and more than five hundred thousand new and old vehicles producing high smoke, cause outbreak of different diseases particularly respiratory ailment to the resident.
In the meantime, much problem had been created as a result of baths and factories as well as spreading of dust from gravels streets would also cause health problems.
Therefore, the residents have responsibility to take part in cleaning of their environment specially cleanliness of their residence, environment and cities in order to prevent more air pollution.
So, residents are careless to keep clean their environment as well as they were careless before residence, people city and their country and never feel responsibility but they have to make efforts to take part in greenery and construction of their country as well as they should advice and encourage others to give hands to each other for promotion of this obligation and feel responsibility before their country.
It is worth mentioning that the air pollution would cause different disease because majority of infectious diseases threaten the residents as a result of air pollution on one hand and on the other, hike of fuel prices such as gas, woods, coals and foodstuff.
If the residents get sick in this situation, how they can treat their health with low income and how could overcome the other problems.
In the meantime in this season when a person get sick and refer to the private hospitals before the physicians diagnose their health problems, ask them for money first in order to start examination and prescribe many medicine for them and most the families can’t pay for their treatment.
Therefore all the residents are asking the organs concerned particularly the Ministry of Public Health for making efforts in monitoring and controlling of private hospitals and clinics and prevent the injustice.
Every individual has responsibility to make effort to perform their activities and task in different fields honestly and loyalty before their people and country and cooperate with municipality officials to keep clean their environment and prevent more air pollution of the country in order to have blue and clean sky one day.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghan and coalition forces confirmed that the Lashkar-e-Taiba insurgent leader Ammar was killed during an airstrike in Watahpur district, Kunar province.
Ammar, managed a network of insurgents and directed attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout the province.
The precision airstrike that killed Ammar also killed the Let leader Khatab Shafiq and several other armed insurgents.
A follow-on assessment confirmed the airstrike had not injured any civilians and had not damaged any civilian property.

Saturday, 07 July 2012 06:25

Baghlan Power Dam To Be Reconstructed

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Baghlan (BNA) Minister for Water and Power Mohammad Ismael Khan during his visit to Baghlan province the other day said that Pul-e-Khumri power station and Kilagai dam would be reconstructed. 
Addressing a news conference here, he said that after rebuilding process, the station besides producing 90 MW electricity would also reserve 650 million cubic meter water to irrigate 450,000 acres land. 
The completion of the projects would help boost the economy of people living there in Baghlan, the minister added. 
He also said that Germany and World Bank to finance the mentioned projects.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Nuristan (BNA) Local officials in Nuristan province have said that hundreds of Pakistani Taliban militants have been deployed in Kamdish district by ISI to destabilize Nuristan province. 
According to the sources, 300 Pakistani Taliban have been deployed over the past few days to conduct subversive operations. 
Police chief of Nuristan, Ghulam Allah Nuristani told BNA that Major Munir of Pakistani army, Mullah Yusuf of ISI and Mawlawi Doust Mohammad the shadowy governor of Taliban are leading the Taliban fighters. 
However, Nuristani said that police are ready to foil any security threats, warning the terrorists like the past would be defeated. 
Nonetheless, he admitted it is difficult to control the 250 km porous border with Pakistan and completely check the cross border terrorism. 
The governor of Kamdish district also confirmed Taliban deployment but said the security forces had evicted the militants and the locals resumed the normal life.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The national security forces could foil several suicide attacks in different parts of the country, said Shafiqullah Taheri spokesperson of the National Security Department in a press conference. 
Taheri added that three suicide bomber by the name of Islamuddin, Qari Assadullah and Gulab Shah resident of Kunar who intended terrorist attacks in Kunar during the holding of the tribal jirgah there and were trying to kill Mawlawi Sadeq lately joined the peace process were arrested in a special operation by the security department personnel. 
Taheri also informed the press of arrest of another four suicide bombers who are affiliated with the Haqani terrorist network along with three suicide waist coats and explosives.  
He also informed the press of arrest of three suicide bomber in Kabul and said that the national security department is exporting all efforts to foil these attacks in Kabul and Logar provinces. 
He also noted that an abductor group was also arrested recently and added the organizer of this group Abed resident of Maidan-Wardak who has been selling cars in Herat and has affiliation with a group and Nader the abductor who has abducted a person from the Kabul-Ghzni highway and freed that person against USD 40,000 and some other abductors having abducted a seven year old boy by name of Hassan student of first grade of Tamim Ansar from Kote Sangi of Kabul and transferred to Logar province has been released after eight nights against USD 50,000 and delivered the boy to his family members were arrested by the national security department. 
Meanwhile, last week a terrorist group who intended continuum terrorist attacks on the Supreme Court, the car carrying the prisoners of Pulicharkhi, terror of Abdul Rab Rasul Sayaf and attack on the education center of national army were arrested before they can carry any of their attempted attacks.

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A message has been dispatched by Dr. Zalmai Rasoul Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed to the minister of foreign affairs of Australia conveying his sympathies for killing of Australian solider in Uruzgan. 
The Australian solider who was engaged in achieving his duty towards ensuring of security in the province was killed by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan. 
He conveyed his deep regrets over the death of the solider to the foreign minister and his bereaved family.