14 August 2020

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Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The village of Katla Qala in Sozma district of Sar-i-Pul province was liberated from Taliban occupation after two years, police chief of Sozma district, Shahzada told Bakhter News Agency yesterday.
According to the source, the village was liberated after two days of combined operation involving police and army during which dozens of Taliban fighters were killed.
The official also confirmed that a police officer Taleb Shah was martyred and another injured during the operation.
Meantime, provincial acting police Chief Jahangir Karamat said that a group of armed militants including their commander Qari Ibrahim was arrested in Sozma district and a number of arms and ammunitions were seized.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The 51st anniversary of Mohammad Gul Khan Momand was marked at the International Press Center of Information and Culture Ministry. 
Addressing the gathering Prof. Nabi Farahi acting minister of information and culture shed light on the works and activities of late Momand and said that late Momand was a military, political and cultural personality of the country who has left behind valuable works in different dimensions of his life. 
He however, considered such gathering for celebrating such great personalities as inadequate and added that late Momand’s life dimensions require deep studies. 
He noted that the scholars are required to study his life and write about this great personality for the future generation so that they can follow up his footsteps. 
According to Farahi, Momand Baba was not relying on a specific tribe but he was an example of national unity among the residing tribes in the country, so it is necessary that he is recalled as a national personality of the country. 
Prof. Farahi added that the ministry of information and culture is prepared to print a book on his life. 
Yaqub Khan Ahmadzai deputy minister of tribal and frontier affairs, General Atiqulah Amarkhail a cultural figure, Mohammad Hassan Wolosmal, Najibullah Maneli adisor of finance ministry, Razeqi Narewal and some others also talked on the personality of Momand Baba. 
Mohammad Gul Momand was born in Andarabi area of second precinct of Kabul in 1263 HS and died in 1343 at the age of 80 in Kabul.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) On the sidelines of the Delhi investment summit on Afghanistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the I.R. of Afghanistan, Dr. Zalmai Rassoul called on the Minister for External Affairs of the Republic of India, S. M. Krishna in the latter’s office on Thursday, June 28, 2012. 
First, Dr. Zalmai Rasoul thanked his Indian counterpart for the convening of the Delhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan and the excellent arrangements made and then the two ministers discussed matters of mutual interest and regional affairs. 
Present in the meeting were also Ranjan Mathai, Foreign Secretary of India and Mohammad Samim Hamraz, Charge de Affairs of the Embassy of the I. R. of Afghanistan in New Delhi. 
Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, called on Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of the Republic of India at the Prime Minister’s residence on June 29. Dr. Rasoul was accompanied to this meeting by Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhelwal, Minister of Finance, Dr. Anwarul Haq Ahmadi, Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mohmmad Asef Rahimi, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Wahidullah Shahrani, Minister of Mines, and Mohmmad Samim Hamraz, Charge de Affairs of the Embassy of the I.R. of Afghanistan in New Delhi.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The determined deadline by Pakistan for with drawl of Afghan emigrants completed yesterday and there a concern thousands of Afghan emigrants will be with draw from Pakistan state by force.
BNA political analyst writes, Pakistan government determine a deadline for with drawl of Afghan emigrants from Pashtoonkhaw especially from Peshaver city, has structured Afghan emigrants to leave that state.
Unofficial figures indicate that 1.7 million Afghans are living in Pashtoonkhaw state and about 400,000 emigrants are not registered and the deadline threatens these people.
One of provincial minister in Pashtoonkhaw state has said that the deadline which considers the emigrants illegal, has completed and security forces this is police has the duty to detain the illegal emigrants and introduce them to the court and finally exit them from the country.
Pakistan takes action for with drawl of Afghan emigrants, while earlier an agreement was signed by Afghanistan, Pakistan and UNHCR on voluntary and respectful return of refugees to their country.
In the other hand, Pakistan considers a part of refugee as a burden on itself, the term which Afghan experts consider improper because Afghan refugees have never used Pakistani services and facilities.
The acute problem is that this great mass of propulsion, are mostly the resident of border areas where people are suffering from insecurity or their residential areas come under rocket attacks from beyond Durand line.
Insecurities and fighting’s have face a great portion of people to suffer from poverty, without doubt the forced with drawl of refuges will add to this problem.
The political analysts believe that Pakistan uses, the Afghan refugees as a political means, previously, Pakistani authorities have threatened for with drawl of Afghan refugees, but after visiting Afghanistan and other international organization representatives has ignored its demand.
The spokes person of Refuges Return Ministry has said that there is a small problem on refugees in Pakistan Pashtoonkhaw state, but the two sides have agreed to settle the problems and provide the ground for legal settlement of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
Also, recently some Pakistan authorities have accused Afghan refugees of having hand in destructive activities but the informed people in Pakistan and Afghanistan consider such accusations another pretext for disturbing and with drawl of the refugees.
The authorities of Afghan government have earlier expressed their gratitude to the government and people of Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees.
Now they also hope, considering the Afghanistan situation, once again use patience regarding to Afghan refugees.
Moving and taking refuge has changed in to big problem of the world. It is not only the Afghan people, who have left their home because of insecurity in the country of prefer living in other countries especially in neighboring countries.
Countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, Syria and Bermes have big numbers of refugees abroad.
The problem of refugees, only settles when partially security prevails in provided for their living and working.
Afghan refugees are waiting for such environment, providing that they prefer to live in their home with respect one dignity.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A meeting was held at the Information and Culture Ministry which discussed upgrading the working capacities within the ministry. 
BNA reports, the meeting was attended by Prof. Ghulam Nabi Farahi acting minister of information and culture and heads of departments. 
It discussed issues pertaining to upgrading of working capacities and heads of departments expressed their views and proposals in this respect. 
Farahi shed light on issues pertaining to raising the working capacities and further active participation of officials. 
It is said that administrative reforms have been completed in most departments of the ministry.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Over 350 representatives from Afghanistan, India and the regional countries and other countries had gathered in New Delhi along with senior policy makers to create a design for investment opportunities of the international community in Afghanistan. 
The Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan and the Confederation of Trade of India, with participation of Afghan and Indian governments organized the gathering on the 28th of June (8th of Saratan 1391) at the Qasri Taaj Mehal Hotel of New Delhi with the aim to upgrade the level of foreign investments and joint partnerships for guaranteeing the private economic sectors of Afghanistan. 
Only the balance of investments in mineral and hydro-carbon in Afghanistan is anticipated at 1 to 3 trillion US dollars. 
Moreover the transport infrastructure and energy of the country and the laws related to the non-harmful activities of environment is attracting the partnerships as well. 
Meanwhile, in the past decade, sustainable investments in respect to growing educated population in Afghanistan and also the supporting laws of trade, have caused growing production in the export areas including agriculture, (for instance, dry fruits with world quality, grapes, raisins, almonds, saffron and pomegranates), financial services, information technology, small and middle industries (for instance, shawl, carpets, marble, steel, and construction materials. 
It is said that these together have caused 10% annual growth in the past one decade. 
Despite the exiting sustainable security challenges, governance and infrastructure, the senior Afghan ministers and the representatives of the international community through practical reforms, the reduction of disaster strategy will prove that the return of the international investment will become possible. 
It is said that the doors of Afghanistan is open for trade and presently the companies and individuals are making immense benefits of the new opportunities in Afghanistan and this is possible that there will grow further. 
The New Delhi gathering in respect to investment in Afghanistan, with the presence of senior trade representatives having deep economic experience in Afghanistan and the authorities of the World Bank and ministers of trade, finance, mines, communications and public health of Afghanistan and other participants have emphasized on four basic objectives for carrying of trade in Afghanistan as the Asian linking points. 
The Afghans are considered the most strong and most flexible people. 
The immense mineral resources of the country including water and natural gas are accessible and beneficial. 
In last May in Chicago and in the coming in Month in Tokyo, the international community shall renew its sustainable support to Afghanistan including support to foreign investments. 
Through this, the SARRC and CAREC and other regional organizations are in economic support with Afghanistan. A composition of public and private investments, from railway and gas pipeline to the land ports and the possibility of reserving of materials, can open the way for Afghanistan to emerge as a center of transit in the heart of Asia. 
A look into the Tokyo conference in respect to Afghanistan that will be held at a senior level on 8 of July and the New Delhi gathering in respect to investment in Afghanistan, can compile the key trade proposals can bring about the investment opportunities at the private sectors within the practical framework under the operational plan of Afghanistan for private investment (AAPPI). 
At this gathering focus will be made on motives of investments and upgrading the joint chambers of commerce.

Sunday, 01 July 2012 04:34

Newly Appointed Directors Introduced

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The newly appointed directors of the ministry of information and culture started their works after passing the pay scale reforms open rivalry, an official said. 
Based on the civil services, chapter one, article 15, 11 directors had succeeded to start work in the ministry of information and culture after successfully attending the reforms and pay scale open test and being approved by the presidential office, said Rohul Amin Habibi, director of human resource for the ministry. 
Khalili Minwi, as Directors of Bakhtar News Agency, Abdul Qadeer Timuri as director of archeology, Ghulam Nabi Paktin publication director, Mohammad Asef Seddiqi as director for internal audit bureau, Faizullah Muhtaj as director of Baihaqi Book Publication, Mohammad Hashem Shareq, as director of Hunaristan, Feda Mohammad Fayez as director of the youth safety growth centers, Sayed Mustafa Sayedi as director of program coordination and policy development, Zahara Qarizada as director of youth services and foreign relation, Abdul Jalil Sadid as director of Music and Mohammad Ibrahim, head of Afghan Film. 
While introducing Mohammad Asef Seddiqi as the director for the internal audit bureau, acting minister of information and culture, Ghulam Nabi Farahi lauded the services of the last directors in different field within the framework of the ministry of information and culture asked for close coordination among the newly appointed directors emphasized on escalation of the work process among the ministry’s related offices.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) NATO says a stock of potassium chloride which use in making explosive device was seized by NATO forces in Ghazni Province.
The stock was detected in a joint operation of NATO and Afghan forces from Nawa district Ghazni province.
According to NATO report to BNA, 6800 kg chemicals, which use in making explosive device, was discovered and captured.
It said, the chemicals were kept in four boxes.

Sunday, 01 July 2012 04:30

Local Commander Of Taliban Arrested

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A local commander of Taliban arrested in Kandahar province.
The commander was arrested as a result of joint military operation launched by Afghan and NATO forces in relevant areas of Arghistan district.
According to NATO, the commander was arrested, while he was designing a terrorist attack on Afghan and foreign forces.
Based on information received, during this operation several other militants also arrested.
NATO said nothing, about possible casualties among NATO Afghan forces and civilians.

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Government of Pakistan has offered 600 scholarships for the current academic year (2012-2013) for the Afghan students to study in different disciplines in the prominent educational institutions, professional colleges and universities of Pakistan.  Pakistan has been offering fully-funded scholarships since 2009 under “the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s 2000 Scholarships Scheme for Afghan Students”.
The Embassy of Pakistan held a written test today and the successful candidates would be able to benefit from the scheme to study in the educational institutions of Pakistan. All the expenses of the students including tuition fee, boarding and lodging, travelling to and from Afghanistan will be born by the Government of Pakistan. About 1500 Afghan student are alredy benefiting from this scheme. It may be mentioned that over thirty thousand afghan nationals have graduated from Pakistan Universities and Professional colleges in the last three decades who now play active role in the reconstruction and socio-economic development of their country.

The Government of Pakistan offers the scholarships to Afghan students in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration, Agriculture, Economics, Natural Sciences and Teaching.
Pakistan attaches utmost significance to the development of education in Afghanistan and would further increase the number of scholarships in the years to come.