11 December 2019

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A vast network engaged in practicing of fraud and forgery was arrested along with documents including 50 stamps of different government departments and forgery of order of authorized positions was arrested.
Attorney Abubakr Rafiee director general of struggle against corruption cases told the press yesterday that among the network the forgeries of Gulbahar Habibi and three others are also included who by payment of USD 150,000 had made the order of Marshal Fahim First Vice President of the country and that 17 Jiribs of land that included in the Master Plan of the city and was allocated for cultural establishments was changed in to the Gullbahar Tower and residential apartments were built on it.
Rafiee added that case involves many sides an investigation committee is working on this case and when its assessment is complete its results will be revealed to the media.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 08:40

Seylab Dara Operation Started In Kapisa

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A sours of the defense ministry said that at least 17 armed oppositions were killed during the operation in central Kapisa province.
The operation aims at mopping up of areas of the AIa Sai district of Kapisa province.
Mohammad Numan press in charge of army corps 201 said that the operation took place in different areas of the district and the areas were cleaned of armed opposition.
Also a considerable number of opposition elements have been wounded in the operation as well and Dr. Mohammad Asif Faizan a commander of the Taliban and a foreign fighter were also injured in the operation.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 08:39

Arms Handed Over To The DIAG Commission

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 120 light and heavy arms were delivered by the national security department of Kandahar province to the DIAG process, an official said.
Head of the provincial security department said that the arms include BM-1, Kalashnikovs, rocket launcher, hand grenades, mines and some bullets.
The arms had been seized during the operations by the security forces from the districts of the province.
According to another report, Taliban has torched a vehicle of the national army and took its driver captive.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 07:06

5,000 Polio Vaccine Boxes Assisted To MoPH

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 5,000 polio vaccine boxes costing $50,000 were assisted on Tuesday to Afghan ministry of public health. 
In a ceremony which was held for awarding the assistance, Dr. Nadira Hayat Burhani, deputy for delivering health services of MoPH praised ROTERY organization for its assistance and considered it as vital in transition and implementation of polio vaccination. 
According to Dr. Burhani the assistance of such boxes enables vaccinators of the ministry to implement the polio program in remote areas, resulting in prevention of child paralyzing incidents. 
Dr. Burhani considered that cooperation of health partners with Afghanistan is as important in improvement of health services, asking for further technical and financial cooperation in this regard. 
While asserting that Afghan ministry of Public Health is strongly committed to eliminate polio throughout the country, Dr Burhani concerned over opening the borders of the country and illegal immigrations and considered it as a big challenge for the prevention of polio virus. 
She also said that security problems also created problems in implementation of the program in the country. 
Dr. Burhani asked all the armed groups to let Afghan vaccinators implement the program across the country.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Volesi Jerga members elected the secretary and deputy secretary of the House of People yesterday. 
Chaired by the speaker of the house of People Abdur Rauf Ibrahimi, the house in the second round of elections held for the second secretary between Sayed Jafar Mahdawi and Ahmad Behzad, these two could not attain the votes of the deputies. 
In the third round Ahmad Bahzad by getting 92 votes and Jafar Mahdawi by getting 76 votes could not access the post of secretary. 
Today election will take place between new candidates for its post. 
Meanwhile the election organized for the post of secretary of the House of People between Abdul Sattar Khawasi and Dr. Zahir Sadat, they could not get access to the post and ultimately Abdul Satar Khawasi in the third round by getting 108 votes attained the post of secretary of the house. 
However in the election for the post of deputy secretary between Qais Hassan and Farhad Azimi, in the second round Farhad Azimi by getting 114 votes attained the deputy secretary post.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 06:49

Badakhshan Avalanche Death Toll Reaches To 47

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Local officials say casualty figures reached to 47 in Badakhshan province after two dead bodies were discovered in snow avalanches. 
According to Dr. Shah Walullah Adeeb, governor of Badakhshan, casualty figures might increase. 
He said, “Up to now 12 residential houses have been destroyed, 65 people injured and 1000 animals perished due to recent avalanches in Badakhshan province, adding each family was assisted 10,000 Afs provided by governor office. 
Meanwhile, Afghan national committee of counter incidents in its emergency session allocated 8 million Afs assistance to the families, but still not delivered.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai left Kabul for a 5-day trip to Turkmenistan and Europe, which will take him to Italy, France and UK, a statement said. 
The president, leading a high level delegation, is scheduled to first land in Ashgabat for a bilateral meeting with President Qurban Quly Berdi-Muharrmedov on issues of mutual interest and enhanced bilateral cooperation, presidential press office said. 
During his stay in Europe, signing the long-term strategic partnership agreements is intended to make the crucial purpose of the president’s visit that seeks to ensure Europe’s continued assistance and cooperation with the Afghan people in their efforts for reconstruction and development, the statement added. 
According to the statement, in Rome, Italy, where the President would start with, he would be meeting with Prime Minister Mario Monti and a number of other high ranking officials including the Speakers of both Houses of the Parliament. 
A long-term partnership document is expected to be signed between the two countries aiming to enhance the areas of Italian assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan. 
The president would then leave Rome for Paris, France, where aside from signing an important strategic partnership treaty, he would meet with president Sarkozy and other senior government officials and is expected to participate at a reception hosted is his honor by French Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Bernard Accoyer. 
In his visit to Paris, the president is also scheduled to pay a visit to an exhibition to display a historic archive of Afghan-French relations.
On Friday evening, the President would be heading to London, where he would meet Prime Minister David Cameron and sign a long-term Afghan-UK cooperation document. 
The president would be attending joint press availability with Prime Minister Cameron followed by a reception hosted by the prime minister, the statement observed. 
Foreign Minister Dr. Rasoul, National Security Advisor Dr. Spanta, Mining Minister, Shahrani, Chief of Staff to the President Abdul Karim Khuram and President’s Spokesman Aimal Faizi are the president accompanying delegation.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chairman and members of the chambers of commerce and industries in its meeting with president Karzai emphasized on the economic growth of the country after withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
At the meeting Qurban Haqjo chairman of Board of Directors of Chambers of Commerce and Industries emphasized that the government should attach attention towards expansion of production, industries and export of the Afghan carpets. 
He added that before the withdrawal of foreign forces, the government should through huge investments in mining, mechanized agriculture, building of dams, energy and industries expansion and resolve the transit problems with Pakistan and Central Asia. 
He emphasized that the international community’s aid should be channeled through the government as it was revealed during the past years that money channeled via the government has given good results in growth of national economy and the results of national economy and the results of direct aid by the foreign sources resulted in relative improvements. 
Haqjo added that in order that Afghanistan soon become strong economically and stand on its feet deep improvement should come about within the government and corruption is stopped. 
He proposed that after withdrawal of foreign forces a vast conference with the participation of intellectuals, government authorities, representatives of foreign agencies, lecturers of universities, representatives of the private sector and civil society to study the economic status of the country and this will prove positive. 
President Karzai addressing the chairman and members of the chambers of commerce said that the international community committed themselves at the second Bonn Conference that after 2014 up to 2024 will assist Afghanistan in different spheres, however it is necessary that Afghanistan should study its own situation and take the initiative itself and some steps have been taken in this direction as well. 
He called the proposals advanced as positive and added that in the near future he will meet with the industrialists and members of the chambers of commerce and he consult them on improving economic status in the country.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Tahir Shobab and Sediq Shobab two artists of the country provided a music CD for athletic and handed over to Olympic National Committee today. 
According to BNA, the poems of the mentioned CD are from Hamdel poet and song by these two artists in Dari and Pushtu languages. 
This CD handed over to Ms. Fereshta Farah deputy of Olympic National Committee. 
A function was held for this purpose in the headquarter of Olympic National Committee, Mohammad Zahir Aghbar general director of Olympic National Committee, brother of these two artists talked regarding importance of athletics and nobility of health and appreciated their work. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kandaar (BNA) Over 250 Senjaray residents, most of whom were children, participated in a kite-flying festival in eastern Zharay district, on January 19, in an event that brought residents, Afghan security forces, and district leadership together, while also demonstrating a return to normal life, in an area once
afflicted by insurgent activity.
Afghan Soldiers from the 3rd Kandak of the 3rd Brigade, 205th Afghan Army Corps, and Soldiers from Combined Task Force Spartan's 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, hosted the event near Combat Outpost Senjaray. With no clouds in the sky, and just enough wind to keep the kites sailing, children from across the area competed to win prizes and congratulations by Afghan security forces' leadership and community leaders.
Kite flying is a popular pastime among the Afghan people, and in
other countries, such as India and Pakistan. Kite flying is a
competition against other kite fliers. The kite lines are lined with
shards of glass, and the goal is to cut the other kites lines, sending
it plummeting to the ground.
While this event was not nearly as aggressive, it still provided
a fun activity for the spectators and participants who consider it the
national pastime.
"Kite flying, along with cricket and wrestling is one of the big
events that they do," said Capt. Andrew Eickbush, the fire support
officer for 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment.
Once forbidden by the Taliban, kite flying is a popular sport in
Afghanistan, and the Afghan and coalition security forces hoped hosting
this event would show that life for Zharay district residents is
improving. Soldiers also hosted wrestling and soccer tournaments late
last year at the Zharay District Center to provide a recreational
opportunity for the local people, and attracted over 1,000 spectators.
In Nalgham, residents there asked coalition forces' Soldiers if they
would secure an area to host a wrestling tournament, and over 50
residents showed up to watch.
At the kite flying festival, Afghan Soldiers helped the children
assemble their kites, and then served as the master of ceremonies and
primary security force for the event.
The 3rd Kandak commander also gave a speech kicking off the event, and letting the residents know the Afghan security forces would secure the people.
"It seemed as if all the adults had the traditional knowledge of how kite flying happened, but it seemed like most of the kids didn't know how to fly kites.
But it was good for the older generation to show the younger generation," Eickbush said.
Afghan and CTF Spartan Soldiers are planning to host additional
recreational days in the future, nicknamed "Afghan Normal Days," that
would demonstrate to Kandahar provincial residents that Zharay district
is becoming increasingly more secure.