29 September 2020

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Thursday, 02 August 2012 12:12

Five Terrorists Killed In Kabul

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A five member terrorist group have killed by National Security Directorate personnel in Pul-i-Charkhi area of Kabul last night.
These terrorists by using suicide vests, light and heavy arms, 3 cars full of explosive materials wanted to carry out terrorist attacks in Kabul city.
NSD press office told BNA, these terrorists had rent a house in Pul-i-Charkhi area and wanted to organize terrorist attacks on Kabul city during the month of Ramadan from this house.
The personnel of NSD after transferring of the residents of the neighbors of the terrorists’ house asked them to surrender themselves to the NSD forces but they opened fire with different arms and the clash started from 1:00 am last night till the morning in which all terrorists were killed.
The source said, five terrorists have been killed; the civilians and NSD forces had no casualties.
Also five Kalashnikovs, PK machine gun, rocket launcher, 82mm artillery shells, five suicide vests, veil, women dress, maps from several areas of Kabul city and mobile phones were left from terrorists that their contacts shows their relations with Haqani network on the side of the border.
Three Surf-cars with 400 Kg of explosive materials in each have been left in the area which defused by personnel of National Security Directorate, said the source.
T. Rateb

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Five local commanders of Taliban and Haqani terrorist network have been arrested in Afghanistan.
These commanders which their names have not mentioned, arrested by Afghan and NATO forces during several operations from related areas of Tarang and Jaldak of Zabul province, Chamtal of Balkh province, Zerahi of Kandahar, Mohammad Agha of Logar province.
NATO in a statement to BNA said, these commanders had responsibilities of a number of rebels in the mentioned areas.
It is said that a number of these commanders in their hideouts were organizing terrorist attacks on NATO and Afghan forces have been arrested.
According to the statement, during arresting of these commanders clashes have occurred in which a number of Haqani and Taliban fighters were killed and arrested.
The source added, a number of light and heavy weaponries and a quantity of explosive materials have been seized during the operations.
T. Rateb

Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:46

Six NATO Soldiers Kill In Afghanistan

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Six NATO soldiers were killed within the last 48 hours in the country.
These soldiers were killed in mine explosions and arm attacks of rebels in the east and south of Afghanistan.
NATO sending a press statement to BNA confirmed the killing of these soldiers but said nothing about their identities and the exact areas of the events.
On Tuesday two soldiers of NATO were killed in two separate events in Afghanistan.
T. Rateb

Thursday, August 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai heard a report presented on Tuesday night by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) focused on arrangements for the future Presidential elections in Afghanistan.
The meeting held in the Presidential Palace was attended by Ministers of Foreign Affairs, National Defense, National Security Advisor, MoI Deputy Minister, Deputy Director of NDS, Head of Secretariat for High Peace Council, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Director of IDLG and members of IEC.
Briefing the President on the electoral arrangements, Fazel Ahmad Manavi, Head of IEC said, “Independent Elections Commission has to devise specific plans from now for fair and transparent future Presidential elections and district shura polls in which voter registration and voter list are deemed one of the 1st important tasks.
Manavi added that the registration process would pave grounds for upcoming elections, contributing to transparency of the electoral process and ensure conveniences required to facilitate implementation of IEC plans.
He said, IEC has taken standards into account for the registration process through which a voter would manage to vote in favor of his favorite candidate in the polling station of his area, preventing irregularities and violations.
Head of IEC noted, the voter registration would provide employment opportunities for almost 45 thousand Afghans, adding that “voting cards to be distributed” could be used for another four elections in the future.
Manavi also said, the financial budget estimated by the United Nations Office for both the voter registration and voter list would be nearly $ 80 million to be financed by the international community.
He urged security institutions and government agencies to prepare their security plans from now in support of conducting fair, standard and transparent elections across the country.
President Karzai welcomed and supported IEC’s plans for both voter registration and voter list in accordance with the Constitution.
The President said that successful Presidential elections in Afghanistan would be another step towards strengthening democracy and a legitimate system, assuring that the Government of Afghanistan would collaborate with IEC as much as it could and within its means to successfully hold the future elections.
President Karzai stressed on Afghanization of the elections, adding that IEC must not allow foreigners to interfere in the electoral process.
The President described cooperation of the United Nations Office and its observers a need required for fair and transparent elections but labeled the intervention and manipulation in the electoral process by a number of countries and irresponsible institutions totally unacceptable, reasoning that it undermines fairness and transparency of the polls as well as deprives people of their suffrage and free choice.
President Karzai added, IEC must prevent any foreign intervention and contribute to establishing and sustaining a strong legitimate system in Afghanistan.

Thursday, August 02, 2012 

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai held a meeting this noon with NATO commander Gen. John Allen, with whom he discussed a number of issues including NATO military facilities after withdrawal, recent Pakistan artillery shelling on Afghanistan, strengthening of Afghan air force and the renovation of Salang Tunnel.
Gen. Allen said NATO has already condemned and is examining the shelling fired from Pakistan into Afghanistan and would raise the issue with Pakistani officials and particularly with Gen. Kayani in his visit soon to Pakistan.
NATO commander also said that the military facilities Afghanistan need would be handed over to Afghan government for use when the international troops withdraw. Describing as important the need for the strengthening of Afghan air force, he said they would do every effort in training young Afghan pilots.
On the renovation of Salang Tunnel, Gen. Allen said that the work is currently underway in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works with five million dollars spent so far and $ 19 million more to be spent in renovation efforts.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Pul-i-Khomri (BNA) a military in charge of Taliban with his a follower were arrested last night in Baghlan province last night.  The head of the national security of Baghlan said to BNA, Qari Hafiz military in charge of Taliban and a follower of him were arrested in an operation by special forces from a house in the Dand  Ghori area.  The head of the national security called arresting of Qari Hafiz in the ensuring of peace and stopping of Taliban attack specially planting of mines and creation of problem on convoy of NATO forces in the Pul-i-Khomri-Samangan highways.  It is said that a quantity of explosive materials were seized by these forces.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Qala-i-Naw (BNA) The in charges of Badghis province said that the so called governor of Taliban for Ghormach district with his six followers were killed in the north-west of that province. 
Colonel Mohammad Jabar Saleh police chief of Badghis said to BNA, Mullah Abdul Hakim nominated governor of Taliban came under attack in Boken village, Balamurghab district with a number of his followers and killed. 
This operation conducted by national army and NATO forces.
16 supporters of Mullah Abdul Hakim with their arms were arrested. 
In this operation the local and foreign forces had no casualties. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 12:20

Police Official Martyred In Ghazni

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Ghazni (BNA) An in charge of police was martyred in Ghazni province due to explosion this morning. 
Zrawar Zahid police chief of Ghazni confirming this report said to BNA, colonel Nasrullah deputy of 3rd district of Ghazni city was going from his house to work, faced with a planted mine in front of his house and martyred. 
In this event, two children including his son and his daughter who were playing in the area were wounded. 
The injured have been shifted to civil hospital of Ghazni city and public in charges of hospital called their health conditions satisfactory. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 10:53

4 Mine Planters Killed In Kandahar

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) Four mine planters were killed by police forces in Ghorak district of Kandahar province. 
Jaweed Faizal spokesman of Kandahar governor said to BNA, these militias wanted to place a mine in the vicinities of Ghorak district were identified by police and killed. 
Two mines of terrorists were seized by security forces. 
Meanwhile, in a clash between police and Taliban in Kandahar province, three armed Taliban were killed. 
This clash occurred between police and Taliban when Taliban attacked on a police post in Sangi area, Ghorak district. 
In this clash, three Taliban were killed, 2 Kalashnikovs, and three anti-vehicle mines were seized by these forces. 
According to another report, four mine planters were killed in Logar province this morning. 
General Abdul Razaq Safi in charge of national army division in Logar province said to BNA, four mine planters wanted to place a mine in Shesh Qala area of that province were came under air attack by searching forces and killed. 
According to the source the bodies of the killed rebels with their arms remained in the area. 
Another report says that Taliban attacked on a security post of national army forces in the Zarghoon Shaher area. 
According to the source, the security forces with the cooperation of coalition forces, and air bombardment of NATO forces killed nine Taliban and wounded 11 others.
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Qala-i-Naw (BNA) Three mine planters were killed with their own mine in Badghis province last night. 
General Daud Shah Wafadar commander of 3rd battalion of national army stationed in Badghis province said to BNA, the militias while planting a roadside mine in Qera Shori area, Moqor district of Badghis province, the mine exploded and killed them. 
According to another report, two mine planters were killed with their own mine in Kunduz province. 
Shaikh Sadruddin governor of Dasht-i-Archi district of Kunduz province said to BNA, four mine planters wanted to place several mines under a bridge in Jama Wazir area, Dasht-i-Archi district, one of these mines exploded in which two mine planters were killed and two others were wounded. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada