22 February 2020

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Kabul (BNA) The women reporters in a meeting in Kabul highlighted their wants from the participants of the second Bonn Conference, which include these:
1.  The government of Afghanistan should commit itself on execution of this conference’s decisions and report to the Afghan nation in this respect.
2. Democracy without freedom of speech has no meaning and we cannot allege that we have democratic order without rule of law and nobody is committed towards them. In order to ensure the sound activities of democracy a culture of forgiveness from punishment should be changed into support to the democracy consolidation in Afghanistan and rule of law.
3. All the citizens of Afghanistan and the world want precise news from us so there should be transparency in collection of information and legalized in the country.
4. Censor is a phenomenon that the women have to agree upon it for reasons of security. In order to resolve this issue no reporter should be pursued legally for reporting the realities. Protection of human dignity of the women reporters should be a priority of government work and security organs.
5. Shema Razaie, Zakia Zaki and Sanga were women reporters who were killed for the sin of being reporters.
6. The rights of deciding on cases from the so-called local Shuras should be taken and only the courts should have the right to decide on women issues.
7. The government of Afghanistan should defend the women reporters Economic conditions:
8. Full moral and material guarantee of rights of women reporters should be ensured.
9. We are asking for increase of women reporters and keen attention of the government in two plans of ANDs and NAPWA so that women should have at least 30% job opportunity.
10. Launching of capacity buildings for women reporters.

11. We are concerned over working future of women after 2014 and the government and the international community would have working policy that no women reporters be punished for reporting realities.
12. Attention be directed at improving the rights of women reporters.
13. Rule of law is our wish to be observed without any discrimination.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 07:29

Afghans Win ACC Twenty 20 Cup Opener

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan thrashed Malaysia by 53 runs in the ACC Twenty 20 Cricket Cup opener played in Nepal on Saturday, an official said. 
Afghanistan won the toss and elected to bat in the inaugural match, the national team manager, Shafiq Stanikzai, said to BNA, the national side managed to pile up 166 runs in the stipulated over’s for the loss of four wickets. 
Shabir Noori top-scored with 53, Karim Sadiq contributed 39, Asghar Stanikzai 24, Mohammad Shahzad 20 and Nawroz Mangal 12. 
Stanikzai said the Malaysians could not cope with fierce bowling from Mohammad Nabi, who got three wickets. 
Samiullah Shinwari and Hameed Hassan clinched two wickets each. 
Noori was declared the Man of the Match. 
Afghanistan are placed in Group-A along with Oman, Malaysia, Bhutan and the Maldives, while Group B consist of Nepal, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates,  Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Kabul (BNA) A meeting was held among the activist of the civil society of Afghanistan and Germany. 
The Afghan civil society delegation consisting of 18 men and 16 women are in Germany for participation at the Bonn Conference. 
At this meeting Bari Salam representing others talked and thanked Germany for its assistance to Afghanistan in different spheres and added that Afghanistan with the cooperation of international community in the past ten years achieved marked progress especially in cultural spheres. 
The special envoy of German for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that the international community will not repeat its mistakes after the withdrawal of the former Soviet forces and that Germany and the international community will not forget Afghanistan. 
The former German defense minister also said that the security of Germany depends on the security of Hindu Kush Mountains. 
Touching on the advice of the Afghan traditional loya jirgah, he added that the people showed that they are ready to shoulder their security on their own. 
It is said that the foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Germany also join the debate.

Kabul (BNA) Germany committed to provide salaries to Afghan National police beyond 2014 for some years. 
The statement was made on Friday in meeting with Afghan media delegation in Germany by head of parliamentary committee for eastern south Asia. 
The meeting which was held on Friday, head of the committee first expressed his regret over not participation of Pakistan in Bonn conference and said the international community will discuss related to their commitments for future of Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
The Afghan media delegation also visited the historic places in Berlin.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 07:11

Peace Efforts Should Be An Afghani Process

Kabul (BNA)  The German Special “Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan told the press in Germany that the Bonn Conference is not a peace conference but it helps expedite peace process in Afghanistan and the international community will exert efforts that the peace efforts should be an Afghani process. 
Touching on the traditional Loya Jirgah of the people of Afghanistan, he added that the people of Afghanistan at this jirgah decided talks for peace with the opposition elements and they have incorporated this in its resolution. 
As regards the Second Bonn Conference he noted that the international community at this conference will declare their commitments towards Afghanistan after the 2014. 
The response to a question regarding non-participation of Pakistan, whether that country will be liable to the decisions of the conference, he stressed that the Bonn Conference is follow up of Istanbul conference and at the Istanbul conference Pakistan had its commitments towards Afghanistan and the region. 
Though Pakistan legally has no binding towards applying of the Bonn Conference but politically Pakistan should implement all the decisions. 
He added that at this conference, the international community shall declare their ten year commitments towards Afghanistan. 
According to a report the media delegation in Germany visited the press center of Dutch Welle in Germany. 
They include journalists from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. 
The Head of the Bakhtar News Agency of Afghanistan who is included in the delegation, the press delegation had meeting with the German side as well.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 06:58

MoPH Observes World AIDS Day

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of public health (MoPH) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan observed the World AIDS Day under the slogan of “Zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths” here in Kabul yesterday. 
The ceremony was attended by the ministers of Hajj and Endowment, Justice, Refugees Affairs, women’s Affairs and deputy minister of counter-narcotic, chairman of health committee of Wolesi Jirga and representatives of WHO and USAID. 
Dr. Suraya Dalil, Acting Minister of MoPH signed four Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with the ministers of Hajj and Endowment, Justice, Refugees Affairs and women’s Affairs, in order to raise the public awareness in preventing of HIV/AIDS infections. 
Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Suraya Dalil, stressed the importance of public awareness in preventing HIV infections, saying the number of people who living with HIV in the country registered at MoPH is 1250 persons, while it is estimated that 2000 to 3000 people are living with HIV in Afghanistan. 
The fastest methods of spreading HIV and AIDS are through HIV infected needles and syringes shared by drug users. 
Recent date shows a 7.1% of HIV/AIDS prevalence rate across three urban centers for injecting drug users and over 85 percent of injecting drug users”, said, Dr, Dalil. 
She added that “The HIV prevalence in Afghanistan is low in the general population, however, it shouldn’t divert our attention from addressing this critical problem. 
There are numerous determinates which can fuel the spread of HIV in our country is including, three decades of war poverty, low literacy rate, immigrations, internal displacements, the use of narcotics, unsafe injections etc. an expert warn that if not addressed, underlying issues of drug use-such as low awareness of the spread of HIV, inaccessibility to harm reduction service (OST), stigmatization and discrimination of people with HIV/AIDS- will cause the HIV and AIDS rate in the country to magnify. 
The National AIDS Control Program of MoPH provides services through 16 Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centers (VCTs), 28 Drop in Centers and in 8 provinces namely Kabul, Herat , Jalalabad, Balkh, Badakhshan, Kandahar, Ghazni and Kunduz and 2 Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) centers in Kabul and Herat, added Dr. Dalil. 
MoPH wants to link the HIV/AIDS program to the main health and development plans for a more comprehensive package of HIV prevention services, awareness and HIV/AIDS treatment services harm reduction services, for HIV/AIDS and focus on the pervasiveness of needle sharing in drug user communities. 
Likewise, Dr. Ahmad Shadoul, Representative of World Health Organization (WHO) for Afghanistan called in his speech for an end of discrimination through public outreach and education, especially to the health-care services community to set clear standards that discrimination is not acceptable part of quality healthcare and not part of Afghanistan’s generous culture. 
Representative of WHO said that the MoPH must build on the political commitments, investments, energy, activism, and determination that can make zero new infection of HIV, zero discrimination and zero related AIDS deaths a reality for all Afghans. 
Financing will be critical to success. 
It is worth mentioning that the worldwide, 34 million people living with HIV and 36 million people have died due to HIV/AIDS. 
AIDS is caused by infection with a virus called human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This virus can transfer from one person to another by unprotected penetrative sex with someone who is infected, injection or transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products, donations of semen (artificial insemination), skin grafts or organ transplants taken from someone who is infected.

Sheberghan (BNA) 35 soldiers have graduated from a professional learning course in Jawzjan province. 
According to Colonel Mohammad Yousif, police chief for Jawzjan, the soldiers have completed an eight week course and learned policing rules, human rights, fighting skills, radio, first aid and all other professional skills. 
According to the source, nearly 275 soldiers have been deployed to various units in the province.

Kabul (BNA) Initiative Trading Bank for Afghanistan is to assist one million US dollars to private sector. 
Mohammad Nasim Akbar, deputy of investment support agency in a news conference yesterday said. “The project will provide loans to those private sectors which have regular and permanent trading plans. 
He said the assistance will be fitted to the projects which are useful for the investor and second to consumers, employees and work force in the society. 
The initiative trading bank for Afghanistan is encouraging the investment in the country, while it doesn’t subsidize the technical and operational expenses and not supports the welfare organizations financially. 
The project is funded by British development assistance organization.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai who left Afghanistan leading a high-ranking Afghan delegation Friday afternoon arrived in Bonn International Airport Saturday morning. 
The president at the airport was welcomed by Foreign Minister of Germany, deputy head of protocol of the German foreign ministry and Afghanistan ambassador to that country. 
At the airport President Karzai had a brief talk with the press. 
While welcoming president Karzai and his accompanying delegation the German Foreign Minister said: “I am happy that once again we have you in Germany and I have the pride that we are hosting an important international conference for future and stability of Afghanistan. 
My message to the world is that we shall not forget Afghanistan and we have our solidarity with Afghanistan. 
President Karzai said that in reality it is a pleasant moment for him to be in Germany especially on the tenth anniversary of the first Bonn Conference. 
Germany is long time friend of Afghanistan, and during the past ten years Germany has been in forefront of other countries in assisting Afghanistan and she has accepted immense sacrifices for  restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, the region and farther than that”, the president pointed out. 
He noted that our visit to Germany indicates the will and decisive support of the people of Germany to Afghanistan, and tomorrow in continuation of our trip we will get together once again here.

Saturday, 03 December 2011 12:35

Ten Anti-vehicle Mines Seized In Kabul

Kabul (BNA) The 101 police zone of Kabul discovered and seized 10 anti-vehicle mines from vicinities of Kabul province yesterday. 
According to 101 police zone press office to BNA, the mines were placed by armed militants for destructive and terrorist activities in in Tezeen village, Sorrobi district of Kabul province.  
In another action, police of Kabul seized three grenades, 2 gun shells, and an aircraft bomb from suburb of Kabul city. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada