26 September 2020

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Wednesday 15 Feb,


A source in ministry of Parliamentary Affairs told Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) that the list of nine ministers has been sent to Afghan parliament to win vote of confidence

List of them:

1- Obaidullah Obaid, Minister of Higher Education.

2- Engineer Najibullah Aazhang, Minister of Public Works.

3- Dr Hassan Abdulhai, Minister of Urban Development.

4- Wais Barmak, Minister of Rural Development.

5- Suraya Dalil, Minister of Public Health.

6- Mohammad Ismail Khan, Minister of Energy and Water.

7- Husn Banu Ghazanfar, Minister of Women Affairs.

8- Amirzai Sangin, Minister of Communication and Technology.

9- Daoud Ali Najafi, Minister of Transport and Aviation


The ministries of Public Health, Transport and Aviation, Higher Education, Water and Energy, Women's Affairs, Communication and Technology and Urban Development are being managed by acting ministers since 2010.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 06:10

Pakistan admits allowing Nato supplies by air

Wednesday 15 February,


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad publicly admitted Tuesday that it had allowed NATO to use Pakistani airspace to fly supplies into Afghanistan, despite a more than two-month blockade on the border crossings.

"The permission has been given for food items," a defence ministry official quoted Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar as saying at a function in Islamabad.

"Since the food items were perishable, we have allowed them to transport them by air to Afghanistan.

"We have told them to take the supplies out by air and don't bring more for the time being," the official quoted him as saying.

US ambassador to Islamabad, Cameron Munter, last week confirmed that NATO had continued to fly supplies into Afghanistan despite Pakistan's closure of the border to NATO trucks and oil tankers on November 26.

Relations between Pakistan and the United States sunk to an all-time low after air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border in an incident that the United States blamed on mistakes made by both sides

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 05:27

Panetta voices caution on Taliban prisoner deal

Wednesday 15 February,


WASHINGTON: US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday he would not approve the transfer of any Taliban inmates held at the US-run prison in Guantanamo Bay unless he was sure the detainees would not return to the battlefield.

President Barack Obama's administration has confirmed tentative discussions with the Taliban insurgency on a possible transfer of five inmates from the prison at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the Gulf state of Qatar.

But Panetta struck a cautious tone at a senate hearing, saying he was legally bound to ensure the release of an inmate would not pose a security threat.

"Absolutely no decisions have been made along this line," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"I can tell you this, that based on the law that's passed by the Congress, I have to certify that anybody who leaves Guantanamo cannot wind up going back to the enemy.

"And I've got to be convinced that those kinds of protections are in place before I certify that anything like that happens."

At the same hearing, the US military's top-ranking officer, General Martin Dempsey, said he had concerns about the security risks posed by transferring the detainees but said he supported efforts at reconciling with the insurgency after 10 years of war.

Speculation has swirled over initial US talks with the Taliban, with officials saying five Taliban militants might be transferred to Qatar as a confidence-building measure, possibly in exchange for the insurgency renouncing violence in a de facto break with al Qaeda extremists.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012 05:01

Pakistani aerial supply route open: US

Wednesday 15 February,


WASHINGTON: US State Department said that Ambassador Cameron Munter has already told that Pakistani airspace is being used for Nato supply which made clear that the route is open, however refused to comment in detail.

Replying a question during a daily press briefing, US State Department's spokesperson Victoria Nuland said that she don't have an accurate answer regarding Pakistani aerial supply routes to Afghanistan.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 15:26

Aspirin could beat cancer spread: study

Tuesday 14 February 2012


SYDNEY: Aspirin and other household drugs may inhibit the spread of cancer because they help shut down the chemical "highways" which feed tumours, Australian researchers said Tuesday.

Scientists at Melbourne's Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre said they have made a biological breakthrough helping explain how lymphatic vessels - key to the transmission of tumours throughout the body - respond to cancer.

"We've shown that molecules like the aspirin could effectively work by reducing the dilation of these major vessels and thereby reducing the capacity of tumours to spread to distant sites," researcher Steven Stacker said.

Doctors have long suspected that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin may help inhibit the spread of cancer but they have been unable to pinpoint exactly how this is done.

By studying cells in lymphatic vessels, the researchers found that a particular gene changed its expression in cancers which spread, but not when the cancer did not spread.

The results published in Cancer Cell journal reveal that the gene is a link between a tumour's growth and the cellular pathway which can cause inflammation and dilation of vessels throughout the body

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 15:13

US proposes $2.4 billion aid to Pakistan

Tuesday 14 February 2012

(BNA) WASHINGTON: Obama administration Monday proposed $2.4 billion in financial aid to Pakistan for the fiscal year 2012-13 while unveiling its annual budget of $3.8 trillion that calls for tax hikes on the rich.

Of this, $2.2 billion is in assistance to strengthen democratic and civil institutions that provide a bulwark against extremism and support joint security and counter- terrorism efforts, including $800 million for the Pakistan Counter-insurgency Capability Fund, the State Department said soon after the White House sent the budgetary proposals to the Congress.

In all, the budgetary proposals of President Barack Obama provides $8.2 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations to support the extraordinary and temporary costs of civilian- led programs and missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

Tuesday 14 February 2012

(BNA) PESHAWAR:  Pakistan Security officials at Peshawar airport detained a US diplomat on Tuesday morning, sources said.

According to the airport sources, the detained US diplomat named Willian Charles was carrying bullets with him due to which he was held.

Airport Security Force (ASF) has kicked off the interrogation.

He was traveling from Peshawar to Islamabad via PIA PK-218 flight, sources added.

 The Government sources told that the US diplomat has immunity and he would be handed over to the consulate along with a letter, stating the violation of Pakistani law and carrying illegal weapon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Azerbaijan donated 15,000 volumes of books for awareness from damages of un-explosive mines and ammunition to disaster management office today. 
According to BNA reporter, a function was held for this purpose, Abdul Haq head of disaster management office said that these books has messages of awareness from damages of mines, and handed over to education ministry to teach by teachers in the schools of the country.
Dr. Sayeed Hamidullah deputy minister of education ministry said that the education ministry, disaster management office and coordination center of Afghanistan in mine cleaning affairs has decided that beside other subjects in the schools this books also to be used. 
Meanwhile, Mosa Jalalov head of awareness from mine damages assured his country’s cooperation in this field. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:48

Taliban Commander Killed In Paktika

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Paktika (BNA) Mullah Feda Mohammad senior commander of Taliban was killed in Paktika province. 
This commander was killed with five of his followers by Afghan forces in Dokoh area, Abband district of that province. 
In this clash, two policemen were martyred and at least 4 others of them were wounded. 
The clash started when militias of Commander Feda Mohammad attacked on a caravan of police forces. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:47

Three Militants Killed In Provinces

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Three armed militants were killed in several clashes by police and 44 others were detained today. 
According to interior ministry press office, police officials during their security missions faced with armed militants groups in Jouzjan, Kandahasr, Urozgan and Khost provinces in which three armed militants were killed and 44 others have been detained. 
In these clashes, numerous light and heavy arms and communication equipments, heavy arms, ammunition, 4 mines, 114 Kg of explosive devices, and 10 motorbikes of enemies were seized by these forces. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada