26 September 2020

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The high council of the Supreme Court in the meeting led by Prof. Abdul Salam Azimi Chief Justice and acting chairman of Supreme Court strongly condemned the attack on the life of two judiciary personnel that caused their martyrdom. 
It is said that at the attack wife and two children of the judge were also wounded. 
Also a judge of the Nangarhar court was also wounded in the incident. 
The meeting asked peace for the souls of the martyred personnel and patience for the bereaved families of the victims and wished early recovery for the wounded of the incident.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) With a majority vote, the Wolesi Jirga on Monday, approved two agreements on cooperation with Turkmenistan and the International Law Development Organization (IDLO). 
The agreement with Turkmenistan envisages increased cooperation in areas of economic, culture, development and fuel extraction. 
The accords were approved after being referred to the lower house of parliament by commissions on international affairs and justice, MP Dr. Jafar Mehdavi told this news agency, the 19-article agreement with Turkmenistan was focused on friendship, respect for each other’s territorial integrity, national sovereignty and cooperation in economic, culture and fuel extraction sectors. 
Among the 128 MPs present, 123 voted in favor of the cooperation pact. 
The accord with the IDLO is focused on cooperation with the Afghan justice sector. 
The pact was approved by a majority of lawmakers. 
Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said IDLO would help strengthen the capacity of courts, attorney offices and the justice ministry under the agreement. 
Headquartered in Italy, IDLO has a decade long history of cooperation with the Afghan government, said Mohammad Abda, a lawmaker representing northern Balkh province. He said the agreement would help reform the judicial system.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  The delegations assigned by president Karzai to carry on assessment on killing of innocent civilians in Kunar and Kapisa say that both the military operations in the provinces were carried out without coordination with the Afghan forces and asked the president to prevent the irresponsible actions of the foreign forces. 
It is said that at the end of Jaddi of this year NATO had carried out an operation in Sauki district of Kunar where according to local authorities three persons including a child and a woman were martyred. 
Also the French soldiers on Friday by carrying of an air operation in Nejrab district of Kapisa martyred seven persons six of whom were children and another person suffering mental disease was also killed there. 
Mawlawi Shahzada Shahed member of House of People who was assigned by the president to investigate the Sauki incident in Kunar told the media that during the visit to Kunar he found that Sauki is a border district and that the operation had taken place with participation of Afghan forces however, the NATO fighters without coordination bombed the area and killed three persons and that the NATO asked apology for the incident. 
Hajji Zahir Safi advisor of the presidential office led the delegation to Kapisa province told the media that according to investigations it was revealed that the French forces without any coordination carried the operations in Kapisa and these forces realized its mistakes and asked apology. 
Both the delegations presented their reports to the president of Afghanistan.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 06:44

Taliban Deputy’s Death Confirmed

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Taliban have confirmed Mullah Ubaidullah Akhund, deputy of Mullah Mohammad Omar and former minister of defense for Taliban regime has died in a prison in Pakistan. 
A purported Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in a statement sent to media said. “Based on reports delivered to Mullah Ubaidullah’s family, he passed away due to heart disease on 5th March 2010 in a prison in Karachi of Pakistan.” 
The spokesman added it is not yet clear that Mullah Ubaidullah has died due to the illness or was killed during tortures in the prison. 
Mullah Ubaidullah was detained in Jan 2007 in Balochistan province of Pakistan and was put to prison. 
Mullah Ubaidullah was appointed as minister of defense when Taliban controlled Kabul in 1996 and after falling of the Taliban, Mullah Omar appointed Mullah Ubaidullah as his deputy.

Monday, 13 February 2012 12:59

Avalanche Perished 100 Cattles In Takhar

Monday, February 13, 2012
Taliqan (BNA) The transportation roads of 14 districts of Takhar province closed since two day back due to heavy snowfall and about 100 Cattles in Gandomak village of Namakab district were perished. 
Abdul Razaq Zenda, head of disaster management office of Takhar said to BNA, except Baharak and Bangi districts, all other districts’ ways have been blocked with the center and villages. 
Due to heavy snowfall, Badakhshan-Takhar road in Gozestan and Dasht Robat blocked and efforts continue by public work department personnel for reopening of the ways.
T. Suraya

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) Three armed Taliban insurgents were killed in a clash between frontier police and Taliban in Kandahar province today. 
The clash occurred when Taliban insurgents attacked on a patrol of frontier police in Moshgewan area of Registan district. 
According to another report, in a search operation of police in Arghistan district of Kandahar province, two suspects were detained on charges of cooperation with Taliban. 
It is said that two mine planters have been killed by security police in Maroof district of that province. 
T. Suraya

Monday, 13 February 2012 12:43

ANA Martyred In Kabul

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) An Afghan National Army Soldier was martyred and one other injured in the outskirts of Kabul today. 
The National defense ministry press office reported to BNA, this event occurred during security mission in Tangi Abreshom area, of Kabul.
Ministry of national defense confirmed that two other soldiers were wounded in the outskirts of Zheri district of Kandahar and Musa Qala district of Helmand during security mission. 
Also, the national army soldiers during their cleaning up operations in the outskirts of Kandahar and Helmand provinces, seized a quantity of arms and ammunitions consist of numerous arm, mines and ammunitions. 
T. Suraya

Monday, February 13, 2012
Lashkargah (BNA) The first Artistical exhibition opened in Lashkargah city today. 
This exhibition opened by Anjeman Honarhai Zeba (Beautiful Arts Association) of Kandahar province which displaces Printing, Calligraphy and Miniature for two day. 
According to BNA reporter, a ceremony was held for this purpose in Lashkarga city, Mohammad Gulab Mangal, governor of Helmand said this exhibition is a useful step in improvement and survive of art in the country.
He said, considerable improvement have been took place in different areas in Helmand province. 
It is the first time that arts exhibition held in Helmand province. 
In this ceremony, Amanullah Dorokhshan in charge of the Beautiful Arts Association of Kandahar said that in this exhibition, 152 calligraphy, printing, miniature relics have been put on exhibition and will be opened for two day to the visitors. 
The aim of holding of this exhibition is strengthening of cultural relations and extension of arts between youths of Helmand and Kandahar provinces. 
T. Suraya

Monday, 13 February 2012 12:25

Five Pakistani Detained In Nangarhar

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The personnel of national security directorate of Nangarhar province detained five Pakistani Nations on charges of undocumented stay last night. 
The Shamshad 202 police zone directorate press office said to BNA. The mentioned persons have been detained with a corolla car by police from Behsood district of that province. 
Meanwhile, the mentioned personnel discovered and defused two missile rockets which were ready for fire on residential areas of Shinwar district of that province.
T. Suraya

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The message notes that I was informed with regret the death a cultural woman personality Kubra Hussaini due to her illness, many her departed soul rest in peace.
Late Kubra Hussaini was an intellectual and knowledgeable woman and a great fan of Mawalna Jalaudeen Balkhi and every year she was holding the memorial meeting of Mawlana in her home.
Her death is a loss. I convey my sympathies to her family and friends and wish peace for her soul and patience for the bereaved family.