08 August 2020

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:01

Seven Polish Soldiers Kill In Ghazni

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) At least seven polish soldiers were killed in a mine explosion in Ghazni province today.
Hazrat Mohammad Ghaznawe, spokesman of Ghazni governor told this news agency, the event occurred while a convoy of polish forces was passing from the center of Raowza area that one of their vehicles hit with a roadside mine.
In this incident seven soldiers of those forces were killed, said the source.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 12:14

Incomes Of Herat Custom House Increased

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Herat (BNA) The incomes of the first six months of the current year of Herat custom house have increased 27 per cent than the six months of the last year. 
Sayed Zaiaulhaq Sakha, head of Herat customer house Dept. said to BNA, the incomes is a sum of Afs 421 million during the mentioned time which show 27 per cent increase than the six last months. 
Sobhanullah Fahim head of financier Dept. of finance ministry in a press conference said that they collect more than 56 per cent taxes from financiers. 
According to him around Afg 15 milliard incomes will be collected from taxes this year. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:39

4 Taliban Insurgents Killed In Helmand

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Lashkargah (BNA) In a clash between police and armed Taliban in Helmand province, four Taliban insurgents were killed yesterday. 
It is said that this clash occurred when Taliban attacked on police in Deh Adamkhan area, Gereshk district, in which four armed Taliban were killed. 
A responsible of Helmand headquarter press office said to this news agency, in this clash, a Saracha car, two mines and a Kalashnikov were seized by police. 
In another action, a civilian was killed in a roadside mine.
Local authorities of Helmand said that this event occurred when a vehicle struck with a roadside mine in Speen Masjid area, Gereshk district, as a result of which, driver of the vehicle was killed and his vehicle destroyed. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:32

Scientific, Research Seminar Held In Kabul

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) A scientific, research seminar for assessment of the metallurgical industries was organized in Kabul by the center for mathematics and physics center of the Science Academy of Afghanistan for a two day duration which was started with reading of the President’s message by Abdul Bari Rashed chairman of the academy. 
The scholars, scientists and specialists have gathered to carry on researches for assisting economic development in the country. 
The message of President Karzai notes that the seminar which is debating metallurgical industry in the third world is considered a vital need for economic expansion and may also help infrastructure base of Afghanistan. 
In another part of the message the president hopes that the seminar will bring about better impacts and the private and government sectors make utmost use of its findings. 
Meanwhile, the Kabul University, Polytechnic, general administration for protection of environment, the Kabul Municipality and higher education ministry were presented by their representatives as well. 
In these messages it is noted that having immense natural resources we should make use of this natural resources to the interest of the country.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kandahar (BNA) A group of 50 member from the government armed oppositions has joined peace process in Panjwaye the southern province of Kandahar, an official said. 
The group was led by Hajji Maullem who had been engaged in anti-government activities in some parts of Kandahar city and Helmand province districts such as Kajaki, Musa Qala, Sangeen and Greshk districts, said Panjwayi district governor, Fazluddin. 
According to him, the armed men had realized the Afghan government legitimacy and joined the peace process along with all their arms and ammunitions. 
Governor for the southern Kandahar province, Toryalay Weesa called joining of the armed oppositions group a success for the peace process and vowed to provide work facilities for them.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 09:27

Medal Winners Appreciated

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The National Olympic Committee praised two medal winners including footballers, Snooker, Hushiarafoka who showed merits outside the country’s matches and the teams of the national security and Kabul Municipality. 
To begin with Mohammad Zahir Aghbar Chairman of the National Olympic Committee congratulating the athletes asked the government of Afghanistan to facilitate formation of the support committee for athletes. 
He also asked the national traders to financially support the country’s athletes who with their meager possibilities have obtained a big name for the country in world matches. 
Fattana Gailani head of the women association of Afghanistan asked the sportsmen to get united. 
Meanwhile, Karamuddeen Karim the Governor of Panjshir and head of the football federation of the country, some cinematographers, the leading body of the Olympic committee and some members of the parliament also took part at the ceremony. 
Some cups, medals and letters of merits as well as some cash prizes were distributed to the athletes by the National Olympic Committee. 
According to another report the Afghan Taek-wandu team who attended the international matches in Jordan returned to the country by gaining 15 medals from the matches. 
These include 5 gold medals, six silver medals and 8 bronze medals. 
The matches took place among the teenagers, youngsters and youths in which the Afghan team could gain the above stated medals.  
In this match Jordan got first, Afghanistan second, and Iraq third place. 
The athletes were welcomed at the Kabul International Airport by the officials of the National Olympic Committee.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture congratulated Anarkali for her being awarded the award of bravery and elimination of violence. 
Miss. Anarkali Hunaryar is an active human rights activist in the country and has got the 2011 award of Madan Jiet Singh for the first time in the history of the nation. 
Addressing the ceremony Dr. Raheen congratulated Miss Anarkhali and said that we should struggle against all types of violence against women. 
Condemning violence against women Dr. Raheen added that I congratulate the victory of Miss Anarkali Hunaryar to all countrymen and praise the services of personality of Madan Jet Singh the good will ambassador of UNESCO who has rendered outstanding services for the South Asian nations and considered his services in growth of culture as very important. 
The senate message was also read out by Omara Khan Head of the South-Asia for Afghanistan. 
Miss Anarkali thanked the ministry of information and culture for organizing the ceremony and said that this award does not belong to her but it is the pride of all Afghan people.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) British Prime Minister, David Cameroon who was visiting his country’s troops in the southern province of Helmand said in a telephone conversation with President Hamid Karzai that the Afghan forces are fully capable to take security responsibility of the country without the help of the international troops. 
Meanwhile, President Karzai, thanking the British prime minister over his telephonic conversation and said that he in meeting with the elders and jehadi personalities had agreed to develop peace negotiation with the government armed oppositions after they had a specific address and office only for resumption of peace talks.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai told media that both the presidential and parliamentary orders are effective but he said that Afghanistan needs presidential order for the ten coming years. 
He added that in case we have a strong government in Afghanistan, be free from political interference, have civil administration, have national parties, strong sovereign national army and police, in that case the parliamentary order is more effective. 
But unfortunately, Afghanistan has no such possibilities. He stressed that at least we need ten more years to strengthen national foundations and strong civil order and after this it is possible that a parliamentary system is founded through amending the Constitution but I disagree with this indeed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Fazul Hadi Muslimyar Chairman of Senate met with Dr. Ahmad Shah Dewal head of the WHO discussing development of health in Afghanistan. 
The WHO head highlighted health activities during the years and reiterated on better health services in coordination with the ministry of public health as well as on need for implementation of the national polio vaccination and further attention towards status of child and mother health, and asked for cooperation of the members of parliament for assisting realization of health services. 
He added that the WHO is present in Afghanistan since 1959 and has four hundred health employees most of whom are Afghan in the center and provinces delivering health services to the people they also work for upgrading the qualifications of the medical personnel, implementation of the national vaccination program and struggle towards treating virus diseases. 
At this meeting the speaker of senate thanked WHO for its services to the people here, adding that the parliament is fully aware of its services in Afghanistan especially for the vulnerable segment of this society including the disabled, children and mothers. 
He asked further attention of the organization so that affected ones have more access to its health services without any discrimination.