08 August 2020

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 07:31

Food items, Winter Clothes Distributed

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Gardez (BNA) UNHCR distributed food items and winter clothes to 1800 displaced families and returnees in Paktia province yesterday. 
The head of Counter Disaster Management Authority of Paktia Dr. Sayed Ali Shah Musavi said that with the cooperation of the said authority, these items were distributed to displaced and returnees of center and districts of Ahmad Aabad, Ahmad Khail, Dand Patan, Aryoub Jaji, Samkanai and Sayed Karam. 
The items are including of wheat, liquefied gas, quilt, shoe, jacket and other winter clothes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Nearly 150,000 students would take a higher education entrance examination this year and 100,000 of them would be enrolled in higher and semi-higher institutions, the Higher Education Ministry announced on Monday. 
Up to 34,460 of the students having good results would be enrolled in higher education institutions, deputy higher education minister, Bari Siddiqul told a news conference. 
The remaining nearly 60,000 students would be accommodated in semi-higher institutions in coordination with the Public Health Ministry, he said. 
He said the higher education ministry had been able to raise the capacity of education institutions with each passing year. 
In 2012, he said, the ministry planned to establish five new institutions in Farah, Urozgan, Ghor, Paktia and Sar-i-Pul provinces. 
Siddiqui said 20 new faculties and 50 departments would be added to the existed institutions. 
The ministry had taken technical measures to ensure transparency in the entry test, he said, adding previously each participant had 10 choices to select a faculty, but now the choices had been reduced to five.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai condoled on the death of former Czech President Watishaw Hawel to the people of that country. 
The former president of Czech died last Sunday at the age of 75 in Prague city. 
He had been famous as a play writer and supporter of freedom worldwide and after 189 after collapse of the communist regime in Czech Republic was the president of that country. 
By dispatching of a message addressed to the President of Czech Republic representing the people of Afghanistan President Karzai expressed his sympathies to the people of Czech and members of the family of the former president. 
In the message it is noted that while the people of Czech Republic are mourning the death of their great revolutionary leader, the freedom loving people of the world are sorrowful for the death of heroic personality with the power of whose pen and peaceful demonstrations for freedom and justice throughout the Europe and farther made epics. 
The message adds that the epics of the late president as a source of inspiration for all those struggling on the path of human dignity will be remembered.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The educational, management and leadership seminar for attorneys of the country was held by the attorney general office in Kabul. 
Mohammad Ishaq Alko the attorney general addressing the seminar of center and provinces said that you have your problems with the smugglers, terrorists and powerful and you are required to have stiff struggle them. 
He added that during the current year had problems with the parliament and he had to struggle. 
Regarding the problems in the Kabul Bank he said that several US dollars have been recovered from the people. 
He also mentioned of the structure of the attorney general office in provinces and called it an achievement and asked all the attorneys to be honest and always consider their conscience as their judge and act transparently. 
General Ueka head of the European Union told the seminar that security ensures in a society when law rule that society and hopefully some measures have taken in this respect. 
According to him the security forces have been upgraded considerably and the main factor for security is justice and assured of EC’s cooperation. 
Abdul Wakeel Ameni, deputy attorney general in commercial, administrative and trade affairs told the participants of the seminar that such seminars are useful for the attorneys that should be utilized in the best manners. 
According to him the attorney general office is focusing attention towards educational level of the attorneys and such courses will also be organized in province. 
The seminar assisted by the EC will continue for three days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Faizabad (BNA) Minister of Interior, General Besmillah Mohammadi evaluated the security situation and promotion of capacity of police on the path of transition of security responsibility in Badakhshan province. 
During this visit, minister of interior while governors, security commanders, the heads of security departments and some deputies of the provinces were present, he evaluated the security situation and recent development regarding promotion of capacity of national police. 
Interior Minister said that the activities of joint security forces in this province are performed in a complete coordination for maintenance of peace and security. 
It is mentionable that the only path that helps us in determined aims is unity and coordination. 
Through this, we can neutralize every kind of plots of the enemies of Afghanistan.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Presidential Office in which Kabul air pollution which is increasing during the winter and discussed immediate measures by the related organs and informed the CM on their accomplishments. 
President Karzai informed the CM on start of practical work on Afghan-India strategic treaty and issued instructions to the government organs that as per the strategic agreement, to start their practical work on implementation of the agreement and instructed the foreign ministry to cooperate with the line ministries in this respect and assist in formation of the cooperation council between New Delhi and Kabul that will be lead by the foreign ministers of the two countries. 
Mohammad Yaseen Usmani advisor to the presidential office in financial, control and inspection and periodical head of the supervisory committee and assessment of struggle against corruption informed the CM on implementation of the presidential decree and added that the committee consisting of six members which officially started its work on the 15th of Sour month, had organized meetings with the higher authorities, representatives of organs and international donor institutions in Afghanistan, head of civil society and trade and this way had its achievements namely confirmation of four strategic documents for struggle against corruption, verifying of 22 main domestic and foreign factors affecting corruption and developing of proposals aimed at eradication of corruption in the strategic, tactical, working and operational spheres. 
He mentioned the following proposals:
1.  Duplication in the strategies against corruption by the national and international foundations,
2. Problems in some provisions of consume and procurement laws including the article 23 and 27 of the law on costumes.
3. Activities of those working on commissions in costumes house.
4. Non-prevention of import of low quality goods.
5. Non-existence of follow up authority of cases by the administration for struggle against corruption in the attorney general offices.
6. Problems emanating from usurpation of land and the factor for such practices.
7. Duplication of supervision foundations in costume’s affairs.
8. Non-availability of standard bidding conditions in the procurement process. 
The CM after debating these issues, instructed the government organs to take into account the mentioned proposals of the administration and advised the administration affairs department and secretariat of the CM to organize a meeting in presence of the President of the country, Supreme Court, attorney general, head of the supervision of implementation of the strategy against corruption, head of the national security department, head of the administration reforms department, and head of the control and inspection to discuss and verity their tasks in a joint meeting. 
The acting minister of transport and civil aviation proposed formation of the security department in the ministry’s units. 
The proposal mentioned that in order to ensure the security of domestic and foreign fights and  passengers at the Kabul international airport in accordance with the laws of international civil aviation in 2009 a contract was concluded with the UAE and this has been extended for another six months. 
The CM after discussing this proposal instructed the ministry to extend the contract with the UAE and further review the proposal and report back to the CM. 
In another part of the CM session the acting minister of communication and information technology along with the administrative deputy minister of interior informed the CM on the creation of electronic identity system and added that printing and distribution of the national identity card is a national project that was debated in the CM meetings, but due to technical and political problems it is not completed yet. 
Now after meetings and measures this problem is being resolved so practical steps are taken in that direction. 
The CM decided that the technical committee of the two ministries led by administrative deputy minister of interior adopts preparatory measures for distribution of the national identity cards.  
Acting minister of public health proposed building of a provincial hospital in center of Bamyan with financial support of Iran. 
It is expected that this hospital be built in the name of Imam Khumeini on an area of 9 jirib of land with the total cost of USD 16 million and Iran shall take up its management for the coming ten years. 
The CM decided that the ministry of public health after obtaining the agreement of ministry of information and culture reach an agreement on construction and management of the hospital by Iran. 
The minister of justice informed the CM on the decision of the Supreme Court pertaining to issuing of permission for renting of residential areas and government shops which was confirmed in order to observe human rights and to encourage trade.

Monday, December 19, 2011
Asadabad (BNA) The construction work of 61 utility projects was completed in Kunar province this morning. 
It is said that the mentioned projects were completed and came under utilization by the National Solidarity Program (NSP) at the cost of Afs one million. 
Engineer Mir Zaman responsible of the national solidarity program of Kunar said to BNA, these projects have been completed  with 10 per cent cooperation of people in Dangam, Peechdara, Soki, Khas Kunar, Chapadara, Asmari, Nari, Ghaziabad, Shaiga districts and center of that province. 
These projects included construction of dams, canals, extension of potable water, establishment of small water machines, water resources, cleaning of canals and establishment of health clinics and more than 6000 families were benefited from facilities of these projects, said the source.
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, December 19, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Personnel of national security Dept. discovered a car full of explosive materials in Logar province yesterday. 
According to national security Dept. press office, a car belonged to a charity institution which was previously stolen by terrorists and it was fixed with explosives device was discovered by the personnel of that department. 
Meanwhile, the personnel of the national security Dept. of Zabul province arrested nine terrorists involving in terrorist activities and planting of mines in the outskirts of that province. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, 19 December 2011 11:27

Two Suicide Bombers Dead In Nimrooz

Monday, December 19, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Two suicide bombers were killed in Nimroz province this morning. 
According to interior ministry press office to BNA, two suicide bombers with vest-coat full of explosive device in a motorbike wanted to carry out suicide attack in the bazaar of Hajji Zahid square of Delaram district and exploded.  
This event had no human casualties.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, December 19, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The national day of country’s health workers marked in the ministry of public health yesterday. 
The ministry attaches importance to the health workers and volunteers and since 2003 of health workers throughout the country. 
The meeting to this end was opened with a message of President Karzai read by Dr. Faizullah Kakar advisor of presidential office in health sphere. 
The message stated that the national day of health volunteers is marked throughout the world in order to attach importance to their honest services. 
The message adds that the government of Afghanistan exerts efforts valuable decisions be taken by the people of Afghanistan. 
As people’s decision indicate the will of them. 
The health workers are those who without any privileges and salaries work on volunteer basis and they deserve all required encouragement and appreciations. 
Dr. Suraya Dalil acting minister of public health too said that this year the national day of health workers is celebrated under the slogan of “Come by supporting the health workers reach first aid support to the people’s homes”. 
Suraya Dalil adds that today were praising the services of our sisters and brothers who serving as volunteers and they are thinking for health of the people and their service is worth appreciation. 
In case we cannot pay salary to our more than 20,000 volunteers at least we should remember them and praise their services. The WHO and USAID representatives were also spoke at the meeting.