08 August 2020

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Lashkarga (BNA) Police of Helmand province in two separate operations detained an armed insurgent’s commander and 16 farmers who embarking cultivation of poppy. 
According to Helmand headquarter press office to BNA, these farmers were detained from Dasht area, Gereshk district when they clash with the anti-narcotic police, as a result of which, eight deep wells were destroyed and 16 famers were captured. 
In another action, an armed insurgent’s commander was detained in Gereshk district of that province. 
The commander name is Zargai and was involved in terrorist and destructive activities in Dasht area, Gereshk district.
He was captured with his hand arms by police, said the source.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 10 December 2011 09:07

20 Smugglers Sentenced To Jail

Kabul (BNA) Circuit courts sentenced 20 smugglers from four to twenty years of jail. 
These people were detained on charges of narcotic smuggling and alcoholic beverages from different provinces of the country. 
Ahmad Khalid Mohid spokesperson of judicial center of anti-narcotic said to this news agency, among the smugglers, a number of policemen from Zabul, Kunduz and Kapisa provinces are included. 
More than 113 Kg of heroin, 1060 Kg opium and 195 liters of alcoholic beverages were seized from the smugglers. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 10 December 2011 08:54

One Martyred, 2 Wounded In Kunduz Blast

Kunduz (BNA) Sher Mohammad Arab a Jehadi commander was martyred and two others were wounded in a blast in Kunduz province today before noon. 
Colonel Ghulam Mohammad Farhad head of Kunduz security directorate said to this news agency, the explosion occurred in the vicinities of Kunduz province today before noon, in which Sher Mohammad Arab a Jehadi commander was martyred and two others were wounded.  
It is said that the explosive materials was placed in a motorbike.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 10 December 2011 08:50

NATO Foreign Ministers Hold Session In Brussels

Brussels (BNA) Foreign Ministers of NATO on Wednesday started the two-day talks in Brussels. 
They discussed related to situations of Afghanistan and Pakistan and relations with Russia. 
The talks were held at the time that relations between Pakistan and NATO has dimmed after NATO helicopters attacked Pakistani security posts, resulted in killing 24 Pakistani soldiers. 
It is said NATO foreign secretaries would talk related results of Bonn conference, transition of security responsibilities to Afghan security forces and other Afghan issues concerns of Russia about US super defense in Europe and other issues would be also discussed.

Kabul (BNA) Afghan mines sector will provide 42-45% income until 2014. 
Based on forecasts made by minister of mines, Wahidullah Shahrani, minister of mines told the foreign journalists Afghanistan will get 1.5 billion US dollars from its oil and mines until 2016. 
Shahrani added the mount will reach to 4 billion US dollars in 2024. 
Shahrani also said in four other projects which are to be launched for extraction of gold and copper and their bid is under way, adding Denim and Lithium mines are also under way in near future. 
He asked the foreign investors for their investment in this regard. 
According to ministry of mines, recent agreements which have been signed with China and India are based on technical abilities and interest of Afghanistan. 
He added Pakistani investors can also invest in various sectors in the country, saying Afghanistan’s doors are open for them.

Saturday, 10 December 2011 08:44

Suicide Attack Carried Out In Kunar

Asadabad (BNA) In a suicide attack occurred on Friday afternoon in Kunar province six people were killed including police chief for Ghazi-Abad district and director of security for the district and 18 others injured. 
According to General Ewaz Nazari, police chief for Kunar, after performing of Friday prayer, a number of residents and police chief and director of security for Ghazi-Abad district were targeted with suicide attack, resulted in killing six people including district police chief and director of security and injuring 18 others. 
According to the source, the injured were taken to hospital in Mehtarlam city for further treatment.

Anqara (BNA) Foreign Ministry of turkey on Wednesday condemned the terrorist attack occurred in Kabul and called it against peace and stability in Afghanistan. 
In a statement issued by the Turkish foreign ministry deep sympathy and condolences were offered to the victims’ families and wished immediate recovery to the injured. 
The statement said such terrorist attacks would be in the interest of nobody. 
The Turkish foreign ministry reiterated its pledges for continuation of solidarity with Afghan people. 
According to another report, Iran also condemned seriously the Tuesday suicide attack in Kabul city and expressed its sympathy to the bereaved families.

Saturday, 10 December 2011 07:35

Praying Ceremony Held

Kabul (BNA) Praying ceremonies were held in Kabul, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif for praying to soul of martyrs of the deadly incident of the tenth Ashura in a number of Afghan mosques. 
The ceremonies were held in center and provinces through Afghan ministry of Hajj and Endowment with the instruction of president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 
The ceremonies were attended by a number of government officials, representatives of people in parliament, relatives and colleagues of the martyred and prayed for the souls of those martyred in the deadly incident occurred on the day of Ashura. 
The ceremonies were held in various parts of Kabul in a number of mosques as Jafaria, Mohammadia, Kart-e-Sakhi, Shir Shah Souri, Poly Technic, Itifaq, Al-Zhura and Khatem-ul-Anbia, Hussiania and Imam Zaman. 
The ceremonies were also held in a number of mosques in Kandahar as Maraston, Mir Hadad and Akhond Sahib. 
Such ceremonies were also held in a number of mosques in Mazar-e-Sharif, capital city of Balkh.

Kabul (BNA) The statement points out when the warring sides in world wars were made up of war in the beginning of 20th century, and expressed their sorrows over the debris of the war, the only light that could be a convention for all human beings, free from all differences, was the Human Rights Declaration  on the basis of such a need, 63 years back from today in 1948, the Declaration of Human Rights aimed at ensuring safety of the human beings and preserving of peace and security was compiled. 
This declaration was one of the most important achievements of the twentieth century in relation to protection of humanity. 
However, Afghanistan from the adoption of this declaration till now has been confronted with immense shortages and the most crystal clear issue is that a full decade of the past from the viewpoints of human rights, despite the prevailing problems, has been a successful decade in the history of this country. 
The activities taken shape in this decade towards institutionalization of human rights brought about new hopes and revived the last achievements of the people. 
Affiliation with the international human rights conventions, political support to the activities of the independent human rights commission of Afghanistan, creation of the ministry of women affairs, preparing the ground for democratic sovereignty, holding of presidential elections, parliamentary and provincial council elections, creation of the police and national army of Afghanistan, implementing the disarmament and civilian service, coordination of national and international programs for reconstruction of Afghanistan infrastructures are great achievements of all Afghans that are positively impacting the human rights status in the country. 
The government of Afghanistan in order to achieve these international commitments has achieved special measures. 
Reporting of all the international human rights conventions which were signed by Afghanistan are important steps towards revival of Afghanistan’s international identity. 
They Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cried a series of activities in this respect including the periodical reporting to the international conventions of economic, social and cultural rights to the UN, preparing the comprehensive report about the general human rights situation within the mechanism for assessment of world eras on human rights for the human rights council of the UN in the beginning of 2009, advancing of preliminary report of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Convention of Child Rights of the UN, and preparing of preliminary report of Afghanistan on convention for prevention of all forms of discrimination against women and dispatching it to the UN are important achievements of the Foreign Ministry in relation to human rights.  Despite these, the present status of human rights in the country is still not satisfactory, there are security problems, civilian casualties, existence of high number of violence in the country, the status of women and children are of serious concerns of human rights in Afghanistan.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai flayed the terrorist attack on a mosque in Ghazi-Aabad district of Kunar province that as a result, a number of prayers were martyred and few others were wounded. 
The enemies of Afghan people performed a terrorist attack on the mosque of Nisha Gam of Ghazi-Aabad district of Kunar province. 
This was in a time that a number of people after prayer were leaving the mosque. 
As a result of this terrorist attack four people were martyred and nine others were wounded. 
Ghazi-Aabad district security commander Mohammad Ismail is among martyred. 
President Karzai flayed this incident and said that all those who resort to anti all instructions and values acts and target holy places and mosques of Islam and servants of those who never get rid of Almighty Allah’s punishment and the Afghan people wrath and indignation. 
The president conveyed his deep sorrow and sympathy to the bereaved families of martyrs and invite immediate recovery from the court of Almighty Allah for the wounded.