03 July 2020

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 10:20

Obama, Chinese Premier Discuss Economic

Bali: President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao conferred Saturday in a major Asian summit, focusing on the economic matters that have prompted disputes between the two major world powers.
The session was not a formally planned moment of diplomacy but rather a late add-on to let the two men continue their conversation from a group dinner the night before.
“We have a very complicated and quite substantial relationship with China across the board” While House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon told reporters after the session.
“We do have economic issues, they are around the proper contribution that the Chinese make to global growth and that goes to currency and other polices “he added.
He said Obama stressed the importance of China adjusting the United States contends is deeply undervalued.
He said Obama and Wen also briefly discussed territorial disputes in the South China Sea toward the end of their meeting.
But Donilon also downplayed tensions between the two powers, saying the two countries also have found vast areas of agreement.
The meeting comes on the last leg of Obama’s nine-day Asia-Pacific trip, in which he has focused on bulking up America’s presence  in the region, including setting up a Marine take force in Australia, in moves largely seen as hedges against China’s rise.

Ankara: Turkish police have detained 15 people in overnight raids targeting Al-Qaeda militants south of the Turkish capital, local media reported on Tuesday.
The men were arrested at several addresses across the city of Konya, 250 km (155miles) south of Ankara, on suspicion of being members of al Qaeda now led by Ayman al Zawahiri, state news agency Anatolian and private broadcasters reported.
They did not give more details on the arrests and Turkish police could not be immediately reached for comment.
Turkish police regularly arrest suspected militants and describe them as having links to al Qaeda, though further details seldom emerge.
In July, police detained 14 people suspected of having links to al Qaeda across western Turkey, including from one house near Ankara, after they discovered explosives and weapons.
Said to be linked to a group active in Afghanistan, they were detained on suspicion of planning attacks on U.S. installations in Turkey to avenge the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces in Pakistan on May 2, Turkish media reported.
Al Qaeda militants were behind bomb attacks in 2003 that killed some 60 people and wounded hundred in Istanbul. (Reuters)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 10:11

Sweden To Continue Cooperation After 2014

Kabul (BNA) Swedish ambassador in a visit to the northern Samangan province where the security transition is expected to take place vowed to continue his country’s cooperation after the troops withdrawal from the province.
Lauding the continuation of cooperation Swedish government with the people of Samangan after 2014, the acting governor of the province, Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani said the people of the province had suffered much from the recent drought over the past several years and they are now facing with lack of potable and irrigation water.
He said the promises had been given, had been not fulfilled and the farmers had been faced lack of potable and irrigation water and other facilities.
The youth are also faced seriously absence of employment and therefore they are leaving for another provinces for work as well as their intensely need for healthcare and school buildings, he complained.
He also appreciated efforts made by the Swedish government in the area of health, education and other uplift projects costing up to $ 6 milion in some districts of the province, such as Khuram and Dar-Suf districts, but complained about the low quality of the road constructed by the UNOPS funded by the Swedish government, hoping the project to be paid attention by them.
Meanwhile, the ambassador called the security transition from the international forces to the Afghan lead in the province, the most notable process and vowed to provide cooperation with the people in different fields.
He also pledged to remove the entire problems faced by the people and mentioned by the deputy and acting governor of the province in the areas of potable and irrigation water supply as well as health and education affairs.
He said water dams would be built, deep wells would be dug, the police forces would be strengthened, and the security would be paid enough attention and health and education would be secured in the province.
According to the ambassador, the Swedish government would never let the people of Afghanistan alone particularly, Samangan people after the security responsibility is transferred from the international forces to the Afghan troops by 2014.
This is worth mentioning that Swedish government had up to 500 troops delayed in the northern province of Samangan from which five had been killed.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 07:20

Meshrano Jerga Awards Medal To Acting NDS Chief

Kabul (BNA) In a senate session chaired by Senate Speaker, Fazul Hadi Muslimyar, the acting NDS director had received medal for providing good services on the security affairs in the country. 
Rahmatullah Nabil received the medals for his good services over taking security during holding the four day traditional loya jerga in Kabul. 

Kabul (BNA) Head and a number of Ghazni provincial council members and influential figures met with the Second Vice President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Karim Khalili at the presidential palace, presidential press office said. 
They discussed some of their problems faced by them in their province and asked the vice president after they expressed their support over holding the Traditional Loya Jerga advices on signing strategic partnership document with the US. 
Head of the provincial council of Ghazni, while expressing pleasure over the sure security situation in the province presented details over the construction projects in the province, asking for more government attention in the area of higher education and human capacity enhancement. 
Addressing the elders and council members, Khalili called having strategic partnership with the US which discussed in the traditional Loya Jerga in the interest of security and stability in the country and reckoned it as vigilance of the people of Afghanistan. 
The vice president also assured them to address their problems via the organ concerned.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 07:02

UN Calls For Greeter Support To Afghanistan

New York (BNA) The UN General Assembly called on Monday on countries to reiterate and scale up their support for Afghanistan during its transition period, and outlined six major areas the country should focus on the ensure its long-term stability and progress. 
In a resolution adopted unanimously yesterday morning, the Assembly called for increased efforts in the areas of security, justice and governance, social and economic development, reconciliation and integration, regional cooperation and strategic partnerships. 
Security remains a top priority, with the Assembly noting that despite visible progress, terrorism is still a major threat, putting at risk all other areas where there has been progress. 
The assembly welcomed the start of the transition process of security responsibility, which began in July, and called on countries to provide the necessary technical and financial support to create favorable conditions so that Afghan security forces can fully handle security needs in the near future. 
Zahir Tanin, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, told the Assembly that in spite of the challenges, the security transition is still on track and Afghan authorities are working with the international community so that by 2014 they can assume full responsibility in all provinces.

Kabul (BNA) Spokesman for the president, Aimal Faizi told reporters last day that according to the president’s order, all discussions on the Afghan-US strategic partnership agreement should be carried out according to the Traditional Loya Jerga advices. 
A delegation consisted of the ministries of interior, foreign, defense and NDS high ranking officials would be sent to Pakistan to comprehensively discuss the assassination of former president of Afghanistan, HPC Chairman and Shaheed of Peace, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani with Pak authorities, Faizi assured. 
He noted that the Pakistani authorities would help Prof. Rabbani’s terrors investigating team for the processpart the achievements discussed in the Istanbul Conference, asking the Pak-authorities to help the process get success. 
According to him, the president had asked the entire organs and administrations aiming to discuss strategic partnership with the US to adopt the Traditional Loya Jerga as an advisory basis and go forward with the process under its programs. 
He said President Karzai would talk on signing a strategic memorandum of cooperation with the British after the Bonn Conference. 
The Afghan-UK strategic partnership process had been under discussion over the last seven months, he noted adding the strategic pact would include training of Afghan security forces, building a great military academy in Afghanistan, economic development, capacity building and strengthening finance system, he concluded. 
The Traditional Loya Jerga under a secure atmosphere summoned at least 2,200 tribal elders and influential figures from across the country to discuss the Afghan-US strategic pact which is said to be signed in the near future after the advices of the Jerga members had gotten success.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 06:53

President Karzai’s Condolence Message

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai expressed sympathy over the death of a former Jehadi commander, Mohammad Belal Niram who had suffered serious health problem. 
Late Mohammad Belal Niram had shined in campaign against the invaders, his services are appreciated and his death is a tragedy, the message said quoting President Karzai. 
He extended his deep condolence to the bereaved family members and asked for his pardon by the Almighty Allah and great patience for his family members, friends and Kabul residents. 
Another message had also quoted the president to express sympathy over the death another influential figure and elder of Kunduz province, Rais Muqsed who had suffered serious health problem. 
Rais Muqsed had worked as the district chief in the northern Kunduz province for many years and his services is appreciated, the message said asking pardon for him and great patience for his family members and the people of Kunduz province.

Kabul (BNA) The Executive Commission for the European Union had vowed to provide 1.5 million euro to be spent in those areas had seriously affected by the recent drought in some parts of Afghanistan. 
According to the Radio Liberty Website, the European Union had pledged to provide cooperation through non-governmental institutions either in the shape of foodstuffs distribution or food for work processes in the said areas. 
According to the report, the people of up to 14 provinces of Afghanistan from Bamyan to Faryab are suffering droughts and seriously need cooperation. 
A number of international institutions had reported that nearly 3 million of Afghanistan population was suffering serious droughts affecting malnutrition and other diseases. 
The European Union had earlier cooperated 3 million euro to the drought regions of Afghanistan.

Kabul (BNA) First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Faheem met with the British ambassador at the presidential palace, presidential press office said. 
Lauding the successful holding and ending of the Traditional Loya Jerga, the second vice president said the coordination and importance of the jerga had been the symbol of the Afghan people capacity on the world and destiny of their country to get access to expansion and development. 
He also said Afghanistan needs to have strategic partnership with the great world countries. 
The British ambassador also lauded the Traditional Loya Jerga for providing conditions and easing the way for strategic partnership with the US and the program of peace negotiation with the armed Taliban. 
He said his country is aiming for signing a similar strategic pact with Afghanistan and added British remains committed with the people and government of Afghanistan and continue cooperating with the country. 
He also vowed to extend up to 50 percent of his country’s contribution directly via the government of Afghanistan to be spent in the area of expansion in the country.