07 August 2020

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Kabul (BNA) Treatment and curing of diseases reamed after ten years in northern Baghlan province.
According to Dr. Ali Khan, director for national program, the disease is transmitted from one person to another.
He said treatment of the disease had been stopped since 2001 due to lack of medicines and now the section were resumed with close cooperation of WHOM in the province.
According to provincial, public health director, treatment of such diseases has been started in 40 health centers in 14 zones of the province.

Monday, 05 December 2011 07:09

Baghlan Sugar Factory Resumes Production

Kabul (BNA) A sugar factory in northern Baghlan province has resumed production 20 years after it was closed, officials said.
The factory, which was badly damaged during the civil war, was rehabilitated due to untiring efforts by its staff, the factory director said.
Mohammad Karim Waziri told, 10,000 tons of sugar beet had been purchased from farmers to keep the factory running.
He said 10 tons of sugar beet could produce, one tone of sugar.
He added 400 tons of sugar beet was used daily in the factory, with 150 employs.
Waziri said farmers were distributed fertilizer and seeds free of cost to courage them to grow sugar beet.
Workers and residents expressed happiness over the rehabilitation of the factory.
Inzer Gul, a worker, said “I am happy that the factory has once again started functioning.”Glu’s monthly salary is $206 (10,000afs).
Yaqub, a tribal elder, said many people and farmers had found jobs since the factory was made functional, jacking up the price of a tone of sugar beet from id=”mce –marker”4 to $62.

Kabul (BNA) The government of Holland is expected to assist Euro 15.6 million in the five coming year for national education of farmers and education spheres. 
The agreement for this purpose was signed yesterday between Farouq Wardak Minister of Education and Holland ambassador to Kabul. 
Farouq Wardak said that with this agreement the national project for farmers training and importing of agricultural products and mechanization of agriculture system in Afghanistan will be assisted that is an important and main program of the Education Ministry. 
He added that of this sum the national institute for farmers training will be built within the compound of the Jangalak Technicum located in Chehelstoon in which continued training will be carried out on pilot basis. 
According to the education minister in the five coming years 2500 specialists in agriculture field will be graduated from this institute. 
The Holland ambassador also promised of cooperation of his government in different spheres to Afghanistan and said that his country is taking part in the reconstruction of Afghanistan from the year 2001 till now. 
Meanwhile, another agreement worth Euro 20 million allocated for development programs of education was signed by Dr. Farouq Wardak and Qarizada deputy minister of finance and the charge d’ affairs of Germany in Kabul. 
According to the education minister, this sum will be expended by the finance ministry in the development programs of education ministry.

Kabul (BNA) The plenary meeting of the National Security Council was held chaired by Acting President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Marshal Fahim. 
Initially the acting president expressed pleasure over improved security situation in the country and said that the new situation indicates that the security foundations of the country have obtained the possibilities and better training. 
He added that in order to better celebrate the Ashura of Hussaini we need to undertake security measures throughout the country so the enemies could not resort to violent actions. 
The Minister of Interior, first deputy minister of defense and head of the national security department reported on general security situations in the country and the security issues. 
The security reports presented to the security meeting indicates that the capacities of the security foundations of Afghanistan have been upgraded and this has caused that the enemy looses the ability to resist the Afghan security forces and this way security is being improving. 
Other important issues were also discussed at this meeting having links with the security consolidation and necessary decisions were taken.

Kabul (BNA) Following is the message of Second Vice-President, Mohammad Karim Khalili on the advent of Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrate Imam Husain (PBUH) and his companions: 
I convey my sympathies on the advent of Ashura of Hussaini, the martyrdom day of the leader of pious Muslims, the peace lover of Islamic Umma and grandson of Hazrate Mohammad (PBUH) Hazrate Imam Husain and his loyal companions to all Muslim Umma, especially, the pious Muslims of Afghanistan. 
Ashura is a school from which one can learn sacrifice, steadfastness, heroism, loyalty to commitments, piousness. 
The martyrdom of Imam Husain (PBUH) and his loyal pious companions and the miserable events of the tenth of Muharram of 61 HS on the Karbela, indicates this reality that Imam Husain and his companions have sacrificed themselves towards the high human values, the message said. 
This type of respect and showing of commitment towards the human values scan never found in this world. 
It is for this very reason that we after 1,400 years we are moving towards salvaging ship of Imam Husain, quoting Khalili the message continued. 
I am thanking Allah Almighty that today the pious Muslim people of Afghanistan are using such an opportunity that they can celebrate this in the shadow of the complete fraternity and unity, the vice president said in the message. 
I am hopeful that the vigilant people of Afghanistan are availing this opportunity in an atmosphere of ever further consolidation of unity and brotherhood. 
The unique unity and fraternity that prevails today among the noble people of our country, should be preserved with the required vigilance, the message added. 
Celebrating the day of Ashura should not be considered towards its merely affection dimension but it is important that the real message of this event to be taken seriously in bring change in our routine lives, the second vice president maintained. 
According to the message, the Ashura as a school can remain alive when this should bring change to our lives after 1400 years and this of course depends on our moves and our practice. 
I therefore ask the mousers’ of this day and I expect them to celebrate this event that they deserve. 
I thank those who donated their blood last year on this day to their needy countrymen, and I am hopeful that they should further expand this Islamic culture, and this strengthens the spirit of fraternity among the people of this country, the message observed. 
Once again I convey my sympathies on the advent of the anniversary of martyrdom of Hazrate Imam Husain and his companions to my pious Muslim countrymen, the message concluded.

Kabul (BNA) NATO forces reported from killing of their three soldiers in the east of Afghanistan. 
ISAF press release said, the NATO soldiers lost their lives in a mine explosion in the east of Afghanistan. 
ISAF said nothing about identities of the killed soldiers and place of the event.
American soldiers are stationed in the East of Afghanistan. 
It is said that, from beginning of the current year to now, 524 ISAF soldiers have been killed.   Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) Mullah Nooruddin senior commander of Taliban in Kandahar province was captured by Afghan forces yesterday. 
This commander has been captured in a special operation of Afghan forces from a hideout in the vicinities of Zheri district. 
According to security officials, six other rebels with commander Nooruddin and a quantity of explosive device and arms have been arrested. 
According to Kandahar press office; this operation was launched for arresting of this commander. 
Nooruddin was called dangerous and impervious commander in Zheri and its neighboring districts of that province and was involved in killing of civilians, organizing of terroristic attacks on Afghan and NATO forces.   Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 04 December 2011 11:19

Two Rebels Killed, Ten Suspects Detained

Kabul (BNA) The national army personnel in a mopping up operation killed two rebels in Helmand province.
According to defense ministry press office to BNA, the operation carried out in outskirts of that province, in which two rebels were killed.
The source said, 10 other suspects were detained by national army personnel from Kandahar and Nangarhar provinces. 
Three Kalashnikovs, 9 grenades and 2 bicolor were seized by this forces, said the source.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 04 December 2011 11:14

Mine Planters Hold In Herat

Herat (BNA) Personnel of Herat security directorate detained three mine planters yesterday.
Police chief of Herat confirming the report said to BNA, Aqa Del, Abdul Qadir and Khodadad residents of Chesht Sharif district, were involve in planting of mines and suicide attacks in the vicinities of that province have been captured with two Kalashnikovs. 
According to another report, police of Herat province in an operation released a person from clutch of kidnappers and detained the abductor.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 04 December 2011 11:09

Taliban Commander Hold In Herat

Herat (BNA) Taliban commander with two of his followers were detained by police in Herat province yesterday. 
BNA reporter quoting from colonel Sayed Aqa Saqeb police chief of Herat, the commander with two of his followers have been detained from a residential house in Herat province. 
He was a commander of rebels in the west of Herat city and handed in insecurity, kidnapping, steeling, suicide attacks and explosion, said the source. 
It is said that he was hunting some days back by police. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada