05 August 2020

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Monday, 28 November 2011 11:39

3 Taliban Commanders Hold In Helmand

Lashkargah (BNA) Three Taliban commanders were captured in Helmand province yesterday. 
The national army personnel in Helmand province detained three armed commanders of Taliban during operation from Khokaba area, Lashkargah city. 
A source of the national security Dept. of Helmand said to BNA, Mullah Joma Khan, Mullah Abdullah and Mullah Nik Mohammad three armed commanders of Taliban who directed terrorists groups in the areas of that province were detained. 
A PK machine gun, a RDP machine gun, 9 Kalashnikovs, a mortar shell, 2,000 Kalashnikov bullets, 44 grenades,  2 rocket launchers, a rifle and a set of communication mean were seized by the national security forces.   Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Hussn Bano Ghazanfar, Acting Minister of Women Affairs, on Sunday declared that 16 day program is to be launched for stopping violence against women. 
Talking the participants in a ceremony held here in Kabul, acting minister of women affairs said the ministry of women affairs started program titled stop violence against women two days ago and will continue to 14 days, adding various parts of the violence will be explained in the program. 
She said everybody is responsible to counter women violence, adding the worst violence is rape, women trafficking and escaping from house. 
In the ceremony, Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafavi, Deputy Minister of Women Affairs also spoke about the program. 
She said the programs are implemented through directorates of women affairs in capital and provinces. 
Meanwhile, acting minister of women affairs opened women handicapped show here in Kabul.

Monday, 28 November 2011 09:24

10 Armed Pakistani Taliban Killed In Kunar

Kabul (BNA) Ten Pakistani armed Taliban insurgents have been killed in Kunar province.
According to local officials, ten armed Pakistani Taliban have been killed by Afghan security forces in the province.
According to Colonel Numan Hatifi, an official for 201st Silab corps, the armed Pakistani insurgents were killed Saturday night in a joint operation of Afghan and NATO forces in the province.
The source added the armed Pakistani Taliban insurgents have taken positions in the high peaks of mountains in Maya and Khas Kunar districts when they came under air strikes conducted by NATO forces in the province.
He said the areas have been cleared from the presence of Pakistani Taliban and it is determined that new security posts are to be set up in the areas.
It is worth mentioning that 8 armed militants were killed and 8 others injured on Friday in a joint Afghan and coalition forces in the province.

Kabul (BNA) Nisar Bahavi and Ruhullah Nikpa, two Afghan sportsmen by winning one gold medal and one bronze have gotten permission to take part in the London Olympic competitions held in 2012.
In the competitions which were launched in Thailand from 25-27 Nov 2011, sportsmen from various Asian countries participated.
Nisar Ahmad Bahavi and Ruhllah Nikpa by getting gold and bronze medals have reached to participate in the London Olympic competitions next year.

Monday, 28 November 2011 08:31

4 Killed In Nangarhar

Kabul (BNA) Two employees for directorate of Nangarhar canal were killed on Saturday along with two police officers by unidentified armed men in Batti Kot district of that province.
According to Eng. Hakim, general director for Nngarhar canal, the employees along with two police went to the area to visit the third canal when they came under attack by unidentified individuals.
It is said that one of the custom’s employees were killed last week in the same area by unidentified armed individuals, while three others were kidnapped.

Kabul (BNA) Work for construction of the wall of Ghazni castles has been started.
According to Musa Khan Akbarzada, governor of Ghazni province, construction of the wall includes the projects which have been launched in Ghazni in order that the province is prepared as Islamic civilization center in 2013.
According to the governor, the   project is to be completed by professional engineers of MoIC in two years.

Monday, 28 November 2011 07:47

Snowfalls Close Highways In North

Kabul (BNA) Heavy snowfall has cased closing transport roads connecting 40 villages to Aibak, capital city of Samangan.
According to Ahmad Ali Hussani, district governor of Dar-e-Sauf, heavy snowfall starting two days ago has caused closing roads connecting 40 villages to Aibak and roads on which coal is transported in the distract of Dar-e-Sauf Bala and Dar-e-Sauf Payeen.
According to Eng. Ahmad Zia Hamayoun, director of public work for Samangan province, Qala pass has been closed due to heavy snowfall.
He added we don’t have machineries to reopen the road, saying the problems are discussed with the provincial officials.

Monday, 28 November 2011 07:43

Afghanistan Medalists Appreciated

Kabul (BNA) Sportsmen of the country have been appreciated after they won 11 gold medals, 8 silver and 19 bronze medals in various international competitions. 
In a ceremony, which was held with participation of a number of parliamentarians and government officials for national Olympic committee, Mohammad Zahir Aghbar, general director of NOC praised the Afghan sportsmen who have brought gold, silver and bronze medals.

Monday, 28 November 2011 07:32

Pak Foreign Ministry Summons US Ambassador

Islamabad: Pakistani ministry of foreign affairs has summoned Cameron Monter, the US ambassador in Islamabad to protest for the recent NATO air strikes on Pakistani security forces. 
Pakistan foreign affairs ministry on Saturday evening issued a statement that US ambassador to Islamabad had been summoned to Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs for protesting the NATO attacks on Pakistani security checkpoints based in tribal areas of north-western Muhamand agency. 
Based on the statement, Salman Bashir, deputy minister of foreign affairs told Cameron Monter, the US ambassador to Islamabad NATO helicopters attacks on Pakistani security forces that killed 23 Pakistani security forces and injured 15 others are not acceptable. 

Kabul (BNA) Kabul Star Hotel was the scene last evening of sixth anniversary of establishment of Kabul people’s Shura, election of chairman and the members of board of directors of chamber of commerce and industries. 
Addressing the participants, Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture and Chairman of the Kabul Shura congratulated the members of the Shura and said that the time passes fast, six years back when the issues of establishment of this Shura was taken up, friends supported and the Shura of Kabul people was formed and they striving at this Shura. 
He added that democracy, civil society, women rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press and other such issues having direct connection with progress and prosperity of the national have their important role, the Kabul Shura is prideful to be serving this cause and are trying their best to preserve civilization in the country and work towards national unity. 
He added that Kabul is still suffering, still it is recalling its past miserable moments, and still it has to heal its wounds. 
He noted that the members of the Kabul Shura try their best for rehabilitation of this city. 
He stressed that women in Kabul have suffered the most. 
Addressing the audience Azerakhsh Hafezi Chairman of international relations of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries said that there is great difference between our and others culture, the base of our culture is love indeed, for our elders want to conquer the world through their love and affection. 
He added that his gathering is the sign of unity, consensus and friendship of the people of Kabul indicating that our Kabulis want to live in fraternity and unity with each other.