31 October 2020

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:47

Four Civilians Martyred In Nangarhar

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Four civilians were martyred and one wounded in an attack of unknown men in Jalalabad city, center of Nangarhar province last night. 
This event happened when armed militias using a corolla car opened fire   on a civilian vehicle in Zareen area, Jalalabad city. 
Ahmad Zia Abdulzai spokesman for Nangarhar governor said to this news agency, in this event, four civilians were martyred and one of them was injured. 
So far, the detail of this event has not cleared.
Spokesman for Nangarhar governor said that they started investigation to identify and arrest the militias. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:45

10,000 Tones Of Gas Set To Reach Kabul

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Commerce and Industries on Monday said it had purchased 10,000 tons of liquefied gas which would be available in Kabul utility stores for 55 Afghanis a kilogram and 60 Afs in private stores. 
Before Eidul Adha, one kg of gas sold for 55 Afs, but currently the rate hovers between 80 Afs and 90 Afs. 
In compliance with President Hamid Karzai’s directives, the ministry purchased 3,000 tons of gas from importers at the Hairatan Port in northern Balkh province and another 7,000 tones at the Torghundi Port in western Herat province. 
Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Ghazikhel said this news agency; the first convoy of trucks carrying the gas would be reaching Kabul this weekend. 
Another official at the ministry, Farid Sherzai, said 70 new utility stores offering gas had been set up in Kabul, taking the number of such stores to 100.  The stores sold one kg of gas for 55 Afs, be added. 
Sherzai added the gas purchased by the ministry was being offered to traders at a reasonable rate. 
The dealers, keeping in view their profits, would sell and kg for 60 Afs, he explained. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The civil representative of NATO says that the strategic position and the immense natural resources can turn Afghanistan into a prosperous country. 
Saimon Geiss addressing the media said that the Bonn Conference has been a sign of commitments of the international community in continued cooperation to Afghanistan. 
According to him the Bonn Conference message was that the mission of the international community had started earlier shall be completed ten years after 2014. 
In case everything goes on normal in Afghanistan, this country having special strategic position and having immense natural resources will become a well-off country and all the regional countries, will also benefit of what we are striving to attain. 
On the other hand, John Allen Commander of NATO and US forces to Afghanistan warned the Taliban and its supporting circles and added that Taliban and its supporting circles should not wail for withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan as we will remain in Afghanistan for long time. 
John Allen who was speaking in Dubai once again stated that the US will remain for long time in Afghanistan and our aim to create a strong national army and police in Afghanistan. 
He stressed that there is no guarantee of repetition of the incident in Salala Post in which 22 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Fourteen insurgents were killed and 33 others arrested during joint operations in different provinces over the past 24 hours, defense and interior ministries said on Monday. 
The operations were conducted by Afghan and NATO led troops in Kunar and Zabul, provinces, said a statement from the Ministry of Interior (MoI). 
Fourteen rebels were killed and 11 others detained during the offensives. 
Eighteen weapons, including AK-47 assault rifles, one machine gun, four pistols, six anti-vehicle mines, eight hand grenades, 70 kilograms of explosives, and four motorbikes were seized.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:37

Huge Quantity Of Hashish Torched In Kandahar


Kandahar (BNA) Thousands of kilograms of hashish was seized and set alight during a joint operation in the Panjwai district of southern Kandahar province, officials said on Monday. 
The operation was conducted late on Sunday by Afghan and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers in the Zangabad area, the district chief said. 
Fazluddin Agha said to this news agency, the drugs were seized from a house and set alight at the science. 
In Kabul, the ISAF media office confirmed the torching of the drugs during a combined operation with their Afghan partners. 
Elsewhere, in the province counter-narcotics police seized and burned some drugs during a patrol in Arghandab district, the governor’s spokesman said. 
The police recently launched a campaign against drugs with the assistance of tribal elders and local people, Zalmay Ayubi said. 
Since the campaign began, hundreds of acres of poppies and hashish have been eradicated.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Talking during signing of agreement with the private educational institutions and the office of deputy minister for youth of the ministry, Dr. Raheen Minister of Information and Culture said that we hope that better grounds are prepared for education of the youth in the center and provinces. 
The youths have been introduced to the five higher and semi higher educational institutions to attain education. 
The agreement in this respect was signed yesterday among the educational institutions and Temur Shah Ishaqzai Deputy Minister for Youth of the Ministry. 
They include Kabul Roshan College, Arween and Mawlana Jalaludden Mohammad Balkhi higher education institutions, during which Dr. Nilofar member of the House of People was also present. 
Dr. Raheen said that once again the ground is prepared for education of the youth according to this agreement, hoping that other higher educational institutions to prepare the facilities for education of the youth in the center and provinces. 
Ishaqzai said that last year 25,000 youths were introduced to the higher and semi-higher educational institutions and by the end of this year 30,000 youth will be introduced to those institutions as well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Badakhshan security officials say transition of security responsibility is to be started very soon in the province. 
According to General Abdul Sabour Nasrati, provincial police chief for Badakhshan, Afghan security forces are ready to hold security responsibilities of those areas which are determined to be given to Afghan security forces in the province. 
Meanwhile, Colonel Abdul Hadi, commander of the 2nd battalion for 209th Shaheen Corps said, “I can certainly say that all our personnel are ready to hold the responsibility.” 
It is worth mentioning that seven districts including the capital city of Faizabad have been listed in the second phase of the transition process.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The plenary session of the Council of Ministers (CM) was chaired by President Hamid Karzai with recitation of some verses of Holy Kuran yesterday. 
To begin with, the president strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the Ashura Day in Kabul, Balkh and Kandahar provinces during which innocent countrymen were martyred and wounded. 
He said that the enemies of the calmness of Afghanistan want us not to access progress and they resort to every means to achieve their vicious aims. 
They should know that they can never overcome the will of the national of Afghanistan and prevent them from their onward move towards calmness and stability. 
He verified the roots of such terrorist attack highlighted in the international media and stressed alien hands are involved in such incidents and asked the Minister of Interior Affairs and the National Security Department to inform the meeting over the latest findings in this respect. 
The CM after hearing the report of the interior minister and the national security department strongly criticized and condemned such terrorist attacks against the innocent people and holy shrines. 
The CM also noted the order of the presidential office pertaining to assignment of the assessment teams to investigate and report to the Presidential Office on this incident. 
The CM also instructed the ministry of information and culture and the national security department that based on the publicity of the BBC and other medias spreading different reports from the inside Pakistani soil and collect verified evidences on the perpetrators of this incident and inform the people about the realities in this respect. 
The CM also regretted the death of Alhaj Amanullah Afzali who has been a jehadi personality and educationist of the country and conveyed its sympathies to the minister of labor, social affairs, disabled and martyrs, friends and the bereaved family wishing peace for his soil and patience for the late family members. 
In another part of the session, the CM congratulated the victory of the Afghan Cricket Team and the Afghan football team having attained second place to the members of both team and the Afghan nation and wished their further successes. 
President Karzai informed the CM on his participation at the Second Bonn Conference and considered its results as very positive and a great historic event. 
He said that over 100 representatives from the world countries and organizations had taken part. 
During this conference the ten years achievements of the country was highlighted and the existing challenges in political, economic and military spheres were discussed and the international community was asked to assist strengthening of the country’s military foundations which is expected to take the responsibility for security till 2014. 
During the conference the ministers of foreign affairs of Russia, Britain, China, Iran, Italy, Poland, Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, also addressed the conference and they promised cooperation in different spheres as economic assistance to Afghanistan through the Shaghai organization, assisting the capacities of the security forces of Afghanistan, support to positive projects and infrastructure and democratic and administrative structures of Afghanistan. 
Alongside this conference views were also exchanged on political, economic, social and security cooperation pertaining to the long-term cooperation between Afghanistan and Germany. 
The conference adopted a 33 points resolution in which it sought the cooperation of the international community in good governance, process of peace, socio-economic development and regional cooperation during the coming decade after 2014. 
The CM while adopting the resolution appreciated the hospitality of the German government of the Afghan delegation members and asked the foreign ministry to convey this message to the German government. 
The CM also discussed the order of the president about the implementation of the advice of the Traditional Loya Jirgah and its resolution as well as starting of talks with the foreign sources over rumors that atomic wastes have been buried inside Afghan territory. 
The minister of mines informed the CM about the usage of Shiberghan gas for producing electric energy. 
The CM instructed the ministries of mines, finance, energy and water, economic and commerce and industries to assess this project from economic viewpoints and present their specific proposals to the CM. 
The ministry of transport and civil aviation informed the CM on four winner company for providing aircrafts duels for the country’s airports and the proposal of the ministry for building fuel reservoirs in Kabul international airport by the Global Oil Company, and Air Petroleum in Kandahar, by the General Logistics and in Mazari Sharif airport by the Ghazanfar Company was adopted. 
The decision of the CM in relation to specifying of needed land at the Maranjan Hill and delivering its ownership to the Ministry of Hajj and Endowment for building of an Islamic center with the assistance of Saudi Arabia was also adopted.

Monday, December 12, 2011
Kabul (BNA) In a telephone conversation with the Afghan Football team on Sunday evening, President Karzai congratulated the National Football Team for their team’s well-performed match with its Indian counterpart in the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Cup.
In the Sunday’s final with India, Afghan team finished as runner-up to India by 4-0 in the last minutes of the second half of the play.
The President said in an address to the Afghan football players that “to the Afghans, you are the winner.”
President Karzai lauded the team for a spectacular performance and said, “As a spectator, I watched the entire match with enthusiasm.”
The President noted that though the match was played between two friendly countries, he did not clearly understand why the Afghan goalkeeper was given a red card out of the match! The President congratulated both the Afghan National Teams of Football and Cricket for being able, despite three decades of conflicts and unrest at home, to secure the 1st and 2nd positions in Asian championships.
Afghanistan Football Team defeated its rival teams from Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal but lost to India in a 4-0 set.
Also, Afghanistan Cricket Team managed to beat its rival teams from Maldives, Oman, Bhutan and Nepal in the Asian Cricket Council Twenty20 Cup and winning over Chinese team in the final.

Monday, 12 December 2011 11:35

2400 Liters Of Acids Seized In Khost

Monday, December 12, 2011
Khost (BNA) Police of Khost province seized 2400 liters of Acid which were used in heroin production yesterday.
Colonel Sardar Mohammad Zazai police chief of Khost said to BNA, these acids were seized in an operation from vicinities of Khost province recently. 
According to him, a number of arms were seized by the security forces as well. 
In other operation, police of that province destroyed three alcoholic beverages factories in Kotaki area, Tani district of that province.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada