11 December 2017

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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 07:05

Literacy National Committee Holds Session

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Vice President Sarwar Danesh, national literacy committee’s extra-ordinary session was held yesterday with participation of ulema and cultural figures in council of ministers’ palace.
The session aimed to attract support and cooperation of the country’ ulema, cultural figures and other strata of society from national mobilization’s plan for eradication of illiteracy and spreading of literacy in the country.
In the session, second vice president said:  “Mosque,, tribune, cultural institutions and media have key and effective role in eradication of illiteracy in the country.”
Pointing that providing facility for speeding literacy in the country is the government’s responsibility, second vice president said in consideration to current problems and possibilities, national mobilization’s plan for eradication of illiteracy could not be implemented unless ulema, cultural society, national traders, private sector and media stand beside the government.
Ustad Danesh regarded the role of mosques in consideration to their historic and valuable position as key in connection with expansion of literacy in the country and asked ulema council and ministry of hajj and Islamic affairs for instruction to all priests and imams of mosques to pay attention to importance of literacy and seeking knowledge among the people in particular illiterate figures.

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 06:59

Dr. Sadat Meets Dunya University Director

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of youth affairs for information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadat met yesterday with Dunya University chairman Gen. Sangdil and discussed the youth enrollment at the university. 
In the meeting, deputy minister of youth affairs said that based on MoUs signed between deputy ministry of youth affairs and a number of private higher education institutions, miserable students have been given chances to follow high education with discount or free.
Deputy Minister of youth affairs asked the respective university’s chairman to provide opportunities to miserable students in coming semesters with discount and low fees so that such students could also receive higher education studies.  In the meeting, chairman of Dunya University Gen. Sangdil said that his university would accept more students with discount and low fees and would also provide good chances to talented students at the university.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari said that the high media council should built trust between government and the people, BNA reported the other day.
He said that the high media council has critical responsibility in the field of people mobilization toward strengthening national unity, the agency said.
The high media council should built trust between the government and the people and directing the public minds towards national unity.
The council’s meeting discussed issues concerning the council’s procedures and how to secure a constructive relation between government and the media, the agency said.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari, the acting minister of information and culture has urged the removal of the Capacity Building Reforms (CBR) and acceleration of the implementation process, BNA reported Tuesday.
Speaking at the meeting held by the CBR committee of the ministry of information and culture, the acting minister said his ministry needed the process to help beef up the capacity of the ministry’s employees and insisted that the process should be accelerated and any challenges facing it should be removed, the state-owned agency added.
Meanwhile, Associate Prof Sayeda Muzgan Mostafavi, deputy to the finance, administrative and tourism said that by implementation of the CBR process, professional cadres should be absorbed at the ministry.  She said the officials of the ministry, by distribution of jobs should help accelerate implementation of the process, the agency said.

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 06:50

5 Documentaries Screened

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Five documentary films encompassing life of Chinese in Afghanistan was screened in ministry of information and culture. 
The films have been promoted by Kabul News TV network in cooperation with Chinese embassy to Kabul.  In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion, head of Kabul News TV network Ghulam Jailani Zhwak said in the films life of Chinese based in Afghanistan has been screened.  According to head of the respective TV network, the films aim at further expansion of cultural cooperation between Afghanistan and China as well as introduction of the two countries to the people of each one.   In the ceremony, deputy minister of finance, administrative and tourism for information and culture associate Prof. Sayeda Mojgan Mustafasvi and the Chinese ambassador to Kabul spoke related to the films and regarded the films as key in expansion of relations between the two countries.

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 06:48

Police Martyrs Family Received Aids

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ghazni (BNA) Aassistances took place for 60 police martyrs’ family in Ghazni province yesterday.
General Mohammad Zaman police chief of Ghazni told BNA, each martyrs family received 10,000 Afghanis, flour, rice and ghee.
The assistances took place by Ghazni security directorate for families who martyred this year due to war with insurgents.
Ghazni police chief during visiting with martyrs police family said, that memoires of those who were martyred in defense of their homeland and their people will remain immortal.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 06:46

2 Key Taliban Associates Killed In Helmand

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Lashkargah (BNA) Two key Taliban associates were killed in air strikes in two regions of Gereshk Districts, Helmand province yesterday.
A security official of Helmand told BNA, Daud Alfat shadow governor of Taliban for Gereshk district with his 4 bodyguards were killed in Mosa Qala and Greshk Districts.
Another top Taliban leader with his three bodyguards were also targeted in Mosa Qala District and killed.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 06:40

Taliban Rebels Killed in Ghazni Operation

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ghazni (BNA) 20 Taliban rebels including three commanders of them were killed in a clearing operation by security and defense forces in Ghazni province.
An ANA official told BNA reporter, 20 Taliban rebels with their three commanders were killed in air and ground operations of security forces in Dehyak, Andeer, Moqor and Gelan Districts.
He added no harm and losses incurred to security forces but several regions have been cleared from insurgents.
T. Yarzada

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jalalabad (BNA) 18 Daesh affiliates were killed in a series of air and ground raids in Nangarhar province.
The fighters were targeted during a recent day in Hasaka Mina, Nazyan, Kot and Achen Districts.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman for Nangarhar governor told BNA, 18 Daesh loyalists lost their lives while terrorist activities.
Another report says, the security officials prevented from a series of blasts in Nangarhar province.
The security officials discovered and neutralized five mines from crowded areas of Nangarhar province and prevented from deadly incidents.
No one has been arrested in the connection of the case.
According to another report, the security officials of Nangarhar province succeeded to discover two weapons caches of Taliban.
The caches were kept in hideouts of insurgents in Dorbaba, Lalpoor districts.
Heavy and light weapons were seized from the caches.
T. Yarzada

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The National Directorate of Security (NDS) office reported from killing of top leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network with 80 other militants during operations of the Afghan and US forces.
The National Directorate of Security press office told BNA the militants were killed during the operations conducted in Ghazni, Zabul, and Paktia provinces.
According to NDS, the senior Al-Qaeda leader killed during the operation has been identified as Omar Khetab who was also famous as Omar Mansoor.
The anti-government armed militant groups including Al-Qaeda affiliates have not commented regarding the report so far.
In the operations, 27 Al-Qaeda network members were detained and 5 strongholds of them have been demolished.
Qasem Hasan, Hamza and Joned top members of Al-Aqeda network in Afghanistan and Mostafa military in charge of Al-Qaeda with three Panjabi’s insurgents and two local Taliban militants were also among the dead.
T. Yarzada

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