24 March 2017

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 06:46

MoIC Marks Int’l Women Day

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) International Women Day was marked in the International Press Hall of the ministry of information and culture, during which Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, the acting minister and deputy to the cultural affairs of the ministry congratulated it to the entire ministry female staffs, BNA reported Tuesday.
He said woman should be known for their identity not only for being a woman and that the women should get access to economic self-rule. “Their access to their rights would help reduce violence against women and the goal would be reached when the level of the women access to education were increased,” he added.
Deputy finance and administrative affairs of the ministry of information and culture, Assistant Prof. Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi also delivered speech in the meeting as saying: “Under the holy Islamic teachings, the criterion of excellence was only virtue.”
She added that the MoIC leadership was making effort to solve all problems facing women staff and employees of the ministry, the agency said.
Deputy to the publication affairs of the ministry, Sayed Hussain Fazel Sancharaki said that vicious traditions have made difficult the atmosphere for women entrance in the society and overcoming it was not too much easy and needed comprehensive and multi-dimension efforts.
Mahbooba Sadat, Gender Manger of the ministry, who had initiated the conference for holding international women day said: “We had competent women in our history, from whom, we must learn and should find the main source of our past.”
She said, “We have heroine women in our country, who lost two of their sons in the way to defend the country,” quoted the agency.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 06:44

Jihad Fatwa Unlawful In Afghanistan, Kashaf

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan throughout Ulama Council Chairman, Mawlavi Qeyamuddin Kashaf in a meeting with CE, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah condemned the recent terrorist attack on military hospital in Kabul, called jihad fatwa (Islamic verdict) unlawful in Afghanistan, a statement said the other day.
“We are facing a treacherous and deceitful enemy. Attack on the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan and the recent carnage in Kabul clearly prove that the enemy is abiding by no Islamic and human law,” said Kashaf who regretted that no infidel had been killed in the attack, but all innocent Muslims.
He blamed those involved in the attack for their attempt to blow mosques and funeral ceremonies as he enquired either there were any American praying or attending funeral ceremony, said the statement.
“Those issued jihad fatwa in Afghanistan are unrighteous and unjustifiable,” he said Afghans are Muslims and the holy sharia was influenced in the country, as five time prayers are performed in the mosques.
He said may Allah direct such muftis to the rights paths, or vanish them.
He asked the entire Afghans to get united and fight against corruption, bribery, lie and betrayal, the statement quoted.
In the meeting, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the NUG CE said announcing Jihad against the people of Afghanistan was cruel as he argued Islamic sharia was influenced in the country better than any other areas.
He said this was not jihad but misusing the holy Islam to fight the people of Afghanistan and they have provided the ground for terrorists and now all terrorist groups have joined hand to create crime in the country.
The CE assured that the government wouldn’t spare any effort to investigate into the deadly incident and that the result would be shared with the people soon after the fact was cleared.
He asked the entire Ulama to enlighten the minds of the people in this field.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The High Urban Development Council with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair discussed registration of the construction companies, challenges before municipalities, development of Suroobi town and the final draft on transformation of the Traffic department to Kabul municipality, a presidential statement said.
At the outset, Sayed Usman Sadat director of the housing for Ministry of Urban Development presented the plan for registration of the construction companies, adding according to the plan the companies would be registered free of charges and would be classified.
According to him the companies would be evaluated through online services which will bring transparency and prevent corruption in the process.
Meanwhile the minister of urban development and housing Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi said necessary attention to road construction was not paid, adding through classification of the companies, such issue would be addressed.
The Minister of Economy addressing the session said, responsibility of the companies’ registration should be given to those institutions which would be part of the projects.
Hearing the plan and the detailed discussions, the president said the purpose behind the plan should be easing the process, adding the private companies’ capacities should be utilized, asking them to bring necessary improvement in their works.
Besides approving the plan in principle, the president asked for including of the related discussions into the framework of the proposed plan.
Abdul Baqi Popal, director of the local organs presented the issue on challenges before the municipalities, saying challenges include existing of 70 percent of no planning cities, obstacles before public-private partnership in term of land issues, lack of municipalities role in development projects of the cities, slow monitoring process of the master plans, municipalities no land on hand for distribution to the martyrs’ families and the budget of the municipalities.
The participants of the session presented their views on the issue, with president Ghani saying the process for assigning budgets to municipalities should be shortened. The president also asked for evolution of the townships’ distribution, saying there were corruption in the process.
Later, Elham Omar Hotaki, director of the central zone development agency presented the plan on new Suroobi town, saying the plan includes economic master plan of Suroobi, public facilities, transportation system, infrastructures, and implementation of emergency plans for returnees and distribution of land for agricultural villages.
The president said, the implementation of the project should be taken place during many phases, calling the plan a 10 years one. He also emphasized that the land garblers should be introduce to Kabul garrison.
The session approve the plan in principle.
Kabul acting mayor Abdullah Habibzai presented the draft plan on transformation of Kabul traffic department to Kabul municipality, asking the high urban development council to also transfer the department’s budget to the municipality.
Praising the plan, the president said legal obstacles before the transformation should be solved within upcoming two weeks. The president said Kabul’s traffic should be managed well, adding Kabul doesn’t face with lack of roads, but mismanagement.
The session approved the transformation of Traffic department to Kabul municipality.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 06:40

Car Packed Explosive Seized By NDS

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National Directorate of Security personnel (NDS) discovered a car packed explosive in Laghman province.
According to NDS press office to BNA, a car packed explosive was placed by a terrorist group, Qari Alem in one of crowded areas of Mehtarlam city capital of Laghman province, before explosion, discovered by NDS personnel. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kunduz (BNA) A Taliban commander with his six colleagues were killed in an air raid conducted by collation forces drone in Kunduz province.
Colonel Shir Aziz Kamawal police commander in the north-east of the country told BNA, the air raid conducted by security forces for annihilating of Taliban and prevention of their activities in outskirt of Kunduz province, in which Shaikh Yar well-known to Hekmat was killed with his six colleagues.
He added, the raid was took place by coalition forces drone. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 06:36

Armed Taliban Killed In Urozgan Air Strike

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Five armed Taliban insurgents were killed in an air raid carried out by security forces in outskirt of Urozgan province.
According to defense ministry press office to BNA, the insurgents were targeted in outskirt of Chora district while destructive and terrorist activities and killed.
Another report says five other Taliban rebels were killed in their own mine explosion in Urozgan province yesterday.
They were killed while making a mine in a house in Ghora village of Chora district, the mine exploded and killed them.
In the event, 3 motorbikes of them were also destroyed. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Based on Khan Mohammad Baz’ head of currency exchangers in Kabul, Shahzada market report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                            68/24 afgs                           
One Pound Sterling                              83/10 afgs                         
One Euro                                             72/60 afgs                        
One Emirate’s Dirham                         18/55 afgs                          
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees          631afgs                        
One Thousand Indian Rupees               1035 afgs             
One Thousand Iranian Rupees           18/87 afgs                       

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) AFGHANISTAN pulled off the unthinkable against Ireland in their third T20 at Greater Noida, scoring at breakneck speed to send T20 International records tumbling as they pulled home a series whitewash.
A blistering 89 at a strike rate of 296.66 from number six Mohammad Nabi helped Afghanistan plunder 104 runs from the final six overs — the highest total ever accumulated from the final 36 balls in T20I history. But the records didn’t stop there. Afghanistan, an Associate team that does not play Test cricket, finished with 233 runs, making it the highest score ever by an Associate side in T20Is and the eighth highest score of all sides throughout the format’s 13-year history. Afghanistan’s onslaught ended particularly badly for Ireland bowler Barry McCarthy. The 24-year-old seamer was tonked around the ground for 69 runs off his four overs — overtaking South Africa’s Kyle Abbott for the most expensive spell in T20I history. But possibly the most stunning figure of all was how they crushed Ireland’s lower order to close out the match. Ireland began their chase well with opener Paul Stirling hitting four sixes on his way to 34 from 15 balls to give his side a head start.
The men in green sat at 5/199 at the end of the 18th over, needing 35 runs to seal the victory, but then Afghanistan put on the gas. Ireland lost five wickets for six runs, squandering their winnable position and crumbling to 205 all out, handing Afghanistan the whitewash and one of the most dominant finishes seen in T20I history. Ireland had no answers to Afghanistan’s onslaught. “It was a fantastic game of cricket to have both teams score over 200, so credit to the ground staff and to how the teams played,” Ireland captain William Porterfield said after the match. “It’s been a deserved series win for Afghanistan but there hasn’t been that much between the teams really, just five balls either way in the games. “You cut down a few boundaries and you score a few more. You have to give it to them though as they’ve come hard at us and won the matches. “You know in these games it’s going to come down to the last over or so. I was pleased with the way we kept coming and kept fighting to the end.”

\Tuesday March 14, 2017

Kunduz City (BNA) A sport gymnasium will be built on 5,000 meters square of land in northern Kunduz province.
Abdul Qayoum Rahimi sport director in Kunduz said BNA reporter, the foundation stone of the gymnasium has laid by Assadullah Omarkhel governor of Kunduz province with presence athletes, members of provincial council and tribal elders of the province yesterday.
The sport gymnasium will be built at a sum of AFG 50,000,000 by physical education directorate of Afghanistan in Kunduz province within the next one year.
With establishing of the gymnasium sport facilities will be provided to athletes of Kunduz province, Omarkhel noted.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 07:08

Mosque Preacher Gunned Down By Taliban

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Herat City (BNA) An orator of a mosque was shooting by Taliban members in western Herat province the other day.
Security source in the province reported BNA, the attackers after shooting the Imam of a mosque in Kamarkulagh region, Herat city succeeded to flee from the area.
Efforts underway to identify and capture the perpetrators of the incident.
According to another report, a young boy ended to his life in Anjeel district of Herat province.
Security official of the province confirmed the event says, investigation has started regarding the cause of the incident.
According to health officials in Herat central hospital, the body of a 22 year old young has transferred to the hospital.

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