30 April 2017

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Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  A press release issued by the presidential press office said terrorists once again committed crime with attacking the Mosque and targeting soldiers of 209 Shaheen Corps while praying in holy day of Friday. The press release called the attack contrary to Islamic teachings.
“Terrorist groupings have never been remained secure across the country, as the brave Afghan security forces have been targeting them from Achin to Baghlan province. The government and the people appreciate sacrifices of the security and defense forces,” the press release said. President Ghani spoke with officials of Shaheen Corps immediately after the incident, asking them to address the families of martyrs and those injured in the incident. Besides condemning the attack, the president prayed for the souls of martyrs and wished urgent recovery for those injured, the press release added.
Meanwhile the National Unity Government’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah condemned Friday’s attack on Afghan National Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps Headquarters in Balkh province and called it a cowardly attack.
“The attack on holy places is forbidden in every belief, what Taliban did in Mazar was against all values. I condemn this coward attack,” Dr. Abdullah said.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issuing a decree announced Sunday (today) as the national mourning day, to pay tribute to the martyrs of Shaheen 209 Corps, who lost their lives in a terrorist attack on Friday, a presidential statement said. The presidential palace approved the following points to condole and pay tribute to the martyrs of Shaheen 209 Corps terrorist attack during Friday prayer. “1. Sunday has been announced as the national mourning day and the country’s flags should remain half-mast in all Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions inside and outside of the country. 2. Praying ceremonies should be held in presidential mosque and all other mosques across the country for the martyrs of the terrorist attack on Shaheen 209 corps,” the statement concluded.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The youth national symposium for sustainable development attended by a number of youth, representatives of international organizations, civil society activists, men of culture and media men, was concluded here yesterday with closing remarks of the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh.
Thanking the organizers of the symposium, the second vice president called Afghanistan a young country and young generation as the founders of new Afghanistan. He said youth are not only the hope of the country, but also make the future of the same.
VP Danesh said government was determined to make the government administration a young one, adding the national unity government has made further efforts and the administration has been further younger in the last two years.
Pointing to current situation, the second vice president said Afghanistan was going forward with a legitimate and elected government, calling those remarks diverting the society toward opposite directions as meaningless.
Pointing to remarks of some of the politicians, the second vice president said remarks was not only a green light for the enemies, but also shows disrespect to sacrifices of the Afghan forces. He said even these politicians criticize the government and its allies attack on militants. Hinting to Daesh attack of protesters in Kabul, VP Danesh said these terrorists never give up to target innocent people and even exploded people with bombs. He said Afghan nation would never return to dark days and the youth play key role in sustainable development of the country, adding they should be eased with essential facilities such as technology.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance met Kristalina Georgieva, the World Bank Chief Executive Officer, on the sidelines of the World Bank Group/IMF Spring Meetings on April 21, 2017 in Washington D.C., a statement from the ministry said yesterday.
During discussion over the World Bank’s continued assistance, the minister requested the Bank for increased funding to be allocated to Afghanistan from 18 resources of IDA ,given the needs of the country and significance of support to reintegration of refugees and returnees particularly from the neighboring countries, increased presence of the World Bank on the ground to address key challenges in private sector development , employment and collaboration between the World Bank and the AIIB (Afghanistan Infrastructure Investment Bank) on the joint projects implementation approach in Afghanistan, the statement added.
In a separate meeting with USAID acting administrator, Minister Hakimi also discussed follow up issues of visit of the United States National Security Adviser to Afghanistan, H.R. McMaster, aid effectiveness issues including channeling more discretionary funds via on- budget mechanism and USAID’s support to elections including introduction of technology that would trigger transparency in the election process.
The World Bank CEO reiterated the Bank’s commitment to support Afghanistan and commended the Afghan government on design of the Women’s Economic Empowerment program, the statement concluded.
According to another report, Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance met Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Finance on 21 April 2017 in Washington D.C.
Both sides discussed bilateral economic and development issues; further cooperation on joint economic cooperation projects in power and transport sectors including the Kunar River Dam, railway and road infrastructure projects.
Minister Hakimi also invited his counterpart to Kabul for a visit on the Joint Economic Commission between the two countries, the statement added.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of elders, influential and religious scholars of Nangarhar province here on Friday, hearing their problems and demands in line with insecurity and other social and economic problems, a presidential statement said.
At the outset, Nangarhar governor Gulab Mangal praised bravery of the people, saying Nangarhar people was victims of Daesh and international terrorism.
He also briefed the president on good governance, fight against corruption, land grabbing, coordination among government institutions, applying tax on powerful individuals, increase in revenue, inauguration of factories, education and refugees in Nangarhar province.
Representing others, Malik Nazir thanked the president for his attention, especially in war against Daesh militants and praised the security forces operation against the militant in the province, in particular in Shinwar district, the statement added.
Pointing to president Ghani’s remarks on bridging the gap between presidential palace and the mosques, religious scholar Zahir Haqqani said they were standing beside their government and the security forces and would reveal the true faces of Daesh militants.
“In line with Islamic teachings and holy Quran, those being killed in fight against Daesh would be martyred.  As Daesh destroys hospitals, killing innocent people and making women their servant,” he added.
Pointing to Daesh destructive activities in Nangarhar province, Malik Usman said he was from Achin district and has witnessed their barbarism.  He said US MOAB attack didn’t affect the ordinary people, asking government to further take decisive actions against Daesh militants.
Praising Nangarhar people’s bravery, in particular people of Shinwar district in fight against Daesh and the international terrorism, President Ghani called their commitment and bravery a clear message the terrorists.
The president called Daesh the enemies of people and the religion, adding the militants seeking ways to destroy their country, but Afghanistan nation was committed to build their country and turn it as matter of pride in international level.
The president said government would not spare any effort to beat Daesh, adding the war imposed on Afghans, where Daesh and international terrorism want to destroy the country and build their safe havens.
The president said would help the IDPs and would turn the province to feed other parts of the country rather than to be dependent to others.  The President also shared grief with Beba Niaz, who lost her three sons in fight against Daesh, where another son was also injured, granting her the high state medal of Malali for her bravery.
The Nangarhar elders tighten turban of honor for President Ghani, wishing him success in good governance and fight against terrorism.
At the end, the provincial elders handed over horse of the Daesh Khurrasan leader Hafiz Saeed to President Ghani, Hafiz Saeed was earlier killed in clash with Afghan Forces.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Leading a high ranking officials went to Balkh province and prayed as well as condoled the martyrdom of a number of soldiers in Shaheen 209 corps of the said province here yesterday, a presidential statement said.
According to the statement, the president chaired emergency security meeting at the Shaheen military corps which was attended by Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor, Minister of Interior Taj Mohammad Jahid, Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem chief of army staff, Humayoun Fauzi acting deputy defense minister, Mohamand Katawazi commander of Shaheen 209 corps and a number of security officials.  The meeting prayed for the souls of the martyrs of the terrorist attack.
At the outset, the commander of 209 military corps briefed the president on the attack as well as the coordination among the forces in defeating of the attackers.
Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Razaq director of the health service for the national army said he came to Mazar-e-Sharif from Kabul for treatment of the injuries.  He said all efforts made to treat the injuries and could identify the martyrs so that to be transferred to their respective provinces.
Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem chief of army staff said Afghan Special Forces could manage to end the terrorist attack and a technical team was assigned to evaluate the attack.
The president besides condoling the martyrdom of the soldiers, instructed the officials to adopt necessary measures for reconstruction of the corps’ dining room and the mosque.  The president said the incident was needed to be evaluated and ordered the local organs office and the security personnel to spare no effort in transferring of the martyrs to their respective provinces.
The president also inquired health condition of the injuries in Shaheen 209 corps hospital, asking the doctor to do their bests in treatment of the injured soldiers.
The president was accompanied by the minister of interior, chief of army staff, Mawlawi Qiamuddin Kashaf chairman of the country-wide council of the religious scholars, Abdul Salaam Rahimi general director of the administrative office of the president, Hamyun Fawzi acting deputy minister for ministry of defense, Shah Zman Maiwandi presidential senior advisor on public relation and strategic affairs, Abdul Baqi Popal acting head of the local organs, Matin Big deputy to national directorate for security and Shah Hussain Mortazawi deputy spokesperson of the president and acting presidential spokesperson’s office.

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Based on Khan Mohammad Baz’ head of currency exchangers in Kabul, Shahzada market report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                            67/60 afgs                           
One Pound Sterling                              86 afgs                         
One Euro                                              72/20afgs                        
One Emirate’s Dirham                         18afgs                          
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees          633afgs                        
One Thousand Indian Rupees               1025 afgs             
One Thousand Iranian Rupees              18/17 afgs                  

Saturday, 22 April 2017 05:08


Saturday, April 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Any foreign countries or domestic political circles, who consider Taliban a political movement, persecute to the blood of thousands of martyrs of this country who have lost their lives in defense of national values and barbaric attacks of ignorant Taliban.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes that recently a number of diplomats in Kabul and outside Afghanistan and some political figures of our country calling Taliban a political movement and fact expressed their cooperation and coordination with this mediaeval group.
Such interpretations from Taliban indicate that passing each day the number of countries and political circles increase who are seeking to use Taliban as a means to determine their place in the great games of the region and intelligence projects.
Considering grave military tensions and rivalry among the big powers of the region and the world, using Taliban as a means for achieving their objectives, have increased the ever before and try their best to use them as a means to achieve their evil goals. Discord between Taliban and the killing of their two leaders Mullah Mohammad Omer and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor originated from the games and rivalries of the big powers.
Although the heinous and violent deeds committed Taliban so far are against all humane values and culture, unfortunately, some people introduce this tyrannical group as a political movement, and certain circles inside the country consider them as a fact in the political situation of the country.
This kind of view and perception would be hazardous for Afghan people.
The constitution of Afghanistan which is the national identity of the country and according to which the system of the government established. Some current political figures who had played a great role in preparing the document and defined political activities, freedom of speech and civic activities, not only cooperated in implementing the articles of the constitution but demonstrated great patient toward the activities of dozens of political partied within the framework of the constitution, and media. This is a clear example of tolerability of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan toward political parties and media that severely criticize its activities and mistakes.
While Taliban attack hospitals, put fire on schools, kill state employees, teachers and students, carry out suicide attacks on crowded places of the city, and kill our innocent people including our military officers who defend the honor of our beloved homeland and plunder public properties. Taliban ignoring Afghan constitution daily commit dozen unacceptable crimes in the country. How one can call and introduces them as a political movement while they commit such heinous crimes against all international laws and human rights.
Afghan people ask the countries that have recognized our government and have diplomatic relations with us to regulate their relations according to international laws and avoid supporting terrorist groups who are not only a threat to Afghanistan, to  the region but to entire world.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in fight against terrorist group such as Taliban and IS requires international support to end terrorism and rescue the world from the evil of it. Because, thinking to damage and topple Afghan government will have no any use but increase the problems.

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  The second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh met elders, influential, scholars, women’s council representatives, youth and head of provincial council for Daikundi province here on Wednesday, a statement said.
According to the statement of VP office, Daikundi residents enumerated series of their problems, including lack of health-care facilities, insufficient educational centers, no proper asphalted roads, no access to energy, lack of sport facilities, lack of airport, inattention to security of the province, non-implementation of infrastructural projects, asking national unity government seriously address their demands.
Thanking Daikundi people for better coordination of their demands, the second vice president assured them to address their demands in close coordination with government organs.
He also said extending energy was government’s main responsibility.  VP Danesh said government was determined to provide the central provinces with energy, construction of roads and other public welfare projects. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with issuing separate decrees, appointed Farooq Wardak, former education minister as the state minister for parliamentary affairs, replacing Nabi Farahi.  In another decree, the president established a separate state ministry for tourism and appointed Nabi Farahi as the state minister for tourism.  According to the decree, the appointment taken place to boost tourism sector as well as to further introduce Afghanistan’s unique heritage to world.  The president in a separate decree nominated Faizullah Zaki as Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled.  He is expected to replace Nasrin Oryakheil, who was among seven ministers disqualified by the parliament last year.  In another decree, Abdul Karim Khudam, has been appointed by the president as governor of Samangan province. 

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