15 December 2017

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Friday November 10, 2017
Ghazni City (BNA) Within the last one week about 129 armed oppositions including foreign rebels were killed during military operations in several districts of southern Ghazni province.
Col. Fazul Khuda Ibrahimkhail spokesman of 203 Tundar army corps told BNA correspondent, the military operations carried out by Afghan security forces to suppress anti-government militias and ensure peace and stability in insecure areas of Zankhan, Andar, Deh Yak and Gylan districts of the province.
Over 110 other armed insurgents were wounded, 12 arrested and dozens vehicles and motorcycles belonging the terrorists have been destroyed during the operations, Ibrahimkhail added.

Friday November 10, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Over 28 anti-government militias were killed and 61 others were wounded during joint clearing operations led by Afghan National Security and Defense Forces within the last 24 hours across the country.
Ministry of National Defense press office issued BNA, the operations were conducted with support of Afghan air and artillery forces to suppress armed oppositions and protect the lives and properties of people in insecure areas of Kunar, Paktia, Logar, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Jawzjan, Faryab, Kunduz, Baghlan and Helmand provinces.
Some heavy and light weapons, ammunitions and military mobilizations have been seized by Afghan security forces following the operations, the source added.

Friday November 10, 2017
Asadabad City (BNA) A senior commander of ISIS terrorist group was killed during air attack carried out by Afghan air forces in eastern Kunar province.
Shir Aqa Faqiri spokesman of 201 Sylab army corps said BNA reporter, Sheen Gul the commander of ISIS group had been targeted by Afghan Air Forces in Sodmana region, Chapa Dara district of the province.
Commander Sheen Gul was resident of Sedro village, Chapa Dara district of the province, Faqiri added.

Friday November 10, 2017
Jalalabad City (BNA) Deadly clashes have been erupting between ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups in eastern Nangarhar province.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesperson of Nangarhar governor said BNA correspondent, the clashes took place between the two terrorist groups in different parts of Khogyani district of the province.
During the clashes 16 ISIS loyalists and Taliban militants have been killed and dozens others were wounded, Khogyani added.
Meanwhile, dozens families forced to left their houses during the clashes.
During the last years, deadly incidents occurred between the ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups in various parts of the country.

Friday November 10, 2017
Pul-e-Khumri City (BNA) A group of 9 Taliban militants by understanding truth joined peace process in northern Baghlan province yesterday.
Col. Nasratullah Jamshidi in-charge of press office in 209 Shaheen army corps told BNA correspondent, Mullah Hafiz who led the group of 8 insurgents joined peace process in Ganda Cheshma village, Burka district of the province.

Friday November 10, 2017
Brussels (BNA) NATO defense ministers and partners in NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan discussed Thursday the current situation in the country and agreed to increase troop numbers to the mission. Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said they addressed four key issues: the troop level of our mission, funding for the Afghan forces, progress on reforms and reconciliation, and continued engagement with Pakistan.
Currently, around 13,000 troops from 39 different countries serve in the Resolute Support Mission. Allies welcomed the United States briefing on the implications of the new South Asia Strategy on our mission. This has already led to an increase in the US troop contribution.
"27other nations have also committed to increase troop numbers in the coming months. So the size of our Resolute Support Mission will increase, from around 13,000 to around 16,000 troops," he said. He noted that Pakistan has a key role to play in ensuring the Taliban find no safe havens.
The NATO chief said that defense ministers from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar joined meeting.
"They are seeking to contribute to the Resolute Support Mission. And their presence was a strong symbol of global support to the government and the people of Afghanistan," he stressed. In a separate press conference, Afghan acting defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami also welcomed the support by the two Gulf countries. He told a press conference that Qatar and UAE ministers are ready to support Afghanistan government in its fight against terrorism and they are ready to give their support. "We are welcoming it. Both countries are our friends and we have good relations and their support is important for us," he added. In another press conference, the commander of NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan general John Nicholson said: "The cost of failure in Afghanistan will be great. It will be felt worldwide. The security of Afghanistan is key in deterring terrorist activities," he said.
"We have a renewed commitment to Afghanistan. The bottom line is that Taliban cannot win," added the NATO general.

Friday November 10, 2017
Kabul (BNA) India plans to send seven shipments of wheat to Afghanistan through Iran’s southeastern Chabahar Port by the end of January, Reuters reported. India launched a trade route to Afghanistan via Iran through shipping its first consignment of wheat to Afghanistan on October 29, bypassing longtime rival Pakistan. New Delhi is in talks with Tehran to begin interim operations at the port. India has committed $500 million to Chabahar Port development as a way to bypass rival Pakistan and crack open a trade and transport route to landlocked Afghanistan, as well as the resource-rich countries of central Asia. India is expanding its economic diplomacy in Afghanistan, seeing itself as a regional power.
The shipments are meant to demonstrate the route’s viability, officials said, and the plan is to broaden the cargo flow before the port is fully operational by the end of next year. “Things are moving quite well and as planned,” Saurabh Kumar, Indian ambassador to Iran, said in an email. India has framed its involvement in Chabahar’s development as primarily about establishing a gateway to Afghanistan, more than Iran itself, Indian officials and a Western diplomatic source said.

Friday November 10, 2017
Brussels (BNA) The Czech Republic is likely to meet the demand for an increase in the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan that the United States presented to its allies, Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky told journalists after a meeting with his counterparts from NATO countries on Wednesday. "We consider it important and we want to meet it," he said about the U.S. demand concerning the Resolute Support advice and assist mission. A possible increase by several dozen of soldiers would have to be approved by both houses of Czech parliament, Stropnicky said.
Up to 250 Czech troops are staying in Afghanistan, including a medical team, pilot instructors and a patrolling unit at Bagram air base. Stropnicky said the increase would not mean that Czech troops would be assigned some very different, new tasks.
The NATO defense ministers are to discuss the Afghan mission on Thursday. Operation Resolute Support consists of about 13,000 troops. On Tuesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said approximately 3,000 more troops are to be added to the mission. Half of the number are to be American soldiers. The planned increase does not mean a return to combat operations, Stoltenberg said. Fighting with Taliban insurgents has been primarily led by about 300,000 Afghan police and troops since 2014. NATO helps train the Afghan armed forces and cover their costs. Stoltenberg said the training should focus on Afghan Special Forces and air forces that may play the decisive role in the country now.

Friday October 20, 2017
Kabul (BNA) As many as 40 anti-government militias including their several senior commanders were killed by Afghan security forces in southern Ghazni province last night.
Ahmad Jawed Salim spokesperson of Afghan Commando forces told BNA reporter, Afghan Commando forces for suppressing armed oppositions dispatched to Andar district of the province.
Qasim Desewal district governor of Andar district in a telephonic contact told BNA local correspondent, by reaching Afghan Commando forces security situation has changed in the district, air and group attacks carried out on terrorists’ hideouts, which sustained heavy casualties to them.
Foreign rebels are among the dead, Desewal added.
Meanwhile, the other day district governor of Andar told media that, Andar district besieged by Taliban militants.

Friday October 20, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The construction work of two health clinics has been started in central Logar province yesterday.
Dr. Rasoul Gul Samar head of public health department of Logar told BNA reporter, the health clinics to be built at a sum of 14 million Afs from budget of ministry of public health that 2000 families will be benefited from health services.
One the health clinic to be constructed in Refugees Township and another will be built in Peyawarkhail region, Pul-e-Alam city the provincial capital of the province within the next one year.

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