19 August 2017

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Monday, June 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended the holy Quran recitation ceremony in which peace and stability of the country was prayed, said a statement from the presidential press voice the other day.
According to the statement, the ceremony which was attended by chief justice and justice minister, Sayed Yousuf Halim, chairman of country-wide ulama council, Mawlavi Qeyamuddin Kashaf, member of high peace council and some ambassadors of the Islamic countries, prayed for restoration of peace and stability in the country.

Monday, June 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) National Committee of Hajj with Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh held meeting on Sunday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
According to the agency, the meeting was briefed on flight schedule, scan delegation and some other related issues.  Calling Hajj process an important national program, VP Danesh said, “All related administrations are obliged to do their best to provide best services to Hajjis in order the process doesn’t face any problems, “the agency added.  In accordance with last years’ experiences, the second vice president said the Hajj process is expected to be successfully carried out this year, BNA continued.
Afterward, Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Faiz Mohammad Usmani briefed the session about the improvements, adding all preparations have been taken and there is not any problems in this regard.  The session also stressed on participation of experienced and professional persons’ partnership in the process.

Monday, June 19, 2017
Shurab (BNA) two senior commanders of Taliban affiliated Haqqani Network were killed on the other day in Paktika province of Afghanistan, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
The airstrike was conducted at 05:30 a.m. in Shekhan region of Urgun District, the statement said.  The commanders who were identified as Abdul Aziz and Ghalchakai killed along with their four other fellows, the statement noted.  These two senior commanders of Haqqani terrorist network were engaged in insurgent attacks in Paktika province, the statement added.  Separately, two commanders of the Taliban were killed on Saturday night in Zerok District of Paktika province, following the clashes with Afghan security forces.

Monday, 19 June 2017 08:01

10 Insurgents Killed in Faryab

Monday, June 19, 2017
Maimana (BNA)  a total of 10 militants have been killed and 15 others injured as clash erupted in Qaisar District of Faryab province the other day, an army spokesman said.
The clash flared up in the wee hours of Sunday and lasted for a while during which 10 armed insurgents were killed and 15 others injured, army spokesman Nasrutullah Jamshidi said.
Security forces have been chasing the militants to ensure lasting peace in the province, with Maimana as its capital 425 km northwest of Kabul.
The spokesman did not comment on possible casualties of security personnel.  Taliban militants who have intensified activities since the beginning of Ramadan or Muslim fasting month 23 days ago, are yet to make comment on the situation.

Monday, June 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) calling peaceful demonstration the right of any Afghans, the country’s President, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the house of people executive committee members asked for removal of the sit-in tents as he argued the act has only annoyed the people, said a statement from his office on Sunday.
In the meeting attended by Chief Executive officer, the country’s president said peaceful demonstration was the right of every Afghans, but continuing to erect the so-called sit-in tents was only a problem faced by the ordinary people who are suffering road blockages in the city, said the statement.
“In a series of my meeting with the people of different stratum, merchants and industrialists said they had suffered high losses from road blockages, a problem that should be ended,” said the president.
The executive committee members of the house assured the president to tackle the problem through a meeting with the Kabul representatives at the house of people and the Kabul provincial council members after discussing the problem with the protestors’ representatives, the statement said.

Monday June 19, 2017
Jalalabad City (BNA) Measures on central and regional levels would be taken to purge eastern Nangarhar province of Islamic State militant group, a parliamentary delegation said on Saturday. The Wolesi Jirga delegation, headed by lawmaker Haji Zahir Qadir, visited the province to investigate about recent activities of the group in the province, a statement from the governor’s house media office said. It quoted Governor Gulab Mangal as giving thanks to the security forces for clearing Chaparhar district of the Daesh outfit. The governor said operation against the group was underway in Pachiragam district. Earlier some reports said the Afghan security forces had recaptured the Tora Bora area in Pachirawgam district from Daesh militants. The Daesh affiliates seized the strategic location from Taliban insurgents after clashes which have displaced hundreds of families. The Nangarhar governor promised dispatching assistance to the displaced families as soon as possible.
Lawmaker Zahir Qadir asked security officials to formally share with them problems in their plans so they could be discussed with the central government. He said local residents would be mobilized against the group and they would be supported on local and national levels. Gen. Zaman Wazir, 201 Selab Military Corps commander, assured the participants of taking utmost care of civilians during their operations and said areas which had been cleared of militants would be protected in cooperation with other security organs. A member of the provincial council, Zabihullah Zamarai, said urgent measures were required to contain the negative propaganda and protect cleared areas.

Monday June 19, 2017
Sharana City (BNA) Three top commanders of Taliban terrorist group were killed during recent air attack in eastern Paktika province.
Police official in the province told BNA reporter, the commanders along with three others insurgents were killed in Argon district of the province.
The commanders targeted by air raid, while they were involved on terrorist and destructive activities in relevant areas of the mentioned district, the source added.
Local officials said nothing about the identity of the commanders, but say the commanders had active role in insecurity and organizing dozens terrorist activities in Paktika province.

Monday June 19, 2017
Mahtarlam City (BNA) IRC organization have donated cash assistance to 155 displaced families in eastern Laghman province.
Sarhadi Zawak spokesperson of Laghman governor said BNA reporter, the families were displaced due to internal war from different parts of Laghman province and relocated in Alingar district of the province, which each families received AFG 18,000.
Abdul Jabar Naimi governor of Laghman, Mohammad Kazim Haqpal head of refugees and repatriation department of Laghman and a number of provincial council of the province were presented during the cash donation.

Monday June 19, 2017
Firoz Koh City (BNA) A civilian was martyred and three others were wounded following roadside mine blast in western Ghor province.
Abdul Hai Khatibi spokesman of Ghor governor told BNA correspondent, the mine had been planted by ISIS terrorist group in Dardiz region, Charsada district of the province.
A civilian lost his live and three others were injured due to the mine blast, Khatibi added.

Monday June 19, 2017
Jalalabad City (BNA) Two officials of Pakistan’s Consulate in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of eastern Nangarhar province are missing, while they were commuting to their home via Torkham highway the other day.
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry confirmed missing of their two diplomats in Jalalabad-Torkham highway.
There were no immediate claims of responsibility behind the incident and also there is no information regarding the fates of officials.
Meanwhile, Ataullah Khogyani spokesman of Nangarhar governor confirmed the missing of two Pakistani diplomats said, Afghan security forces are searching for the missing officials.

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