30 April 2017

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  22 armed insurgents were killed in an clearing operation carried out by national army forces in Dahan-e-Ghoori district, Baghlan province last night .
According to national defense ministry press office to BNA, the operation were conducted in Ahmadzaiha village, Dahan-e-Ghoori district, of the province, Mawlavi Lal shadow governor of Taliban for Baghlan province Qari Syeed Alam, Qari Janbaz, Qari Khalid, Qari Abdul Rahim and Shir Alam ringleaders of Taliban were also among the dead and 3 others have been injured.
Another report says that the national army forces also destroyed 245 acres of land from poppy bushes during their clearing operation in Khogyani district, Nangarhar province. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Based on Khan Mohammad Baz’ head of currency exchangers in Kabul, Shahzada market report the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                            67/70 afgs                           
One Pound Sterling                              86/10 afgs                         
One Euro                                              72/30afgs                        
One Emirate’s Dirham                         18/40 afgs                          
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees          634afgs                        
One Thousand Indian Rupees               1025 afgs             
One Thousand Iranian Rupees              17/90 afgs                       

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The US president’s warn that no any country should support Taliban.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes the security advisor of US president while visiting the countries of the region, in meeting with Pakistani prime minster said that no any country could support Taliban. He made it also clear that nobody should support the armed men who fight against Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people. All the countries of the region and world instead of prolonging the war in Afghanistan and exercising influence in that country should play an effective and positive role in settling the current problems and supporting Afghan people.
Mr. Mick Master the national security adviser of US president who had visited Afghanistan earlier in interview with media asked Pakistan follow its interests in the region via political means and warned that from now on Afghanistan would not be a safe place for terrorists.
Meanwhile, in a clear message addressing Taliban he has said that they should accept the process of peace negotiation; otherwise, they would be killing in the battle.
Afghan political experts say the US national advisor in these statements in Pakistan Capital, in reality asks that country to desist supporting Taliban anymore. Pakistan has been known as the main supporter of Taliban, that country not only support this furious group, but also has a great role in introducing the group to other countries like Russia, China and Iran.
Russia during the recent years establishing a close relation with Taliban considers them a political group. China also during the last years, contentiously aiming to hold negotiation between Afghan government and Taliban hosted the negotiators of the both sides. In addition, there were rumors about equipping this insurgent group by Iran.
The American authorities considering the recent developments regarding to the relations of Taliban with some countries of the region, reached the conclusion that Russia is seeking to influence in Afghanistan and driving US in to margin and wants to use Taliban as a means in this political game’ while, America cannot endure cooperation with Taliban and their supporting countries. Therefore, the statements delivered by US National Security Advisor, have expressed according the requirements of the situation.
In addition, the politicians, consider the recent incident in Achin district Nangarhar province where the Americans dropped their biggest bomb on IS stronghold and the recent statements of US National Security Advisor as signs of serious of that country on Afghan issue and defending its interests in this sensitive region. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Uruzgan is a mountainous and green province with lots of historical sites and monuments, but unfortunately, due to insecurity, they are facing with destruction.
Head of Uruzgan information and culture department, Noor Mohammad Abdali said that there are 350 historical monuments and cultural heritages in the province, in which 95 percent of some of them have been totally destroyed.
He added unfortunately, no attention has been paid by the ministry of information and culture to historical monuments of the province so far.
But recently, the ministry of information and culture has agreed to allocate budget in the respect, as 6 historical monuments are expected to be repaired this year, he went on to say.
Likewise, he said I have been appointed as head of the province’s information and culture department since a while and you know that Uruzgan is an unrest province.
The government has only control on Trinkot, the provincial capital and other central districts, he said adding other parts of the province are being controlled by armed insurgents.
“Majority of the historical monuments are located in remote areas of Uruzgan, where we are unable to launch survey,” he continued.
“Thus, we are making effort to aware the people through mass media, Ulama, schools and universities to protect the historical monuments and sites and don’t let them face destruction,” he stated.
Uruzgan province doesn’t have any proper transit routes and the people are not able to comfortably commute, he said, adding that is why it is still among the backward provinces of the country.
However, Uruzgan enjoys many tourism sites, but due to insecurity, the domestic and foreign tourists don’t visit it and instead, they visit Kandahar, Kabul and other secure provinces of the country, he added.
Uruzgan province is located in the southern Afghanistan, bordering Zabul and Kandahar to the south, Helmand to the southwest, Daykundi to the north, and Ghazni province to the east.
Uruzgan covers an area of 12,640 Km2. Much of the province is mountainous or semi-mountainous terrain, while the rest of the areas are made up of flat land.
Earlier, Uruzgan was part of Arakozi region and before BC, it was ruled by Alexander the Great. However, with the passage of time, Ashoka enjoyed to rule this region. Back in 7th century when Arab visited Afghanistan to spread Islam, they initially discovered Zambeelan. In 9th century, they found Ghaznawis, Ghauris, and Mongols that ruled this region.
Ahmad Shah Abdali took over control of Afghanistan back in 17th century, Uruzgan was the first province, which was amalgamated in his empire.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Maimana (BNA)  Interior Minister Taj Mohammad Jahid on Monday arrived in northwestern Faryab province to assess security situation.
The minister reached Faryab with a delegation of security officials in the morning.  Jahid said the aim of their visit was to assess the security situation in Faryab and strengthen police ranks.
The minister hoped security situation in Faryab would improve to facilitate development in all areas.  “I will meet civil society activities, provincial council members, Ulema Council members and tribal elders.”
Jahid said he would share the outcome of the visit with media later.
Recently security threats have increased in Faryab province. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  At least 335 acres of land cultivated with opium poppy were cleared during the ongoing eradication campaign in Nangarhar.
According to the local government officials, the campaign was conducted in the vicinity of Ghani Khel, Chaparhar, and Khogyani districts.
The officials added that 110 acres of land were cleared of opium poppy in Chaparhar, 100 acres of land were cleared in Ghani Khel, and 125 acres of land were cleared in Khogyani district.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) At least sixteen Taliban insurgents including the shadow governor of the group for Northeastern Takhar province were killed in an operation in Kunduz province.
The Kunduz police commandment in a statement said the attack was carried out in the vicinity of Dasht-e-Archi district.
The statement further added that the insurgents were targeted in Pul-e-Moman area of Dasht-e-Archi, leaving Taliban’s shadow governor Qari Tayeb dead along with at least 15 insurgents.
The police commandment did not elaborate further regarding the attack, but he noted that the Taliban leader was killed in an airstrike, however it is not clear if the airstrike was carried out by the Afghan Air Force or the US forces based in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Finance (MoF) officials during a symposium on the provincial budgeting policy said that this year four ministries started implementing the policy and that in the next three years 15 to 20 government departments will follow the suit.
According to the finance ministry, the provincial development budget of the ongoing year of the ministries of agriculture and irrigation, public health, education and rural rehabilitation and development will be $1 million USD.
“This policy aims to decentralize services and budget resources and it has been carried out by delegating authorities of the central budgetary units to the provincial directorates. The delegation of authority is being done in a transparent way and (directorates) will be accountable for the pubic financial management system,” said deputy minister of finance Shafiq Ahmad Qarizada.
Abdul Sattar Murad, Minister of Economy, also attended the meeting and said giving more authority to local governments and institutions, especially in budgeting and planning matters, will help provinces reach their goals of growth and balanced development.
“Growth and balanced development is one of the priorities and goals of government. This won’t be acquired unless government offers good services, establishes a good financial and planning system and specifies the roles of central and local officials,” he said.
“In the past we tried different plans such as the provincial five-year strategic plan, but due to a lack of budget the plan was not implemented,” said Abdul Moqtader, the director of policy and planning for the Independent Directorate of Local Organs.
According to the ministries of economy and finance, a provincial budgeting approach over development projects will be planned by local government officials in consultation with the people. Also local government will have more authority to spend the budget, the ministries said.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani met the ambassador of the Republic of Finland to Kabul, Anne Meskanen in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here the other day, the Ministry said in a statement.
In the meeting, issues were discussed and exchanged on the second round of political consultations between the two countries which is going to be held in May in Finland, aims to assess and implement the provisions of cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Finland.
Ambassador Meskanen also pointed on the cooperation of her country in the areas of reintegration, IDPs, refugees and returnees with Afghanistan.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  First Lady Rula Ghani on Tuesday called for the protection of Afghan girls against child marriages, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
According to her, forced marriages affect physical health of young girls and rob them of their childhood and future, the agency added.
“Child marriage is a depressing phenomenon for the young generation of Afghanistan and it is a national responsibility to stop the menace,’’ she told audience in an event held in Media and Information Centre. The event marked the inauguration of “National Action Plan to Eliminate Early Child Marriage’’ by Afghan Ministries of Women Affairs and Information and Culture.
The inauguration was supported by the Embassy of Canada in Afghanistan and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).
“I urge all Afghan families to avoid child and forced marriages. Your girls face a huge risk when they get married at young age. “Early marriage robs them of their childhood and future opportunities,’’ she added.
The First Lady noted that getting married in an appropriate age reduces girls’ risk for physical, sexual, psychological as well as economic abuse.
UNFPA country representative at the event, Bannet Ndyanabangi said a girl, below 18, was capable of rapidly gaining wisdom and knowledge from the people around her.
“She can be one day an inspiring leader, a productive worker, an innovator, a caring parent or take any other role that empowers a society. “She can shape the future of her society. “But all of this depend on how we support her today,’’ Ndyanabangi said.
According to a statement issued by UNFPA, the plan of action adopts two approaches, it outlines initiatives designed to prevent and end early child marriage. In the ceremony, deputy minister of information and culture on youth affairs, Dr. Kamal Sadat called the program effective to prevent forced marriages and asked religious Ulama, influential figures, media and civil society activists to cooperate in fighting the scourge so the children are not deprived of their rights, BNA added. He added that unacceptable rampant traditions in the society have caused child marriages, an action that should be soon prevented.
“Volunteer committees consisting youth have been established in all provinces of the country and they will cooperate in the respect,” he added.
Calling implementation of the plan one of the ministry for women affairs priorities, the ministry’s representative said that low-level awareness of families is among the reasons behind child marriages in the country.

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