24 June 2017

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Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Terrorist attack on Shaheen 209 Corp in Balkh province proofs that investment on Taliban, as a political movement is just self-delusion and fleeing the realities of the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes a group of armed men once again attacked Shaheen 209 military corp in Balkh province and committed another heinous crime and proved their hostility against Afghan people and the elected government of the country.
The attack carried out while a number of soldiers and officers were citing Friday Prayer and some other eating their lunch at the dining room.
The invaders pretending that they were carrying an injured man to the hospital succeeded to pass the first checkpoint but disclosed and involved in fighting with troops on duty. 
Although during the battle with Afghan soldiers all the attackers were killed, but a number of brave officers and soldiers also lost their lives in the attack that fight terrorism and extremism in front lines of the battle to save the world from the evil of terrorism and extremism.
Terrorist attack on Shaheen corp. Taliban claimed the responsibility took place exactly in time, some foreign countries and certain domestic circles calling Taliban a political movement and using it as a means to achieve their evil goals in the region, support them. While, the recent incident in Balkh and other terrorist incidents occurred earlier clearly showed that Taliban are nothing but a mercenary group who are carrying a proxy war in our country according the command of their foreign bosses and has no any authority of their own.
Due to these heinous nature and peculiarities Taliban enjoy, not believe in political activities, logic and wisdom can one call them a political movement?
Taliban and IS were generated by foreign intelligence services who follow specific goals and use them as soldiers in a proxy they have launched for obtaining their satanic goals.
For this reason, they become a friend of a county today and tomorrow become the enemy of the friend. The long lasting foe, Jihad was an honor against it now becomes their friend and destroys our country in instruction of them.
The recent terrorist incidents in the country claimed by Taliban indicate that Taliban are far away from becoming a political group and desisting terrorist activities. Therefore, investment on them as a political group is nothing but self- delusion. Addressing Taliban chanting such slogans have no any consequences but shame and the foreign countries and domestic diplomatic figures who have pinned hope on Taliban are in delusion. Therefore, it would be advisable for them to come out from the delusion and think about the realities.
On the other hand, the recent terrorist incident in Balkh province once again discloses a wide security gap in the country.
This incident after a terrorist attack on a hospital in Kabul is the most tragic incident, while the people waiting for the punishment of culprits of the incident, the terrorists attacked the military base in Balkh province.
The people and the bereaved families of the victims of these horrible incidents ask the relevant authorities to bring the culprits to the court as soon as possible and punish according the laws of the country.       

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The World Bank Group’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) has so far insured three major companies in Afghanistan in a bid to promote foreign direct investment in the country.
Collectively worth USD 154mn, these companies are insured against losses incurred in a change in political systems and trade problems.
“World Bank has insured 3 companies through MIGA, but there is little awareness about this service. More awareness needs to be made in order to provide better investment climate in Afghanistan,” said Abdul Qadir Bahman, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce of Industries (ACCI) CEO.
Meanwhile, Afghan business owners urged the World Bank to speed up efforts in this regard as businesses in Afghanistan are facing major threats.
Welcoming the step taken by the World Bank, Afghanistan private sector stressed if the country’s big companies are insured, they will invest more.
A national trader, Taj Mohammad believes that insurance is an important issue in business and investment sectors in the country, through which the traders will have financial safety.
A number of economic experts and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries said that insuring big companies will pave the ground for further foreign investments in the country.
Head of planning in Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mohammad Tahir Wardak said if investment safety was ensured, this will result in drawing more investments in the country.
He asked the World Bank to insure Afghanistan domestic companies in order to prevent capital flight, because, insurance is the main demand of investors, thus, we hope the WB to cooperate with Afghan merchants and investors in this regard.
A number of economic experts believe the move would better provide the ground for domestic and foreign investors in Afghanistan.
Calling insurance the best way for better investments in advanced countries, a Kabul University lecturer and economic expert, Saifuddin Saihoun said, “Unfortunately, beside other sections, due to long-years’ war, insurance section has been harmed in Afghanistan.”
According to him, insurance is the main issue in trade and investment sectors.
Another expert, Sarwar Rahsepar said the World Bank could cooperate with Afghanistan in investment and economic growth, adding the government of Afghanistan needs world countries’ assistances particularly the WB for long.
Findings suggest that insecurity, lack of power, insurance and standard roads have caused to provide the ground capital flight in Afghanistan.
MIGA was established in 1988 as a member of the World Bank Group.
The agency, which today boasts 164 member countries, aims to encourage foreign investment in developing countries.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Taliqan (BNA) shadow governor of Taliban for Takhar province was killed with eight other insurgents in an air raid conducted by US drone yesterday.
Qari Tayb was targeted by US drone in his hideout in Dasht-e-Archi district, Kunduz province.
A security source of Kunduz province told BNA, in the raid, Qari Tyb shadow governor of Taliban for Takhar province with other insurgents was killed in the raid.
A US commander in Afghanistan said that they have done that attack to restrict the activities of terrorism in Afghanistan.
Qari Tyb was involved in recent insecurity in parts of Kunduz and Takhar provinces.
According to officials, with killing of Qari Tyb the security situation will be improved in parts of the two provinces.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Jalalabad (BNA) Nangarhar province has witnessed 70% increase in industrial activity with the establishment of 30 new factories at Sheikh Misri Industrial Zone of the province in the past six months.
The province’s business community along with Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) called on Governor Haji Tor Malang to further support investment in the province.  Governor Malang said industrial activity has been increasing day by day in Nangarhar.  According to Malang, a total of 2,433 factories are functional in Nangarhar, employing 10,000 individuals.

Sunday, 23 April 2017 04:39

Member of Daesh Group Held in Nangarhar

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Jalalabad (BNA)  a member of Daesh group with package of armaments was arrested in Nangarhar province.
Mohammad Omar while wanted to transfer the package of weapons to Daesh group was arrested by security forces in Dorbaba district of the province.
According to police official to BNA, several weapons and explosives were seized from the package.
The member of Daesh group in first investigation said that he was worked for Daesh group and wanted to transfer the weapons to Daesh.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) U.S. Forces in Afghanistan confirmed killing of Qari Tayeb, once known as the Taliban shadow governor for Takhar, in an air strike in Archi district of Kunduz province. A statement released by the U.S. forces in Afghanistan on the other day said that he was killed along with eight additional Taliban fighters.
“The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom-of-movement in the area,” the statement said,” the strike targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area.”

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) A ceremony was held to commemorate the fourth anniversary of declaring Ghazni as the center of Islamic civilization in 2013, here in Kabul, BNA reported.
According to the agency, the ceremony was attended by a number of officials, including acting minister of information and culture, deputy ministers of urban development and finance, members of parliament, members of provincial councils, civil society activists and dozens of Ghazni resident in that province.
At the outset, Abdul Karim Matin Ghazni governor readout the message of President Ghani, saying Ghazni once again found itself among the Islamic countries, where the province has center of emerging of many great Islamic emperors.
Calling Ghazni as the identity and matter of proud for Afghans, Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari acting minister of information and culture said Ghaznavides established an emperor which was not only expanded the territory, but also played important role in expansion of education, art and culture.
“Al-beruni was greatest scholar of Ghaznavides period. Dozens of precious works remained from him that proved Ghanvidses were culture loving people, where the name of Ghazni people as the center of Islamic civilizations would remain alive for years, Prof. Bawari continued.
According to acting minister of information and culture, the ministry has restored 34 historical monuments of the province, where the others are under restoration process.
Deputy Minister of urban development said the city’s master plan was prepared upon declaring of the center of Islamic civilization, adding some projects were implemented and promised to address the city’s problems and to convey their problems to central government. Calling declaration of Ghazni as the center of Islamic civilization as a great achievement for Afghanistan, Ghazni governor hoped Islamic countries work together for peace in the war-torn country. He also asked the national unity government to further pay attention to the city.
Representing the Ghazni people, Hamidullah Nawroz member of the provincial council said Ghazni was ranked among the first categories of the provinces form the second one, adding the provincial administrative offices were still in the third category.
He also asked for further cooperation of the ministries of information and culture, higher education and urban development for restoration of the historical places, increasing the universities and implementation of the master plan.
The ceremony was initiated by the provincial directorate of information and culture in coordination of the provincial governor office.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  A press release issued by the presidential press office said terrorists once again committed crime with attacking the Mosque and targeting soldiers of 209 Shaheen Corps while praying in holy day of Friday. The press release called the attack contrary to Islamic teachings.
“Terrorist groupings have never been remained secure across the country, as the brave Afghan security forces have been targeting them from Achin to Baghlan province. The government and the people appreciate sacrifices of the security and defense forces,” the press release said. President Ghani spoke with officials of Shaheen Corps immediately after the incident, asking them to address the families of martyrs and those injured in the incident. Besides condemning the attack, the president prayed for the souls of martyrs and wished urgent recovery for those injured, the press release added.
Meanwhile the National Unity Government’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah condemned Friday’s attack on Afghan National Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps Headquarters in Balkh province and called it a cowardly attack.
“The attack on holy places is forbidden in every belief, what Taliban did in Mazar was against all values. I condemn this coward attack,” Dr. Abdullah said.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani issuing a decree announced Sunday (today) as the national mourning day, to pay tribute to the martyrs of Shaheen 209 Corps, who lost their lives in a terrorist attack on Friday, a presidential statement said. The presidential palace approved the following points to condole and pay tribute to the martyrs of Shaheen 209 Corps terrorist attack during Friday prayer. “1. Sunday has been announced as the national mourning day and the country’s flags should remain half-mast in all Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions inside and outside of the country. 2. Praying ceremonies should be held in presidential mosque and all other mosques across the country for the martyrs of the terrorist attack on Shaheen 209 corps,” the statement concluded.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The youth national symposium for sustainable development attended by a number of youth, representatives of international organizations, civil society activists, men of culture and media men, was concluded here yesterday with closing remarks of the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh.
Thanking the organizers of the symposium, the second vice president called Afghanistan a young country and young generation as the founders of new Afghanistan. He said youth are not only the hope of the country, but also make the future of the same.
VP Danesh said government was determined to make the government administration a young one, adding the national unity government has made further efforts and the administration has been further younger in the last two years.
Pointing to current situation, the second vice president said Afghanistan was going forward with a legitimate and elected government, calling those remarks diverting the society toward opposite directions as meaningless.
Pointing to remarks of some of the politicians, the second vice president said remarks was not only a green light for the enemies, but also shows disrespect to sacrifices of the Afghan forces. He said even these politicians criticize the government and its allies attack on militants. Hinting to Daesh attack of protesters in Kabul, VP Danesh said these terrorists never give up to target innocent people and even exploded people with bombs. He said Afghan nation would never return to dark days and the youth play key role in sustainable development of the country, adding they should be eased with essential facilities such as technology.

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