20 February 2020

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Thursday December 12, 2019
JALALBAD CITY (BNA) Stationary have been donated to hundreds girl students in Bibi Hawa girl high school in eastern Nangarhar province.
The aids have been provided by Turkey education foundation.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman of Nangarhar governor told BNA correspondent, in this round Turkey education foundation have been distributed pen, notebooks, boxes and other stationery to 500 girl students.
Turkey education foundation’ officials during visiting to Nangarhar province pledged that to build a big library in Bibi Hawa girl high school.


Thursday, December 12, 2019
Lashkargah (BNA) Eight Taliban insurgents were killed in an airstrike of Afghan Security Forces in Helmand province last night.
The insurgents were suppressed in suburb of Lashkargah city for planning attack on a police checkpoint.
Atal army corps in south of the country with releasing a statement said BNA, eight Taliban insurgents were killed and a hideout of them with all war equipment has been demolished.
It is said that no harm and casualties incurred to civilians in the raid.
Another report says, police of Helmand with discovering of ten mines from busy roads of that province, prevented from a series of blasts.
No one has been detained in the connection of the failed mine planting.
T. Yartzada

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic exchanged views on some issues including cooperation with Afghanistan, especially within the NATO Resolution Support BNA reported Wednesday.
During the meeting which was held at the Delkusha Palace, the country’s president thanked him, for his country cooperation with Afghanistan, especially within the NATO led Resolute Support, the agency said.  The chairman of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina assured that his country would continue cooperating with Afghanistan and would develop cooperation with Afghanistan further than ever, alongside the international community, the agency quoted.  He also said his country was ready to share its experiences of good governance and development with Afghanistan, according to the agency.


Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a meeting of council of ministers’ executive committee for maintenance and protection was held yesterday at Sapidar Palace.
In the meeting, officials for the ministry of transportation delivered a plan for roads management project in which a mechanism has been measured to cut down traffic incidents and create connection between insecure areas and transportation routes.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah while welcoming the plan said problems in transportation sector has created lots of problems for the people, therefore, further attention should be paid to this sector.
He added that creation of a regular system would increase confidence of the people and increase of incomes in the country.
Meanwhile, the ministry of transportation delivered draft law on management of maintenance and protection and completion of properties and infrastructures to the meeting.
The draft law has been prepared in 7 chapter and 44 articles encompassing general verdicts, tasks and responsibilities of institutions, responsibilities of private sector, protection and maintenance from properties and infrastructures and their completion, funding resources of the protection and maintenance projects.
The country’s chief executive welcomed the law, saying that all activities in government institutions should be followed in accordance to the law and measured procedures with full transparency and responsiveness.


Thursday, 12 December 2019 11:45

Chinese Ambassador Calls on VP Danesh

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul called on second Vice President Sarwar Danesh yesterday.
In the meeting, peace process, expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, presidential elections and other issues were discussed.
Second Vice President by pointing to historic relations between Afghanistan and China stressed on expansion of relations between the two countries in political, security, economic and cultural fields, adding that the Chinese government has helped Afghanistan in the respective fields during the past 19 years.
He said currently good relations between the two countries were expanding as mutual cooperation between the two countries has been followed by positive consequences in economic, trade, cultural, education and higher education fields in recent years.
Danesh considered implementation a part of development projects by Chinese companies as an example of mutual cooperation between the two countries, saying that there was also constructive cooperation between the two countries in security section for counter terrorism in border areas.
Second Vice-President also considered role of the Chinese government in Afghanistan peace process as significant, adding that Afghanistan peace was crucial for regional countries and international partners of Afghanistan and reaching this goal could not be possible without honestly cooperation of all countries involved in Afghanistan issue.
In the meeting, the Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul considered both China and Afghanistan as two close friends and good neighbors and said during his mission to Afghanistan, he would make effort towards further expansion of relations between the two countries.
Pointing to cooperation of his government with Afghanistan in the field of health, higher education and education, the Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul stressed on expansion of cooperation in economic and trade between the two countries through air corridors and railways.


Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Cancer is a curable disease, but no basic treatment center has been still established in the country, BNA quoted chairwoman of Counter-cancer Foundation of Afghanistan and Chairwoman of Afghanistan Medical Council, Dr. Nasreen Oryakhil the other day.
She asked the private sector to invest in completion of cancer hospital, which has been established in 2016 within the Aliabad Hospital.
A cancer treatment section has also been activated within the Jamhoriat Hospital, according to the agency.
In a video speech, Bibi Gul Rula Ghani, the country’s First Lady also expressed her grave concern over the fatal cancer disease and via a video massage said:  “Cancer is fatal and there was a need for building a wide treatment center.”
She added that in Afghanistan there is no a cancer treatment center, this is why the ailing Afghans are spending much money for their treatment outside the country, the agency quoted.
Calling the cancer treatment center activities non-governmental and non-prolific and said that completion of the center was a piece of hope for the people affected suffering cancer disease, the agency said.
T. Yarzada


Thursday December 12, 2019
FIROZ KOH CITY (BNA) Four narcotic drug smugglers member of Taliban group were killed and three others were wounded during clashes with Afghan national police personnel in western Ghor province the other day.
Spokesman of ministry of interior told BNA reporter, the narcotic drug smugglers were killed during a special operation conducted by counter-narcotic drug police personnel in relevant areas of Firoz Koh city the provincial capital of the province.
The smugglers wanted to transfer 1000 kg narcotic drug type of heroin from Firoz Koh city to unknown area.
Also, Afghan police personnel succeeded to detain three narcotic drug personnel during the military operation.
A vehicle belonged to the smugglers have been destroyed and another vehicle along with 1000 kg narcotic drug have been seized by police personnel following the military operation.

Thursday, 12 December 2019 11:44

Martyrs’ Families Received Aids in Ghazni

Thursday December 12, 2019
GHAZNI CITY (BNA) Cash have been donated to dozens martyrs and injuries families in central Ghazni province.
Ahmad Khan Sirat spokesperson of Ghazni police chief told BNA correspondent, ordered by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 9,750 million Afghanis have been distributed to 50 martyrs and 87 injuries families in Ghazni province.
During the distribution of the aids while Ghazni police chief and head of provincial council of Ghazni were prevent, governor of Ghazni said, the cash donated aiming to president Ghani condolence with martyrs and injuries families.
Each martyrs family have received 100,000 Afghanis and each injure family have received 50,000 Afghanis.

Thursday, 12 December 2019 11:44

Taliban Key Associate Detained in Farah

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Farah (BNA) The security officials of Farah detained a key associate of Taliban terrorist group yesterday.
Mohibullah Mohib police spokesman of Farah told BNA correspondent, Mullah Mosa an active member of Taliban terrorist group who has been instrumental in many destructive and terrorist activities in Poshtrod District, and suburban villages of Farah province, has been detained from outskirt of Karji village center of that province.
In his initial investigation, the man confessed to staging several terrorist attacks on security posts.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, 12 December 2019 11:43

Taliban Suffered Casualties in Ghazni

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Five Taliban militants were killed in air strike of security troops in Ghazni province last night.
Emal Momand acting spokesman of Thunder 203 army corps told BNA, the militants were killed in air strike of security troops in Moqor District, Ghazni province.
Two other insurgents have been injured in the strike, said Momand.
According to another report, the defense and security troops in a clash with Taliban in Dorani region, Nerkh District Maidan-Wardak province, seized three rockets launchers and 280 PK machine guns.
Meanwhile, a group of Thunder 203 army corps de-miners discovered and confiscated three mines from outskirt of Khost province.
T. Yarzada


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