26 April 2018

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Monday April 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Several Afghan National Army troops were martyred when they faced with ambush of Taliban militants in Badghis province last night.
Abdul Aziz Baig head of provincial council of Badghis told BNA local reporter, the incident took place, while over 10 Afghan National Army forces were going to Baghban region, Qala-e-Naw city the provincial capital of the province for ensuring security of voter registration centers.
Afghan National Army troops were faced with Taliban ambush in Raidehi region, Qala-e-Naw city.
This is a developing story, the news will be updated as information to be available.

Monday April 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari in a workshop held yesterday for preservation of the country’s intangible cultural heritages stressed on identification and preservation of such heritages.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, acting minister of information and culture spoke and said that MoIC was making effort to identify and enlist intangible culture heritages to include in world list.
“Preservation and expansion of cultural heritages are in the ministry’s working priority,” Bawari said.
Praising UNESCO for cooperation in preservation of the cultural heritages, acting minister of information and culture said that UNESCO has prepared a plan for preservation of the heritages, which would be useful in this regard.
UNESCO representative to Afghanistan in his speech said that the organization was ready for cooperation with Afghanistan in cultural sections, adding that Afghanistan has taken steps towards preservation of cultural heritages but needed further efforts.
It is worth mentioning that the workshop was launched by UNESCO in Afghanistan National Museum and will continue for three more days.

Monday April 23, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Addressing the first ceremony of Afghanistan and Iran Cultural Talks at the Kabul University, the country’s Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh said no power could prevent the people go forward and the democracy strengthen, a statement from his office said Sunday.
“The only way to help restore security and stability in the country is holding the election and wide participation of the people in the process,” said the vice-president who strongly condemned today’s suicide bombing that left tens of innocent people dead or wounded.
He said the enemy’s attack on civilians, will never prevent the people political and cultural movement. Danesh also praised the holding of book exhibition at the seminar and said that the move would help relation between the two neighboring countries develop and strengthen, the statement quoted. He said this was very surprising that among the Muslims, are extremists like Daesh and Taliban who are not bound by any law and excommunicate others and reject the followers of other religions and faiths as foe, the statement quoted.
He once again emphasized that relation between the Muslim countries should be based on the Islamic teachings.
At the seminar, the message of the country’s president was read out and the minister of information and culture, Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, Hamidhulllah Farooqi, the rector of the Kabul University and some others spoke at the grand meeting.

Sunday April 22, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) inaugurated tenth round of archeological excavations in Mes-e-Aynak archeological site here yesterday, BNA reported.
The event was also attended by deputy ministers of higher education and interior, Logar governor and a number of MoIC directors. Addressing the inauguration event in Mes-e-Aynak, acting minister of information and culture and deputy minister of cultural affairs Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari said the archaeological site was reach of the precious relics and that housing stupas, coins, stone and clay made sculptures and temples related to Buddhist, Zoroaster and Kushanid periods.
“There are movable, immovable relics and residential houses existed in Mes-e-Aynak archaeological site. Around 600 of precious artefacts were already transferred to the National Museum of Afghanistan,” Bawari added.
Acting Minister of Information and Culture went on saying that archeological sites were existed beside copper mine in Mes-e-Aynak area, adding there would be no mine extractions till end of the archeological excavations in the area.
He also said a local museum to be built in Mohammad Agha district of Logar Province.
Meanwhile deputy minister of higher education said faculties of archaeology and mines to be established with Logar University.
Deputy Minister of Public Protection Force of the Ministry of Interior Abdul Razaq Amiri assured full security to the archeological site.

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