22 October 2019

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Monday, October 21, 2019
Lashkargah (BNA) Led by advisor to ministry of information and culture Dr. Tariq Reshad, the visiting delegation of the MoIC opened various exhibitions on the occasion of marking the cultural week in Helmand. 
In opening ceremony of the exhibitions attended by acting and deputy governor of Helmand Mujahidullah Safari , provincial director of information and culture Hamidullah Weyr, head of tribes and borders Ahmad Naved Nazari, provincial director of Independent Human Rights Commission Afifa Maroof, provincial director of women affairs Wajiha Rasouli, director of finance and administrative for governor office Zahid Atal, a number of cultural figures, writers, literal figures, teachers, civil society activists and youth, advisor to ministry of information and culture said the MoIC was working to protect the Afghani culture, traditions, the country’s history, values and arts and make the people get acquainted with them.
According to advisor of the ministry of information and culture, such exhibitions will play effective role in awareness of the nation.  He added that the MoIC would make effort to address problems in the field of cultural and art affairs.
In the ceremony, acting and deputy governor of Helmand Mujahidullah Safari by praising the MoIC said the province was enriched with old cultural history, adding that holding such exhibitions would not only enliven the province’s history and culture but also encourage writers and art workers.
Afterwards, provincial director of information and culture Hamidullah Weyar spoke and said provincial directorate of information and culture was working in close cooperation with the MoIC and local government to launch various effective programs in the field of culture, literal, art and youth.
It is worth mentioning that handicrafts, historic works, pictures, books and art works were put in the respective exhibitions in Helmand.

Sunday, October 20, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Led by advisor to ministry of information and culture Dr. Tariq Reshad, a 15 member delegation arrived in Helmand to participate in scientific seminars, poetry program and other cultural programs and pay visit to historic monuments in the country.
Attended by acting governor of Helmand Mujahidullah Safari, the 15 member visiting delegation, a number of writers, women and youth, Alama Ibn Huban Boosti Scientific and Research seminar was held in Lashkargah, the provincial capital.
Speaking in the seminar, acting governor of the province Mujahidullah Safari by praising the ministry of information and culture for holding the seminar on works, thoughts and life of Alama Boosti added it was much needed to hold such seminars to honor the country’s top figures, praise their works and make use of their thoughts and knowledge.
In the seminar, head of the people’s culture for the ministry of information and culture Mahbooba Babakrkhil read out President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s message sent about the seminar.
Afterwards, advisor to the MoIC Dr. Tareq Reshad spoke and said the ministry of information and culture was committed to paving the way for translation of Alama Boosti’s Works, completion of Alama Ibn Huban Boosti medal and starting work on renovation of his mausoleum.
Provincial director of information and culture Hamidullah Wayar also spoke and said provincial governor Lt. Gen. Mohammad Yasin Khan has pledged to provide budget for construction of the mausoleum’s wall, praising the governor for his assistance and cooperation in this regard.
Afterwards, a number of writers delivered their articles about life, position, works and scientific works and journeys of Alama Boosti to the seminar.
They also shared their demands in connection with renovation of the province’s historic monuments and paying attention to Alama Boosti’s mausoleum and translation of his works.

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, executive committee of culture and art meeting was held with participation of representatives of government institutions, university lecturers, art and cultural figures at chief executive office.
In the meeting, head of Kabul public library delivered plan for the public library complex building, adding work on the complex that would have particular libraries for children, individuals with disabilities, separate places for research centers, publication services and permanent books exhibition was underway.
Representative of the ministry of interior spoke related to the way for counter PSYOP of armed opponent group and said learning seminars have been held for hundreds of security forces personnel in this regard.
Afterwards, representative of the ministry of foreign affairs spoke related to holding separate education and higher education programs for government employees.
Representative of the ministry of information and culture spoke related to progress in creation of Bakhtar News TV. Culture advisor to chief executive spoke about work on creating an art academy.
Meanwhile, head of preservation and renovation of the country’s historic monuments for the ministry of information and culture spoke related to efforts made for the preservation of Minaret of Jam, adding that due to security reasons, the ministry of information and culture has not been able to take a representative of the UNESCO to Ghor to visit the minaret.
Afterwards, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah by praising for developments in the field of art and culture stressed on making further efforts in this regard.
The country’s chief executive considered creating of Kabul public library complex as continued investment for the country’s education and higher education, instructing head of the public library to prepare working plan of the library so hat budget would be allocated for that.
Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah welcome MoU between chief executive office and MoI for counter PSYOPs of armed opponent group and considered work on creating Bakhtar News TV and Art Academy as satisfactory.
The country’s chief executive instructed the MoIC to pave the way for starting work on preservation of the Minaret of Jam, saying that necessary step should be taken within two months in this regard.

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghan Archaeologists discovered Cybele amidst loin and evidence of an altar and Palace the other day in Kapisa Province.
Evidence of altar with lions founded during the recent excavations at Khumzargar site of Kapisa province, the archaeology Institute of Afghanistan (AIA) said.
According to the official, the findings by the Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan is extremely important discovery for understanding the chronology and type of the site.
“The objects probably dated to 2nd 3rd CAD.  Archaeological excavations started in this important archaeological site after 45 years by the AIA,” the institute director Noor Agha Noori said.
Kapisa has the ruins of Kanishka’s palace and dozens of stupas and panels of scenes from the life of the Buddha as well as Jataka Stories which have to be discovered yet, the AIA added.

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