21 October 2017

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Korean-Afghanistan Friendship Photo exhibition ‘Korea in Afghanistan’ was opened here in Bagh Babur on Wednesday, aiming to feature Korea’s development programs implemented in Afghanistan.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Korean Ambassador Chin Ki Hoon said the exhibition included 70 photos from different programs implemented in Afghanistan, adding there were still many programs left uncovered in the exhibition.
“The Republic of Korea is committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan for their resilience and sustainability,” Ambassador Chin Ki Hoon said, adding in close partnership with UN and the Afghan government, ROK was focusing on promoting inter alia, maternal and child health, education, rural development and women’s empowerment.
“There are photos in the exhibition covering our supports in the areas of food, decreasing of mines threats, repatriates, culture, health affairs, education, extending support to farmers and providing of the technical and vocational trainings,” he said.
The Ambassador went on saying that his country’s main objective behind the continued support was to safe lives in Afghanistan and provide a better future for the next generation.
The Exhibition with 70 photos which features Korea’s economic and development programs for Afghanistan would be open for one week in Bagh Babur.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In a ceremony held at the presidential palace and was attended by a number of culturists, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani handed over a historical book to the National Museum of Afghanistan, which was earlier seized by the security forces in Maidan Wardak province.
Addressing the ceremony on Thursday, President Ghani thanked the security forces for preventing the illegal trafficking of the book.  He also instructed the Ministry of Information and Culture’s officials to establish a joint committee of Afghan and Foreign Archeologists to research upon the book and share the result with the Afghan national.
Hunting to Afghanistan’s historical background, the president emphasized on listing and preservation of the cultural heritage.  He also said that with peace and stability in the country, the cultural heritage of Afghanistan could be a good income source for the coming generations.
Meanwhile Director of the National Museum of Afghanistan thanked President’s attention towards the country’s cultural heritage, adding much achievements made in discovering of the historical artifacts in recent years.
He meanwhile assured president of preserving the historical relics in line with special laws.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In a ceremony held to appreciate Asar Institution, deputy publication minister of information and culture condemned some Afghan tradition as unacceptable and said there was a need for serious fight against, BNA reported Tuesday.
The deputy minister awarded his ministry’s letter of appreciation to the head of the institution, after lauding his work and efforts for eradication of commonplace traditions, particularly related to the wedding ceremonies, according to the agency.
According to the agency, Kabul Governor who was addressing the ceremony said that wicked tradition prevents many of the country’s youth to form households.
He also praised the Asar Institution for its effort in this field, with the head of the institution said it was committed to fight against the phenomenon that rooted in the society.
According to another report, Deputy Publications Minister of Information and Culture, Fazel Sancharaki also attended an unveiling ceremony of Adab Magazine, which has restarted publication after 40 years of delay.
Kabul University Rector, Hamidullah Farooqi, some other lecturers and a number of culturists have attended the ceremony.
Karima Malikzada

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Recently, women have achieved much success on handicrafts’ production, but they ask for the government support to further improve their activities.
Sana production project chairwoman, Roya said, “We are running a small project names ‘Sana’, aims to produce nine types of productions such as jam, pickle, etc.”
The project is running by women, a number of whom are disabled or martyrs’ families, she further said.
Besides jam and pickle, we produce Badakhshi cookies, she added.
It is a matter of pleasure that we own supply the productions to market, she said, adding we are not being supported by any agency and are self-reliant, she went on to say.
There are 15 women working in our project, she continued.
She said, “I am an Afghan woman and have never thought myself to be a loser and would keep doing without any fear.”
Soon, we will run a big project if god willing, she added.
We provide the raw materials from Kabul and after process, supply it to market, she pointed out.
We don’t use new plastic bottles, and it is one of our main problems, she said.
We use used-bottles, but we first wash them completely, she said, adding we want to supply high-quality productions to market.
She said, “The processing and packaging processes are being done with primary tools and we hope to soon run a big project with modern machineries so to recruit more women.”
We plan to provide any types of Afghani local foods in near future through which we would display the women talents and keep our country’s productions alive, she said.
Our next plan is to provide advanced machineries so to fame our productions worldwide, she added.
An in-charge of the project, Najim Ishaq said, “At first, we didn’t have anything, and started our work with hand and then a company names Rods, led by Dr. Nemat has improved our activities and today, we produce fifty types of handicrafts.”
We hire destitute and jobless women as well as those suffer narcotics so to help them stand on their feet on one hand and expand our works on the other, she further said.
Currently, ten women cooperate with us in term of production and some women bring their hand-made items to this organ and those who are newly recruited, would be trained for one week free of charge, she added.
We have held two handicrafts exhibitions so far, in Habibullah Zazai Park and in National Gallery, where many of our works had been sold worth 300 up to 3000 afghanis, Mr. Ishaq said.
This is while that most of women are trying to somehow economically help their households, but they ask for the government’s support in this regard.
Karima Malikzada

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