19 June 2018

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Fazil Sancharaki, meeting of working group of media and executing committee for development of culture and art was held yesterday.
In the session, goals and procedures of working group of media and role of media in development of culture were discussed.
Addressing participants in the session, deputy minister of publication affairs asserted that no considerable attention has been paid to development of culture and art in the country during the past 18 years, therefore, it was needed to pay further attention in this field.
He added that working group of media in the framework of executing committee of cultural and art development should make further effort so ways were paved from media to take part in development of culture and art in the country.
Deputy Minister of publication affairs for information and culture also considered role of media as key and effective in development of the country’s culture.
In the session, participants delivered their plans, suggestions, visions and procedures for working group of media and as a result, team of five people was appointed to prepare a plan related to goals, mechanism and working program of the group and deliver it to coming session.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture, in a ceremony yesterday said that supporting from peace process in current situation was important and each Afghan individual in particular youth was responsible for supporting the national process in the country.
In a youth ceremony held for supporting peace process in Kabul, Dr. Sadat asserted that Afghans would not reach development and tranquility without peace and stability in the country.
He asked those youth who were standing beside armed insurgent groups against the government to stop violence and joint their brothers and live in a peaceful environment.
“Today a number of Afghan youth bring honor to their people and homeland, but unfortunately a number of others who are using of the country’s water and soil are thinking how to destroy their country and kill their brothers,” Dr. Sadat added.  In the ceremony, deputy of High Peace Council Mawlavi Aturahman Saleem asked the Afghan youth to further cooperate with the peace process and raise the voice of peace-loving in each corner of the country.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawary, acting minister of information and culture, chaired a meeting of cultural week holding committee, saying the ceremony should be held in a high manner to include all cultural specialties of the city, BNA reported the other day.
He said all issues pertaining to the city should be considered to help the meeting managed and held in accordance to the cultural contents of the city, said the agency.
The minister asked the people to cooperate with the ministry in holding the Kabul cultural week, as the main goal of the committee was to display the culture of the city, said the agency.
According to another report, the minister also chaired a meeting of the High Art Council Committees and spoke about the necessity of holding of the activation of the high art council and approval of the procedure for the improvement of internal affairs of the council, according to the agency.
He said experienced people should be appointed to lead the high art council committees to well lead the related affairs.

Tuesday May 29, 2018 Kabul (BNA) The ministry of information and culture warns if media, publication and cultural entities don’t clear their tax accounts within three months, based on presidential decree, their activity licenses would be taken, BNA reported. Deputy minister of information and culture on publication affairs Sayed Aqa Fazel Sancharaki in a joint news conference with head of intermediate taxpayers of finance ministry Amina Ahmadi, ATRA representative, Breshna Company’s deputy and Afghanistan journalists federation said based upon the presidential decree, media, publication and cultural entities’ tax fines have been exempted. According to him, the media outlets are obliged to pay 20 percent of their taxes and the rest should be paid within seven years in monthly installments. He said if the financial accounts of the mentioned entities were not paid within three months, according to the presidential decree, their activity and frequency licenses would be taken. Head of intermediate taxpayers of finance ministry Amina Ahmadi said that the issue of media’s non-payment of taxes has been serious and majority of them has not cleared their financial accounts for years, a move caused their tax fines to get increased from the original amount. Afterward, Dr. Khalid Stanekzai said a number of media owed his company and the amount has reached to nearly 238 million Afghanis, 34 million which relates to private media that should be paid.
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