20 August 2017

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Sunday August 6, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Terrorists are becoming more barbaric day by day and threatening lives of the country’s citizens.
Explosion, suicide attack, military operation, killing, abducting and various types of violence are common reports in the country’s media. Killing innocent people, attacking on holy places and religious activities are some evil tactics of terrorist groups in Afghanistan where they want to kill more people in their single attack or explosion. Another goal of terrorist groups is to take advantage from such attacks in media and their propaganda. They only want their attacks to be broadcast and published through media. Terrorist groups by media propaganda show their powerful presence in the country; on the other hand, their attacks and explosions cause tension, concern and horror of the people in the country. Terrorist groups want to terrorize the common people and make them surrender and avoid resisting them; therefore, they launch the wildest attacks among the people in order to terrorize them.
Unfortunately, terrorist attacks are widely broadcast through visual media and published with more details in social media and sites. Repeatedly broadcasting and publishing killing of men, women and children and destructions of terrorist incidents through media can put negative impacts on morale of the people. Although speech freedom and freedom of press have been recognized in Afghanistan and media can broadcast and publish reports at any ways, but it is important that media officials and workers are also part of the people of Afghanistan and their interests are not separate from the rest of the people; therefore, if media pays to their tasks and professional responsibilities, they should also pay to national interests and general morale of the people in their reports. Today terrorists are targeting the innocent people and destroying cultural and economic infrastructures of the country. Terrorist groups are thinking only about destruction of the country and killing innocent Afghans. Thus, fighting and standing against terrorist groups are not only the task of Afghanistan government but the task and responsibility of all Afghan citizens. Defeating terrorist groups need national determination. Media as the eye and lantern of society should make further effort in formation of the will and determination as a national act and decision. Moreover, today everybody has access to social media and most of users of the media are not aware of consequences of their work in social media and publish reports and scenes which can maintain the enemies’ goals. We should be alert in all fronts to fight the enemy as media is the most important part of publishing propaganda which should be taken as serious.
Lailuma Noori

Sunday August 6, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Although internet and social networks have decreased number of book readers but still book and book reading have particular position among enthusiasts of study and research. Head of Bayhaqi publishing house Faizullah Mohtaj said, over 42000 title books were published throughout Afghanistan including Baihaqi that cover social, cultural, universities curriculum, historical and research topics. Few publishers have made considerable efforts in the field of literature in Afghanistan that enjoy remarkable and great importance. Mohtaj added, since I have taken over in Baihaqi, over 200 title books have been published, majority of them have been supplied to bazaar and sold and its income has been transferred to public account. Talking on the Annual, Mohtaj said the Annual of 1394 has been printed and distributed. Annual of 1395 solar year has been undertaken and is expected to be published. Mohtaj went on to say, besides publishing of books, Baihaqi has undertaken publishing of a holy Quran calligraphy with particular Afghani calligraphy by Mr. Bakhtyari in five years besides publishing of books. This calligraphy has been decorated in computer with special delicacy. So far we have not introduced this calligraphy to the world people but we are interested to introduce it through Google as Afghan calligraphy officially.
Following the publication of Dari version, we plan to publish Holy Quran in Pashto translation and interpretation as its translation has been concluded and its interpretation is going on. Touching book sale booths, he said we have 17 book sailing booths throughout the Kabul city and plan to establish booths in provincial capitals too as we already setup booths in Nooristan, Helmand, Nimroz, Paktika provinces. Talking on the publishers, Mohtaj said, according to available data, there are over 26 publishes in capital Kabul who have received official permits from the MoIC. They contribute during organizing of book fairs. Kabul public library consists of seven sections with over 70000 title books. Enthusiasts can borrow books from distribution section for 15 days. Cards are issued for official government employees. The head of Kabul public library Mohammad Shafi Rakeen said, the situation of the library is not satisfactory at present, as the number of visitors decreased then to past due to different reasons including internet facilities and lack of encouraging of students by their families to study. Our problems include lack of sufficient books, lack of shelves for book keeping.
We have no budget to purchase new books. Asia Foundation and some individuals and private libraries donate book to our library. Publishers also contribute books to library and some authors also donate two copies of their books. Our visitors are usually university graduates for preparing of their monograph. At present over 60 visitors refer to library.  Sher Ahmad Sayeedi the head of Afghan publishers union and chief of Sayeed Publication said, since over 10 years, the Afghan publishers has been operating in Kabul and provinces that consists of over 50 publishers including 20 publishers who are involved in publishing of schools and universities textbooks and 30 publishers in general books that cover 300 private book sellers.    
Karima Malikzada

Sunday August 6, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of information and culture on Tourism and Finance in a meeting with a Tatar-Stan delegation spoke about tourism expansion, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
In the meeting, head of Russian Federation’s culture and knowledge house in Kabul and the Tatar-Stan delegation briefed about cultural and Islamic programs and providing the ground for Russian tourists to Afghanistan, maintaining relations among the people of both countries particularly the Muslims and asked the ministry of information and culture for further cooperation.
The pointed out there are 150 million population in Russia, 30 million of whom are Muslims as well as there are 1500 mosques in that country, BNA added.
Pointing at Russia’s cooperation with Afghanistan particularly in building Kabul Polytechnic University, culture and knowledge house and a number of other establishments in Afghanistan, the acting minister of information and culture asked that country for further cooperation particularly in term of culture, the agency added.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Kabul (BNA)  Beside Band-e-Amir, the ruined Budha status, historical cities of Zuhak and Gholghola which attract every year thousands domestic and foreign tourists, Arooskoh is another touristic attraction.
Acting head of Bamyan provincial department of information and cultural Sayed Ahmad Hussein Ahmad poor said, with a height of over 4500 meter Arooskoh located on the snow-clad peaks of Baba Mountains in Panjab district overlooking several local villages.
He added, Arooskoh borders on the west with Tagab Berg, on the east to Terghy, on the south to Mehr and Terpas, on the north to Khak Ghagaghar village of Yekavalang district. Due to its location and physical structure, Arooskoh is a relatively secure and suitable place for zoo animals, birds and reptiles.
Plenty of those creatures have sheltered in Arooskoh. Beside animals and birds, Arooskoh accommodated hundreds medicinal herbs which are usually exploited by locals for pharmaceutical purposes.
He went on to say, precious stones like lapis lazuli, emerald, marbel can be found in Arooskoh. There are several springs of transparent water in Arooskoh. The slopes of Arooskoh is not only an interesting place for tourists but also cattle breeders and bee keepers also exploit it for production of dairy products and pure natural honey. Tourists gift honey to their friends. This honey enjoys special popularity.
These is a mythology on the cause of denomination of Arooskoh as elders narrated.
In ancient days a beautiful and dignified girl was living on the western villages of this mountain. On the other side of the mountain a boy was living who had the business of ironsmith who was famous in bravery and generosity. One day this boy traveled to the other side of the mountain for a private issue on the way he was tired and thirsty and sat on bank of all spiring to drink some water. Suddenly he saw the picture of a wonderful girl and immediately he felt in her love. After a while he expresses his love to her and solicits the girl from her father.
The girl’s father who was leader of that area and was aware of bravery and generosity of the boy, agreed and married his daughter to him. After seven days, the boy asked his father-in-law to allow his to return to his native home village.
His father-in-law agrees and prepare a caravan of several people to escort the newlywed couple to their house. But on the way, a number of devil people followed them and attacked the caravan. The groom decided to defend his wife but injured seriously.
The attackers decided to capture the bride and rape her. But the sincere bride, pray to Allah to rescue her from devils army and protect her.
Allah accepted her plead and all of them changed to stone.
Today this myth has been changed to a believe among locals and is symbol of dignity and bravery.
Arooskoh located 140 m from the center of Bamyan. But so far no one has dared or managed to put step on the last summit of this mountain.
Karima Malikzada

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