18 March 2018

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture and deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari met Liu Jinsong, Chinese Ambassador to Kabul on Wednesday, BNA reported.  The two sides discussed enhancing cultural cooperation between the two countries.
Hinting to cultural ties between Afghanistan and People’s Republic of China, Ambassador Liu Jinsong reminded the ancient silk route as the initial point of cultural cooperation between the two countries, saying his country was ready to offer short and long-term scholarships for the staffs of the Archeology department and other related directorates of the Ministry, the agency added.
Meanwhile acting Minister of Information and Culture said Afghanistan was too willing to enhance the bilateral cultural cooperation between the two countries, adding such cooperation would be bolstered when the experts and culturists of the two countries start commuting to each other’s countries.
Prof. Bawari said the ministry was needing a laboratory for restoring of the historical artifacts, asking Chinese side to support the ministry on the aspect.
The Chinese Ambassador assures his country’s cooperation.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan journalists’ safety committee marked the international women day and explained the policy on prevention of women sexual harassment in media, BNA reported the other day.
During the meeting, deputy minister of information and culture Fazel Sancharaki briefed about value and the need for policy to prevent women sexual harassment and thanked Afghanistan journalists’ safety committee to have arranged the policy, according to BNA.  He added insecurity and lack of women safety in all administrations are obvious and concerning, as they cannot feel themselves secure and safe, the agency added.
Head of women and children laws research organization Zarqa Yaftali said non-implementation of legislative documents was the biggest problem before women in the country, BNA continued.
Likewise, a number of others spoke in the meeting and stressed on implementation of such policies.

Thursday March 8, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari acting minister of information and culture met Chinese ambassador to Kabul yesterday.
According to BNA report, first Chinese ambassador expressed that Afghanistan and China have had historical relation in cultural filed, adding the relation had been started from establishment of Silk Road.
China Republic is ready to provide short and long time scholarships in archeology and other filed for employees of the ministry, Chinese ambassador added.
Chinese ambassador emphasized that cultural relations of the two countries need for further enhancement.
Meanwhile, acting minister of information and cultural demanded for strengthening of cultural relations of Afghanistan and China, it will took place when specialists and culturists of the countries exchanged views by traveling in Afghanistan and China.
Mr. Bawari emphasized that Afghanistan and China has a historical relation, adding that the ministry of information and culture have need a laboratory in the field of restoration of monuments asking China to cooperate the ministry in this regard.

Wednesday March 7, 2018

Kabul (BNA) As many as 10,000 school graduates were provided with higher and semi-higher education under Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) signed between the deputy ministry of information and culture on youth affairs and 43 higher education and semi-higher institutes, Bakhtar News Agency said Tuesday.
According to the agency, Dr. Kamal Sadat, the deputy minister of information and culture on youth affairs who signed the MoUs with the institutes said that up to 10,000 youths would get access to 43 higher and semi-higher educations with a discount of 20 to 60 percent in fees, said the agency.
The contracts covered families of martyrs of the country’s security and defense forces, as well as children of households with economic problems, according to the agency.
Representing Afghan Pamir Higher Education Institute, Dr. Najib Shirzad thanked the appropriate measure of the deputy ministry to help thousands of youth get access to education and asked other education institutes to ease education for the country’s youths.

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