24 August 2017

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Sunday, November 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The body of late Mohammad Anwar Zalmayyar former head of the national Archive was laid to rest yesterday.
Late Mohammad Anwar Zalmayyar was born in 1328 in Kabul and after graduation from the faculty of literature and journalism started his work as employee of the library and in 1357 was started his service at the National Archive.
In 1384 he was promoted to the head of National Archive and till 1388 he continued his service and due to illness he asked for his retirement.
The leading body of the Ministry of Information and Culture expressed its sympathy to his family and friends and wished peace for his soul and patience for his family members.
His funeral ceremony was attended by some in charges of the ministry of information and culture and his relatives and friends.
Mohammad Zahir Hassan head of the administration and finance department laid a wreath of flower on his tomb on behalf of the ministry.

Saturday November 10 2012
Kabul (BNA) The youth affairs directorate of the ministry of information and culture held a workshop to eliminate violence against women.
In the two-day workshop, attended by 85 people from youth organizations of the country and UN, head of the youth affairs directorate, Timor Shah Ishaqzai said that holding such workshops and giving awareness can have positive impacts in uprooting out violence against women in the country.
The head of the women affairs department in the UNDP noted that through specific programs in schools, mosques in the consensus with the ministry of information and culture will be implemented in 17 provinces including Kabul throughout the year 1392, saying giving awareness to people through mosques, media and schools to ensure the rights to women in accordance with religious and cultural values.

Wednesday November 07 2012
Kabul (BNA) With the reading out of a message of President Karzai scientific seminar on personality of Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari the founder of Sarajul Akhbar of Afghanistan was organized by the ministry of information and culture.
The seminar was attended by Prof. Nematullah Shahrani senior presidential advisor in religious affairs, Dr. Zakmai Heywadwal cultural advisor of the president, some cultural personalities, ulama, researchers and scholars and government officials and some lecturers of the universities.
To start with the message of President Karzai was read out by Nesrullah Stanikzai presidential advisor that read in part:
President Karzai has issued a message on the seminar commemorating the 100th dead anniversary of outstanding scholar Abdul Rauf Kandahari.
The message says that Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari was a scholar of intellectual movement in our country at the start of the 20th century.
He was proficient in common sciences of the time, had enthusiasm for studying, writing, and teaching inherited from forefathers.
He was teaching at the then Royal madrassa and Darul Ulum of Habibia, he had maintained good ties with the scholars and intellectuals in Kabul.
In order to ensure awareness in the mind of the people for progress and served at the members of the association of Sarajul Akhbar that he led and the established the Sarajul Akhbar of Afghanistan and its first issue was published with his initiative on the 22 Jaddi 1284 but its second issue was suspended.
The torch that Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari has lighted was alighted once again in 1290 by Mahmoud Tarzai and he worked hard for enlightening of the people.
Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari tried to rear the sons of this country with the spirit of patriotism and he left behind valuable works having a role in cultural growth in the country.
I appreciate the ministry of information and culture for holding this seminar.
I hope that your seminar carry on positive discussions on the life and works of Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari and interesting issues come up at this seminar.
I congratulate the organizer of this seminar and wish your successes, the message points out.
Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture also addressed the seminar touching on the dimensions of life of Mawlawi Abdul Rauf Kandahari and said that today it is a pride for us that we are remembering one of the greatest scholars of Afghanistan, a great personality of literature and an intellectual who was the forerunner of constitutionalism and intellectualism.
He added that with the emergence of Shamsul Nehar during the era of Amir Shir Ali Khan in reality the movement of intellectualism in Afghanistan has its strong links.
He stressed that Mawlawi Khaki by publishing of Sarajul Akhbar could open the way that the family of Mahmoud Tarzai and other intellectuals continued its path.
Dr. Raheen prayed peace for the souls of all constitutionalists and rightists of the history of this nation especially the contemporary history of this nation and stressed that the democracy and the freedom of speech that we enjoy today is the gift of our elders it is not an imported gift but it is inherited from men like Mahmoud Tarzai, Ghubar and Dawi and others.
Other speakers at the seminar were Prof. Namatullah Shahrani who talked on the personality of Mawlawi Kandahari and praised the ministry of information and culture for holding this seminar.
The message of academy of sciences and the Kabul University were also read out at the seminar.
The seminar ended by issuing of a resolution appreciating the ministry of information and culture for initiating this seminar.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mussadeq Khalili deputy minister for cultural affairs of information and culture opened the art of calligraphy exhibition in Temurk Shah Durani mausoleum compound that depicts around 30 art works.
The ceremony was attended by Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai chairman of commission for transition of security, acting ambassador of Norwegian embassy, representative of Agha Khan Foundation, some cultural figures and artists.
Khalili called this exhibition a step towards growth of arts of calligraphy in the country and said that the art of calligraphy and drawing has its special place in the past and present era in Afghanistan. 
He thanked the Agha Khan Foundation and other cultural foundations in assisting the ministry to better address the cultural heritages of Afghanistan and added that the art of calligraphy has its special place in Islam.
Mirwais Sediqi a representative of Agha Khan Foundation assured of further cooperation with the ministry of information and called the exhibition a good step towards growth of arts.
The exhibition will remain open for a month.