23 May 2017

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Sunday, July 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Acting minister for information and culture Mr. Nabi Farahi and the deputy for the ministry Sayed Musadiq Khalili inaugurated the work for the repairmen of 10 historic monuments in Ghazni yesterday in the presence of Ghazni governor Musa Khan Akbarzada.
According to BNA 32 more historic monuments will be rehabilitated by 2013 for the visit of tourists in Ghazni.
Farahi said adding the project would cost more than 3 million US dollars.
Speaking on the occasion, Mosadiq Khalili said that the Shrines of Hakim Sanae and Albironi will also be rehabilitated.
The provincial governor Akbarzada said that the work for the construction of Islamic Cultural Center has been going on and by 2013 Ghazni will be ready 80 percent for holding the celebration.

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen minister of information and culture strongly condemned planting of mine in Helmand that caused the death of a reporter.
Abdul Hadi Hmdard a reporter of the national Radio-TV and a lecturer of teachers’ training college of Helmand was martyred as a mine explosion in Ababzan area of Gerishk, Helmand.
It happened when the car carrying Hamdard hit the mine planted by the Taliban in the area.
The minister of information and culture strongly condemned this act of the enemies and added that killing of the innocent reporter who is carrying his sacred duty is unforgivable and it is against the principles and norms of Islam and human dignity.
Dr. Raheen called Hamdard as a devoted and hard working journalist and called his death a loss. He asked the security organs to verify the perpetrators of his murder and pursue them legally.
Abdul Hadi Hamdard had been the initiator of “Rangeen Khialina” program at the national TV of Helmand and he served as a teacher at the teacher’ training college in Helmand as well.

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Information and Culture reported, about the enhancement of its efforts toward the confirmation and registration of Afghan historical monuments. 
Ministry of Information and Culture has started the program of confirmation and registration of historical monument 5 years ago, but the authorities of that ministry claim that, they have accelerated their efforts in that regard. 
The experts of the ministry during this program after confirming the historical monuments register them. According to the figures, have been presented by the ministry of Information and Culture so far at least 480 historical monuments have been confirmed and registered in different sites of Afghanistan. 
Afghanistan having an ancient history has been always the cradle of big civilizations. 
The existence of thousands historical monuments in this land is clear evidence of cultural and historical richness of our homeland. 
Currently there are thousands historical monuments and archeological sites in different parts of this country. 
These historical treasuries in long history, due to non care of government authorities, have mostly remained anonymous or due to lapse of time or natural disasters, eradicated. 
The Ministry of Information and Culture, considering the magnificence of these historical treasuries claims that has accelerated its efforts for confirming and registration of historical monuments.  
Mr. A. Had Abasi the head of preservation and repairmen department of the ministry told BNA that, they have so far confirmed and registered 480 historical monuments in various parts of Afghanistan. Mr. Abasi said that the experts of the ministry also distinguished 1200 other monuments after assessment would be registered. 
The monuments, which are confirmed by the experts of this ministry included Tombs, historical building, historical mosques, Holy sites and statues. 
The head of preserving and repairing historical monument department of ministry of information and cultures, said that most of those monuments were belong to Buddhist and Islamic periods. 
Based on the findings of the archeologists of the Ministry of Information and Cultures Afghanistan with ancient history and rich civilizations has about 3000 historical monuments. 
Coincidence to confirming and registering program, work on repairing and preserving of the monuments is continuing. 
He complained that, they had small budget for repairing and preserving the monuments which could not meet at least 3% of their needs. 
But with that small amount of money, they annually repaired 10-15 historical monuments. 
In repairing the monuments, the priority has given to those which are collapsing. 
He added, that according to their procedure, first the experts carry out assessments for confirming the historical monument in various parts of the country, then after conducting precise research on each discovered monument and if the result approves it as a historical monument, it is registered. 
It is in a time that the Ministry of Information and Culture has expressed its concern about the collapsing condition of the historical monuments and has said that, they could not repair all the monuments at once with this small budget.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Painting of Ustad Hesamuddin Rustaqi was displayed at the National Gallery yesterday.
The exhibition displays 53 painting of Ustad Hessamudden Rustaqi that are indicating the realities of social life or our society.
Ghulam Nabi Farahi Deputy Minister of Information and culture addressing the audience said that undoubtedly the artists especially the painters and calligraphers with their vast views art reflecting different parts of social lives and through this verify the social lives of the society.
He added I am hopeful that this way we can move in all spheres and reflect the realities of our society so that the people of Afghanistan and the world are informed of those realities.
The exhibition will remain open for 8 days.