26 April 2018

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Tuesday September 10, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen offered a letter to President Hamid Karzai and demanded him to task a mission and probe the issue of accusation of embezzlement of one million dollars that is launched by few self-interested people.
Rejecting seriously the accusation for embezzlement, Dr. Raheen added that so far, such sum hasn’t been rejected by us and the sum is obtained during recent ten years through Asia South Foundation.
Afghanistan division is less than half million dollar and is spent with complete transparency.

Sunday September 8, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A press conference was held at the Press Hall of Ministry of Information and Culture on September 3rd, 2013 chaired by H.E. Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen.
The press conference was attended by representatives from all national and accredited international mass media, including TVs, Radios and printing media in Kabul.
After H.E. Dr. Raheen welcomed the representatives from the mass media, addressing the media said:
“The Ministry of Information and Culture does not take any action regarding the mass media and freedom of expression, without consulting with media itself.
The ministry even tries to consult and coordinate with the mass media to take actions.”
“We are at the eve of election campaigns, hence, what are our responsibilities as mass media and journalists”, asked Dr. Raheen.
“First of all, we need to encourage the families and the society especially women.
Participating in the election is not only a civil right of the civilians, but also a civil obligation.
Unless the citizens freely take part in the election, the principle of democracy would not be realized in that society.
Therefore, the mass media are tasked to encourage the citizens to take part in election and vote for the right candidates.” added H.E. Dr. Raheen.
The Minister referring to the first presidential election said, “Despite of the multiplicity of candidates, The MoIC has provided the presidential election candidates with all the facilities owned.
The candidates could use the press hall of the ministry for their speeches free of cost.
The full text of the speeches of the candidates used to be published in Anis newsletter in Dari language, while the Pashto text was published in Hewad newsletter.
The ministry had proved that it treated the candidates impartially with no discrimination.
The ministry will remain committed to its last commitment.
Each of the candidates can utilize the facilities of the government mass media once in a month for their electoral campaigns until the call of the electoral campaigns.
The ministry is committed to support all the electoral campaigns approaches proposed by the election commission to improve the electoral campaigns.”
Referring to the growth of media in Afghanistan, the Minister said, “The mass media had grown to a considerable extent.
Even it was said that the media in Afghanistan has not been developed considering quality, while quantity.
However, we have different stand in this regard.
We believe that broadcasting the viewpoints of the experts through the round tables, debates which leads to the awareness of the people towards a successful election could testify the improvement in the quality of the mass media in Afghanistan.
Availing the opportunity, I appreciate the efforts of the national and private mass media in Afghanistan.”
However, the Minister complained the problems caused by the negative and advancement of the mass media and said that conflicts were mostly caused by broadcasting the exclusive programs by the private media.
Therefore, to avoid such conflicts, these media were advised to provide to provide the MoIC with authentically proof of exclusiveness of the programs until MoIC would establish specific rules and polices regulating the broadcast of the exclusive programs.
The Minister referring to the production of such exclusive programs urged the mass media to obtain the approval and authorization of the government of Afghanistan through its diplomatic representation in the producing countries.
The conference discussing the copy right issue in Afghanistan proposed establishment of a special committee comprising of representatives from MoIC, Copy Right Office, MoT and MoFA, Trade Court and the Journalists Society to deal with all the production and broadcasting of the exclusive programs, copy right and violation of intellectual properties.
Referring to the draft of Law of the Right to Information drafted by MoIC and the Journalist Society, the Minister said, “The law is under process at the MoJ and we are looking for the approval of the law.”
The Minister highlighting the work of the Mass Media High Council said that the Council working period was over and we anticipated the introduction of the representatives from the participating Council member bodies as Upper House, the Senate and the women activate organization.
However, the Minister said that MoIC was still waiting for the selection of two journalists both man and women to the council.
It was reiterated that the work of the commission establishing the council was postponed due to the holy month of Ramadan and Eid holidays, and the same members will restart the work of the commission very soon.
The Minister said that he had proposed establishment of Journalist Fund years back.
However, due to his transfer to other duty assigned by the government, the fund has not been established.
The main objective for establishment of this fund was to support mass media to survive or a journalist if it is needed, “The donations paid by the Afghan businessmen to the Fund”, said the Minister “Are saved.
However, these donations are not sufficient. MoIC is planning to invite a number of 300 representatives from the Journalists Society and private sector to seek their even more tangible support to the Fund.”
“The expenditure of the funds as well as the bank account itself will be managed and monitored by the Mass media”, the Minister added.
Referring the approaching of Martyred Week, the Minister H.E. Dr. Makhdoom Raheen urged all the mass media to commemorate and honor the heroism and patriotism of those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom this great nation and this country.
He asked the mass media to properly celebrate and honor this week.
Referring to the principle of Journalist’ Ethical Codes that had been enacted in accordance with the spirit of Mass Media Law, the Minister said, “One of the principles is to not broadcast and publish the false information.”
The Minister called the broadcasting of false information as an inadmissible act that goes against all the principles of accepted journalists’ ethical codes.
“From the first days of my engagement with MoIC I called upon the mass media to strictly avoid broadcasting or publishing any false information,” the Minister added.
At the end H.E. Dr. Raheen, once again urged all the mass media to strictly avoid broadcasting publishing any false information and personality assassination.
Lastly, referring to the fund donated by South Asia Foundation for the establishment of mission of this foundation in Afghanistan, H.E. Dr. Raheen said, “through the missions of this foundation in all Sough Asian countries are functioning as NGOs, having their independent bank accounts, however, in Afghanistan, the fund donated for establishment of mission of this foundation has been transferred to the government bank account, to not only prevent any type of corruption, but to ensure transparent expenditure of these funds”.

Saturday September 7, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A gathering on unveiling of hidden of scientific, cultural and artistic was held in Kabul.
The gathering was held in closed cooperation of Haj and Endowment Ministry and Ministry of Information and Culture.                                               
At start, the message of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture was read out by Jalal Nurani advisor of the ministry that reads in part:
“Afghanistan beside having huge underground resources like gas, petroleum, gold, copper and other valuable materials is rich of historical monuments and artifacts which are still uncovered a needed to be unveiled in order to show the previous and glorious history of our country.      
He added, the other outstanding treasuries we honor are prominent figures who enjoy the highest position in the country due to their works.
Abdul Rahim Asar, head of the cultural and scientific organization of Asar, Nissaruddin Baryal head of the provincial council of Kabul, Shir Mohammad Austowar a poet and writer and others also talked in this respect.

Monday, September 02, 2013
Ghazni (BNA) The exhibition of Books and artistic works was opened in the Information and Culture Department of Ghazni province yesterday.
Besmillah Sharifi the head of Information and Culture department of Ghazni called the aim of the exhibition commemorating the festivals of 2013 in Ghazni and said, the exhibition was held in the Alberooni library of Information and Culture department of Ghazni will continue for three days and open to the fans of book and art.
Sharifi added that the large number of books with different titles and several calligraphy and painting have been exhibited in the exhibition.
He said a number of local officials, cultural and art lovers visited the exhibition. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada