15 December 2017

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Parwan (BNA) a congregational mosque was constructed in Charekar city today.  This mosque has been constructed in two storeys by United Arabic Emirate (UAE) at the cost of $ 28,000.  Mawlawi Abdul Wasi, head of Hajj and Endowment of Parwan said to BNA, this mosque has accommodated 1000 prayers in a time. This mosque has been constructed in the Qaria Laghmani area of Charikar city.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At a meeting held by the Afghanistan’s Journalist Council to celebrate March 8, the international women day, the message of the minister of women affairs was read out following which, Deputy Information and Culture Minister, Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi spoke on the occasion and said the day was celebrated while in many parts of the country, the women had not information about the women solidarity day.”
They only get information about March 8, the international women day via the media, while Afghanistan had played significant role in development of the human civilization.” he said.
Likewise, pointing out to the women personality at the era of the holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Deputy Information and Culture, Ghulam Nabi Farahi said that the women had taken part in different fields of education ,social economic, trade, cultural, etc and added that the holy Islam has highly regarded the women and paid high position to them.
He also said the women had enjoyed high and special position for the women.
Head and deputy journalist council of Afghanistan, Ahmad Ghaus Zalmai and Hafizullah Barekzai spoke over the issue in the meeting which concluded with 70 female journalists from state-run and private media and distributed awards and appreciate letters.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A number of donor organizations in a session held yesterday stressed on their cooperation with deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture in various sectors.
The session which was held in deputy ministry youth affairs department, Temor Shah Ishaqzai, deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture briefed related to a series of needs of the Afghan youth and said, “Based on survey done in 2008, nearly 68% of Afghan population are the youths, but the exact statistics hasn’t done yet.”
He said it has to be cleared how many youths are in the country? How many are going to school? How many girls and boys are in the country and how many are unemployed?
Pointing out related to a series of the Afghan youth problems, Ishaqzai asked the organizations to keep their cooperation with deputy minister of youth affairs in this regard.
In the session, representatives of the organizations emphasized on continuation of their cooperation with the deputy ministry of youth affairs for information and culture.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 11 years ago, the enemies of culture and education of Afghanistan targeted and collapsed the two huge civilization and cultural masterpieces of Buddha and committed another crime against the international ancient relics in central province of Bamyan. 
The action, if was asses to have amenity aspect against the culture and history of the country on one side, it can also be evaluated as a following up of practicing political conspiracy on the other.  
Following the old and ruined policies, the then invaders once gain committed enmity against the human history and destroyed the twine ancient Buddha statues, in order to realize the desires of the aliens. 
Most analysts believe the action to destroy the statues with over 1.600 years background had had political aspect rather than religious as the Taliban had committed such human crime at the end of their domination over Afghanistan. 
They practiced what they had received by their political lords, because according to the so-called leadership council of the Taliban, the Ulema council of the Taliban regime and its supreme court received an order from Mullah Omar in February, 6, 2001 to destroy all what they had called non-Islamic objectives. 
Following the incident, the world community, the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO fully opposed against the action and asked the Taliban not to attempt what it had called it a crime, as the entire historical relics of Afghanistan were part of the world cultural civilization. 
But, despites the international reaction, the Taliban resorted to practice their leader’s order and fired to the ancient statues in March, 9, 2001, destroying Shamama and Salsal Buddha Statues with up to 1,600 years historical background and left only two grand ditches with 53 and 35 meter length at the hillside of Hindokosh mountain by the evening later on the day. 
This imprudence by the Taliban had been registered as a black remembrance of the regime in the pages of history, with only, to pay a big tribute to the order of the enemies of culture and history of the country. 
However, since the establishment of the interim administration, efforts are being made by the government and ministry of information and culture to repair the great statues, but they are still remained not repaired. 
The twin Buddha Statues and other historical monuments in central Bamyan province had been included into both the historical heritages of Afghanistan and the world and were enlisted by the ministry of information and culture to be merged into the UNESCO cultural relics, but they are expected to be repaired in cooperation with the world community and UNESCO.