23 March 2018

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The deputy directorate of Youth Affairs, ministry for information and culture observed the World Youth Day on August 12 with the technical support of UNICEF, UNDP and UNFPA. 
In a meeting to mark the day, minister for information and culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Naqibullah Faeq the head of commission for health and youth, lawmaker Fauzia Kufi, lawmaker Rangina Kargar and Nasrullah Stanikzai the head of law board in presidential palace spoke on the occasion. 
Patriotic anthems and stage show were also performed by youngsters at the ceremony attended among others by cabinet members, civil society bodies, journalists and youth from across the country.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) After the establishment of the interim government in the country with the support of international community, concrete and necessary measures were adopted to safeguard and preserve the national heritage of our great motherland Afghanistan, which is the national asset and identity of our nation.
Due to the passage of time and conflicts in the country most of our historic location and national monuments were damaged or are facing annihilation.
Recently the ministry of Information and culture and a unique initiative called on Afghanistan’s International friends, Afghan traders and Afghan nation to assist the ministry in persevering of the national relics and heritage of our historic country.
Our countrymen besides being a citizen of this soil have the great responsibility to protect and look forward to the rehabilitation and renovation process of our great Afghanistan.
Afghanistan having a rich history has been the center of civilization and has been a focal point of trade and migration.
The great history of ancient Silk route better reflects the important of the issues.
Currently, 1200 historical relics have been confirmed across our country and 90% of the ancient heritage belongs to Islamic period and the rest to the per-Islamic era.
We should remember that all of these monuments were part of the endeavors and struggles of our nation and regrettably most of the relics which said to be Islamic period relics are now moving towards destruction.
The ministry of Information and Culture for this matter had held several international and national meetings and discussion with international society, and has requested their serious attention towards the preservation of our cultural assets which not only reflects the great culture and civilization of the great motherland but also is a part of world cultural heritage.
The minister of Information and Culture with the close coordination of friend countries has also worked on planes how to rehabilitate the historic locations of our country which the Great and historical province of Ghazni is a good example of the subject.
The ministry with lack of professional engineers and equipments is endeavoring to renovate the cultural relics of that province which the projects require more attention of professional and at the same time a budget.
That doubtlessly the motioned elements would better play its role in the renovation process.
In order to keep the rich heritage of our great Afghanistan alive, the ministry of Information and Culture once again is desirous from the international community and call on Afghan nation and trader to contribute in this national process and perform their national obligation and assist the ministry in implementation of the preservation projects of the monuments.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Aug. 12th the World Youth Day was marked in Kabul the other day with the slogan of “Making a better and colleague with youth world”. 
This ceremony was organized with cooperation of UN Society Fund by the office of deputy youth minister of ministry of information and culture at the hall of national radio-TV. 
This day is marked in a time that the youth of Afghanistan are grappling with various challenges. 
Poverty, non access to work and education and daily increment of addicted youths are the challenges faced by the youth. 
The country that majority of its population is youth. The ceremony was attended by government senior officials, MPs, men of culture, members of civil society and hundreds of youth from all parts of Afghanistan. 
In this ceremony, information and culture minister, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said that youths are the blossoms of tomorrow Afghanistan. 
Dr. Raheen lauded the Afghan Youth that despite all problems and sans any possibilities, they take step toward progress and development. 
Dr. Raheen added that the generation that is born in blood and ashes, the nation that so far too are deprived from all privileges that the youths of other world are enjoying, disgusted of injustice, war and far from the peaceful life, but fortunately they shun in all fields and in the field of work and learning and education are the symbols of pride and appreciation. 
Addressing the youth, minister of information and culture said that no doubt, with having youth, Afghanistan would have bright tomorrow. 
He said that shining of Afghan athletes in Olympic Games is the sign of efficiency and their strong determination toward development and creating of pride for Afghanistan and promised that his ministry would make effort what it can to remove the challenges faced by the youth and world for their progress and development. 
Deputy youth minister Taimur Shah Ishaq Zai had worked to investigate the challenges of youth. 
He said that the issue of respect to international youth day during current year is selected the building of a better world and colleagues with youth. 
This forces us so to be colleague of youth and allot over activities for better life of youth. 
Deputy youth minister said that to date, they covered thousands youth country-wide through establishment of training centers. 
In this ceremony, Fauzai Kofi and Nasrullah Stanekzai, Naqib Fayeq and few others spoke in connection on with youth situation, the ways of their emancipation from present challenges and their role in progress and improvement of living situation of Afghanistan. 
In this ceremony, a number of youth also evaluated their problems.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The process of administrative reforms is being continued in the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) and would be completed by the end of this year Ruhul Ameen Habibi head of the Human Resources Department of the MoIC said that the program for administrative reform has been applied in 30% of the ministry and the employees of the information and culture departments of 23 provinces form 3 to 8 ranks have been employed on competitive basis.
Touching on successful application of these reforms in some sectors of the MoIC and added that the heads of 27 provincial MoIC have been employed on competitive basis and the ranks of Sar-i-Pul, Badakhshan, Uruzgan, Mainmana, and Ghour have been announced.
Habibi added that implementation of the reforms program is focused on bringing improvement in the administration and this prevents all sorts of irregularities in an administration.
He noted that the program is applied free from any discrimination and the individuals are gaining the posts based on their talents, qualification after passing the competitive test.
He added that this process has started in the MoIC in Mizan of last year and it has to be completed in the first quarter of 1392.