12 December 2018

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Wednesday November 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi on Tuesday reopened the National Gallery building after its repairing completed, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
National Gallery building’s history goes back to a hundred years and to protect its historical value, the ministry of information and culture has spent ten million Afghanis from its development budget for its repairing, according to BNA.
During the inauguration ceremony which was attended by the ministry’s advisors and a number of directors, besides calling reopening of the National Gallery an important step towards art works’ protection and preservation, Acting Minister Ms. Safi pointed out that the National Gallery in-charges should work on regular cultural plans to hold art works’ exhibitions two times in a month.
Art works can help us show Afghanistan’s real feature and history to the people, she added.
Furthermore, she stressed that the ground should be prepared to display the artists’ works so the enthusiasts can visit the exhibitions’ works and national gallery belongings.
Likewise, Directors of National Gallery, Mohammad Hashim Shareq thanked the ministry’s leadership for their cooperation in this respect.  He added there are 338 artworks being displayed in National Gallery halls.
Pointing at some problems and needs, he said, National Gallery needed a standard hall to display the artworks, a depot, a lab to repair the artworks, special lights, air conditioning system, art library, artworks’ digitalization and internet.
He added the ground should also be prepared for opportunities to hold professional educational programs.
At the end, Acting Minister Safi looked round the National Gallery and visited its different sections.
National Gallery in-charge, Sabera Rahmani told BNA that the gallery’s exhibition would be opened at visitors free of charge for a week.

Monday November 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Accompanied by Acting Mayor Ahmad Shuaib Rahim, Agha Khan development foundation ambassador, Ms. Nurjahan Mawani, deputy MoIC on cultural affairs, Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, MoIC’s advisor on international affairs, Dr. Tariq Reshad, director of historical monuments, Abdul Ahad Abbasi, director of archeology department, Noor Agha Noori, the ministry’s director of policy and plan, Abdul Moqim, Acting Minister of Information and Culture looked round the Chehelsotoun Palace yesterday, BNA reported.
Chehelsotoun Palace had been destroyed during the domestic wars. Its reconstruction has been started in 2014 with the assistance of Germany cost €12.5 million. Last month, a trilateral agreement was signed between the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC), Kabul Municipality and Agha Khan Foundation, based on which the three gardens of Chehelsotoun, Babur and Temor Shah Mausoleum to be managed as Kabul’s historical gardens.
At the same time, these gardens would be supervised by a nine-member MoIC’s board, Kabul Municipality department and Agha Khan cultural foundation, in which any entity has introduced three members in this respect.

Monday November 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) During a meeting held on Sunday, Acting Minister of Information and Culture and head of media violations and complaints investigation commission, Hasina Safi briefed the participants about the functions done by the commission over the last six months, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
Attended by Zia Bumia, Seddiqullah Tawhidi, Jawan Shir Haidari and other members of the commission as well as Sabir Momand, the ministry’s spokesperson and media advisor, acting minister Safi said the commission has held 12 ordinary and 3 extraordinary meetings during the first half of the year, the agency further said.
During these meetings, the commission addressed 32 complaints and 5 cases of media violations, she added, BNA went on to say.
The commission members are decisively making effort to pave the way for freedom of speech and media’s legal activity, she stated.
Likewise, she added the commission asks the citizens and media in-charges to deliver their complaints to the commission on media violations and with evidence so they are addressed in accordance with the country’s enforced laws and the commission’s procedure and authorizations.
The commission’s members also answered the reporters’ questions about the complaints’ registration and processing.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Charikar (BNA) Imam Azm International Academic and Research Center was established yesterday in Police training center in Jangal Bagh area of Charikar, capital city of Parwan.
In a ceremony held on this occasion and attended by deputy minister of finance, administrative and tourism for information and culture Sayeda Mojgan Mustafavi and governor of Parwan Fazluddin Ayar, message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was read out by deputy of municipalities’ affairs for IDLG Abdul Baqi Popal.  The message praised the people and local government of Parwan for establishment of the center in the province, saying that the center would help the people research regarding thoughts of Imam Azam.
Governor of Parwan Fazluddin Ayar while considering the establishment of the center as effective step for promotion of thoughts and works of Imam Azam asked for attention of Afghan researchers and knowledgeable figures to richness of the center.
Afterwards, deputy minister of finance, administrative and tourism for information and culture Sayeda Mojgan Mustafavi praised the country’s President and local government of Parwan for commitment and efforts in connection with establishment of the center, saying that ministry of information and culture welcomed establishment of the center.
Mustafavi hoped that the center would be equipped with modern equipment as libraries and research and academic classes.

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