27 March 2017

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Saturday March 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The national cultural heritage day is celebrated at a time that the MoIC plans to launch a media appeal for protection and preservation of these heritage.
Because cultural heritages are identity of a society and sans cultural, historical heritages survival of a country is impossible. Talking on the goal behind celebration of national day of cultural heritage, programs of the MoIC, Deputy of MoIC for cultural affairs Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari, said that cultural heritages are identity of a society and a society without identity would not develop. “Afghanistan cultural heritages require serious attention and popular support.” He went on to say, due to this reason the MoIC plans to organize a national and special media appeal for propagation, awareness giving, protection and preservation of these heritages, because the media bear great responsibility for enlightening of public mentality. “Cultural heritages are property of every body and people should take active part in their protection,” he said. He emphasized that protection of cultural heritage is one of Cultural heritage identity of a nation, Bawari the basic duties and responsibilities of this ministry. “We divide them into two parts of tangible and intangible.
We have under taken certain projects with the MoRRD to cooperate us through their 35000 LDC in all provinces. Beside that we plan to attract cooperation of the MoUD based on a presidential decree for this purpose. A number of cultural heritages and monuments which their repairing is not possible through the budget of MoIC, will be repaired through MoUD budget. We also intend to attract cooperation of municipalities particularly Kabul Municipality based on their financial resources for rehabilitation and repairing of cultural heritages. A number of national and international organizations also cooperate MoIC including UNESCO, Agha Khan Foundation, Ferozkoh etc, the direction of protection of cultural heritages. So far we have invited several meeting for support of invisible cultural heritages. The secretariat was given to Agha Khan Foundation.” He clarified: “unfortunately large number of these heritages with national and international reputation are on the verge of devastation for example Jam-e-minaret of Herat that parts of its lines are collapsing gradually. We have shared this issue with UNESCO expecting them to share their assessment results with us. Minaret of Chakari is another heritage that has been ruined. Tower of Balahisar in Ghazni already collapsed and some others in different parts of the country that are posed with danger of devastation. All our efforts are focused to protect and rebuild them.”
Bawari said, large number of heritages were destroyed during wars and conflicts and so far over 5000 heritages have been identified. 1460 monuments have been registered and about 850 were named. “Without people support we cannot protect them. Through media we appeal on people to cooperate for protection of their own identity. Afghanistan has already experienced devastation or pillage of its priceless heritages, what is going on today in Iraq and Syria. Out of over one hundreds thousands heritages in our national museum, over 75 percent were either pillaged or destroyed deliberately due to conspiracy of regional countries. The heritages of Aikhanom and its ancient site was sold for each square meter, a number of ancient relics smugglers came and pillaged them.” According to him our historical heritages in Mirzaka area of Paktia were also pillaged and smuggled to abroad.
Suraya Raiszada

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA)  Head of Liberty Printing Press (LPP) Zia Bomya in a ceremony held the other day on the occasion of International Women’s Day recalled works of women working in LPP and said, “I am happy to be among you who are begetters making effort towards greenery and irrigation of society.”
Head of LPP praised 47 female workers for their continued work and spent most of their life working in LPP.
He hoped that number of female workers would increase in LPP and family members of those leaving their duties due to oldness would be absorbed as the door of liberty printing press was open to them.
Meanwhile, a LPP female worker Sohaila, representing others spoke and expressed hope that he was waiting to see a day when all Afghan women had all their rights and concessions.
She pointed to a range of problems and challenges facing Afghan women during the past three decades.
At the end of the ceremony, gifts were distributed to female workers of LPP.

Wednesday March 8, 2017

Kabul (BNA) On the eve of International Women’s Day, Reporters without Borders (RSF) announced opening of Afghanistan’s first center for the protection of women journalists here during a gathering yesterday.
The gathering which was attended by Shah Hussain Mortazawi, deputy spokesperson of the president, Zohra Yousof, adviser to First Lady Rola Ghani, Dr. Nasrin Oryakhail, labor and social affairs minister, former minister of information and culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen and a number of well-known journalists, discussed challenges ahead of women journalists in Afghanistan. Headed by well-known Afghan female journalist Farida Nikzad, the center is the first Afghan organization to be created by and for women journalists. Its aim is to assist and protect women journalists, especially those working in remote parts of Afghanistan, who are more vulnerable. “The creation of this center is intended to send a strong message not only to Afghan women journalists, but also to all of the country’s women”, said Nikzad, who is the center’s co-founder (along with RSF) as well as its director. “We want to support women journalists both in war zones and within the news organizations for which they work, to defend both their rights and their physical safety. To that end, we need the government and media owners to commit to do their part in what is a key battle for Afghan society”. “We are proud to announce the creation of this first center for the protection of Afghan women journalists”, said RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire. “These journalists are victims twice over, victims of the war imposed by the Taliban and the Islamic State group, and victims of strong pressure from all those around them. Dozens are threatened, physically attacked or forced to flee the country every year. By protecting women journalists, we are defending media freedom in Afghanistan”.
Addressing the gathering advisor to first lady, Zohra Yousuf read-out message of Rula Ghani, saying the first lady supports the center and committed to an environment free of any violence against women. Meanwhile the participants, during separate panel presented their recommendations to the authorities on implementing laws affecting women in the media, including quotas for women employees. Talking in the first panel, Shah Hussain Mortazawi, deputy spokesperson for president said the government has been committed to open media and freedom of expression, however he asked the media supporting associations to have their press releases based on defending the rights of journalists than acting as a the political parties. The officials during other separate panels said the center will press media owners to combat discrimination within their news organizations and to provide women with better protection, adding the center will organize seminars on physical and digital safety.

Wednesday March 8, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bavari, deputy to the cultural affairs of the ministry of information and culture appointed as acting MoIC, under the presidential approval, said Bakhtar News Agency the other day.
According to the agency, Bavari was said to continue his work as deputy to the cultural affairs, alongside being acting minister of information and culture.

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