22 September 2019

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Thursday, August 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  In a ceremony held yesterday by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Meiotic  Afghanistan and Sayeed Publishers, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Sayed Aqa Hussain Sancharaki briefed related to translation and its values in human community, saying that the translation movement has been always in advance to big changes of human society.
“When we refer to the history, we see that Muslims translated scientific and academic works of old Greeks, Iranians and Indians on 2nd lunar century and later on the western society started translating scientific works of Muslims, causing the Renaissance period and big academic and cultural changes in the West,” said Sancharaki.
He added that translation had significant impact on deep human transformation as Egypt’s big change during 18-19 centuries was because of translation of foreigners’ works.
Related to profession of translation, Sancharaki said that translator was translating not only the words, but creating work by using art and beauty.
Sancharaki further said that steps were underway to professionalize the profession of translation so that ways could be paved for youth who were working in this field and on the other hand, it could prevent from non-profession works.
In the ceremony attended also by a number of university lecturers and cultural figures, deputy spokesperson to President Durani Wazir, head of Canadian women for Women in Afghanistan Latifa Majidi, head of Afghanistan Meiotic Hamid Zazai and presidential candidate Faramarz Tamana spoke and asked the government to name a day to honor the profession of translation.

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) A scientific and research seminar of SAARC on ‘Islamic Cultural Trails’ was held yesterday by the ministry of information and culture in Kabul.
In the seminar attended by a number of high-ranking government officials, representatives of SAARC member countries, the country’s academic and cultural figures, foreign ambassadors and guests to Kabul, head of Bakhtar news agency Najibullah Shinwari read out message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
In his message, President Ghani said that cultural heritages and works from past were key elements in studying the human history, so they need to be protected, adding that Afghanistan as treasure of the human cultural and Islamic heritages and crossroad of Islamic culture to central Asian countries and South Asia had key role in the past.
In the seminar, acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi briefed related to role and historic position of Afghanistan from point of view of cultural heritages during the Islamic era, saying that role of Afghanistan as heart of Asia was outstanding in cultural development of Islamic period.
Acting minister of information and culture added that Afghanistan by having valuable geographic position as heart of Asia was the connecting point between countries in the region.
Safi further said that SAARC member countries had further common cultures which should be protected as they were considered as the strengthening point among SAARC member countries, stressing that SAARC member countries should make effort to protect common traditions of the past so that they would be a guide for next generations in the respective countries.

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The British government has announced an amount of Euro 250,000 to support media and Information freedom in Afghanistan, the UK embassy in Kabul said yesterday.
The British Ambassador to Kabul, Alison Blake CMG in a statement on Wednesday praised the expansion of Afghanistan’s independent and diverse media as a remarkable success of the last 18 years but underlined concern about the impact of the conflict on journalists’ safety and the significant threats faced by journalists working in Afghanistan.
The British Embassy in Kabul regularly engages with Afghan journalists and media organizations to understand the challenges they face and to identify how to support them, the statement said.
“Supporting media freedom is a global priority for the UK Government and in Afghanistan, we are working to this end by promoting the safety of journalists, supporting women journalists and working to promote access to information,” M. Blake said.
The UK welcomes the steps that the Afghan Government has taken to improve the security of journalists, and we will continue to work with them and media representatives to assure that the media is as safe and free as it can be, the statement added.
“Today I am delighted to announce that the UK Government has provided Euro 25,000 to organizations and projects that will advance these priorities by developing the capability and capacity of female journalists outside Kabul,” the British Ambassador said, adding, “supporting journalists in tackling the security challenges they face and creating a platform to improve the access and management of information by journalists.”

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mrs. Hasina Safi met with the Kabul Mayhor, Ahmad Zaki Sarfaraz the other day. 
Both sides discussed some issues relating the naming of roads. Acting minister urged that the history and identity of the cities should be taken in mind, when a road is named or renamed, as it would remain as guideline for the next generation. 
The acting minister also stressed for intensifying the work process of the roads nomination commission and holding extraordinary meetings.
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