22 June 2018

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Kabul (BNA) Addressing the training parliament of the youth led by Azizurrehman Tayyeb chairman of youth training parliament Dr. Reheen Minister of Information and Culture said that the societies which reached the lofty stages of development they were bestowed with the virtue of knowledge of their able youth.  
Dr. Raheen added that the youth who are acquainted with the parliament tomorrow they can enter as elected representatives of the people and they should think how they can serve their society. 
He noted that no other book like Holy, Quran has thoughts about knowledge and thinking. 
Thereafter the young representatives asked questions relating to cultural aggression, weak training programs in the media, importer serials published by some media, remaining of youth without a destiny at the entrance exams, struggler against narcotics, production of local films, preservation of historic relics especially Aeinak Copper Mine, prevention of abusing of personalities in the media and other such issues. 
Dr. Raheen and Temur Shah Ishaqzai deputy minister of youth affairs of information and culture ministry answered the youth’s questions. 
They said that those youth who remained without destiny at the entrance exams will be accepted by some higher education institutions in the center and provinces and so far 35,000 of the youth in accordance with the agreement have been accepted by that institution with consider fee discount. 
They also said that 16 youth centers have been established in the provinces and the high youth council has been established at country level. 
As regards the media publications, Dr. Raheen noted that the media in our country considering Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and Bangla Desh are in a better position. 
Dr. Zalmai Zabuli financier of the training parliament mentioned the 25th of November the international day of banning violence against women and added that all our people including our youth have the responsibility for preventing violence against the women. 
He stressed that on behalf of the House of People I assure all the women and mothers of the country that we will assist women in passing legislation of prevention of violence against women from the parliament.

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture met with some representatives of youth of some provinces. 
At the meeting Dr. Raheen expressed pleasure over participation of the youth in training programs and said that these programs prepare the ground for exchange of views among the youth. 
He called the active participation of the youth as outstanding. 
At the meeting Samiullah Wafa and Noor Aqa Zowak representing others advanced some proposals in relations to the youth organizational structures, presence of the youth in national issues, budgetary problems and some local issues and they asked for cooperation of the ministry of information and culture. 
Dr. Raheen promised cooperation within the ministry’s possibilities. 
Jalal Noorani, advisor, Temur Shah Ishaqzai deputy minister for youth affairs, Mohammad Zahir Hassan general director of administration and finance of the ministry of information and culture were also present at the meeting.

Ghazni (BNA) Police of Ghazni province handed over three historical relics to the information and culture Dept. of that province today.  
These relics were seized from smugglers two months back, said the source.
Sarwari head of the Information and culture department of Ghazni said to BNA, the three historical relics are from Mogholis era which has 400 years history, were seized by police from smugglers in Barg area, center of Ghazni province. 
According to him, it was due the relics to smuggle to Pakistan. 
Two persons have been detained in connection of the case and sentenced to three years jail each by attorney general office that city. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNA) All those journalists who haven’t gotten the journalist’s form from the international media center of the ministry are informed to contact the center on Tuesday, 01/09/1390 to get the form. 

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