21 July 2018

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Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture in a meeting with the in-charges of the private TVs asked them to consider in their publications with the spirit of Islamic culture, youth morality and the interests of the households.
He criticized those TV stations which are not including educational and entertainment programs for the youth and resorting to publishing of foreign serials and films.
The inc-charges of the TV stations said that they will be attentive towards publishing of serials so that the Islamic values are taken into account.
According to another report, the Minister also requested them to consider the requirements of the month of Muharam and Hussaini Ashura as well.

Kabul (BNA) The constitutionalism seminar on democracy in Afghanistan was ended with a speech of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture and issuing a 6-electing Mir Mohammad Sedeq Farhang as Chairman, Heelaman Ghaznwai Deputy Chairman and Nabi Pakteen as Secretary, the seminar continued its work yesterday. 
At its work today Khalil Roman delivered his article under the name of Constitutionalism Movement and lessons emanating from that, Sayed Mustafa Sayedi, Effects of Constitutionalism Movement on the contemporary literature of Afghanistan, Heranwal Sultan Mangal on the path of democracy in Afghanistan, Rehela Mirzayee on constitutionalism achievements and Sheikh Ali Fakour an article on constitutionalism and democracy. 
Also, Kabirullah Saraj brother son of King Amanullah Ghazi talked on the judiciary in the democracy decade. 
Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashedi Deputy Minister of Information and culture and head of the commission for organizing this seminar praising the participants said that in reality if our people do not take bold steps towards democracy we should accept that we will be unsuccessful generation. 
The six-point resolution of the seminar was read out in which the ministry of information and culture has been praised for holding this seminar, it was said that the National Radio-TV should have interviews with the remainder of the Constitutional supporters, carry on their views, and that it was proposed that the academy of sciences of Afghanistan and Kabul University to collect reliable historic issues pertaining to constitution. 
The ministry of information and culture cooperate in printing of the materials. 
The ministry of information and culture cooperate in publishing the articles read out at this seminar.

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture left Kabul for Japan today. 
The aim of this trip is to participate in Bamyan Symposium in Japan. 
Omar Sultan care-taker of the cultural deputy office of the ministry and Habiba Sorabi governor of Bamyan accompanied Dr. Raheen in this trip. 
In the Kabul International Airport, Dr. Raheen said to BNA reporter, the Bamyan Symposium will hold in the 5th and 6th of December of the current month in Tokyo of Japan, later on in Kyoto of that country. 
It is due that in this trip, the information and culture minister and his accompanied delegation will meet with interior minister of Japan and other authorities of that country.   Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Kabul (BNAS) The 80th death anniversary of Mullah Faiz Mohammad Kateb Hazara commemorated in a function was organized by the Information and Culture Ministry yesterday. 
The function was started with message of President Hamid Karzar and speech of Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of the Information and Culture.
In this function a number of cultureless, scholars, writers and state authorities were participated. 
According to BNA reporter, in the begging of the function, the message of Hmaid Karzai president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was read out by Temor Shah Ishaqzai deputy for youth affairs of the Information and Culture Ministry, in which appreciated holding of this function by the information and culture ministry and said, Mullah Faiz Mohammad Kateb is one of the well-known personalities of the country and his name and artworks has high place in our culture and history. 
Later on Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen minister of information and culture called Mullah Faiz Mohammad Kateb one of the best analysts of the last centuries. 
Likewise, the message of Afghanistan’s Academy of Science, message of Kabul University and message of higher education institutions was read out. 
Reciprocally, Jalal Noorani gave information regarding Sarajul-Tawarekh which printed by Sem Amiri printing press. 
Translated By Suraya-Yarzada

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