21 February 2020

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Monday, July 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The nation-wide journalist union of Afghanistan informed the press over the death of Baseer Babi a pioneer of the media of the country.
Late Babi has devoted much of his age in serving the press of the country and his death is a loss.
The leading of the Ministry of information and culture including the BNA convey their sympathies to the family of Babi.
Late Babi has served at the national Radio-TV and in recent years he was the head of the journalists in Balkh province.

Monday, July 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The office of the deputy Minister for Youth of Information and Culture Ministry appreciated the services of some athletes of the civil society, the ceremony was attended by Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of information and culture, Temur Shah Ishaqzai deputy Minister for Youth Affairs and some sportsmen Dr. Raheen recalled the services of the athletes of the country and called their honors as the greatest success of the nation.
Temur Shah Ishaqzai called sports as a factor for continue social life and said that the more sports grow in our youth the better the will become healthy and that the language of understanding and unity is manifested in sports tours and this will salvage the youth from affliction to war activities.
The youth appreciated by the ministry’s youth affairs office were Footballers, Kickboxing, Karate and other areas of sports reaching around 40 athletes including some girl athletes.

Sunday, July 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Afsar Rahbeen has been appointed as the director for the directorate of Farhang-i-Mardum (people’s culture) and was introduced to his employees yesterday, BNA reported.
Rahbeen, according to the news agency secured the post through open competition and was introduced to his employees yesterday by Sayed Musadiq Khalili the Cultural deputy to the ministry for information and culture.
In his speech, Mosadiq praised Rahbeen as writer and poet and hoped success in discharging his new responsibility.
Later Mosadiq visited different parts of Afghan film archive and listened to the problems and proposals of the sections’ heads and promised cooperation.

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In the threshold of holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Information and Culture in a statement explained about the sanctity of this holy month.
In this statement, Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen asked all media especially audio-visual media to consider the sanctity of this holy month in their programs.
Additionally, they should publish special programs about this holy month and welcome its arrival how it is necessary.

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