05 April 2020

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Aug. 12th the World Youth Day was marked in Kabul the other day with the slogan of “Making a better and colleague with youth world”. 
This ceremony was organized with cooperation of UN Society Fund by the office of deputy youth minister of ministry of information and culture at the hall of national radio-TV. 
This day is marked in a time that the youth of Afghanistan are grappling with various challenges. 
Poverty, non access to work and education and daily increment of addicted youths are the challenges faced by the youth. 
The country that majority of its population is youth. The ceremony was attended by government senior officials, MPs, men of culture, members of civil society and hundreds of youth from all parts of Afghanistan. 
In this ceremony, information and culture minister, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen said that youths are the blossoms of tomorrow Afghanistan. 
Dr. Raheen lauded the Afghan Youth that despite all problems and sans any possibilities, they take step toward progress and development. 
Dr. Raheen added that the generation that is born in blood and ashes, the nation that so far too are deprived from all privileges that the youths of other world are enjoying, disgusted of injustice, war and far from the peaceful life, but fortunately they shun in all fields and in the field of work and learning and education are the symbols of pride and appreciation. 
Addressing the youth, minister of information and culture said that no doubt, with having youth, Afghanistan would have bright tomorrow. 
He said that shining of Afghan athletes in Olympic Games is the sign of efficiency and their strong determination toward development and creating of pride for Afghanistan and promised that his ministry would make effort what it can to remove the challenges faced by the youth and world for their progress and development. 
Deputy youth minister Taimur Shah Ishaq Zai had worked to investigate the challenges of youth. 
He said that the issue of respect to international youth day during current year is selected the building of a better world and colleagues with youth. 
This forces us so to be colleague of youth and allot over activities for better life of youth. 
Deputy youth minister said that to date, they covered thousands youth country-wide through establishment of training centers. 
In this ceremony, Fauzai Kofi and Nasrullah Stanekzai, Naqib Fayeq and few others spoke in connection on with youth situation, the ways of their emancipation from present challenges and their role in progress and improvement of living situation of Afghanistan. 
In this ceremony, a number of youth also evaluated their problems.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The process of administrative reforms is being continued in the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) and would be completed by the end of this year Ruhul Ameen Habibi head of the Human Resources Department of the MoIC said that the program for administrative reform has been applied in 30% of the ministry and the employees of the information and culture departments of 23 provinces form 3 to 8 ranks have been employed on competitive basis.
Touching on successful application of these reforms in some sectors of the MoIC and added that the heads of 27 provincial MoIC have been employed on competitive basis and the ranks of Sar-i-Pul, Badakhshan, Uruzgan, Mainmana, and Ghour have been announced.
Habibi added that implementation of the reforms program is focused on bringing improvement in the administration and this prevents all sorts of irregularities in an administration.
He noted that the program is applied free from any discrimination and the individuals are gaining the posts based on their talents, qualification after passing the competitive test.
He added that this process has started in the MoIC in Mizan of last year and it has to be completed in the first quarter of 1392.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A delegation of the Information and Culture Ministry led by Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashidi deputy publication minister visited the Daily Hewad, Anis, The Kabul Times and Islah and Baihaqi book publishing agency offices and evaluated their problems.
The delegation in the meeting with the in charges of these newspapers including Zalmai Mayar, Najiba Muram, Abdul Ghafour, Hayatullah Bakhshi and Dad Mohammad Unambi discussed the problems of these dailies and it was decided that their problems be prepared and presented to the Minister’s office so they will be duly addressed.

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Hundreds historical relics which were smuggled from national museum and other parts of the country during war year are surrendered to national museum with the cooperation of United Kingdom. 
In handing over ceremony of the said relics appreciating from surrendering of Afghanistan historical relics by Britain Royal Embassy in Kabul cultural deputy minister at the ministry of information culture Sayed Musaddeq Khalili said that in 2009, Britain surrendered about 1500 historical relics to national museum of Afghanistan that was thanked from the British cooperation in the connection and emphasize was laid on its continuation. 
He added that the ministry of information and culture previously thanks from Britain especially from royal embassy of that country in Kabul that helps us in returning of our historical relics and appreciates it. 
At the same time, the authorities of national museum of Afghanistan evaluate effective returning of historical monuments in enrichment of national museum of Afghanistan and said these relics are belong to all people of Afghanistan. 
Head of national museum of Afghanistan Oara Khan Masoudi said in the connection to the Kabul Times that in July 15 of 2012 smuggling to abroad was transferred to Kabul with the cooperation of British museum and ISAF forces or defense secretary and replaced in national museum. 
These relics were including of 843 pieces. These relics are divided into two parts that a small part of it was previously registered in national museum of Afghanistan. The relics were stolen during civil wars and were transferred to Britain. 
These relics are include of twenty pieces that are belong to first and second century A.D. and are related ancient zone of Bagram. 
Likewise, another relic is the Buddha statue that was found in Sara-i-Khwaja. 
Unfortunately, this relic was also looted in war years. This is also including of the said relics. 
First, it was transferred to Japan, then to Holland and finally to Britain. 
The transferred relics are belonging to Islamic, bronze, Greco-Bacteria and Kushanid eras. 
These relics are including of seldom items, Buddha statue, animals including elephant and ivory. 
Most of them are belong to B.C. he asserted that as a result of effort of Britain, the documents of historical relics of Afghanistan are collected and surrendered again by the rural embassy of that country in Kabul to national museum. 
As like other fields, the culture of Afghanistan gets vulnerability so the return of historical relics can play effective role in enrichment of national museum. 
The head of national museum continued second part of the relics that are include of about 821 pieces are illegally were transferred from Afghanistan to abroad were recovered with the cooperation of orderly and import polices of that country and were confiscated and then sent to British museum for recognition. 
In this time contact was maintained between British and national museum and they took our consideration. 
We thank more for their cooperation in completion of documents. These relics were in need of repairmen, recovery and treatment were recovered or treated and after processing they transferred all relics and documents to Afghanistan. 
Masoudi said that in connection with protection of the relics it should be said that the cultural and archeological riches are belong to all people of Afghanistan and everyone should endeavor to safeguard them and with complete brownness, the national museum protects historical relics. 
The head of museum continued that after replacement of these relics in museum, this department considers to show a number of these relics through an exhibition. 
At the same time, the authorities of royal embassy of Britain in Kabul during surrendering of historical relics to the authorities of the ministry of information and culture said that a number of relics are attained border police of that country and were kept in British Museum so far that fortunately, today all these relics are transferred to Afghanistan. 
The counselor of British embassy in Kabul said that the historical relics and monuments of a country are indicator of the identity of the country and these relics are surrendered to national museum so to be protected. 
He emphasized on continued cooperation of Britain and Afghanistan.  Evaluating the ancient and historical relics as worthy part of historical and cultural heritages of our country, foreign minister Dr. Zalmai Rasoul asserted that finding and returning of these relics to Afghanistan is a glad-tiding and proud for all Afghans. 
Lauding the government and British museum for their efforts made for returning of these relics to Afghanistan, he added that we thank from all who helped Afghanistan in recovery, finding and returning of those cultural and national treasury. 
At the same time, a number of our countrymen while welcoming the cooperation of Britain in regard with returning of historical relics of Afghanistan say that all those countries the Afghan historical relics are smuggled to them by individuals are expecting to help Afghanistan in returning of its historical relics like Britain. 
A resident of Kabul city Waleed said in the connection that Afghanistan is from among those countries that have more cultural and historical assets that most of them are smuggled to foreign countries by unscrupulous individuals during war years and were sold there. 
Those countries should help Afghan government in returning of historical relics. This is in a time that in 2009, about 1500 historical and cultural relics was smuggled to broad through Black Market and is surrendered to Afghan government again.