23 May 2017

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  Chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, the preliminary meeting on holding international seminar on mysticism role on spreading Islamic culture held on Tuesday, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
According to the agency, the acting minister of information and culture pointed out that the international seminar would focus on expansion of Islamic culture and better recognition of Sufism to people and its followers in the society.
Furthermore, in the meeting the participants discussed on appointing members of holding commission, invitation of domestic and foreign guests, choosing scientific and research articles on mysticism and procurement issues.
In the meeting, Najibullah Manli selected as the head of the commission, the agency added.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the ministries of information and culture, tribes and borders affairs, academy of science and National Security Council (NSC).
The international seminar on mysticism role on expansion of Islamic culture is expected to be held on Asad in Kabul.

Kabul (BNA)  A number of members of Afghanistan book-sellers and publishers in a meeting with deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture enumerated paying double tax, lack of market and lack of a proper place for holding book exhibition as main problems facing the country’s book-sellers and publishers.

Afterwards, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture promised cooperation for addressing part of their problems, saying that the World Book Day would be soon commemorated and asked Afghanistan book-sellers and publishers to have full preparation in this regard.  

Monday, April 24, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  The Golden Reed Academy and the Book City (Shahr-e-Ketab) jointly celebrated the book day and honored a number of writers and poets during a ceremony held in Kabul yesterday, BNA reported.
According to the agency, in the ceremony which was attended by a number of government officials, writers, poets and culturists, the presidential cultural advisor Asadullah Ghazanfar pointed to importance of book reading culture, adding meritocracy, literature rules and values should be considered in works of those being honored.
Meanwhile Acting Minister of Information and Culture said holding of such ceremonies to further persuade people for reading books. He said the ministry had the same plan to commemorate the day and appreciate the works of poets and writers. Addressing the ceremony, Najib Manali cultural advisor to National Security Council said this year’s book day was being celebrated after Jalal Noorani, one of the country’s elite writer, who has left several irony works. He said the golden reed academy was appreciating the works of writers and poets after detailed assessments by the judges.
The ceremony continued with remarks from the poets and writers talking on their works and stories.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Terrorist attack on Shaheen 209 Corp in Balkh province proofs that investment on Taliban, as a political movement is just self-delusion and fleeing the realities of the region.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes a group of armed men once again attacked Shaheen 209 military corp in Balkh province and committed another heinous crime and proved their hostility against Afghan people and the elected government of the country.
The attack carried out while a number of soldiers and officers were citing Friday Prayer and some other eating their lunch at the dining room.
The invaders pretending that they were carrying an injured man to the hospital succeeded to pass the first checkpoint but disclosed and involved in fighting with troops on duty. 
Although during the battle with Afghan soldiers all the attackers were killed, but a number of brave officers and soldiers also lost their lives in the attack that fight terrorism and extremism in front lines of the battle to save the world from the evil of terrorism and extremism.
Terrorist attack on Shaheen corp. Taliban claimed the responsibility took place exactly in time, some foreign countries and certain domestic circles calling Taliban a political movement and using it as a means to achieve their evil goals in the region, support them. While, the recent incident in Balkh and other terrorist incidents occurred earlier clearly showed that Taliban are nothing but a mercenary group who are carrying a proxy war in our country according the command of their foreign bosses and has no any authority of their own.
Due to these heinous nature and peculiarities Taliban enjoy, not believe in political activities, logic and wisdom can one call them a political movement?
Taliban and IS were generated by foreign intelligence services who follow specific goals and use them as soldiers in a proxy they have launched for obtaining their satanic goals.
For this reason, they become a friend of a county today and tomorrow become the enemy of the friend. The long lasting foe, Jihad was an honor against it now becomes their friend and destroys our country in instruction of them.
The recent terrorist incidents in the country claimed by Taliban indicate that Taliban are far away from becoming a political group and desisting terrorist activities. Therefore, investment on them as a political group is nothing but self- delusion. Addressing Taliban chanting such slogans have no any consequences but shame and the foreign countries and domestic diplomatic figures who have pinned hope on Taliban are in delusion. Therefore, it would be advisable for them to come out from the delusion and think about the realities.
On the other hand, the recent terrorist incident in Balkh province once again discloses a wide security gap in the country.
This incident after a terrorist attack on a hospital in Kabul is the most tragic incident, while the people waiting for the punishment of culprits of the incident, the terrorists attacked the military base in Balkh province.
The people and the bereaved families of the victims of these horrible incidents ask the relevant authorities to bring the culprits to the court as soon as possible and punish according the laws of the country.       

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