19 February 2019

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi signed a cooperation agreement with General Director of Electronic ID Cards Administration Sebghatullah Shahidzoy, BNA reported on Tuesday.
Before signing the agreement, Acting Minister Safi said based on this agreement, the Electronic ID Cards Administration would distribute electronic tazkira to the Ministry’s employees, the agency further said.
According to her, an introduction meeting would be held for the ministry’s employees at first and then electronic ID cards’ distribution process would be started, BNA added.
She stressed that the ground is prepared for the families of the ministry’s employees and they should be encouraged to receive electronic ID cards.
Calling the agreement useful in electronic ID cards distribution process, Shahidzoy said the MoIC’s employees would be directly put into biometric.  It is merit to mention that thousands of electronic ID cards have so far been distributed by this administration.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A 4,000- year-silver bowl with golden patterns, which was smuggled to Britain, returned home and submitted to the National Museum on Monday, BNA reported.
The looted valuable artifact, which was exhibited in the London Museum, has been returned to the country and handed over to the director of National Museum, by the Turyalay Gheyasi, head of cultural relations of the ministry of foreign affairs, at the presence of Fazel Sancharaki, the deputy to publications ministry of information and culture, said the agency.
The deputy information and culture minister spoke on the occasion and hoped all Afghanistan’s historical and ancient relics of the country to be returned home, with the efforts of the country’s political agencies abroad.
While submitting the historical object, Baba Khan Aslami, the first secretary of the country’s political agency in London, briefed about it and said the artifact was seized from the smugglers, by the British police at an airport near London and taken to the London Museum for more investigation, according to the agency.
Experts branded the object belonged to Afghanistan, with its history returning to the Bronze era and had a background of nearly 4,000 year, the agency added.
The bowl has 12 centimeters length and a capacity of two glasses of water, made from of the country’s northern biggest silver mine.  Most of the country’s ancient relics have been smuggled out of countries, during the last civil wars and part of them have been recently returned to the country and lodged at the National Museum.  This is while a vehicle taken to country before 70 years submitted to the National Museum earlier last week.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi visited BNA and heard its works and problems.
In the visit to the agency, director of BNA Khalil Menawi briefed related to history of the agency, activities of domestic and foreign news departments, website and various sections of the agency.
Meanwhile, Menawi by pointing to achievements, works and problems facing the agency considered lack of sufficient salaries and concessions, limited possibilities, lack of transport vehicles and lack of reporting equipment as key problems of the agency, asking the ministry of information and culture for attention in this regard.
Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi praised officials and employees of BNA for their works, saying BNA was the only news agency in Afghanistan.
Stressing on making better system for bringing reforms in relevant departments of the ministry of information and culture, Safi added necessary steps would be taken for addressing problems of the respective agency.

Monday December 24, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The Joint commission of Publishers and Evaluation of Foreign Publications held session at the Ministry of Information and Culture yesterday.
According to BNA report, addressing the meeting, Deputy Minister of Publication Fazel Sancharaki said government was committed and having firm will to safeguard the freedom of expression, publishers’ rights and those creating intellectual works, adding laws were also created to guarantee their rights. “MoIC has created a board to address the issues of publishers. Our Copy Right department has so far registered more than 10 thousand of ISBN which shows eye-catching growth,” Sancharaki added, saying 57 cases of copy right has also been addressed by the ministry. Hinting to the commission of foreign publications, the deputy minister said the commission members were consisted of elite and prominent figures and working to evaluate the books and publications based on Afghanistan’s accepted laws, culture and national interest.
“Recently the commission for evaluation of foreign publications has been included in the law of mass media so that to independently work and evaluate the publications,” Sancharaki added. He went on asking publishers to once review their works before sending them for evaluation, so that to be acceptable for all strata of the society. Meanwhile, the session continued with remarks by member of the Afghanistan’s overall Ulema Council Khudabakhsh Mohsini, saying those publications in contrary with Islamic teachings and Afghanistan’s national interest should not be published, asked publishers to act based on accepted principles and existed laws. Representing publishers, Sayed Ahmad Sayedi enumerated number of their problems, including allocating of specific places for booksellers and holding of exhibitions. The meeting was held to address the publishers’ issues as well as to prevent publishing of materials which are in contrary to freedom of expression, national interest, culture and mass media law.

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