20 August 2017

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Sunday July 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Foundation stone of information and culture new department has laid down in eastern Paktia province.
The building to be built with a sum of Afg 53,000,000 funded by India in one floor with having 33 administrative rooms, library, training center and hall.
Salahuddin Salis an in-charge of information and culture department of Paktia told BNA correspondent, with construction of the new building daily works of the department to be increased and most problems will be settled.
The building to be constructed within next two years in Gardiz city the provincial capital of the province.

Sunday July 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National children literature association is to be established by initiative of the country’s President and efforts of ministry of information and culture.
In a session held on this occasion, acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari said that a national association named as ‘national children literature association’ would be soon established with initiative of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and efforts of the ministry of information and culture.
He added that a draft and regulation would be made after suggestions and viewpoints were collected from writers and those societies working in children literature section. According to acting minister of information and culture, the association would work not only for Afghan children but also for Afghan teenagers.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Jabal Saraj City, old city of Parwan is located beside of Silk Road and north of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan.
According to historic evidences, it is said that one of the bases of Alexandria the Great was located in the respective city. It is surrounded by the high peaks of mountains.
The city gained new importance under the Emir Habibullah, who shifted the governor’s seat to it. Moreover, he built a palace and a large fortified cantonment nearby, giving them the name Jabal al-Seraj, which gradually replaced the old name of Parwan.
This change of name has produced some confusion about the location of the former Parwan.
In regard with Jabul-al-Saraj palace, Provincial Director of Information and Culture for Parwan Abdul Wahid Hashemi said “Jabal Saraj palace was built in 1907 during the reign of Amir Habibullah Khan, father of Amanullah Khan and was used as the quarters of Kingdom till the rule of Ghazi Amanullah Khan.
“This valuable monument with its secrets and stories from the past long periods and perplexed architecture showing culture and civilization of this historic area’s people attracts tourists, researchers and artists”, Hashmi said.
Related to destruction of the palace, Hashimi added, “The palace was once destructed partially during invasion of USSR and was changed as military base. By the victory of Jihad of the people of Afghanistan, the palace was renovated and protected by the government of Mujahidin. But, unfortunately the palace was targeted with artillery and rockets during the regime of Taliban and was destructed 80 %”.
“After Taliban regime was toppled in 2001, Afghanistan government paid attention to protection of the palace and prevented from further destruction of the palace. In 2012, former governor of Parwan Gen. Abdul Basir Salangi started effort to reconstruction of the palace, but much work was done in this regard”, Hashim further said.
He praised influenced figures and local councils of Jabal Saraj district for their efforts in connection with protection of the cultural and valuable monument, adding that current governor of Parwan Mohammad Asim Asim has put surveying and following the issue of palace’s reconstruction in his top priority.
Related to survey of this palace, Mr. Hashimi said, “In 2015, a delegation led by Parwan provincial directorate of information and culture and membership of engineers form provincial directorates of urban development, rural rehabilitation and technical services started reviewing and surveying the palace and submitted the report to governor office”, adding that based on survey, the governor office offered suggestions to ministry of information and culture and independent administrative of local governance and fortunately it is determined that surveying process of the palace would be completed within two months and its reconstruction work would be started in 2018.
At the end, Parwan provincial director of information and culture Abdul Wahid Hashimi added that the government was determined this time to renovate the historic palace of Jabal Saraj and it was hoped that in case of reconstruction of the palace, the respective district as a key city would witness presence of more domestic and foreign guests and tourists and Afghanistan in particular the local people of district would get economical incomes from tourism industry.
Karima Malikzada

Saturday July 8, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Speaking in the UN Model Conference, Deputy to the Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat said the conference helps the country’s youth to beef up their capacity, Bakhtar News Agency reported.
Saifullah Hakimi, head of the Green Afghanistan Training Institution said the main aim of the conference was to help the youth gain experiences on how to hold the UN related meetings, according to the agency. The agency quoted him as saying up to 360 youth from different provinces of the country have attended the conference, during which, he said would enable them and boost their capacity at the global level and get familiarity with the United Nations’ related meetings. Sadat said his ministry was ready for supporting youth and asked the youths came from the provinces to share their experiences with others, the agency added. Representatives from the UN and the Kabul based US embassy have attended the three day conference, the agency concluded.

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