26 June 2017

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Wednesday May 3, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In a ‘National Media Conference on Journalists Security and Safety’, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that freedom of speech, media and journalists’ achievements were irreversible, his office said in a statement.
Dr. Abdullah stressed that mass media power will not be stopped by a word or move, because, freedom of speech has reached an irreversible phase, the statement further said. He added that speech freedom is one of the most important indexes of Afghans’ rights which can’t be changed by anyone’s desire, thus, its preservation and support is our responsibility, the statement added. Appreciating effective works of media and journalists and international media supporting agencies, CE Abdullah said media reports have mostly caused to foil the enemy’s vicious plans and prevent corruption, the statement continued. Besides, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Sayed Agha Fazel Sancharaki said democracy and freedom of speech were the basics of Afghanistan’s system which should never be victimized. Afterward, CE Abdullah promised to hold a joint session with government related organizations, Afghanistan’s media federation and media supporting entities so to discuss their problems. The programs was held at the threshold of World Press Day by Afghanistan’s Media and Journalists’ organizations federation, some international organizations’ representatives and domestic as well as foreign journalists and reporters. At the end, Dr. Abdullah granted appreciation letters to some media outlets’ in-charges.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  Prof. Mohammad Rasoul Bawari, Acting Minister of Information and Culture met with provincial chief and directors of information and culture for Herat, praising cultural developments in the province.
In the meeting, provincial chief of information and culture Aria Raufian spoke related to activities and challenges their departments were facing with in the province and said, “Directorate of information and culture has four departments working in information and culture, tourism, art and youth affairs and having considerable achievements.”
“Herat has 280 historical monuments”, Raufian said, adding that national museum, Itifaq-e-Islam newspaper, public library , tourism book, Herat direction, 1050 musicians, 500 engraving artists and more than 50 theatrical artists have been able to add to activities and values of the information and cultural directorate in Herat.
He considered lack of working force and possibilities as problems the directorate facing in the province.
Meanwhile, acting minister of information and culture while expressing happiness over fruitful and valuable activities of the department asserted ministry of information and culture was determined to take serious and practical steps towards prevention from destruction of historical monuments across the province.

Monday, May 01, 2017

BEIGING (BNA)  Hosted by China’s International Publishing Groups (C.I.P.G.), the 2017 media management seminar attended by up to 30 Afghan journalists, including state-run and private media outlets, was concluded in Beijing, the capital city of Chia on Sunday.
Leading the Afghan media delegation, Dr. Shamsuhaq Aryanfar, head of the government dailies delivered a comprehensive speech during the closing ceremony thanking the C.I.P.G for holding such prolific and fruitful seminars for the Afghan media house.
He expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality offered by the Chinese seminar organizers and the most effective as it could help the Afghan journalists get more and fresh information offered by the experienced Chinese lecturers, about the China’s achievements and its future programs in different fields including political, economic, and cultural arena.
“Your great WeChat and Weibo internet initiative is highly laudable and commendable, through which big part of your country’s economy could be managed well on one hand and on the other, helps China remain safe and secure from any diversion,” said Dr. Aryanfar.
In fact, this could be praised as a great initiative by the Chinese wise leadership to create its own social media to help the people go ahead towards a welfare and tranquil life, he said.
Pointing to the Belt & Road project, as the China’s mega project, the head of government dailies called it the world’s largest project and added that the Afghan media delegation learnt more about the project during their stay in China.
“We support the mega project in advance, but Afghanistan shouldn’t be bypassed as the ancient Silk Route has been crossing the country,” said Aryanfar pointing to the importance of his country once the project was implemented. “It [the Belt & Road] ensures regional connectivity and boosts trade and economic cooperation among the regional countries.”
The project if got executed would help the eastern countries turn to the hub of the world economy as well as connects the other three continents of the world, he went on as saying.
He said the visiting of the Chinese training, publishing and cultural centers was very constructive for his led media delegation during the 20-day stay in China.
The media delegation head suggested continuation of such workshops for the Afghan media outlet in the future, as he believed they would get their skills and professions improved further than ever.
He also asked for providing scholarship of higher educations for the Afghan students, particularly in the fields of sciences and technology.
As part of his suggestions, he referred to the first lecture which he said was about public diplomacy, saying it was the diplomacy of public services for the mankind and human society and that this should be expanded furthermore and replaced with the individualism diplomacies.
Dr. Aryanfar also suggested the friendly country of China should have established a TV with the Afghan official languages of Dari and Pashto, as the Belt & Road project crossing through several countries, with BBC, VOA and Euro News’s of the said languages, as he added the Afghan people know little about the mega project.
He also drew attention of the Chinese leadership for doing more for the Afghan media, particularly those of the state-run ones as well as supporting Bakhtar TV expected to be established by the Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan.
“The ancient Silk Route had crossed through Khutan and Kashghar to Samarqand onward to Balkh in Afghanistan. from Balkh, a line had been extended to Marw, towards Central Asia and another line to Herat of Afghanistan onward to the Middle East; Turkey and then to Europe and the third one linked to India, so this line could be revived again,” he suggested.
Secondly, the route passing through Afghanistan would be the shortest way and economically important which makes it easy to build railway and facilitate connectivity in the region easily, he added.
Third, transporting oil, gas and electricity from the central Asian countries to Pakistan and India, crosses through Afghanistan and the project had specified the central role of this country, according to him.
“Fourth, with extension of railway through Afghanistan, the ground for creation of work for people and security in the war-battered country could be provided, so no militant group would be able to recruit from among the poor people,” he noted.
Fifth, the endemic war in Afghanistan has been imposed to destabilize Russia and China, where China through implementation of the Belt and Road project can foil the malicious designs, Aryanfar added.
If Afghanistan has been overlooked in the Belt and Road project, the continued militancy would facilitate the terrorist groups to turn the country into the terrorists’ sanctuaries to destabilize the whole region including China and Russia, as currently they are recruiting from among extremist people of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya and those of the China’s Uighurs to form terrorist groups, Aryanfar said, adding China can use its influence on some regional countries to help restore peace in Afghanistan and the region.
“China, as the powerful neighbor, can invest in Afghanistan, particularly in the field mining and extraction of Aynak copper mine,” he said
According to head of Afghanistan government dailies, policy and programs of China are vital for development of economy and serve the human society. “We hope it could go ahead successfully to further achieve its goal and spare no effort to help peace and security restore in its neighboring Afghanistan.”
The seminar organizers of the C.I.P.G warmly welcomed the suggestions and pledged to take them to the authorities for more focus and implementation if possible.
The Afghan, at the end the closing ceremony, received certificates provided by the China’s International Publishing Group (C.I.G.P).
F. Akhgar

Saturday, April 30, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The first strategic tourism, master plan and management of cultural heritages conference was held yesterday in Herat, capital city of the province.
In the conference held with participation of Herat governor, government officials, acting minister of information and culture, state minister of tourism, deputy minister of urban development, a number of men of culture, writers and domestic and foreign archeologists, participants of the conference reviewed legal works to help preserve and take care of historical monuments.
In a video message, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by praising the conference said that role of Herat in absorption of tourism and development and stability of Afghanistan would be valuable.  President Ghani supported joining of Herat in world heritages’ list instructed ministries of information and culture and foreign affairs to follow the process in cooperation with UNESCO.  The country’s President further said that management modality of the historic monuments should be changed, adding that Babur Garden was a successful example of management of the historic monuments.
In the conference, Governor of Herat Mohammad Asif Rahimi added that modality of participation of preservation of historic monuments, protection of old city and historic buildings would be discussed by proposing legal ways.

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