18 March 2018

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Tuesday January 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Practical measures are underway to include Herat in World Cultural Heritage lists.
Based on last instruction of the president of the country 1. 1 m$ has been allocated for management plan of Herat city and the work for implementing the plan in practice has already started.
Arya Rahoafyan the director of Herat Information and Culture Department reporting about the start of practical measures for including Herat in list of world cultural heritages says that for including Herat in the list of world cultural heritages discussions were under way for ten years, but unfortunately there were no any practical work in that end so far, but fortunately, due to the recent instruction of the president, special attention has been made for implementing the program in practice and budget and other necessary facilities have been allocated for starting practically this  prideful  project.
The head of Herat information and culture department added, based on the order, 1.1m$   from state budget has been allocated and a new department under the title of Directorate for Protecting Ancient Cities has established within the frame of City Construction Department of Herat and approved.
Mr. Rahoafyan calling one of important measures for including in the list of word heritages list to draw a clear picture from Herat along the course of history, this is  a management plan should be made for the purpose and all historical monuments and relics of the city should be recorded in data base of this management plan.
He added, the work for preparing this management plan has been already started by city construction department with cooperation of Historical Monument Department and UNESCO.  After completing the works of the mentioned organs, we will be ready to prepare a proposal for nominating Herat to be registered in world cultural heritages and offer to cultural center of UNESCO.
According to the director of Herat information and culture department, while this management plan provides the ground for including Herat in world cultural list,  although all historical monuments of the city based on international standards have been recorded which will be very effective for protecting the cultural heritages of this province.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

Tuesday January 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In a meeting with Daikundi provincial governor Mahmoud Baligh and a number of its culturists, Acting Minister of Information and Culture Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari stressed on paying further heed to the province’s culturists and historical monuments, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported the other day.
According to BNA, provincial governor Baligh briefed the acting minister of information and culture about cultural and publications’ activities as well as recognition of 42 historical monuments in his province.
He added Daikundi is not considerably being covered by publication networks, asking the acting minister Bawari to pay attention in the respect, the agency added.
Prof. Bawari said his ministry was committed to improve cultural and publication activities in Daikundi and it supports it, BNA continued.
He said a delegation would soon send to Daikundi to review the registered monuments of that province, BNA added.
Likewise, to improve cultural activities, the ministry of information and culture considers to hold Cultural Week in Daikundi next year.
According to another report, chaired by acting minister of information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rassoul Bawari, a meeting of commission on Nawruz ancient festival was held the other day.
Attended by MoIC different departments’ heads, the meeting discussed preparations and location of celebrating new fiscal year, the list of ancient games and traditions, holding cultural and traditional programs as well as the MoIC’s proposal to presidential office on establishing a national commission to mark Nawruz festival.
Stressing on taking necessary measures to celebrate New Year, the acting minister of information and culture asked the commission members to do their best in the respect.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Allama Iqbal’s general poetry book converted from Urdu to Dari by Mohammad Afsar Rahbin, a country’s prominent poet and writer, was unveiled in Kabul the other day, BNA reported.
According to BNA, the book was unveiled in a ceremony attended by senate first deputy Mohammad Alam Izedyar, deputy minister of information and culture on publications Fazel Sancharaki, deputy minister of information and culture on finance and tourism Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, MoIC’s leading body, a number of university lecturers, scientific and cultural figures as well as foreign guests.
In a ceremony held on the occasion, Deputy MoIC Fazel Sancharaki said however our people were familiar with Allama Iqbal Lahouri’s works, but they didn’t have enough access to Urdu works, the agency added.
He added Ustad Mohammad Afsar Rahbin the country’s well-known poet and writer has done much to covert the book from Urdu to Dari language.
Senate first deputy, Mohammad Alam Izedyar said Mohammad Afsar Rahbin was a prominent poet and writer of our country who has taken persistent steps in cultural field, the agency added.
He added the important point is that Persian language that is currently being read as Dari has been an official language in India for almost a thousand year, as the names of hundreds of Indian poets who were signing in Persian language have been recorded in India.
Afterward, Mohammad Afsar Rahbin briefed a bout translation of the poet book, saying the book consists of Iqbal’s four poet works such as Bankdar, Bal-e-Jebreat, Zarb-e-Kalim and Armaghan-e-Hejaz a work which has not been done by anyone before.
At the end senate deputy awarded Rahbin with an appreciation letter, logo and pen of Mehrano Jirga to honor his valuable efforts in cultural field.

Thursday January 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Cultural heritages are in fact a country’s cultural capital, indicating its people’s culture in a specific time. Likewise, cultural heritages play visible role in attraction of tourists in a country which would pave the way for job opportunities as well. Acting head of Faryab provincial department of information and culture Zabihullah Naseri told that his department has done much since establishment of the interim administration, but it is also facing multiple challenges due to financial problems. On Faryab historical monuments he said, “There are over 250 historical monuments in Faryab, 50 of which have already been registered in the ministry of information and culture and they have over 500 years historical background.”
Sometimes, domestic and foreign tourists come to Faryab and in coordination with tourism department, they visit the historical sites and monuments of the province, he further said. Historical sites in Faryab such as Maisara Hill, Kheshti Masjid, Zeghir Paya Fort and many more, have the historical background of over 750 years, he added. According to him, Aqina Pool is the only historical site that has been repaired with financial assistance of people and the provincial department of information and culture. Unfortunately, there are many other historical sites in the province that have been registered in the ministry of information and culture, but we couldn’t reconstruct and repair them so far, he went on to say.
On Babaye Wali madrasa he said, “In addition of Aqina Pool, we have also reconstructed and repaired the Babaye Wali Madrasa, where is the only brick-made madrasa that has over 300 years historical background and is about to be collapsed.” He clarified due to financial problems, our department could not play significant role in repairing and reconstruction of historical sites over the last years. In some areas, people have illegally started excavations and they smuggled out many historical jewelries, dishes, etc., he continued. On insecurity, he asked the government officials to restore security of the province so they can easily visit all historical sites. Faryab is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the north of the country bordering with neighboring Turkmenistan. It has a population of about 948,000, which is multi-ethnic and mostly tribal society. The province encompasses 15 districts and over 1,000 villages. The capital of Faryab province is Maymana.
Karima Malikzada

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