24 January 2017

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Wednesday December 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Information and Culture held a meeting to discuss tourism, challenges and opportunities, said Bakhtar News Agency.
The meeting sought ways on opportunities, challenges before tourism and the ways to help expand and develop tourism in the country, said the agency. Attended at the meeting, deputy tourism, finance and administrative minister, Zardasht Shams spoke and detailed about the challenges, developments and the future programs on the tourism industry in the country. He said, “Through tourism, we could introduce the country’s historical monuments, ancient sites and scenic natural views of different regions to the world,” the agency quoted. Emphasizing on the tourism industry, Shams said attention to the tourism industry could pave the way for work and incomes for the people in the historical areas, quoted the agency. The deputy for tourism, finance and administrative of the ministry called cooperation between the private tourism companies and the ministry of information and culture a firm step in development of tourism industry in the country and enumerated a series of performances in this field and the challenges before the tourism industry in the country. Participants including Nasrullah Stanekzay, head of presidential justice and judicial consultative board spoke about the legal defections available at the tourism industry and others on issues related to the agendas at the meeting. To conclude with, the meeting also discussed issues about the bill on the tourism development board, with the participants provided their visions, said the agency.

Respected media outlets,
December, 6, 2016
Kabul (BNA) We invite you to attend an event this Wednesday December 7th 2016 12:00 PM at the Loya Jirga Tent organized and hosted by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Ahmad Daud Noorzai, and his office as a part of the launch of our TashwIQ program.
The goal of the TashwIQ program is to bring the brightest, most educated, and highly experienced young Afghans and place them in the government.
This event will bring together over 3000 students, recent graduates, young government employees, and government officials. This will not only serve as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the government bodies and the people, but will also introduce everyone to the new hiring process.
For more information about the campaign, you can view our promotional material on our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/depcs.afghanistan
We look forward to your participation in this event. If attending, please confirm as soon as possible by email or phone.

Sunday December 4, 2016

Kabul (BNA) People and experts believed the media, compared to the last years, could play effective role in changing the people minds.
They said the media role shouldn’t be underestimated in different aspects of the people’s lives. They said the media could play significant role in safety and immunity of social life in the society, but they should be in compliance with the Islamic teachings, accepted traditions, in a way so that couldn’t harm the people moralities. Ahmad Walid, a government employee told that the media could shed light in different aspects of the peoples’ social, cultural, economic and political life, so they shouldn’t be ignored, but rather should be helped strengthened, but should be based with the morality of the people and their accepted traditions. They shouldn’t broadcast what do nothing with the people life or can lay negative impact on their live conditions. He said those foreign serials screened in the country’s audio-visual media should be reformed and the commonplace areas should be cut.
Wazhma another student said no one could ignore media and its role in the society, as they can play effective role in changing the system and “We should be helped get aware of different fields of the social lives, including health, economic, social and other fields. In many provinces of the country, like Farah, and other remote areas, people have no access to media, and the youth in particular face heavy challenges, they undergo unemployment, large number flee the country. Human trafficking are also challenges before the people, with the media can play significant role in restoring the trust between the people and the government and provide awareness among the people about the harms of human trafficking and other dilemmas. An expert, Haroon Mir believed trust between the government and the people could be secured through media’s firm step to publicize awareness throughout the country’s mass media and the media should reflect the main picture of violence in the country. He called media a fundamental pillar of the society and can play effective role in expansion of the country. It can provide the youth with social harms and paly effective role in the social immunity of the people. Programs, including entertainment, education etc. which are effective in training the young generation should be broadcasted through the audio-visual media to help social safety of the people get strengthened.
Shukria Kohistani

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Information and Culture’s leadership saddened over injury of the three reporters in Zabul province, BNA reported.
According to the agency, three of the country’s reporters who were out of the Qalat city, the provincial capital of Zabul to prepare a report on military operations of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) were targeted and injured by the roadside mine during their return to Qalat city. While calling injury of the reporters a matter of concern, the Ministry of Information and Culture leadership asking military officials to do their best and protect the reporters’ lives and ease the ground for their reporting, the agency added. Considering the ongoing situation and unrest in some parts of the country, the Ministry of Information and Culture has always expressed concern while asking the reporters to do more and protect themselves during preparation of reports from the conflict zones, the agency said. The Ministry of Information and Culture prays for urgent recovery of the injured reporters, the agency quoted MoIC as saying.

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