10 December 2018

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi met with a delegation of Al-Azhar University lecturers in Kabul on Tuesday, BNA reported.
Representing others, Dr. Mustafa Jalil, head of the delegation asked Acting Minister Safi to prepare the ground so they can explain moderate Islam, women rights from the view point of Islam, participation in elections and different other issues through media, according to BNA.
He also expressed readiness for their cooperation in term of holding programs and training workshops on the mentioned points, the agency added.
Thanking the delegation’s cooperation, Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi pointed out that Afghanistan and Egypt enjoying cultural and religious commonalities and she had already spoken with Egyptian ambassador in Kabul to bolster cultural cooperation between the two countries.
She added the way would be paved for holding educational and cultural programs within the agreement signed with Egyptian government.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi inspected different departments of Liberty Printing Press (LPP), government dailies of Afghanistan and Baihaqi Publications here yesterday, BNA reported.  According to the agency, the acting minister while looking around LPP different sections as well as government dailies, was briefed by in-charges of LPP, Baihaqi publications and editor-in-chiefs of The Kabul Times, Anis, Hiwad and Islah dailies as well as Watandaran magazine on achievements and challenges of the said departments.
Likewise, the acting minister heard the staff demands and problems and pointed out necessary measures would be taken to tackle their problems.
In separate meetings with General Director of LPP and Director of Government dailies, including editor-in-chiefs of the aforesaid dailies, and magazine as well as head of the Afghan Advertisement, Minister Safi reviewed their functions, plans and problems and ordered necessary instructions for improvement of the works, BNA added.  Lauding the mentioned administrations’ efforts despite having access to limited equipment, Acting Minister said newspapers should consider national unity in their publications and include the entire Afghan nation’s views.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) A Chinese delegation is expected to visit Afghanistan to research ancient relics, the Chinese Ambassador said in a meeting with the acting minister of information and culture, Ms. Hasina Safi on Monday.
The delegation, after its arrival in Afghanistan would go travel to the Wakhan valley and launch joint research with the Afghan archeologist group said the ambassador as quoted by the state run Bakhtar News Agency.
During the meeting, Minister Safi spoke about the historical relation of Afghanistan and China and emphasized on the development of the ties between the two countries. The agency quoted.
The acting minister also expressed her ministry’s cooperation with the delegation regarding the excavation of the Mes-e-Ainak mine, according to the agency.
Led by Sarwar Danesh, the country’s first vice-president with the official invitation of the Chinese government, an Afghan delegation would visit China in the upcoming week, the agency said.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publication Affairs, Fazel Sancharaki praised cultural functions of Ghawsuddin Mir, Head of  Afghanistan Cultural Center in Austria and Bano Magazine Concessionaire and Editor-in Chief and awarded him with an appreciation letter, BNA reported on Sunday.
During the meeting, deputy Minister Sancharaki also wished him and European based Afghan further successes on their cultural activities, according to the agency.
Furthermore, besides briefing the session about Afghans’ cultural activities in Austria and Europe, Ghawsuddin thanked deputy minister for the appreciation letter.

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