24 January 2017

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Prof. Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publication Affairs asked media to act based on article 45 of mass media law and prevent publishing and screening violence victims’ faces, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported Tuesday. 
According to the agency, in a meeting held by Human Rights Commission, civil society and parliament’s women affairs commission, Ms. Mostafavi asked all media not to screen and publish the violence victims’ images.
The session was held to create coordination among the government related administrations on implementation of law on prevention of violence against women and children, recently approved by the lower house of the parliament, the agency further said. In the meeting, Ms. Mostafavi clarified that disclosing any information about violence victims can negatively affect their character, the agency continued.
Calling attention to women character important, Delbar Nazari, the minister of women affairs asked the related government administrations to jointly work and make effort to implement the law on prevention of violence against women and children, the agency stated. Fawzia Kufi, head of parliament’s human rights commission said that violence against women and children has been changed into an unacceptable culture in the country, adding the move must be ended, the agency stated.
In the session, a number of government officials, civil society activists, some universities’ teachers and a number of other related organizations’ members were present.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting Minister of Information and Culture and Deputy to the Youth Affairs said various programs related to the youth should be launched when marking the New Year across the country, Bakhtar News Agency said the other day.
“As per the nomination of the year 1396 after the youth by the country’s president, the ministry of information and culture wants to run different programs related to the youth by the provincial youth departments to mark the New Year not only in Naurooz, but throughout the year,” said Sadat in a meeting with membership from different youth related directorates.
The directors shared their visions with the acting minister in the meeting for more coordination to hold better ceremony to mark the New Year, said the agency.

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to observing freedom of speech in the country, supporting the process not let misusing freedom of speech praise the murderers of Afghan people.
BNA analyst of social affairs commenting on the issue writes freedom of speech is the major principle in general policy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Therefore it is committed in observing and supporting it, but not let freedom of speech becomes a means for creating chaos in the country. And the  opportunists use it as a means for terrorizing the others personality or the media from their tribune praise the killers of Afghan innocent people by carrying criminal acts such as suicide and terrorist attacks mercilessly kill men, women, children and brave security personnel of the country. Regretfully, some media due to their own reasons provide the ground for opportunists to raise their ominous voice and against all journalistic standards invading the identity and personality of our people suffer the spirit of the people and laugh to blood of martyrs, lost their lives in terrorist attacks. Awarding honorable titles to terrorist Taliban in Kabul the capital of the country can weaken the moral and resolution of the honorable young people of the country serving in security organs and safeguard our national values.
The people who are talking about terrorist groups and slaves of foreign intelligence services with giving them great titles should not forget that they are residing in glorious building in Kabul and are safe from the threat of their former friends and present foes because of these security forces. Eulogizing Taliban and infidel IS tyrant personnel who shed much blood, made huge damages, and treated the religious and national values can be disastrous for this nation and country. Can it be called a waken conscience that still the bloods in Daru-l-Aman is not yet dried, and the memories of hundreds of victims of terrorist incidents are still in mind and spirit of our people and Taliban honor for carrying out these wicked acts, consider them rescuers and the other rioters.
The Afghan national leaders, who fought in Jihad and resistance battlefields to defend the people and national interests of the country in cost of their lives, are not comparable with the leadership of Taliban who daily start their works according to the instructions receive from ISI generals and even the ordinary staff of that notorious intelligence. Therefore, the true Taliban should know the realities about their leaders Mullah Omer and Mullah Akhtar and for whose benefit they gave their lives and presently Mullah Haibatullah the so-called Taliban leader fighting in defense of whose interests against whose interests? It is a clear and irrefutable fact and nobody deny of Taliban’ leaders slavery. The recent inner disputes among the leadership of Taliban unveil their true figure and reveal their untrue personalities. 
In presence, of such a scandal still can praise Taliban? If the response were consciously and honestly, it is certainly negative. The recent statements addressing Afghan people and Excellency and honorable leadership of the country should seriously investigated. Pro-Taliban figures support this ignorant and terrorist group while a number of parliament members have claimed that the terrorist supporting certain circles inter Kabul, carrying terrorist attacks kill our people and damage our homeland. The people hope to silence the voice of who create discrimination, discord and disvalue national values and the martyrs’ blood. The people who support Taliban and their foreign patrons should know that they have no place among our people and should return to their original position in order the Afghan terrorist stricken people know them as the enemies of their country and staves of foreign intelligences. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Based on proposal of information and culture ministry and decree of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Mohammad Rasoul Bawari has been appointed as deputy minister of culture and art for information and culture.

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