14 November 2018

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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Female journalists supporting center in Afghanistan held a meeting on Tuesday to prevent women harassment in media outlets, BNA, reported.
During the meeting, some media in-charges inked a charter on prevention from women harassment in media outlets. At the outset, head of female journalists supporting center Farida Nikzad while expressing concern asked media in-charges to cooperate with her entity on fighting violence against female journalists and those working in media and don’t let any woman or girl suffer in the respect or forced to leave her job. Expressing concern over women situation in the country, deputy minister of information and culture on publication affairs Fazel Sancharaki clarified that rampant intellectual and cultural situation has caused historical deprivations and hidden pains in the society, thus, to fight women harassment, continued intellectual and cultural works should be done. He also said a committee under the ministry of information and culture’s gender department has been created to address women problems. Likewise, a women rights activist Weeda Saghari spoke and shared her view in this regard. At the end, a charter arranged by female journalists supporting center in Afghanistan was signed by some media in-charges, within which the media have been asked to cooperate with the entity in fighting women harassment.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Kabul (BNA) An old fort surrounded by forty protection towers located in second Yekawalang district, Bamyan province according to its paintings and architecture belongs to Buddhism and Islamic eras.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, acting head of Bamyan provincial department of information and culture Ahmad Hussain Ahmadpoor said, fortunately, historical sites are abundant in Bamyan.
Almost 20 days earlier, a team of MoIC archaeologists and cultural experts visited five historical sites in Saighan district. Another important historical sites of Qala Sarposhak was surveyed in Shebar district recently too.
Ahmadpoor added there is an underground cave that takes 40 minutes that leads to a spring that supplies water. Currently there are 37 semi-destroyed towers in this site and some paintings could be seen on their walls. No archeological researches have taken place there, but it seems to belong to Buddhist and Islamic eras. This area contains a vast compound and one stupa called Chelagan. There are other historical sites in this district too which are closely related to each other.
Historically these architectures are similar to Shahr-e-Zuhak. All these sites require strong care and rebuilding. “Without cooperation of the MoIC, we cannot take any step. We have only one archeologist in Bamyan while for archaeological researches a strong team is direly needed plus sufficient budget,” he added.
Acting head went on saying that Chelborj was in a bad condition and in urgent need of rebuilding
This area has plenty of visitors.
Talking on illegal excavations, Ahmadpoor said, fortunately in recent years, security forces have been stationed there and take care of ancient sites and prevent illegal excavations.
“One CP has been set up in Chehelborj site and for the moment we have no concern on illegal excavations as so far no legal excavations have taken place.”
Rebuilding of Chehelborj brings good revenue to the government but one of the main problem is lack of good roads and visitors and tourists are facing problems and due to bad unpaved roads even some tourists and visitors avoid going there.
Karima Malikzada

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Fazel Sancharaki, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publications Affairs, the other day has opened the photo exhibition in the National Achieve, BNA reported Monday.
Up to 100 of the old Kabul city photos have been displayed in the show, which is expected to continue for one week, said the agency.
The deputy minister speaking on the occasion, said: “Today’s photo exhibition features the past Kabul city face and remind the young generation with the past architectural and art relics of the ancient city and the ministry supports holding of such exhibition said the agency.
The National Achieve Director, Mohammad Afsar Rahbin also spoke in the ceremony and said up to 100 pictures from the old Kabul city were displayed, a move which could be called a link between the old and new Kabul, recalling the life style and culture of the old Kabul city, the agency said.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  The Ministry of Information and Culture, in a statement on Monday, strongly rejected as baseless what it described a social media rumor toward the acting minister Hasina Safi’s allegedly announcement of a ban on the traditional Chadari (a type of full face to toe burqa) by the Afghan women.
The statement quoted the acting and nominee minister of information and culture to say that she was strongly committed to the country’s accepted traditions, under the sacred religious teachings and noble Afghan culture.
“Ms. Safi, since the beginning of her tenure as the acting and nominee minister of information and culture has tried to further popularize the country’s accepted traditions,” said the statement.
The statement blamed those ominous circles who wanted to create obstacles before the popularization of the country’s noble traditions and culture, are spreading rumor to disturb the pubic minds.  “Such behaviors have clearly been described in the mass media law.”