19 February 2019

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Freedom Of Press In Afghanistan

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Following the great political changes, the law on press and freedom of expression has been the biggest achievement which its main goals are free access of media and press to information.
The government has open policy to demonstrate democratic values and encourage journalists.
In recent years, we have been witnessing operation of tens TVs, radios, about 500 independent publications, newspaper and weeklies that all of them are working to institutionalize democracy.
The Afghan government and the MoIC as the only responsible organ, supports journalists and media professionals.
The latter was able to play constructive role in the direction of freedom of speech and improving of media actives.
Changes in the recent years in Afghanistan and reiteration of freedom of speech have provided further ground of media activities in implementation of democracy.
Today despite all present problems and challenges in our society, the journalists and media professionals are performing their moral and national obligations before society and public awareness honestly.
In the light of freedom of expression and expansion of democratic dimensions, the Afghan government encourages private TVs which are unique among the regional countries.
In all societies, media are the forth pillar of the government and a bridge the gap between the people and the latter.
They understand that have great responsibility before people and despite of all potential problems, are trying to reflect whatever is going on in their environment and inform the public.
At present thousands people are involved in media and press activity in the capital and provinces.
As an important pillar, they can be a guarantee and loyal to national interests and lead the so city toward a balanced movement.
Access of journalists’ to modern technology of satellites, internet and web sites have capable them to be further successful forever.
The government has also doesn’t spare any efforts to make all essential facilities available to media men including holding of workshops and seminars, providing of scholarships prizes and letters of appreciation.
The Afghan government has always emphasized on the role and importance of media and journalists and supported them.
During the years of devastating conflicts journalists have also sustained numerous hardships and even been victimized and killed due to violence.
Not only the government, but the civil society, justice and judiciary bodies as well as the human rights activists support journalists.
The journalists don’t want to lose vital achievements which have been gained following long years of tolerance and numerous sacrifices.


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