23 January 2019

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President Karzai’s Message On Seminar About Pace Of Constitution, Democracy In Afghanistan

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Kabul (BNA) The history of intellectual movement in the country is linked with the start of the constitution movement in the country. 
Around hundred years back, the first movement of reforms seeking and the anti-oppression ideas and strangulation among the intellectual segment of the society emerged in Kabul. 
The establishment of the association of Sarajul-Akhbar of Afghanistan and then the debut of Sarajul-Afghania and parallel with this the emergence of first constitutional movement and its continuation till regaining of independence, adoption of the first constitution of Afghanistan during the Amania rule, the democracy of the prime minister Shah Mohamoud Khan and the decade of democracy of the last years of rule of HM Mohammad Zahir Shah Babai Millat and today’s democracy in the country which has been started ten years back, all are the event indicating the pace of ideas and thinking of the reformists in the country. 
Critical evaluation of these transformations, reforms and the opportunity that enabled emergence of new thinking in Afghanistan are the needs of the young generation in the country so they are being informed of all details of the events and learn of them. 
The seminar the ministry of information and culture has organized to certain extent is responsive of those needs. 
With holding of this seminar we are appreciative of the ministry, but my expectations from the researchers and scholars of the contemporary history is so they should realistically study the factors and causes of inability of the intellectuals movements in the country so the future generation get precise information based on realities. 
Work of the seminar continued after electing of chairman and deputies and secretary.

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