25 April 2018

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Protection of Historical Monuments National Obligation

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is a rich country with historical sites and ancient areas inherited to us from our past ancestors.
Every Afghan is responsible for protection of our culture ancient hostages because theses relics are indicator of our national identity. The head of protection Department of Historical Monuments Abdul Ahad Abbasi said, “Our historical, culture relics are indicator of our past history and culture, for this reason, we repaired a number of these monuments in 1394 in Balkh province including mosque of Abu Nasr-e-Parsa, tomb of Khazroya, Darwaza Tangi Shadyan with the cooperation of Agha khan Foundation. Abbasi added, “Second part of Mehtrlam Baba Shrine a pool inside this compound were rebuilt from the development budget of the MoIC. Abbasi went on to say, “Repairing of Ahmad Shah Baba as well as Kherqa Muberak tombs were also completed in Kandahar in 1394. A minaret near Zabul-Kandahar which is called as Ghashay Minaret, and as well as the building of Sara-jumarat in Nangarhar province which will be used as the museum of east zone will be started soon. Surveys have not been completed throughout Afghanistan as so far we have registered over 1200 monuments and out of probably 3000 monuments and out of which we have repaired 234 monuments with the cooperation of Agha Khan Foundation as well as Fairoz Kho and the development budget of the MoIC. For Public awareness, the Historical Monuments Department has prepared 900 signboards to all provinces. People and government are obliged for protection of historical monuments. They are our national capital and ancient wealth. In 2013, repairing plans were drafted for Ghazi as the cultural capital of Islamic world by the MoIC and 30 monuments were repaired. Next year we plan to carryout survey in other provinces. We use finical resources of MoIC, and UNECCO, Agha Khan Foundation, Fairoz Kho and some NGOs. Khoshal Khan Miri a student of Fine Arts Faculty said Historical monuments are live history of our country, so people should protect them like priceless assets of their private properties.
Karima Malikzada

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