19 December 2018

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Uruzgan Historical Monuments Falling into Ruin

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Uruzgan is a mountainous and green province with lots of historical sites and monuments, but unfortunately, due to insecurity, they are facing with destruction.
Head of Uruzgan information and culture department, Noor Mohammad Abdali said that there are 350 historical monuments and cultural heritages in the province, in which 95 percent of some of them have been totally destroyed.
He added unfortunately, no attention has been paid by the ministry of information and culture to historical monuments of the province so far.
But recently, the ministry of information and culture has agreed to allocate budget in the respect, as 6 historical monuments are expected to be repaired this year, he went on to say.
Likewise, he said I have been appointed as head of the province’s information and culture department since a while and you know that Uruzgan is an unrest province.
The government has only control on Trinkot, the provincial capital and other central districts, he said adding other parts of the province are being controlled by armed insurgents.
“Majority of the historical monuments are located in remote areas of Uruzgan, where we are unable to launch survey,” he continued.
“Thus, we are making effort to aware the people through mass media, Ulama, schools and universities to protect the historical monuments and sites and don’t let them face destruction,” he stated.
Uruzgan province doesn’t have any proper transit routes and the people are not able to comfortably commute, he said, adding that is why it is still among the backward provinces of the country.
However, Uruzgan enjoys many tourism sites, but due to insecurity, the domestic and foreign tourists don’t visit it and instead, they visit Kandahar, Kabul and other secure provinces of the country, he added.
Uruzgan province is located in the southern Afghanistan, bordering Zabul and Kandahar to the south, Helmand to the southwest, Daykundi to the north, and Ghazni province to the east.
Uruzgan covers an area of 12,640 Km2. Much of the province is mountainous or semi-mountainous terrain, while the rest of the areas are made up of flat land.
Earlier, Uruzgan was part of Arakozi region and before BC, it was ruled by Alexander the Great. However, with the passage of time, Ashoka enjoyed to rule this region. Back in 7th century when Arab visited Afghanistan to spread Islam, they initially discovered Zambeelan. In 9th century, they found Ghaznawis, Ghauris, and Mongols that ruled this region.
Ahmad Shah Abdali took over control of Afghanistan back in 17th century, Uruzgan was the first province, which was amalgamated in his empire.

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