Afghanistan Journalists Supporting Fund Shares Report With Media

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Monday July 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Asif Wardak, Chief of Afghanistan Journalists Supporting Fund has shared report about its activities with media as saying up to 170,000 Afghanis have been spent for journalists and media staff, BNA reported the other day.
He said the entity (Afghanistan Journalists Supporting Fund” belonged to the country’s entire journalists and is independently operating as most importantly is accountable before media and media press-workers, the agency quoted. “The organization is a non-prolific entity and no government authorities or other individuals have the right to interfere,” Wardak assured.
Deputy Publications Minister of Information and Culture, Fazel Aqa Sancharaki also spoke at the meeting and thanked the members of the journalists supporting fund for their hard works to support journalists of the country. “Since the establishment of the entity, no tangible and comprehensive support had been made for journalists. This is why the country’s president and the second vice-president stood alongside to strengthen it.” He said the country’s second vice-president has taken several meetings with the chief and members of the Fund and the Journalists Federation. Joint work is underway for preparation of the procedure, enrichment and strengthening the Fund, said Sancharaki who added in order to provide assistance to the vulnerable journalists, there is a need for having an enriched Fund and share of the journalists themselves.
He asked the media outlets to take part in the entity, an obligation, he said should be performed through providing unbiased information, said the agency. Deputy to administration, finance and tourism of the ministry, Prof. Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi thanked the members of the Afghanistan Journalists Supporting Fund for their hard works during the last several years, for media-men and asked the government for doing more in this field. Najiba Maram, director of publications of the ministry also provided oral and writing report about the expenses and revenues of the entity, according to the agency. At the end a number of journalists worked hard in the field of unbiased information, have been awarded letters of appreciation.

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