Advocacy Group Seeking End To Violence In Media

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Monday September 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) An advocacy group for the women and children development and support in a meeting with the deputy publication minister of information and culture, Fazel Aqa Sancharaki discussed multiple violence in the social entities, especially violence against women in media, Bakther News Agency reported Sunday.
The group highlighted misbehaves, insult, discrimination in payments and privileges, deprivation from holidays and bunes and low salaries and incorrect demands from male co-workers were among the challenges facing women journalists at the workplace and out of office, said the agency.
The group, after sharing the issues with the deputy minister asked him to cooperate with the entity in elimination of the problems, according to the agency. Likewise, the deputy minister, Fazel Aqa Sancharaki while lauding the entity to share the issue with him said unfortunately violence has deepened root in the country’s society and there was a wide and comprehensive work to eliminate it.
He emphasized for elimination of violence against women in close cooperation with the civil society, media and the ministry of information and culture, said the agency.

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