Book Reading Culture Increases In Herat

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Thursday October 12, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Reporting on increasing youth number to book reading culture, Herat public library in-charges said that last year, 150000 people had come to the library and read the books for hours.
Head of Herat provincial department of information and culture, Aria Raufian said, half of the book readers have been females.
He added Herat public library has 40000 volumes of books, where hosts the students and other book reading fans six days in a week.
At the same time, he said the number of book readers has considerably climbed this year in Herat province.
“The exact figure of Herat libraries’ visitors would be announced at the end of the year,” he said.
There is a kid library in Herat, where daily hosts approximately 100 kids, he continued.
Holding many book reading exhibitions and special programs are the reasons behind increasing book reading culture in Herat, he went on to say.
This is while that still Herat students and university pupils are calling lack of scientific books as their main challenge.
They say mostly they buy books from the neighboring counties which costs so much.
However, there are many publication centers in Herat, but still nothing tangible made in this regard.
A Herat culturist, Mohammad Samimi stressed that in consider with existence of many libraries, book reading culture has not considerably increased, adding media play key role in the respect.
He stressed the government should consider some programs so the youth are more familiar with book and study.
Herat culturists claim that over 1000 volumes of books are ready to print, but due to lack of budget, they have not been printed so far.
They added most of the writers are not financially able to print their books, thus, the government should cooperate with them in the respect.
Reporting about establishing a book supporting fund in near future, Raufian said the move would help many books to be printed.
Expressing glad on increasing book reading culture in Herat, local officials said that internet has brought huge changes in the country.

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