25 September 2018

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Gholghola And Shahi Hotels Meet Needs of Local, Foreign Guests And Tourists

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Wednesday November 1, 2017

Kabul (BNA) As one of the secure provinces of Afghanistan, Bamyan historical ancient riches have caused thousands local and foreign tourists to visit it every year.
Reception of tourists and guests requires equipped hotels and restaurants. Fortunately four modern equipped hotels have been built that meet all needs and requirements of tourists. Acting head of Bamyan provincial department of information and culture Sayed Ahmad Hussein Ahmadpoor said, in past years, lack of modern and equipped hotels was one of the reasons of non-recruitment and reception of foreign tourists but now fortunately this capacity has been built in Bamyan with construction of four Shahi, Gholghola, Noorbandqala and Highland hotels. Clarifying the location of the first two hotels, Ahmad poor said, Gholghola hotel has been built in Foladi roadside in four floors with 45 rooms, 2 halls with capacity of 500 people in one time and serving of local and foreign foods priced from Afs 250 to Afs800 per person, while the rent of rooms cost US $ 130 to 600 US $ with full security, guards and cameras and 35 local employees. In current 1396 solar year, 9000 local and 600 foreign tourists have been registered who have visited historical sites.
Ahmadpoor added, Gholghola hotel plans to build a hall without pillars with a capacity of 1000 people. Incomes of all these hotels pour into the account of Afghan Tour Enterprise. But there is no official hotel for ladies in Bamyan. There is only one teahouse for ladies that belongs to an organization and the second one teahouse belongs to department of information and culture which is put to bidding and managed by ladies. Director of Gholghola hotel Mohammad Asghar Yusufi said, it is a private hotel in six floors built with an investment of US $ 4 million with 30 employees including 6 females which has received over 1500 guests since the outset of the year.  Manager of Shahi hotel Mohammad Husseinni said, this hotel has been constructed with an investment of over US $ 1.7 million in an area of four jeribs land located two kilometer to Salsal and Shahmamah Budha statues with over 40 modern rooms equipped with 24/7 electricity and internet facility three conference halls, sport stadium, open and covered pool and dining facilities. Its halls have capacity of 400 people each one at the same time and serve delicious local and foreign meals.
Karima Malikzada

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