Afghan Dresses Representing Real Afghan Culture

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In recent years, Afghans have started wearing real Afghan dresses and clothes even in happy occasions as wedding and engagement parties.
Related to purchasing and selling of Afghani dresses, a shopkeeper selling Afghani dresses in Kabul Noor Mohammad told The Kabul Times correspondent, “We have been working as shopkeeper for 40 years and now we have customers from inside and outside of the country as providing and wearing Afghani dresses and clothes are part of traditions and customs of the Afghan people. Afghans are wearing various Afghani dresses and clothes in different parts of the country and now it is time to start work for designing and offering an Afghani-style based on beautiful traditions and customs of the past and in compatible with today’s fashion and style of the world.”
There are different samples of wearing Afghani clothes and dresses that are known inside and outside of the country. For example, Nooristani Pakools ‘hats’, Hazaragi jacket, Khamak-dozi, silk shaal,Nooristani dress, Uzbeki Gopeecha and kinds of Afghani dresses and clothes that are worn in various occasions as wedding, engagement and birthday ceremonies.
Khadija, a 40 year old woman, who has worked in tailoring and selling Afghani dresses for 20 years, said: “I usually purchase dresses sewn with hands by women in Herat, Kandahar and Bamyan and sell them in Kabul.”
“I bring all the dresses to Babur Garden of Kabul on Wednesday and Thursday and most of my customers who order for Afghani dresses are Afghans and some are foreigners,” said Khadija.
She asked the government to pave the way for holding exhibitions abroad so that we could further improve Afghani dress industry.
Jameela, a woman who has come to market for purchasing Afghani dress said, “Afghani dresses the price of which are from 5,000 – 50,000 Afghani are so beautiful. I want to buy such a dress for my wedding party.”
Related to Afghani mode and dresses, an Afghan model and director of Afghan Model ObaidZazai said, “Afghan model has always tried to develop Afghan real culture and will not let the Afghan real culture affected by foreign cultures. Therefore, the Afghan Model makes effort to introduce Afghanistan national dresses and clothes to the world by designing real Afghani dresses.”
He said that due to the fact that he had been keen of Afghani clothes, he preferred to work in this field for years, adding that most of people who were interested in wearing Afghani clothes and dresses were Afghan youth as Afghani clothe was our national identification.
He further said that most of youth who were working with me were young Afghan boys and girls were both model and cooperating in providing Afghani clothes and dresses.
Masouda Qarizada

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