16 July 2019

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Preserving Historical Sites Govt. & People Responsibility

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Saturday February 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is a mountainous and historical country where has over 5000 years historical background and geographically located in the heart of Asia. It is rich of mines and rivers particularly Badakhshan’s Zarshoryan river, green valleys and deserts full of different types of plants. There are many historical sites and cities where are home to hundreds of historical relics and monuments as well as cultural heritages which are famous worldwide.
Museums which are part of historical monuments are in fact showing cultural and historical identification of a society. Thus, protection and preservation of historical monuments are the responsibility of every Afghan. Afghanistan is rich in having historical and cultural heritages as Buddha statue and remains of Ghulghula and Zahak in Bamyan, Ikhtyaruddin Castle and minarets in Herat, Minaret of Jam in Ghor, nine domes in Balkh, Jamshid Throne in Samangan and historical monuments in Ghazni, all called as cultural heritages of the country.
The respective historical monuments and heritages such in fact narrate glory and clear past of our history and culture. Before starting civil wars, the people of Afghanistan had been witnessing world tourists visiting the country, through which the government and people had been earning much revenue. But unfortunately, due to imposed wars and inattention of some uneducated people, cultural heritages and historical monuments in many provinces where the people could also see wild animals and birds have been affected. Fortunately, with formation of the new government and cooperation of the people, a number of historical monuments, natural views and cultural heritages in some provinces such as Ghazni, Herat, Bamyan, Badakhshan and etc… have recently been reconstructed.
After continued efforts of the government and UNESCO, Ghazni had been selected as Islamic countries cultural center—a move which was recognized as a great achievement in 2013. Besides, Bamyan with first national park and Band-e-Amir has been suggested as Islamic countries touristic city in 2020 which is one of the government and the ministry of information and culture’s achievements. Likewise, Badakhshan and Herat with historical sites, wildlife and intact culture are among the provinces where enjoy touristic attractions.
Therefore, it is hoped the government pays serious heed and further draws the world attention to reconstruct the remaining historical sites, an action that would also provide the ground for job opportunities.  The government should also pave the way to aware the people of deforestation effects and further preserve the historical sites so the tourists can visit the country like before.
Karima Malikzada

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